The Oriental Charm Design Competition was the highest design competition in China, which was held once a year.


Previously, they mainly focused on fashion trends. With the gradual emergence of Hanfu culture in recent years, a design competition for Hanfu was added two years ago.



At the request of Wei Ru, he was changed to participate in the design competition this year, and then he received a notice from Song Yiyuan.



He was given a notice to sing the opening song for the Oriental Charm Design Competition, to support the scene and get some attention.


Nowadays, many competitions or parties would invite celebrities to increase the viewability of the competition.



In previous years, the stars invited to the Oriental Charm Design Competition were all second-tier or so, and when the list was proposed this year, Shi Fei’s popularity wasn’t as high as it was now, but it was just that his popularity had been increasing too fast.


After weighing the situation, he still found someone to contact Song Yiyuan.



Song Yiyuan thought it was good. Although he gave more money to others, it could expand his network. After all, he was in the entertainment industry, and styling was very important. It wasn’t bad to have more contact with designers and stylists, especially since Song Yiyuan planned to replace Shi Fei’s small team in the future.




When he heard about this job arrangement, he didn’t refuse, anyway, he was going to participate in a design competition that day, so there was nothing wrong with earning a share of the money.


He also asked Song Yiyuan to push the magazine that afternoon to the next day, Song Yiyuan wanted to ask why, but Shi Fei only said that he had other plans for that day.


“Okay, but I’ll make your work schedule a little tighter from now on. Before, there were no resources, but now that there are more resources coming to your door, you can’t be as relaxed as before.” As Shi Fei’s popularity increased, more and more resources came to his door, Song Yiyuan wanted to utilize these resources to make Shi Fei’s popularity in the entertainment industry stabilize.



Song Yiyuan told Shi Fei about his future plans so that he could be mentally prepared.


Shi Fei had no objections.


After joining, the organizers of the competition sent out the news.


Even though it was a design competition, there would still be some tickets sold for the audience, but of course the number wasn’t much, that was, only 2,000 tickets would be sold.



For design competitions, these audience tickets had never been very good, the tickets were cheap and fewer people bought them, and many times they were still complimentary tickets.


As a result, fans who learned that Shi Fei was going to sing, excitedly rushed to grab the tickets..


The ticket price was only two or three hundred yuan, which wasn’t too expensive, especially since it was Shi Fei’s first time singing in public after the talent show.



Some of the tickets that had been lagging behind were snatched up in less than a few minutes.


Some of the fans who had late news and didn’t grab the tickets were suddenly hammering their feet and heads.


“Sisters, did you grab the tickets?”



“I didn’t get it, the speed was too fast, it said no ticket after a moment.”


“I got it, I got it, I’m so excited.”



“This is the first time my brother has sung in public since the show, we have to go and support.”



“When the time comes, we can’t leave behind any of the lighted supporting hand banners, sisters, we have to give our brother’s brand name a chance to get up.”



“We’ll give brother a sea of red.”


“You all should stop, this is not a concert, they don’t allow light signs in, brother’s first time singing in public is for the design awards, don’t let brother Fei get negative attention.”



“Can’t bring it? What a pity.”


[ Did you grab a ticket?]


“Didn’t grab it, I have a lot of homework to do, I can’t go.”



As a result, in less than a few hours, Song Yiyuan’s side came back with a message saying that the job had been cut off this time, and that when he was about to sign a contract with the organizer of the competition, they said that they had another candidate.


This was a very normal phenomenon in the entertainment industry, and anything could change before a contract was signed.



Even after signing the contract, it was normal to be kicked out halfway through the contract, so Shi Fei didn’t have much of a reaction, and didn’t even have any interest in knowing who the other party was.



It was Song Yiyuan who asked, “Don’t you even want to know who it is?”



“I don’t want to. What can I do if I know? We haven’t signed the contract yet, it’s just an intention, so it’s normal for someone else to change.” Shi Fei said unconcernedly.


“You’re so calm, I’m about to be furious. It was Tianxing Media who did it, they got Wang Yuanzhi to replace you.”


Shi Fei thought for a moment and then said, “Wang Yuanzhi’s popularity doesn’t seem to be very high.” At most, he could be considered a second or third tier artist, while Shi Fei’s own popularity could be considered first tier. The organizer was taking the second tier over his own position?



Song Yiyuan gritted his teeth: “Don’t want money over there, Tianxing Media probably came to disgust you on purpose.”



“I see.” Shi Fei thought, it might be more than that, Wu Ziqiang’s matter was hidden from others, Tianxing Media definitely knew about it.




How many times haf Tianxing Media suffered a loss in the hands of Shi Fei, in their hearts, they must have hated Shi Fei with a gnashing of teeth.



Although this attendance at this event didn’t cost any money, it could play a role in publicity, get more contact with some of the top designers in the industry, for Tianxing Media, it wasn’t a bad thing.


Song Yiyuan was angry at the thought of this, “Tianxing’s operation is really getting more and more disgusting. Shi Fei, don’t be angry, I’ll turn around and go get you a better resource, if they have the ability, Tianxing Media can push the artists upward to intercept them without any money every time.”


Shi Fei said: “No need, I still have something to do on the 4th, you can spare the time for me.”


Song Yi Yuan: “What is it? You’re not secretly in love, are you?”


Shi Fei said: “No, I really have something to do. If I fall in love, I will definitely tell you at the first time, don’t worry.”


Seeing this, Song Yiyuan also stopped saying anything.


However, many fans had bought tickets for him before, and now this was equivalent to money flying away.


Sure enough, it didn’t take long for the organizers over there to modify the singing guests for this competition, matching Wang Yuanzhi’s Weibo accounts.


This time Shi Fei’s fans couldn’t sit still.


“What is the situation, isn’t Shi Fei the singing guest? Why did it become Wang Yuanzhi?”



“We’ve all bought our tickets, road tickets are being booked, and then you tell us there’s no Shi Fei?”


“Is the organizer taking advantage of fans?”


“Has Shi Fei been cut off, or is the organizer using the fans, please come out and give a statement.”



Quite a few fans flocked to the bottom of this competition’s official page to ask for a statement.


It didn’t take a while for Wang Yuanzhi’s fans to join here.



Due to the late official announcement and the fact that Shi Fei was first taken out for publicity, the tickets for the tournament site were now all bought by Shi Fei’s fans.


Many of Wang Yuanzhi’s fans wanted to go and listen to their favorite sing, so they ran to their side to ask for tickets.



Not every fan was of quality, some of Wang Yuanzhi’s fans were still talking nicely and wanted to buy tickets from them.


Some of them were complacent and ran to them, thinking that Wang Yuanzhi’s ability to cut off Shi Fei’s resources only meant that he was more popular than him.


Angry, a lot of fans were about to attack.


They originally bought the ticket to see their brother, but they couldn’t see him, but also wasted the ticket money and got insulted.


The two sides of the fans pinch a little strong, Jiang Yu notified him and Shi Fei realized that his fans and Wang Yuanzhi’s fans were at a standstill.


Moreover, the tournament organizers had previously revealed that he would be there as the singing guest, leading to the audience tickets being snatched up by his fans.



As a result, he couldn’t be the guest of honor again, which put his fans in an awkward situation.


Shi Fei saw this situation, he directly sent a post: [If you want to see me, you don’t need to return the ticket, you can definitely see me if you take the ticket and enter the venue].


When the fans saw this post, they were happy.


“What does brother mean by this? Does it mean that he will also attend the competition and sing at that time?”


“Didn’t the official say there is no brother? Could it be that you, Shi Fei, are the singing guest along with that one?”


” It’s so exciting to think that I’m going to be able to see Brother Fei in two days.”


“What’s wrong with you, you don’t even have your spot, why do you have to occupy it, is it not good to let your fans give up their tickets?”



“Fuck, where did the black dog come from to run here to bark, brother don’t be afraid we’ll drag it away first.”


Two days passed in a flash of time.


This time the Oriental Charm Design Competition was placed in Heng City, it was a bit far away, Shi Fei planned to go there a day earlier to save himself from having to get up very early the next day to catch a plane.



When he was packing his luggage, he received a call from Song Yiyuan, saying that he had recruited an assistant for him and reported his home address, and he had already gone over.


When he was carrying his suitcase and ready to go out, he happened to see a person standing at the door who was also carrying his luggage over.


It was a boy, looking not too old, about one meter seventy-four, long but quite thin and clean, with a slightly shorter hairstyle.



“Brother Fei, I finally found you, I was introduced by Mr. Song to be your assistant, my name is Xu Zeming, I’m 21 years old this year, and I’m still a college student.” Xu Zeming said as he hurriedly took out his ID card to prove his identity.


“Brother Yiyuan did tell me before. I didn’t expect you to arrive so soon.” Shi Fei was a bit surprised: “But I’m on my way out right now, why don’t you wait for me to come back and report.”


“If you don’t mind, Brother Fei, I can report now, and I have brought my suitcase with me. Because if I start today I can start counting my salary today.” Xu Zeming said frankly.


“Okay.” Shi Fei walked out of the doorway, “Then let’s leave now.”


Xu Zeming hurriedly went up to pick up Shi Fei’s suitcase and said, “Brother Fei, leave the suitcase to me.”


Shi Fei grabbed it without letting go, “No, I can handle this luggage by myself.”



Xu Zeming then asked, “Can I ask where you are going, Brother Fei? Have you booked a hotel for tonight? If not, I can make arrangements for you.”


Shi Fei: “I’m going to Hengcheng City to participate in a design competition tomorrow morning at nine o’clock, and I haven’t decided on a hotel.”


When Xu Zeming heard Shi Fei say he was going to participate in a design competition, he was stunned for a moment but didn’t ask any more questions.


Xu Zeming deliberately asked him what special requirements and dislikes he had for the room, so that he could conveniently book it.


Once they arrived, a car had been parked there, he had to say, an assistant seemed to be really convenient.



After arriving in Hengcheng City, Shi Fei stayed in the hotel arranged by Xu Zeming.


After breakfast the next day, Shi Fei took the car arranged by Xu Zeming to go to the competition site, the design competition was held in Hengcheng City’s cultural center.




The organizer had made a few rest rooms for those who came to participate in the competition to rest.



Ye Jian took the designers of Qiluo Court to arrive early, if in previous years he would be a little late, or even five minutes before stepping on the spot to the line.


This year was different, the company wasn’t working, Ye Jian was counting on this competition to allow him to catch some opportunities to bring the company back to life.



A lot of people had the same idea of making friends and expanding contacts, they all arrived early, scurrying out of the door to greet each other, they got together to gossip.


Everyone basically knew each other in the same industry, even if they didn’t come to participate in this competition, they had at least heard of each other.


Gathering together was nothing more than to ask each other how the company’s business last year, how many orders were received, how the new designers talent were.


“Have you guys heard? The design director of Orchid Lotus Place, Wei Ru was injured, and it seems that there is a new person for this design competition.”



Suddenly someone opened this topic, the others were immediately curious and hurriedly gathered around to ask what the situation was.



That person was still showing off, the others hurriedly urged: “Speak up? What is it?”


The person hurriedly said: “I heard that Wei Ru seems to have been kid-napped, a few nights ago, she was sent to the hospital urgently, at that time she had rope marks on her hands and feet, her appearance was very bad. Her hands were a bloody mess, in a short period of time, it would be impossible for her to hold a brush and draw again, let alone make clothes.”


“Really? If she was really kid-napped, how come there’s no news at all? Wasn’t Wei Ru on that hot search the other day?” Someone said sourly, this was a lot of increased popularity.


“Of course it’s true, that relative of mine is a nurse at the hospital, what she saw with her own eyes can still be wrong, but it was even sent to the internet, but not long after it was sent, the account was blocked.” The man said with conviction.


“If Wei Ru doesn’t participate in this year’s design competition, won’t we have one less formidable enemy?”



“Yes, in previous years, as long as this woman participated in the competition, we could only try to avoid whichever project she signed up for, or else we would have to compete for second place.” Although they didn’t want to admit it, but Wei Ru’s design talent was indeed very outstanding, one in a hundred.


“It seems that this year we also have a chance to take the ‘Best Design Award’.”



Someone speculated curiously: “So Wei Ru was really in trouble, who do you think did it?”



“Who knows, this woman is usually arrogant and domineering, relying on Fang Haozhou to protect her, she dares to do anything, a few days ago, she beat the Qiluo Pavilion’s Designer Xu, isn’t it?” The person who spoke looked to Ye Jian who was standing on the side without saying anything: “Mr. Ye, do you know anything?”


Ye Jian felt his teeth hurt: “Xu Tianshen is not our company’s designer, I’m not sure.”




The others were very smart and didn’t say anything else, how Xu Tianshen was expelled from Qiluo Pavilion, they all knew a little bit in their hearts.



Someone worried: “I haven’t heard that Lanlianfang’s side won’t participate in the competition, Wei Ru didn’t leave just for another powerful designer to participate in the competition, right?”


Someone shook his head: “No, there are a few outstanding designers in their company, but none of them are as talented as Wei Ru.”



They were all designers from big companies, did they really think they were all straw men? If any of them went out, which one of them wasn’t an excellent fashion designer, which one of them hadn’t won awards.



When they met Wei Ru, who was a school bully and gifted, they were also speechless. Fortunately, there were few such pe.rverts in the world.


“Isn’t there another chief designer, Ai Wei? That person shouldn’t be underestimated either.”



The others looked at the person who asked this question and patted him on the shoulder, “Young man, you probably don’t know Ai Wei very well yet. He is indeed an outstandingly talented designer, and his design ability is even better than Wei Ru’s, but he has one drawback.”


“What disadvantage?”



“Do you know why Ai Wei has only participated in those design competitions that don’t require him to show up all these years?”




“He’s too ugly to be seen. From what I’ve been able to find out, he’s only in his mid-twenties and he looks like he’s in his forties, incredibly ugly, with a garlic nose and fish eyes and buck teeth, and he’s only one meter six. God always takes something back when he gives someone some talent. It can’t be helped.”



“So he won’t be attending?”


“Definitely won’t participate, our target is the other designers of Lanlianfeng. There’s still a fighting chance.”


Shi Fei who happened to walk to the door and heard this news, subconsciously touched his face, was he ugly?



It won’t be the microwave oven that was spreading it around again, when she was talking to Tian Sihan, she said so.


He won the first design award back then, but he didn’t appear to receive it himself.


Whether it was the media or other companies, they were full of curiosity about him.



Especially in the second year of the competition, Wei Ru took the competition award, there were also many people privately asking her about Ai Wei.



Tired of being asked, Wei Ru used this line of reasoning to deal with everyone.



Later on, the rumor spread and as they became more and more jealous, everyone believed it.



Now people in the design industry were convinced that Ai Wei was so ugly that he couldn’t see anyone.




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