Wei Ru, hadn’t eaten for two days, throwing the chair that one time simply used up all her strength.


She couldn’t run over to chase him with high heels, so she walked with a hint of stagger towards Xu Tianshen step by step with a murderous anger.



“Slow down, he can’t run away.” Seeing that he was about to reach the window, ready to climb out, Shi Fei picked up the tennis ball just thrown by Gu Yueze and threw it over, and accurately smashed it on Xu Tianshen’s right leg, and he instantly turned into a one-knee-kneeling posture.


At this time, Wei Ru also caught up, she reached out directly to Xu Tianshen’s hair grabbed up and dragged back hard, smashed him hard on the ground, “Dare to dr-ug stun me, dare to kid-nap me, see how I kill you today.”



Wei Ru was still wearing high heels, even if she didn’t eat for two days and her strength wasn’t big enough, the tip of the high heels stepping on the body was very painful.


Xu Tianshen reached out to resist and pushed her away, and also wanted to escape.


Shi Fei grabbed the person back in just a few seconds and forcefully kicked his legs, causing him to kneel down and held onto his collar to prevent him from running away.



“You won’t go out alive today, just now a total of five slaps hit me, together with yesterday’s two, a total of fifteen. I will definitely double back to you.” Wei Ru was so angry, that even her calculations couldn’t be said clearly.


She put her hands on one side and shook them off, letting her palms relax, and then stored up her strength and slapped him in the face.


With a crisp sound, a five-finger mark immediately appeared on Xu Tianshen’s face.


Immediately after that, thirty consecutive slaps were thrown down, making Xu Tianshen’s face look like a pig’s head.




“Let go, let me go.” As soon as Xu Tianshen opened his mouth to speak now, his mouth was tugging painfully, the blood by the corner of his mouth was constantly spilling out, and it felt like his teeth were knocked loose.



Wei Ru gasped twice, held her waist with one hand: “Wait, wait for me.”


Thirty slaps thrown down, Wei Ru’s own hand was also red, her strength was almost gone. Her originally messy hair that looked like a ghost ‘s before, became even more messy.

Wei Ru took two deep breaths, reached out and casually tied her messy hair that was blocking her eyes. She gritted her teeth, “Xu Tianshen, I told you, if you can’t kill me today, I will definitely cut off your two eggs to make wine.”



“Don’t don’t don’t, what do you want to do, don’t mess around ……” Xu Tianshen was really scared this time, his whole body was trembling continuously, his face started to tremble in fear, Wei Ru, this crazy woman, wouldn’t really want to do that.


Wei Ru, who had tied her hair tightly, concentrated all her strength on her right foot and kicked Xu Tianshen vigorously between his legs.



With Xu Tianshen’s pig-like screams of pain, Shi Fei seemed to hear the sound of eggs breaking.



After rescuing Wei Ru, Gu Yueze said he would take care of the rest, and a phone call was soon followed by someone to take over the matter.


Xu Tianshen and other people dru-gging and kid-napping someone was the nail in the coffin.



Even if they hit them later, it was also a legitimate defense, Xu Tianshen and other people were destined to spend the rest of their lives in jail.


On the way back, Shi Fei took Wei Ru buy a few buns and milk, and also bought a coat for her.



At this time Wei Ru topped with chicken nest hair, was quickly chewing, inside was that tattered red dress, outside was a black jacket, zipper fastened.



Shi Fei quickly called Fang Haozhou, when he heard Wei Ru was fine, he wanted to pick her up, but Shi Fei promised that Wei Ru would be sent back.



But he didn’t say that Wei Ru was almost s-exually assaulted thing, they had to talk about it personally. Let Fang Haozhou be there to comfort Wei Ru.



At the same time, Fang Haozhou’s side also caught the inside thief in the company.


“Shi Fei, I’m not going to Haozhou’s place first, I want to go to Ye Jian’s house.” Wei Ru said calmly as she sucked on her milk after finishing her bun.


“Sure you want to do that?” Shi Fei probably guessed what she was going to do at Ye Jian’s house. Handing a cloth-wrapped ice water to Wei Ru’s hand, he told her to put it on her face to get rid of the slap marks.


“Well, I won’t feel good in my heart if I don’t beat him up. I did hear Xu Tianshen talking to him when I was tied up, it’s that old thing who gave the money for him to hire someone to tie me up.” Wei Ru moved her shoulders and neck, looking like she was ready to start a fight at any time, her ten fingers clenched tightly making a ‘ da da’ sound.



Ye Jian was the president of Qiluo Pavilion, which had been straightened out by Gu Yueze and was on the verge of bankruptcy, this was something that Ye Jian was involved in, and Shi Fei had found out about it before.



This was a kid-napping incident where three people had ganged up together.



Wu Ziqiang hated him and kid-napped Wei Ru, who was related to him, intending to threaten him with her.


Xu Tianshen was ruined by Wei Ru, and he had to prepare for a lawsuit. He wished he could pull Wei Ru’s tendons and skin her every day. He wanted to take her away in retaliation and possibly to threaten her to withdraw the lawsuit.


The company forced by Gu Yueze on Ye Jian’s side was about to go bankrupt, and he probably didn’t even know who did it.



With the company in such a difficult situation, he put his hopes on the Oriental Charm Design Competition in a few days, hoping to get the first place, so as to make a name for the company and let the company come back to life.


That was why he paid money to help Xu Tianshen and Wu Ziqiang.




These three people really planned well, if it really succeeded, this could be said to be a three birds with one stone action, but it was a pity that it was destroyed halfway by Shi Fei.



Shi Fei knew Wei Ru, she had a fiery temperament, after eating such a big loss, if she didn’t let out the anger in her heart, it could probably suffocate her.



“Uh-huh.” Shi Fei turned his head sideways and said to Gu Yueze who was driving, “Mr Gu, trouble the car to go to Ye Jian’s house.”



“Who is he? Where does he live?” Gu Yueze asked.



Shi Fei couldn’t help but purse his lips and smile, he all but intercepted more than 70% of the other party’s orders without knowing who owned this company.



But Shi Fei didn’t know, he asked Wei Ru then told Gu Yueze the address.



After driving for another hour or so, the car finally arrived at the door of a red villa.



There was a white sports car parked in front of the villa, and Wei Ru zipped the jacket she was wearing to the very top and confirmed the license plate.



Looking around, she didn’t find any handy tools, and looked as if she intended to get started herself.



Shi Fei timely handed out a golf club and said: “Be careful, don’t hurt your hands.”



Wei Ru nodded, rubbed her hands together, jumped twice to warm up, and then put the golf club on her shoulder, rushed over to the car’s window glass and smashed it.



The car’s alarm sounded loudly, especially clear in the silent night.



Wei Ru didn’t care, she continued to smash hard, from time to time, she used her high heels to kick.



After a while, a good car was smashed into glass fragments, with each hole on top getting worse.


Shi Fei and Gu Yueze were leaning on the door of their car, looking at this scene, Shi Fei said: “Mr Gu, I wonder if your golf clubs can still be used?”


“Don’t call Mr Gu.” He wanted to remind Shi Fei before, why did this guy always like to call him Mr Gu?



“Xiao Zeze.” Shi Fei smiled flatteringly at Gu Yueze and drifted to his side, leaned his head on the other’s shoulder, “Thank you for today.”



Gu Yueze’s body slightly stiffened, not waiting for him to respond, Ye Jian heard the alarm and rushed out, Shi Fei raised his head, ready to watch the show.



A man in his forties with a slightly bulging top, wearing pajamas and a jacket on the outside, when he saw his car smashed into a pile of scrap metal, he angrily roared, “Who did this?”



Wei Ru walked out from the back of the car, put the bat on her shoulder, looking at Ye Jian with cold eyes: “I did it.”



When Ye Jian saw Wei Ru, the expression on his face changed back and forth, as if he had seen a ghost, “You, you you ……”.



Wei Ru picked up his words: “How can I be here, is not it? Ye Jian, you have a good idea. You thought that by tying me up and not letting me participate in this design competition, you can take the first place for the Qiluo Pavilion, right?”



Ye Jian’s eyes flickered as he took two steps back, “I don’t know what you’re talking about?”




Wei Ru laughed, but the corner of her mouth got hurt and she took a breath of cold air: “It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what I’m talking about. Just listen to what I’m about to say. Ye Jian, if I am here, you won’t be able to get a single design award from Qiluo Pavilion, so just wait for Qiluo Pavilion to close down, alright?”


Wei Ru turned around, ready to go back, but suddenly turned around again and swung out a club, hitting Ye Jian’s face.



She knocked him down to the ground, at this time, Ye Jian’s wife ran out, saw this scene, and rushed forward to help Ye Jian, angrily pointing at Wei Ru: “What kind of person are you? Are you sick? You came to other people’s home to beat them, I want to call the police to arrest you.”



Wei Ru didn’t care: “Whatever, as long as he has the guts to call the police.”


Ye Jian held down his wife’s hand that wanted to call the police, with horror and hatred in his eyes.



Wei Ru once again carried the golf club and turned around, finally a triumphant smile appeared on her face, but ended up pulling the wound at the corner of her mouth again.



Gu Yueze took a look at the mess on the ground, and Shi Fei and the two of them got into the car and left.



Shi Fei asked: “What are you going to do about Ye Jian? What you meant by this just now is that you are going to clean him up after the design competition?”



Wei Ru: “If he wants to win the design competition, I won’t let him. I will let him watch his company go bankrupt.”


Shi Fei shook his head, not understanding the woman’s brain circuits, obviously it could be more simple to solve, yet she had to make it so complicated.



“But this matter, Shi Fei you have to help me?” Wei Ru suddenly turned her head to look at Shi Fei, widened her eyes pitifully.



“What do you want?” Shi Fei suddenly had an ominous premonition.



“Just now I hit too hard, my hand got a fracture, and my right hand also hurts.” Wei Ru spread out her palm to show him.



Shi Fei looked at the palm of her right hand, which had blood stains, her left hand hadn’t moved since getting into the car just now, he didn’t know what to say. “How can you tolerate it so much? Are you a woman? If Old Fang sees it, he will blame me for not protecting you.”




“It’s fine if I’m hurt or not, I’ll be fine after two days of recuperation, but I have to take out this bad anger to Qiluo Pavilion, otherwise I’ll die without a second thought.” To make a person suffer, you have to take away what he cares the most, and destroy everything he owns, that is the highest means to take revenge on a person.



Shi Fei sighed, “We have to take a look at the injuries all over your body first. Let’s go to the hospital.”




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