C61 – I’ll stay with you

The official blog quickly sent out the clip of “Power and Strategy”, which caused a lot of buzz on the internet.


In the rest area, Lu Wenxing walked in with his tablet and Gu Yanshen, and Wen Miao and Xu Yichen led several people to seat in a row. At first glance, it looked a bit like rows of children sitting in kindergarten.


“Hurry up, I haven’t seen the finished film yet.”


“I haven’t seen it yet either.”


The film began to play, Lu Wenxing and Gu Yanshuang took two small seats to join them.


A voice full of childishness rang out.


“I Feng Xiao swore to heaven that I would never compete with the prince’s brother for the throne in this life. He is the king, I am the subject. At any cost, I will spend my life to keep this promise.”


In the picture, a child wearing a purple robe knelt upright on the ground, he looked up at his jade consort.


“Mother Consort, I have finished.”


The beautiful brow of concubine Yu frowned.



“How many times have I told you, don’t call me mother consort. Your mother is the Queen Mother, and His Highness the Crown Prince is your own brother. I call you seventh prince, salute you, you have to accept it all.”


“But ……”




The slap fell, and five fingerprints were immediately stamped on the small, pink and pale face.


“I come from a lowly background, I can’t afford to be called mother consort. If you do it again, you don’t have to come back to my courtyard.”


“Feng Xiao knows it’s wrong, don’t drive Feng Xiao away. I won’t do it again.”



The five or six-year-old child lowered his head, bean-sized teardrops hit the ground, fearing that he would be driven out of the courtyard by his mother consort, he choked in silence.



“Feng Xiao’s mother is the Queen Mother, the Crown Prince is Feng Xiao’s own brother, Feng Xiao will be filial to the Queen Mother and respect the Crown Prince’s brother for the rest of his life.”


Yu Fei turned her head, she couldn’t bear to look at the little boy on the ground, tears quietly slipped down, she quickly used her sleeves to cover the teardrop.


The screen was full of yellow sand, Feng Xiao was riding a horse slowly.


In the upper right corner, there was a subtitle: the late emperor died, his mother’s brother Feng Sheng tampered with the edict and ascended the throne himself.


“Have you heard? General Xiao has returned from his victorious battle and will arrive tomorrow.”


“Is that true? I’ve heard about General Xiao’s reputation. If I could meet him at the city gate, I would be able to fulfill a wish.”


“What? General Xiao has returned to the capital! What are you waiting for, sisters? It’s a rare opportunity.”


“I want to go.”


The road encountered the mountain wilderness, several burly men surrounded the young man in white, “Passing gentleman, save me.”


“If you don’t want to be cleaned up, hurry up and get out.”


Feng Xiao fought fiercely, which made the bandits flee.


Lu Feixue gaze fell on Feng Xiao, his handsome face was full of admiration. “The kindness of saving a life can not be repaid, it can only be promised with my body.”


“…… roll.”

The palace banquet began, and singing and dancing rose to a higher level.


“Tonight’s palace banquet, one is to celebrate General Xiao, two is to receive him, three well …… I reward General Xiao residence with a mansion and ten boxes of gold and silver treasures. From now on, General Xiao will settled here and be named King Xiao. Any words?”


The important ministers under the stage looked at each other, and finally bowed in unison, “I have no objection.”


“I have one more reward, the Protector General has a beloved daughter, beautiful, and is a good match for King Xiao.”




In the rainy night, Feng Xiao pulled Prince Feng Yue.


“Royal brother, listen to my explanation.”


“I am not your royal brother.” Feng Yue reached out and pushed Feng Xiao and ran into the rainy night.


Feng Xiao despondent looking at the figure of Prince Feng Yue, and suddenly the rain stopped falling, Feng Xiao tilted his head sluggishly, an oil paper umbrella propped up overhead, behind him stood Lu Feixue.




“Husband and wife worship.”


The two in their wedding clothes completed the final obeisance.


“The ceremony is complete, send Prince Xiao and Consort Xiao into the bridal chamber.”


The scene shifted to the roof, Feng Xiao lying on the tiles, watched the two step into the wedding room, the corners of his mouth raised a smile, “Congratulations, the prince brother got what he wanted.”


“This is what you came up with?”


Feng Xiao turned his head, Lu Feixue nervously squatted on the tiled room.



“You went out of your way to scratch your face, in order to just get the emperor to agree to you wearing a mask on your new marriage? And then let the crown prince put on a mask to pretend to be your likeness and Xue Qingruo to get married?”


“That’s quite a good way.” Feng Xiao took a sip of wine, he was in a good mood and was willing to talk more with Lu Feixue, “Look, lovers finally married.”


Lu Feixue complained, “Can you help me, I can’t even stand up.”


Feng Xiao laughed, “can’t stand up, why?”


“You said it, a lover will finally be married.” Lu Feixue smiled brightly, “You didn’t come down, I had to come up to you.”


Feng Xiao froze for an instant, his eyes were full of Lu Feixue’s smile.


In the next instant, the scene shifted to the snowy winter.


“Lu Feixue, what you owe me, I’ve got it back. From now on, the grudge is cleared, never to see again.”


Feng Xiao threw down his fox fur shawl and left decisively.




The long sword was smashed down by Feng Yue, “Feng Xiao, I hate you to death. I will never forgive you.”


“Feng Xiao, you’re really cruel.”


Lu Feixue wiped off the blood spilling from the corner of his mouth, “In your heart, apart from helping your prince brother to ascend the throne, you really can’t hold anything else.”



“Yes.” Feng Xiao looked at him with cold eyes.



“Then have you ever thought about it? Your prince brother, does he really want to sit on the throne? You’ve gone to all the trouble, but in the end it’s just an empty space. He doesn’t need you, he loathes you, he …… uh.”


Feng Xiao clasped Lu Feixue’s neck, the ruthlessness under his eyes emerged, “Stay away from me, or I will really kill you.”


“You won’t kill me, you simply can’t be ruthless enough to hurt anyone, from the beginning to the end you hurt only yourself.”


Lu Feixue held Feng Xiao’s wrist, but let Feng Xiao choke him, the faint light in his eyes flowed.


“Feng Xiao, no matter what you want to do, let me accompany you, okay?”


The film ended, Wen Miao was still immersed in the last sentence of Lu Feixue, she eagerly smiled like an aunt.


“Too good to knock! Oooooh, let me stay with you.”


Xu Yichen shook his head and sighed, “This line in the play, I also said to you.”




Wen Miao didn’t care, her gaze burned towards Lu Wenxing.


“What for?”


Meeting Wen Miao’s bizarre sight, Lu Wenxing was instantly alert.


“Interview with Wenxing, during the shooting of this scene, Movie Star Shen looked at you tenderly and affectionately, did it make you fall for a moment?”


The crew of “Power and Strategy” aka “Melon Eating Squad”, Wen Miao’s words fell, several people present all looked at Lu Wenxing, even Gu Yanshen who was always indifferent also looked at Lu Wenxing with a curious expression.


Lu Wenxing: “……”


When Gu Yanshen’s line of sight fell, Lu Wenxing raised his eyes and he looked at the other and replied.


“There is.”


“What, what? Did I hear you wrong?”


A few people stared in disbelief, they originally didn’t expect Lu Wenxing to take this question seriously, the sudden answer caused the people present to freeze.


Gu Yanshen’s heart skipped a beat and he looked at Lu Wenxing eagerly, only to hear him say slowly.


“Feng Xiao has definitely fallen.”


Gu Yanshen: “……” His mood went up and down.


The crowd: “……” my stomach was ready, but the melon disappeared?



“Disperse it, disperse it.” Xu Yichen stood up, a pose intended to collect the chair. “The melon field is gone.”

[TN: melon —— gossip]


“Alas, it turns out that there is no melon ripening.”


“I’m leaving disappointed.”


“I don’t care! I can be single, but the CP I knocked must be true.”


Wen Miao’s words once again stabilized the army.


“Reasonable. The CP I knocked will come true sooner or later.”


“Wait for a ‘together’. Until then, I don’t believe in any clarification.”


Lu Wenxing propped up his chin, with a smile in his eyes, watching them make a scene. There were times when he was tired of shooting on the set, but the artists in the group got along well, and even the fatigue dissipated with the drama.



His line of sight flowed and met Gu Yanshen’s slightly helpless eyes.



“Do you mind a lot?”


Gu Yanshen was still immersed in the loss, “What?”


“They are joking, you should not take it to heart.”


Apparently, Lu Wenxing mistook Gu Yanshen’s helplessness for the fact that the entire cast was kowtowing to their CP.

Gu Yanshen was silent for a moment, “In fact, it can be put in the heart.” Then he raised his hands and ruffled his hair.




Put in the heart?


Putting this matter in your heart?


The other artists in the crew liked to rub Lu Wenxing’s hair, saying that his hair was fine and soft to the touch.


Then, Lu Wenxing asked Chen Che to buy a lot of smooth wigs, everyone had a share.



The crowd who received the gift unawares: “……”


“Teacher Gu.” Lu Wenxing sat on the chair and looked up at him with a surly expression, “I’ll go bald.”


“It won’t.” Gu Yanshen gave a light laugh.


“It’s not your hair, so you don’t feel any pain.”


“I’m heartbroken, really heartbroken.” Gu Yanshen’s dark eyes tinged with a hint of laughter, “If I’m the only one, you won’t go bald.”


Lu Wenxing: “……”


He found, Gu Yanshen recently always said some strange tawdry words, he suspected that Gu Yanshen, because of the role of Lu Feixue, got too deep into the play, even his cold persona was carried away.



“Tsk. If you two were a bit restrained, I wouldn’t have fallen so crazily!!!””



“That’s right.”


“What are you talking about?” Wen Miao interjected. “Please, Brother Shen and Wenxing, don’t care about my feelings and don’t stop. I have low blood sugar and urgently need CP to send sugar.”


During the college entrance examination season, in order to provide students with a quiet examination environment, many cities were advocating for factories or construction buildings to stop working.


Qin Yu generously gave them a vacation, and Lu Wenxing flew directly back to C city to accompany Xie Chengfei in the college entrance examination.


Also accompanying him was Gu Yanshen.


The night before the exam, Gu Yannnig lived in Gu Yanshen’s house, without the control of his parents, he was too free.



“Don’t be happy. Dad and aunt will be waiting for you outside the exam tomorrow.”


“Huh?” Gu Yanning collapsed in a second with a dark expression, “Parents waiting outside the exam room, not cool at all.”


“You should go to bed.”


“I don’t want to, you’re creating tension for me. I usually don’t go to bed until twelve o’clock.”


Gu Yanshen looked at him expressionlessly, “It’s cool to go to bed at twelve today, get up at ten tomorrow, go to the entrance of the examination hall and wait for the other candidates to come out?”


“But I just can’t sleep.”


Gu Yanshen ignored him, turned around and went back to his bedroom, Gu Yanning defiantly followed him, “Why?”


“I’m bored in the room alone, I’ll stay in your bedroom for a while, you’re not sleeping anyway.”


“Go back to your room and stay there.”


“I won’t.” Gu Yanning directly passed under Gu Yanshen’s arm, “I’ll just stay for a while.”


Gu Yanshen suddenly smiled, “Still afraid of the dark? You’re eighteen.”



“Not at all. I’m just bored alone, the hall is so bright, what do I have to be afraid of?”


Gu Yanshen was too lazy to expose him.


Gu Yanning sat on the sofa, his brother’s room was still so monotonous and uninteresting …… Then he turned around and suddenly saw portrait.


Gu Yanning didn’t feel that his brother would be so narcissistic as to deliberately buy a portrait of himself, there was a moment of clarity. “Brother, who sent this painting?”



Gu Yanshen looked at him with raised eyebrows, “I need to report to you?”


Gu Yanning came closer and saw the date of the painting in the lower right corner of the portrait, but it wasn’t signed. He said with certainty, “It’s from Wenxing.”


Gu Yanshen put down the book in his hand and lifted his eyelids to meet Gu Yanning’s smug gaze.


“Curious about how I know?” Gu Yanning rarely surprised his brother, and was instantly pleased. “I won’t tell you unless you tell our parents not to come tomorrow.”


“Not curious.”


Gu Yanshen withdrew his eyes and continued to turn the book in his hand.


Not five minutes later, the first one who couldn’t resist was Gu Yanning, “You really aren’t curious?”



Gu Yanshen didn’t pay attention to him, Gu Yanning quickly got uncomfortable.


“Because the words on the painting are too good to recognize.”


“Didn’t you ask me before, why I like Lu Wenxing?”


Before Gu Yanning became a fan and heard of Wenxing, all the members he chased after were female group members.



“At that time, Wenxing was not well-known, and the agency he signed always squeezed him. He had never appeared on a big screen, and I didn’t even know him. I knew because… the homeroom teacher who took me was his teacher.”



Gu Yanshen’s eyes moved away from the book again.


“At that time I often skipped class, and after being caught by the class teacher that day, I thought he was going to ask my parents to come over again. It turned out that no, he told me a story.”


“About Wenxing?”



“Every year, C City holds a painting provincial competition, which is organized by the University of C. High school students who get the first prize can be admitted directly without taking the college entrance exam, and of course the admissions are in the design and painting category.”


” Wenxing won the prize?”


To Gu Yanshen’s surprise, Gu Yanning shook his head. “The results of the competition came down, Lu Wenxing did not even have a ranking, let alone an award.”


Lu Wenxing’s painting skills, in the professional field Gu Yanshen couldn’t judge, but as a non-professional, he liked Lu Wenxing’s paintings.



“At that time, my class teacher and subject teacher went to comfort him, telling him not to be sad and to focus on preparing for the college entrance exam.”


“But Lu Wenxing acted calmly, he was not unhappy and studied for the exams as usual.”


“Just before the entrance exam, the University of C called our school and said that Lu Wenxing’s entry was switched, and the student who originally took the first place award, the work he submitted was the one Lu Wenxing painted.”


“Everyone thought it was the teachers and professors of the University of C who found the problem, but it was not …… but Lu Wenxing himself.”


“When the first place student took the stage to receive the award holding the work painted by Lu Wenxing, Lu Wenxing didn’t make any statement, nor did he explain like anyone. Without anyone’s knowledge, Lu Wenxing silently contacted the teacher of C University and produced double evidence.
Lu Wenxing later also took the college entrance exam, proving with his actions that he could get the results he wanted with his own efforts, whether in painting or studying.”



What the class teacher wanted to say to Xie Chengfei was, “Fighting and skipping classes are neither cool nor valiant. Like Lu Wenxing, he didn’t panic when things went wrong, he handled it calmly, he did not move and won, this is what is called valiant.”


Gu Yanshen listened and didn’t express amazement or sigh, he cared about another thing.



Gu Yanshen felt a bit strange, it seemed like Lu Wenxing was always in trouble due to bad luck, but these things were also a bit deliberate, which called his attention.



Lu Wenxing encountered too many bad thoughts before encountering him, his work was falsely used, almost exceeding the recommended quota. After going to college, he met Mang Cheng Entertainment again and got an agent like Wang Man.


Gu Yanshen felt a bit strange, it seems like Lu Wenxing had bad luck to always meet trouble, but these things were a bit deliberate, so he had to care.


He made a phone call to an old professor he knew at U of C.


“Hey, Mr. Wang.”





“It’s me.” Gu Yanshen had previously filmed a movie, and because of the professional requirements, he was introduced by a friend and was fortunate enough to know Professor Wang, and waited until he received professional guidance from him. “Sorry to disturb.”


“It’s no harm, it’s not like you don’t know, I’ve been brought into a night owl by that group of students, I don’t sleep that early.” Professor Wang smiled, “Calling at this hour, there should be something, right?”


“Yes. There’s something I want to trouble teacher with.” Gu Yanshen summed it up in a few words.



“Student from the art college, no problem, I’ll ask for you.”


Professor Wang acted quickly and called Gu Yanshen back in less than ten minutes.



“I have said hello to them, if you have anything to ask, you can ask Professor Xu of the College of Arts, he handled that competition.”


“Professor Xu thinks it’s strange how people are suddenly asking about it.”




Gu Yanshen: “Who else?”



“Two days ago, the General Manager of the Wen Group, that is, Wen Zheng. He also went to C University to ask about this matter.”


Wen Zheng?


Gu Yanshen’s first reaction wasn’t why Wen Zheng investigated this matter, his focus was on …… whether Wen Zheng also found something wrong.



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