Shi Fei wrote the song until quite late, when he was finally a little sleepy, he laid on the sofa to sleep.


When he heard the password input sound, Shi Fei opened his eyes, confused when he saw a pair of long legs in a suit. As he looked up, he saw the face of a certain CEO who was both ascetic and cold, but also somewhat handsome.


“You’re back? “Shi Fei yawned, trying to make himself sit up, but he was unsteady because he was sleepy.


Seeing that he was about to fall down again, Gu Yueze took three and two steps with his long legs and reached him, supporting his body. His sexy and deep voice rang in his ears, “If you’re sleepy, go in and sleep. If you sleep in this living room with the air conditioning on, you’re more likely to catch a cold.”


Shi Fei yawned, “But I’m awake now.” He looked up with slightly dazed eyes, “Master Gu, you said you would make me noodles.”


“Master Gu?” Gu Yueze frowned slightly, why did this title sound so old? The main thing was that it didn’t match with Shi Fei’s name.


“If you don’t like it, then I’ll call you Xiao Zeze.” Shi Fei arched against Gu Yueze,” I’m hungry, Xiao Zeze.”


“Lie down for a while, I’ll go make it for you.” Gu Yueze laid Shi Fei on the sofa, took a thin blanket over him, and smoothly stroked the hair in front of his forehead.


Shi Fei shrank his neck and found a comfortable spot to sleep again. Since he already woke up, he didn’t sleep deeply.


When he smelled the scent, he opened his eyes to see Gu Yueze carrying a bowl of tomato and egg noodles to the coffee table.


Shi Fei picked up a bowl and picked up a pair of chopsticks, then he blew and quickly took a bite, but was scalded.


“Eat slowly, there’s still some in the pot. “Gu Yueze didn’t know what to say to him.


Shi Fei didn’t care, he continued to eat the noodles after blowing, he squinted his eyes and nodded in praise: “Delicious, your craft is getting better and better. If you’re no longer the president in the future, I think opening a noodle shop is also good.” It’d be a little less fancy since he could only cook tomato and egg noodles at present.



Gu Yueze poured a glass of milk for Shi Fei, “I will only make it for you.”


The corners of Shi Fei’s mouth curved slightly, his eyebrows arched as he continued to eat the noodles, his heart a little sweet.


After eating the noodles, Shi Fei began to feel sleepy again, Gu Yueze reached out and carried him to the bed, then covered him with the blanket.

Shi Fei yawned, with sleepy tears hanging from the corners of his eyes. He muttered in a daze, “Aren’t you sleeping with me anymore?”


“Go to sleep.” He was sleepy like this, and still remembered this thing, was he taking him as a beast?


“Then I’ll sleep.” Shi Fei rolled up the quilt and really fell asleep.


Gu Yueze looked at his sleeping face, after falling asleep, Shi Fei looked much quieter and more obedient. He didn’t have the same cunning expression he usually had and didn’t look like he was full of mischievous thoughts.


Gu Yueze leaned over and kissed Shi Fei’s forehead, turned off the bedside light, and quietly left.


He had to handle unfinished work.



The next few days, Shi Fei was in seclusion, he wrote songs everyday, Gu Yueze left early in the morning and came back late at night after dealing with official business. The agreements he signed for chasing him, such as eating and watching movies, they didn’t have spare time to fulfill them.



Gu Yuzhe needed to hurry up and finish his work, after all, he had to spare time for the third theme of “The Sims” after some time.


The second episode of “The Sims” had also finished airing, probably because of the news about Shi Fei and Wei Ru in the past few days, the ratings increased again anyway.


The preview of the next episode was about the theme of Chinese costumes, many netizens knew that this was the broadcast of the Shi Fei and others, one by one, they all shouted that they were excited to see the next episode.


In particular, the preview also pulled out Wei Ru, whose popularity wasn’t low now, and a lot of people had been valiantly turned into her fans after she beat up the scums that day.


It was said that because of the increasing ratings of the show, many companies now wanted to stuff artists in as guests.


Other program groups may worry about not having enough money, and there may be situations where the companies would bring funds into the group. Their program group didn’t have such things at all, their funds were simply too much.



Wei Weidong could completely decide whether to stuff a few guests in, anyway, everything was for ratings.


Unfortunately, at such a time, Wei Ru, the main character who also sort of brought up the heat, was kid-napped.




Fang Haozhou sat on the sofa, with one hand on his forehead, looking disheveled.


Shi Fei sat on the side, and asked: “Are you sure Wei Ru’s missing time was yesterday around 6 p.m.?”



Fang Haozhou nodded, “I’m sure. Yesterday she rarely agreed to have dinner with me, we agreed to eat at the Wonderful Restaurant at six o’clock. I deliberately waited there half an hour in advance. But the time came and I never saw anyone, and the phone couldn’t be reached.”



“You know, although Wei Ru is a bit impatient, she is someone who has a good sense of time and won’t let others down for no reason. Even if she is angry with me, she won’t be so capricious.”


Shi Fei nodded, that was indeed Wei Ru’s temperament.


Fang Haozhou had called the police, the police hadn’t found any clues, just targeting those who had a grudge against Wei Ru.



Xu Tianshen who was beaten up was the key object of observation.


In fact, it wasn’t only Xu Tianshen who had a grudge against Wei Ru, but also the constant expansion of Lan Lianfang in these years, which moved other people’s interests.


Wei Ru designed clothes well, and could grab orders, many peers had long been displeased by her.



Fang Haozhou said: “If it is really Xu Tianshen that moved, I won’t let him go. I’m afraid there are others involved. After all, in three days Wei Ru will participate in the ‘Oriental Charm Design Competition’.”


The Oriental Charm Design Competition was an annual clothing competition with high value. Every year, this design competition attracted great attention in the domestic and international clothing industry, and was broadcast live throughout the entire process.



Four years ago, a few of them just founded Lan LianFang. If they wanted to quickly establish their reputation, they naturally needed to win the highest level design award in China.



So that year Shi Fei took part in this clothing design competition in the name of Ai Wei, and the dark horse style brought out of a bunch of design masterpieces, he got the first place in that design competition.


At that time, with the regulations, he could send the design to participate in the competition, later the competition changed the regulations, the designer himself must be present in the competition, so Ai Wei didn’t participate again.



The representative sent by Lanlianfang for the next three years had been Wei Ru, who got the first place in the design competition for three consecutive years, so Lanlianfang got the champion of this design competition for four consecutive years, which was the reason why their company was able to rise so quickly.



A company that got the first place in the design award for four consecutive years would of course cause jealousy and attention from other companies.



They wanted to make some moves before the competition, and it was also very possible that they wanted to prevent Wei Ru from participating in the competition. They may even use means to hurt Wei Ru’s hand.


This was also the reason why Fang Haozhou had been in a hurry. If he found her one minute later, Wei Ru may be in danger for another minute.



Fang Haozhou looked at Shi Fei, “Shi Fei, I can only look for your help now, the police can not find the news for the time being, I’m worried about her, I know you have many skills, you must have a way, right?”


He was only 18 years and was younger than him, but Fang Haozhou knew four years ago, he wasn’t a simple person, his intelligence was beyond the imagination of others.



So when others were surprised when Shi Fei could play the piano, painting, chess and other such talents, Fang Haozhou didn’t feel strange, he thought those were supposed to be his abilities, even if his talents were of the top type.


Shi Fei responded after a pause, “Go back to the company first. If it’s really done for that reason, they may take the opportunity to fish in troubled waters in the company. Besides, if the other party can familiarize themselves with the layout of the company and the underground garage, and successfully take Wei Ru away, it’s either someone from the company or someone from both inside and outside.”



“The company has Zibo there to keep an eye on, and now that she hasn’t been found, I have no desire to work.” Fang Haozhou grew up being said to be a genius, he was smart, he went all the way through without encountering any difficulties, he had never for a moment felt this powerless and incompetent, the person he liked wasn’t well protected.


“Letting you back to the company is not to let you work, it is for you go back to confuse others. By the way, see which people in the company isn’t right, to uncover the inner thief, maybe the other side has the clues we want.” Shi Fei gently patted Fang Haozhou’s shoulder: “Don’t worry, I will definitely get her back. Intact and well.”


Fang Haozhou knew that Shi Fei was right, even if he was reluctant, he still got up and went back to the company.


If Wei Ru couldn’t be found, he would definitely uncover the thieves in the company and wouldn’t let them go.


After the other left, Shi Fei returned to his study, took out his notebook, and entered the ‘Number One Alliance Group’ chat.


The news that Panda was online immediately blew several other people out of the water.



Eagle: [What wind is this? The panda has been blown online.]


Poison Scorpion: [Panda quickly lend me some money, I’m so poor lately.]



Purple soul: [I can prove that the poisonous scorpion is recently so poor that he’s moving bricks.]


Panda (Shi Fei): I have something to talk to you about. Please help me check a few people and find out who they have been in contact with and where they have been in the past week



Purple Soul: [You can do this kind of thing yourself? Why do you need us?]


Panda: [because I have other things to, you guys need to be fast. (red packet.jpg)]



Everyone took a look at that red envelope and immediately reached out to grab, exactly three, each quickly grabbed one.


The result was actually a luck red packet.


0.1, 0.38, 0.52.


Purple Soul: [Is there a mistake? My unit price is listed as at least seven figures, and you want to send me out for 38 cents?]


Eagle: [I am worse than you, 10 cents. (10 cents cry.jpg )]


Poison Scorpion: [Hahahahahahahahaha, great I grabbed 52 cents, I have the most.]


Purple soul: [(contemptuous eyes.jpg )


Eagle: [I can’t stand this idiot, I must kick him out today.]


Then he really kicked the poisonous scorpion out of the WeChat group.


As a result, Shi Fei smoothly invited him back, and then sent three photos to everyone: [These are the three people, you guys hurry up and check for me, it’s urgent.]


He began to work here, pressing his ten fingers quickly on the keyboard. On the small 14 inch laptop screen, one window after another quickly popped up, carefully examining various surveillance videos.



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