Apart from issuing a clarification, Shi Fei didn’t do anything else. He couldn’t just disclose the relationship between Wei Ru and Fang Haozhou in order to prove himself.


The two of them had been on and off all the time, whether it was going to be a conversation or a split, Shi Fei couldn’t figure it out. Anyway, the other party must have other moves, and Shi Fei was waiting for the other party to make a move.


The backing group was still trying to control the bottle, although many marketing numbers were taking advantage of the opportunity to forward to earn traffic, and even some marketing blogs were making up stories.


The fans still believed in Shi Fei, as long as brother said no, it wasn’t.



As a result, they were still trying to control the comment, then another news about Shi Fei was exposed.


#The girlfriend of Shi Fei beat people in public


When they saw this airborne hot search, they understood, this was the original purpose.


Although Wei Ru was a well-known designer, after all, she wasn’t in the entertainment industry, if they singled her out to talk about the beating thing, the impact wouldn’t be very big, and even people wouldn’t care.


If she had a relationship with him as a popular artist, the attention would increase.


When he left last time, Wei Weidong bought the surveillance video of the hotel, and Shi Fei also checked it later, it was indeed deleted.



However, there were quite a few people present at the time, although they all paid a sealing fee to prevent the events of the day from being leaked and to delete photos of their mobile phones.


But they could pay for it, and so could others.



“A girlfriend of star surnamed S, hit people in public. Not only did he not dissuade her, he also spent money to delete the surveillance video afterwards, he even threatened other viewers present at the time not to speak outside.”


There were several short videos above, all of which were made by Wei Ru, some of them grabbing other people’s hair and violently slapping them, some were of her hitting the other person between his legs and poking their eyes.


Coupled with the photos of Shi Fei’s presence, the people next to him were all mosaics, but it also proved that Shi Fei was indeed present when Wei Ru hit someone.


Add the photos of Shi Fei and Wei Ru appearing in the hotel.


“The previous scandal hasn’t been fully explained, and now there is news like this.”


This time, Wei Ru, who beat others, and Shi Fei, who helped the tyrant, became the focus of heated discussions and became the target of the entire network’s crusade.


“Grasping his hair, hitting his eyes, and hitting between his legs, this woman is quite beautiful. Why are her hands so poisonous?”



“It’s terrible. Violence doesn’t discriminate between men and women.”


“Is this woman mentally ill?”

“Really? This kind of woman is too ruthless, she’s sick, right?”



“These men are also too shameful, they can’t even beat a woman, are they still men?”


“Shi Fei’s brain is pretty funny, isn’t it? Why do you take a fancy to such a woman and protect her? He’s not a good person either.”


“Now things are not yet clear, Wei Ru is involved, but the causes and consequences are not clear, we wait, don’t be used as a gun.”


“Did Shi Fei hire a water army or his brain-damaged fans are trying to wash the ground?”



“Don’t try to explain, this is a real hammer.”



“One hit the other, and the other helped the tyrant all the way. Shi Fei also tweeted to clarify that it wasn’t true. Both of them are disgusting.”



When the water army came off the stage to guide, most of the netizens were taken astray. Even if someone spoke for Shi Fei and Wei Ru in a bubble, they would be considered as Shi Fei’s brain damaged fan.



In this case, fans simply couldn’t make control evaluations, and their own internal personnel were also in a state of panic.



Soon after, some netizens quickly followed Wei Ru’s page to find out that she was the designer of Lan Lian Fang, and this time not only Wei Ru and Shi Fei were scolded, but even Lan Lian Fang was scolded.



The next, Xu Tianshen also sent out a post: [I am the designer of Qiluo Court, I and Wei Ru as peers will inevitably have friction, but I did not expect that she would suddenly hit people, and hit so hard.]



He attached a number of photos, there were Xu Tianshen’s face injury, and the body of Yu Qing, and then there were pictures of several other men, the last side were the doctor’s signature injury test report.


Nowadays, there were more people online cursing Shi Fei and Wei Ru, and there were all kinds of offensive words.




Seeing the development of the Internet according to his own expectations in the development, Wu Ziqiang was happy, he watched the situation online while smoking.


Seeing the people scolding Shi Fei, Wu Ziqiang’s mood got brighter.


Shi Fei probably didn’t think of it. He originally wanted to handle the follow-up affairs for Wei Ru to prevent the matter from leaking out. He deliberately deleted the surveillance video in the hotel, and also asked those who had recorded videos and taken photos on the spot to delete them all.



As a result, he now become trapped and lifted a stone to hit his own foot.



As for Xu Tianshen’s se-xual harassment of Wei Ru, who saw it? It was in the bathroom and nobody was there.



“Everyone came out only after hearing the sound of a fight, and no one can prove that Xu Tianshen tried to s-exually harass Wei Ru.”.

Xu Tianshen was beaten by a woman in public.


When Wu Ziqiang contacted him, he was very quick to cooperate.


One hated Shi Fei, one hated Wei Ru, it was an easy cooperation.




Jiang Yu was shooting for a magazine, and when the news broke out online, he wasn’t even in the mood to take pictures, so he applied for an intermission, and when he returned to the special makeup lounge, he hurriedly went online to understand the situation.


Then he checked the situation in the fan group, it was true that the fan side was made to panic.



Fire in the corn: “Everyone must not believe the rumors on the Internet, that is all others in order to discredit brother Fei. You have to believe in him and believe in your own choice. Everyone quietly wait for the news, I believe the truth of the matter will come soon.”



Jiang Yu not only sent this message to the group, but also to his own fans, and also sent a few handsome photos of Shi Fei that everyone hadn’t seen, to stabilize them.



When Wei Ru hit those people, he was also at the scene, he knew best what happened, those few scum were originally owed a beating, but this kind of thing, even if he stood out , it would be useless. If he wanted to change the attitude of netizens, he still needed to have a plan and have the truth.



He picked up his phone and planned to go out and call Ling Xia. Just then, Ling Xia walked in. Jiang Yu went forward and shouted, ‘Sister Ling, help me.”


Ling Xia stepped aside and sat down, “What can I do for you? Are you feeling sick?”


Jiang Yu said, “You know exactly what I’m talking about, I don’t know which person is discrediting Master online. This matter must be clarified as soon as possible. The longer this matter drags on, the worse the image of Master will become.”



“Really the emperor is not anxious yet the eunuch is, do you understand the situation clearly?” Ling Xia said in a light-hearted manner.


“I know, Wei Ru beat those people, but those people are also scum, the one called Xu Tianshen, played with women, forced them to a-bort, etc., I also want too go up and beat this kind of person.” Jiang Yu said, this kind of scum was really a scum to even men.



Then Jiang Yu said with conviction, “Besides, even if I wasn’t there, my master is handsome and kind-hearted, even if he hit someone, it must be the other party’s fault, it must be the other party who is too bad.”


Ling Xia speechlessly rolled his eyes, “You’re really a brain-dead fan. Don’t worry, I’ve already sent someone to check.”


Jiang Yu happily hugged Ling Xia, “Sister Ling, I knew you were a good person, I don’t have to worry about anything with you.”


Ling Xia disgustedly pushed Jiang Yu away, “Go away, I don’t want to be involved with rumors with you, I have to marry someone else.” She said and shook her hair.


“Marry what? There are not many good men in this world, except my master. Don’t get married, I’ll give you a pension.” Before Jiang Yu could finish his words, he was grabbed by the ear.


“Ouch ouch ouch, sister Ling, my ears ears ……” Jiang Yu touched his ears that were pulled painfully and rubbed them, then thought he should send a message to Shi Fei, this was the time when master needed him.



Jiang Yu: “Master, don’t worry about the online matters, I have asked sister Ling to check it out, it will be taken care of soon.”


Shi Fei: “No worries, what’s there to worry about. Don’t worry about me either, worry about yourself.”


Jiang Yu: “What’s wrong with me?”


Timofei: “The math paper has arrived in the city, it should be delivered to you today, don’t forget to brush up on it when you get back.”


Jiang Yu: “……” This was the way of the world.


Ling Xia saw Jiang Yu’s sad face after only a short while, and was about to ask what happened when a message came in on her phone, so she picked it up and looked at it.


Designer Wei Ru V: [First: I’m not Shi Fei’s girlfriend. The second: I have a boyfriend, my boyfriend and I are acquainted with Shi Fei, that day was a friend dinner only, my boyfriend was also present. Third: I beat the scums, do i still have to report to Shi Fei? I saw those scums and I beat them, next time, if I meet them again, I’ll also beat them.


This post was simple and clear, immediately, netizens felt that Wei Ru was crazy, she was so hardcore? Didn’t she know the situation?


Soon after, Fang Haozhou, the president of Lan Lian Fang, reposted Wei Ru’s reply, with the following message: [My boyfriend identity was taken up by someone, I’m a bit unhappy, seeking comfort @ designer Wei Ru. Also, someone should be glad it was my girlfriend who made the move, I wasn’t present at the time.]



The wide range of netizens quickly picked out the identity of Fang Haozhou as well, he was the president of Lan Lian Fang, and the two of them fell in love, which wasn’t deliberately concealed, the two split up before.


But he included proof that he was Wei Ru’s boyfriend.

And Fang Haozhou also had a video attached below this post.


— “I was in the design department, and I was still in my freshman year when he came to our school to give a speech and started pursuing me afterwards. He told me he was still single, and I believed him. It was only after three months of dating him that I found out that he was seeing three women at the same time in addition to me, and as far as I know it was more. I went to question him, he actually said I was stupid to believe the words of men, and that I was greedy and vain, that time if not for my best friend who accompanied me, I wouldn’t know how to survive, such cheap men deserves to be beaten. What I didn’t do, sister Wei Ru did, thank you.”



——”Xu Tianshen is just a scum. He flirts everywhere, telling me it’s the last time every time, but every time, the dog still eats shit. I gave him two abo-rtions, and now I regret it, thinking about it. How could I have been so foolish to believe his sweet words?”



—— “Xu Tianshen is a scum, and he and I are college classmates. This scum changed over a dozen girlfriends in college, ranging from a day or two to three months. The girls around him changed from one to another. He wore his pants and didn’t admit it, several girls gave him an ab-ortion during school. This guy made them get an abo-rtion as long as she was pregnant, and he wouldn’t pay a penny.”



In this video, there were a total of more than ten protagonists’ narrations, which were originally collected by Wei Ru’s lawyers for litigation. Some had mosaics, and some were willing not to play mosaics themselves.


From the video, they could understand how Xu Tianshin was a scum.


The last private prosecutor in the video was Shi Yunyun, the beautiful woman Xu Tianshen took to the bathroom at the hotel that day. Throughout the whole process, she saw that Xu Tianshen tried to s-exually harass Wei Ru.



As a bystander, she explained exactly what happened that day.





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