Wang Pingyang poked Tang Xiangyang and asked in a low voice: “Do you think Shi Fei can still get another 10 out of 10?”



Tang Xiangyang quietly responded, “I don’t know, it’s just a competition, don’t be too serious, just try your best.”


Wang Pingyang took Tang Xiangyang’s hand off his trouser leg and took a look. There was already a palm print on it. It was all stained with wet sweat from the palm of his hand. He curled his lips, “I thought you were calm.”


Tang Xiangyang coughed: “In any case, if Shi Fei can get 10 points from Bert and Yang Weidong, his name will sweep the painter circle again.”

Wang Pingyang nodded his head, at such a young age, he had such talent, and his temperament wasn’t arrogant, he was a rare child.



At this time, the last judge, John, finally announced his score, 9.9 points.



John picked up the microphone on the table and said in English, “Shi Fei, you have really surprised me today, I didn’t expect you to be good at not only oil painting but also your country’s national painting. I have been pursuing the realm of painting all my life, and I always thought that my time was too short and I did not learn enough, there are still many excellent painters in this world who are worthy of my study. From today onwards, I have added you to my list of study painters. I didn’t give you a ten because I don’t want your achievement to stop here, so I deducted 0.1 from your score, hoping you can have more room for development.”



Shi Fei responded very modestly in English, “Thank you for your affirmation, I will continue to work hard in accordance with your teachings today.”



The netizens were all excited, especially Shi Fei’s fans, those who didn’t think highly of him before, now his fans were all raising their eyebrows.



“Help, brother actually got a perfect score, I don’t care if it’s 0.1 short of a perfect score.”



“Brother Fei, how can you be so good, it’s us that are holding you back.”



“Who said before that our brother Fei can’t paint oil paintings, come out and accept a faceslap.”



“I remember someone else said that if the Idle Dreams Literary Society won, they would have a live broadcast of them eating sh.it, where is he?”



“I screenshotted the big brother who wanted to eat sh*t live, don’t think it’s okay to hide.”



“What is the hurry? We haven’t seen Shi Fei’s paintjng, who knows if the judges are biased.”



Those who suspected that the judges were biased were mocked by netizens. With the status of these judges, could they do this kind of thing?

Besides, even if they were really biased, the judges were invited by the Drunken River Literary Society, so they should be biased towards that side.



At this time, the staff put up Shi Fei’s painting to face everyone.


The painting was a painting of an autumn lake, with a frontal view of the lake on the left and dense ginkgo trees on the right.



Shi Fei used the color ink painting method, a pair of autumn lakeside scenery painted quite realistically.


When Carol saw the painting, he was unconvinced and said in slightly rusty Chinese, “I admit that this painting is quite good, but I think the painting of Mr. Ye Qingcheng is not worse than his, so why can he get a ten?”



Carol had studied Chinese painting and had compared it with Shi Fei’s, and the level wasn’t as good, so it was okay for him to question the result.



Xue Wei acted as a temporary translator to translate Carol’s words.


John stroked his beard and smiled, “Please bother the staff to turn it 180 degrees.”


The staff flipped it 180 degrees, and everyone found that it was actually a double-sided painting as well. The original blue sky with white clouds turned into a blue lake with white light on the water after flipping.



And the original slightly darker color of the lake, at this time looked more like dark clouds.



The trees that were originally on the ground after the rotation, in turn, became a reflection in the water.



“This is Mr. J’s double-sided painting, his unique painting technique of double-sided painting.” Some people shouted in amazement, they thought that he could only paint this effect with oil, but they didn’t expect that color ink painting could also paint this effect.



Yang Weidong said, “Carol, can you do this?”



Carol held his red face and said in a low voice, “No.”



John’s eyes were glowing and he couldn’t stop his excitement and said, “Mr. Shi Fei’s painting is more than that, please turn it 90 degrees again.”



The staff flipped 90 degrees again, and this time his painting stood up.



The division between the lake and the ground in the middle became the main trunk of the tree, and the trees reflected on the lake and the trees on the ground became the branches of the big tree on both sides.



“This this this is a tree? My God, this painting is actually a gigantic tree when it is erected.”


“Oh my God, how did Shi Fei do this?”



“Is he still human? A painting with three different views in three directions, how did his head grow?”



“god of painting, please bless me to pass the art class next year.”



“Ditto ……”



John said, “Looking at it vertically, this painting isn’t very perfect, even the tree looks a bit average, but you must not forget that this was painted by Mr. Shi Fei in less than two hours on the spot.”


If he was given enough time to measure the proportions and lines of the painting, this painting would be several steps higher.



In any case, with this alone, Shi Fei’s work was better than all of them.



At this point, Ye Qingcheng, who hadn’t spoken at all, opened his mouth, speaking in a standard Mandarin, without any local accent: “Mr. J’s painting skills are indeed extraordinary, but color ink painting is a new type of painting that has been gradually formed in China under the influence of Western painting. The origin is in the West, and it is not honorable for him to win this game.”



What Ye Qingcheng meant was that color ink painting evolved from Western painting, and couldn’t be fully counted as national painting.



Shi Fei faintly smiled and responded, “Senior Ye Qingcheng, you used oil painting paper to paint today, right?”



Ye Qingcheng: “So what?”



Shi Fei responded, “How can you use paper to paint? Paper is one of the four major inventions of our country, which was introduced to the West, but the origin is in our country, so your high score of 9.8 is not honorable.”



Ye Qingcheng said angrily, “You’re making a weak argument.”



Shi Fei retorted, “I used paper, brush and ink made in our Chinese country to draw, how is it dishonorable to win? Or are you saying that you can’t afford to lose, Mr. Galen?”



Ye Qingcheng: “Who said I can’t afford to lose, when I came out to draw, you ……”



Only halfway through the words, Ye Qingcheng reacted to the fact that he was set up by Shi Fei, his body stiffened, the veins on his neck rippled, “You set me up.”



Everyone finally reacted, this mysterious dark horse students was the famous Galen Neiham.



He was Carol Herman’s teacher, and was also a master of Drunken River Literature Club. He was also an internationally famous painter, and his popularity was similar to that of Yang Weidong.



In fact, even if he participated in the painting competition as a student of the Drunken River Literary Society, it would be fine, the rules of the competition didn’t require so much.



But he wanted to participate in the competition to defeat Shi Fei, but he was also apprehensive about his own identity, so he came up with this trick.



He wanted to take part in the competition and beat Shi Fei, but he was worried about his own status, so he came up with this trick. That was the same reason why Tang Xiangyang didn’t want to take part in the competition.



This was suddenly be uncovered by Shi Fei and he had lost, no wonder he was so angry.


If the news of today’s incident got out, it would become, ‘the famous painter Galen. Neiham ran to participate in the competition where Yang Weidong and Burt were the judges, and finally lost to an 18-year-old kid, the master and disciple lost in the same hand.’.



In the future, whenever someone mentioned Mr. J or Shi Fei, they would always think of this historic moment.



“This is too humiliating, he masked and disguised himself to compete with Brother Fei.”



“This master and disciple are a poster of shamelessness, they can’t even afford to lose.”



“Anyway, they are disgraced, Brother Fei has taught them to be human.”



“Brother Fei, no, I’ll call you dad, long live Father Shi Fei, you’re too strong.”



“He’s here he’s here, Papa Shi Fei is here with a double-sided painting, no it’s a three-sided painting.”



“Fan of a excellent husband, really sad ah, my love rivals are increasing.”



“I’m suddenly a little worried, such a good person, will he stay in the entertainment industry?”



“Don’t scare me upstairs, Shi Fei won’t go back to painting if he’s doing well in the entertainment industry, right?”



“I was so happy that brother Fei won, but when you guys said that, I suddenly got scared.”



In the end, with the addition of Fei’s 29.9 points, the Idle Dream Literature Club won this victory in an overwhelming way.



The people of Idle Dream Literature Club cheered happily and rushed up to surround Shi Fei, “Shi Fei, you’re too good, you’re too awesome, you’ll be my idol from now on.”



Tang Xiangyang was anxious to go on stage, “You brats, don’t bump into the painting.” He quickly put the painting away.



Drunken River Literary Society’s side wasn’t so good, Xue Wei’s face was extremely difficult to watch, Galen angrily left.



Carol looked at the surrounded Shi Fei, a strong reluctance flashed under his eyes.



When Wu Ziqiang saw this result, he froze, this ending didn’t go the right way ah.



How could this be?



Suddenly remembering something, Wu Ziqiang hurriedly took his cell phone to contact the marketing agency and water army that he hired to disgrace Shi Fei further. They had to stop.



It hadn’t been long, there was still time to withdraw.



He quickly got a reply: “Don’t worry, we are very efficient, we never miss a thing, just a second before you called me, I just sent out the post to a verified account.”



Wu Ziqiang suddenly felt the room spinning, his phone slipped and he fell back to the chair.



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