The game was over, but no one reminded Shi Fei that his face was stained with ink, and finally an army of comments bombarded the anchors, and one of the anchors named ‘Jagged Wave Little Fairy’ boldly touched Shi Fei’s side and reminded: “Teacher Shi Fei, the side of your mouth.”



When he touched the ink on the corner of his mouth, he froze and muttered, “When did I get this?”



His stupefied appearance was transmitted through the live broadcast. At a close distance, those fans before the live broadcast went crazy and cried out one by one: “I can’t do it, my little heart. I can’t bear the beauty of such a recent prosperous age.”


Even the anchor was stunned. Shi Fei didn’t have any makeup at all today. Under the condition of no makeup, his appearance was very good.

The first painting competition, Leisure Dream Literary Society won a big victory.


At noon, they ate directly at the Ziwei Hotel, and there was a lot of fun at the dinner table.



Wang Pingyang was very happy: “Everyone should eat and drink, don’t be polite.” Anyway, we’re not paying.”



“In accordance with Mr. Wang’s orders, we will not be polite.” The students shouted happily, having won the first drawing competition, the atmosphere of the whole literature club was very high.


Xia Haiyan reprimanded: “Be happy, but don’t drink, don’t forget that there are two more competitions in the afternoon and evening: chess and qin, the two schools must keep a clear head.”



During this time, some students from the painting school came over with pens and drawing books, wanting Shi Fei to sign.



Wang Pingyang said, “Go, go, go, don’t make a scene, there is nothing to sign, let him rest.” After all, he had to play chess in the afternoon.



Shu Fei took the pen and book from the other side, “It’s okay, it’s just a signature, how tired can I be?*


When he picked up the large pen, it was customary to write the signature of Shi Fei. As a result, the students of the painting academy immediately stopped me: “it’s not this signature. I want the signature of Mr. J. ”



Shi Fei: “……” fans had already began to classify?



The pen was executed to quickly sign the unique ‘Mr. J’ three words.



The student who got the autograph jumped up with joy, and as soon as he returned to his table, the other students immediately swarmed over him, “Show me, show me.”



Everyone was scrambling to get a look at Mr. J’s signature.



With the first success, the people behind them came one by one with great boldness.


Finally, Shi Fei asked to finish the meal before signing. Anyway, not all the students were his fans. It wouldn’t take long.

Li Bowen and Shi Fei sat at the same table, during the meal, he looked up at Shi Fei from time to time, looking like he wanted to say something, and finally opened his mouth after a long time to ask: “Shi Fei, since you know Chinese painting, why didn’t you say so when you recorded the program before?”



“Different industries, there is no need to involve too much, art should be pure, but the entertainment industry is not a pure place.”



The complexity of the entertainment industry, even those who weren’t in it had also heard of it.



Li Bowen pondered and finally spoke, “Thank you for winning today’s game.” It was fortunate that they won.



Shi Fei: “No thanks needed, I’m not doing it for you.”



Li Bowen, who was always proud and conceited, didn’t say anything else this time.



Next to him, Tang Xiangyang looked at his disciple, hoping that this time would make him grow up and understand something, his drawing talent was very good, but there were people who had better drawing talent than him and were not arrogant.




After the meal, everyone rested for an hour and a half each, and at two o’clock in the afternoon began the second match of today’s two literary clubs, chess competition.



Before that, Shi Fei wondered how they’d play chess when one side focused on backgammon and the other side on chess, which were completely different.



He also asked Mr. Wang Pingyang about it, but he just said mysteriously that he would know when the time came.



When the rules were announced in the afternoon, Shi Fei found out.




It turned out that people from both literary societies were allowed to play chess with the AI intelligence, and the one with the most rounds would win, and if both of them won over the AI intelligence, the winner would be divided by the length of time spent.




Of course, according to the information Wang Pingyang told Shi Fei, Xue Wei moved out a chess software released by a company in the past two years, and only three people had won this AI intelligence in the previous version 1.0.




The Drunken River Literary Society prepared two sides of the machine to be able to computer connect to the big screen, and the participants of the game needed to wear noise-cancelling headphones.



For the sake of fairness, both sides had asked computer experts to test the machine to make sure there were no problems, and the difficulty of chess was modulated to the highest level.



Probably because she saw the influence of this anchors in the morning, Xue Wei deliberately found a host, or referee, for the afternoon game to liven up the atmosphere, mainly to promote the Drunken River Literary Society.



Such a good opportunity was much more effective than the money she usually spent on publicity.



The Drunken River Literary Society sent out their best student Cheng Yuan, only 18 years old, the same age as Shi Fei.



Don’t look at the young age of the opponent, he was already a young talented chess player whose fame wasn’t lower than Wang Pingyang.



At a young age, he got the title of Grandmaster.



Before the chess software was upgraded, there were people among the three who had beaten the AI, and one of them was him. Just a few days ago, he won the National Chess Individual Championship.



It was said that his current chess level had surpassed that of Guo Shuisheng, the gatekeeper of their Drunken River Literary Society Chess Academy.



Xue Wei looked at Wang Pingyang, “Teacher Wang Pingyang, I wonder who your literature club is going to send to the battle this time.”



Wang Pingyang looked at Shi Fei next to him and said, “Just him, he happens to be the same age as Cheng Yuan.”



Everyone was stunned when he said this. It was okay to send Shi Fei to participate in the drawing competition, at least he could draw.



Now they were sending Shi Fei to play chess again.



“Is Wang Pingyang confused, he sent Shi Fei to play chess, don’t tell me Shi Fei is still a chess master?”



“Sisters, I suddenly have an ominous feeling, Brother Fei is not a chess master, right?”



“The same premonition is right, teacher Wang Pingyang can’t be so rash, Shi Fei being a chess master explains it.”



“Don’t think too much, maybe Wang Pingyang is an undercover agent sent by the Drunken River Literary Society to send Shi Fei to deliver the points?”


“Hahahahahahahahaha the analysis upstairs is very reasonable, I also think so.”



“Flash away, flash away, I’ll also analyze, in fact, teacher Wang Pingyang thinks bullying a small child isn’t very good, so he sent Shi Fei up to lose a game.”



“This chess hasn’t yet played, how do you know Wang Pingyang will definitely win against Cheng Yuan? Don’t forget that Cheng Yuan is the one who won the artificial intelligence.”



“Has Mr. Wang Pingyang ever won? He was the first to win.”



Before the game even started, people on the internet were already bickering, some thought that Shi Fei might be a hidden chess master, while others thought it was Wang Pingyang’s strategy.




The host also took the microphone and asked Shi Fei a question that the people there wanted to ask, “Shi Fei, we all know that you are a multi-talented person who can sing, write, play guitar and draw, so you also know how to play chess?”



Shi Fei: “I know a little.”



The host took the opportunity to continue to ask: “So are you confident that you can win?”



Shi Fei: “It’s hard to say, I won’t know until I play.”



The same question was asked by the host to Cheng Yuan, and the teenager’s eyes fell on Shi Fei, “I am confident that I can win.”


Cheng Yuan was obviously very confident in himself, and his confidence came from his talent in chess since childhood, as well as the rows of championship trophies at home.



Shi Fei didn’t say anything else, walked up to the stage, put on the noise-cancelling headphones and prepared.



With the countdown, Shi Fei stared at the screen. A chess game soon appeared on the touch screen, and the large screen in front of the audience showed the screens of the two players respectively.



This was the touch screen, Cheng Yuan began to move the pieces and played with the artificial intelligence, while Shi Fei hadn’t yet begun to move.



“Look at Shi Fei, he must be thinking about how to play the first move, he has always been more calm in doing things.”



“That’s right, when he was drawing before, he had been observing for the first forty minutes before catching up later. Brother Fei always only does things with certainty.”



“I’m kind of anxious to see Shi Fei play chess, to see if his chess skill is as good as his drawing skill.”


The host began to commentary, “We see that Cheng Yuan’s side has already played two words, Shi Fei hasn’t started to move, he may be still thinking, presumably in deep planning. Huh, he began to move, I wonder how his first move will be, he went towards ……”



At this time a sound of the game ending came from the big screen, and the screen on Shi Fei’s side turned dark gray, indicating that he lost.



Moderator: “……”



All the participants in the room: “……”



Netizens in front of the live broadcast: “……”



The host had seen so many scenes, large and small, he didn’t know what to say.



Shi Fei looked at that screen, he was also confused.



Wang Pingyang saw this scene, his blo-od pressure quickly rose, he stood up and shouted: “Shi Fei, what are you doing?”



Wearing the headset quieted the outside world, but Shi Fei felt the murd-erous gaze on him.



After taking off the headphones, he heard Wang Pingyang’s hysterical shout, Shi Fei jolted, “Teacher Wang, if I say I just slipped, will you believe me?”



“Hand, hand slipped?” Wang Pingyang stroked his forehead, feeling that he was about to crash from anger, and suddenly rushed to the stage. “I’ll break your dog legs today. I’ll let my hands slip.”



Shi Fei was frightened, he hurriedly put the headset to the screen, and fled, “Mr. Wang, don’t be so impulsive ah, let’s talk well.”

Wang Pingyang replied angrily, “I have nothing to say to you, let’s die together today.” The key was that he lost because of a hand slip, which made Wang Pingyang feel so angry that he wanted to spit out a liter of blo-od.



Shi Fei circled around the playing field, “I have never played this on AI, I just slipped and hit the direct end match button, I really didn’t mean to.”



Wang Pingyang ran out of breath and stood in place, panting with one hand on his waist, pointing at Shi Fei with the other and saying, “Don’t give me excuses, come here, I promise to break only one of your legs.”



Shi Fei was running away from the chase here, and the netizens over there recorded the appearance of Shi Fei fleeing in panic through the live broadcast.



“Oh my God, Shi Fei can’t really be the undercover sent by the opposite family?”




“Although brother Fei lost, why do I want to laugh so much? I’m not a fake fan.”


“Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha heartache for teacher Wang for a minute, this reason makes me want to hit brother Fei.”



“Son, ah, this time mom can’t help you, Mr. Wang hit him, don’t be polite.”



“Mr. Wang, which leg do you want to break? I suggest the third leg.”



“Upstairs I suspect you are dangerous and have recorded the evidence.”




“I told you it was impossible for Shi Fei to play chess, Mr. Wang doesn’t have to pretend, my previous analysis is right, these two people are deliberately acting.”



“I also think hand slip is a little far-fetched, I kind of started to believe the comment upstairs, maybe Mr. Wang really feel bad about bullying Cheng Yuan, a small child, on the field and deliberately lost the game.”




The first game was so dramatic that the Drunken River Literary Society won.



Obviously the other side won, but their expressions were very ugly.



Soon it was time to prepare for the second game, and this time Wang Pingyang himself took the field.



Shi Fei weakly asked, “Mr. Wang, won’t you let me on the field?”



“I’m afraid you’ll slip again, I’ll settle the score with you later.” Already lost a game, Wang Pingyang viciously stared at Shi Fei, this little brat really knew how to make him worry all day long.



Shi Fei touched his nose, and innocently sat at Tang Xiangyang’s side, he thought that Mr. Tang would comfort him.



The result was that Tang Xiangyang also scolded him: “Later after the chess game, bring a cushion, so it won’t hurt after your beating.”


Shi Fei: “……”




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