Filming, dispensing, hanging water, the shouting of medical personnel, the noise of family members, and the tumult of the emergency center.


“The lungs have small bubble sounds on auscultation, the chest film is first lamellar shadow, is typical of pneumonia.” The doctor wrote on the medical record, Xiao Wang’s face paled.


“It’s already half past eight. You’ll be late if you don’t leave.” Liang Zhe looked at the watch in his hand.


Li Zheng frowned slightly.


“Don’t worry, I’ll stay here.” Liang Zhe suddenly realized something, his face slowly reddened, “Your clothes don’t seem to be very appropriate.”



Yes, the conference started at nine, taking a car to the venue would take twenty minutes, he had no time to go back to the hotel to change clothes.



“Let’s change.”



Li Zheng was dumbfounded, and then he couldn’t help but remember the scene when they first met. At that time, the two of them were miserable walking from the beach to Hong Kong, and in order to cover up Li Zheng’s identity as a stowaway, Liang Zhe dragged Li Zheng to the toilet to change his clothes, and as a result, he was almost taken by the police as a stowaway.



“Okay.” His eyes bent into a nice curved moon, his eyes were very soft, as if they were hit with a soft light.



The hospital toilet cubicle was small, it was a little tight for two large men standing together. The two stood in a corner, Li Zheng coughed dryly, “It’ll be faster together.”



Liang Zhe nodded nervously, and the two undressed at the same time.


The compartment was too small, as the two men moved at the same time, from time to time, their bodies would touch. The warm touch of each other’s skin and hot, wet breath, made it seem like the temperature of the room had risen a lot.



Liang Zhe was like a cooked shrimp, his head to neck was red, and he kept his head down, he didn’t dare to look up.



Li Zheng looked straight ahead, he seemed like he didn’t care, but if he looked carefully, his eyes weren’t focused, his minded seemed to have drifted.



About five minutes later



“Okay.” Liang Zhe pursed his lips and whispered.



Li Zheng’s eyes drifted a bit, he coughed dryly and straightened his tie. Liang Zhe’s clothes were tailored and looked a little big on Li Zheng, so he rolled up the cuffs and pant legs slightly, which made it better.



The two came out of the toilet together, and Xiao Wang hurriedly greeted them.


“Mr. Li, Mr. Liang, the doctor’s words are too fast, I don’t understand, so ……” Xiao Wang froze, looking at the two people who had already exchanged clothes.



“Secretary Zhao can’t be left alone, I’ll go over first.” He dropped this sentence, and left in a hurry, he looked like he was desperately escaping.



Li Zheng frowned slightly, “Did he …… misunderstand something?”



Liang Zhe seriously pondered, “The clear see the clear, the turbid see the turbid.”



Li Zheng raised his eyebrows, “Your chinese language level is good.” It was eight thirty-six, so they couldn’t speak more, he waved at Liang Zhe, then quickly walked towards the hospital entrance.



Seeing Li Zheng leave, the corner of Liang Zhe’s mouth slightly hooked up, misunderstanding? He raised his step and walked towards Zhao Mu’s ward.



A 38-story light gray glass slate building stood on the banks of the East River on the east side of the city in Manhattan, USA. This piece of land, about seven hectares in size, didn’t belong to any one country, and the flags of more than 160 member countries flew over it.



A red cab turned sharply and stopped not far from the building, “I won’t be able to get through ahead, run and you should make it.” It was a black driver with a braided pigtail in the middle of his bald head, who whistled to celebrate his superb driving skills.



Li Zheng had a reluctant smile on his face, he covered his chest, if he had to choose again, he would rather be late than get into this car, from the hospital to the United Nations building, the whole eight kilometers, the driver actually took only thirteen minutes.



The thrilling scenes on the road almost made his heart stop beating.



“Thanks.” He paid and got out of the car, his legs still shaking a bit as he held the door.



Taking a deep breath, Li Zheng moved his stiff limbs and then took a big step towards the UN building.



“Li, you’re finally here, I called your hotel phone and no one has been answering. I thought something had happened to you. You know the security in New York at night is really not good, especially for a girl-like looking teenager like you, it’s very easy to cause crime.” Kent was sitting on the lounge sofa in the hall and let out a long breath of relief when he saw Li Zheng enter.



Li Zheng blushed and went up and hugged Kent, “Blair, I don’t think this is a compliment at all.”

The two spoke as they walked quickly toward the elevator.



There were quite a few people waiting for the elevator at the elevator, and when they saw Kent and Li Zheng coming, they greeted them enthusiastically.


” Most Influential Biologist of the Year. Li, you are a great legend.” A certain middle-aged man said.


Li Zheng politely thanked him.



Kent exchanged pleasantries with the crowd and went close to Li Zheng, “This is Mr. Chisum, who is in charge of multilateral trade at the United Nations.”



The crowd entered the elevator in a line and the elevator went up.



“Ding” on the seventh floor, the elevator door opened and a chubby black woman stood outside the elevator door, she took a look at the almost full elevator and her face showed a struggling look.



“Come on in, Mrs. Anna.” Someone spoke up.



Mrs. Anna looked up at him, and then showed a very forced smile, “No, no need.” With that, she turned around and left.


The people in the elevator couldn’t help but look at each other, and the one who spoke shrugged and muttered something strange before closing the elevator door.



Inside the elevator Li Zheng felt that something was wrong, that woman’s throat seemed particularly thick ……



Seventeenth floor lobby, Li Zheng and Kent came in when most of the personnel were already in place.



“Oh, our protagonist is here.” Seeing Li Zheng, an elegant middle-aged man spoke with a smile.


One after another, the crowd stood up and looked at Li Zheng while clapping hard.



Kent smilingly led Li Zheng to the middle, then he himself found a random position next to the crowd and also applauded together with the crowd.



Under his feet was a long red carpet, flanked by scholars from the biology circle and officials from the United Nations Health Organization, Li Zheng walked forward slowly with a calm demeanor and a proper smile.



The head of the United Nations Health Organization was standing at the front of the speaker’s platform.


“Li Zheng. Li, a native of China’s Haidong Province, is seventeen years old. While our seventeen year olds were still attending cocktail parties, chasing after little girls, and arguing with their moms and dads for a used car, our Li had already successfully invented palmatine and discovered carbapenem antibiotics. And just a short time ago, Li’s lab, Li Zheng’s lab, presented its latest research results to the world, ‘human nasal mouse’, which means that ‘in vitro organ regeneration’ technology is no longer scientists’ dream. One day, like God, we can create human bodies as perfect as our own.”

The official’s speech was full of passion, and the applause in the arena was more enthusiastic than ever, and only when Li Zheng walked up to the speaker’s platform did it slowly stop.



“I am very happy and honored to stand here to receive this honor. I know that I can receive this honor mainly because of the ‘in vitro organ regeneration’ technology, which was actually not initiated by me. The initiators of this project were not me, but Wen Xuefeng and Ma Wenmin in my lab. Mr. Wen Xuefeng has already left, but he said something to me that I will never forget in my life. People are inevitably divided by race, nationality, family status, etc., but what we biologists should do is to try to make everyone, at least in terms of life, equal. This is the original purpose of our laboratory’s efforts to carry out and fully support this project.”



There was round after round of applause, and the outgoing American scientists whistled in support of the young biologist.



It was a subtle feeling when Li Zheng stood on the high platform and looked down to the familiar and unfamiliar faces on the stage, giving him an affirmative expression.



Next, Li Zheng took a group photo with a group of officials and scholars, and this group photo would be hung in the corridor of the United Nations Health Organization, together with Li Zheng’s single photo.



Li Zheng touched his nose, was he the first Chinese to have his picture hung in the UN building?



When the atmosphere in the room was good, “bang”, the door of the venue was suddenly pushed open, a young man with curly blond hair was holding the door frame while gasping for breath.



“Bl-ood tests, no one is allowed to step out of the building.” The young man said loudly.



There was a sudden commotion in the field, and some of them recognized the identity of the visitor, a staff member of the WHO epidemic prevention department, Rob Jr.



“What’s going on, Rob?” The WHO official looked very upset.



Rob Jr. took two deep breaths to suppress his ragged breathing.


“It’s Mrs. Anna, Mrs. Anna is having an attack. It’s Doc’s disease. Her throat, her airways, her nasal passages all became very swollen and then she suffocated. It is a very serious infectious disease that can be transmitted through human blood.”




Rob Jr. wiped a handful of sweat from his forehead, “Several teachers in the same office as Mrs. Anna were diagnosed, and the federal government asked to lock down the building and everyone must be tested.”



There was a moment of silence inside the meeting room, then one by one they all clamored.



Doc’s disease was a viral infection. Generally through the human blo-od transmission, but if you had obvious open wounds, and there happened to be Doc virus around, then there was also a certain chance of being infected.



Doc’s incubation period was very long, there were one year, two years or even ten years, but once it started, it was very rapid, some people died in less than twenty-four hours, the virus would occupy the respiratory tract, throat, nasal cavity and other channels of exchange of air with the outside world, and then the patient would die of suffocation.



Li Zheng frowned tightly. With a wry smile, he wondered whether he had Conan’s constitution. Wherever he went, there was no peace.



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