When these words came out, everyone present was stunned.


Rong Yue frowned and said, “What’s the situation, tell me clearly.”


Yang San, being stared at by them, had to tremble and tell that horrible experience.


That past was something the three brothers usually didn’t dare to recall, it was bizarre and horrible, as Yang San recounted, the people listening got goose bumps.



“So …… they usually refuse to let you guys walk around and you can only stroll around the assigned tent?”



“Yes, food and water are also sent. Mostly by beautiful young women, so they’ll coax people to forget about their doubts and worries.”



Yang San added: “If I hadn’t gotten up in the middle of the night that day, my ears are especially good, we really would have been tied up and ki-lled. Those people are really treating people as ordinary animals, the way they cut them, disembowelment, the means is very skilled ……”



Da Shi and a group of them listened with pale faces.



A bald strong man panicked: “Isn’t it dangerous for those who followed them?”



Yang San nodded with difficulty: “Maybe the young men and women who are willing to join them won’t be eaten ……”



Although Creek tribe wasn’t large, it had more than two hundred people.



Except the people that died in the earthquake and some that were thrown down the valley, as well as those that left, there were nearly a hundred people.



These one hundred people, who were once their relatives and comrades, may be about to lose their lives!



A bald man covered his arm, grimacing, and stood up: “No, we have to go save the people!”



Next to him was another bald man who looked a bit like him and also got up after him: “Yes, we have to go, that’s our tribe’s people!”


Da Shi’s eyes dodged and he cowered for a moment.



Someone interjected: “You guys can go ……”



The big bald man angrily spoke: “You!”



Little bald head also got angry: “Even if we don’t have any relatives, but don’t you? Da Shi, your Abba and Apa are also in that cannibalistic tribe ah!”


Rong Yue hadn’t said anything until this moment, and finally stepped forward.



He coolly spoke, “All right.”



Only then did the crowd wake up, remembering that twenty of them couldn’t beat him, they suddenly shrank their necks again.



Rong Yue nodded to the two bald heads, “Come here.”



The bald brothers looked at each other and slowly approached, each covering their injuries.


“What are your names?” Rong Yue asked.


“My name is Xi Bian.”



“My name is Xi Shang.”



Rong Yue: “…… you’re brothers?”



Big bald guy Xi Shang: “Yes, I’m the older brother, and Xi Bian is three years younger than me. We were both born and raised in the Creek tribe.”



Well, he could tell from their names.



Rong Yue was going to ask them about the tribe, but looking at the two shiny heads, he couldn’t help but ask: “Why do you have no hair?”



This world’s people, although there were no strict rules, most of them had long hair.



Not to mention a sacrifice that had waist-length hair, even Tian Yang had a braided palm-length pigtail.



It was refreshing seeing two bale heads.



The brothers looked at each other and honestly responded: “Because our Abba is bald, he said that this is convenient when swimming, hair won’t cover the eyes.”


“After my father died, us brothers also learned from my father. This hair won’t grow any longer after being smoked with rootless grass.”


Rong Yue learned new useless knowledge and remembered the “rootless grass” it was a terrible grass ……



Rong Yue nodded, letting the “rootless” brothers stand to the side, and asked Da Shi: “What about you? What are you going to do?”



Da Shi was both panicked by the force value of Sacrifice Yu, Tian Yang and his men, and scared of the cannibalistic tribe.



These people, they almost entered the blo-odbowl of the cannibal tribe, just listening to Yang San talk about the dangers, everyone wanted to run as far away as possible.



Ask them what they intended to do, of course, regardless of ……



But the words of this white-haired sacrifice, it was as if he wanted them to mind their own business.



For a moment, Da Shi didn’t know which to be afraid of, so he turned his head to look like the others.


Except for the brothers that were picked out by sacrifice Yu, they were all like him, they just wanted to run away.



When he thought about it carefully, the fierce soldier just threw them out for the offence they had just committed. He didn’t even see much blo-od.



But what about the cannibal tribes? His life wasn’t guaranteed!


So Da Shi thought left and right, against the bone chilling gaze of Rong Yue, he warily answered: “We …… don’t have that ability ……… …”



Rong Yue suddenly laughed.



In the blink of an eye, the frozen gaze turned into spring flowers.



“All right.” He turned around and patted the tall warrior behind him, “Tian Yang, take care of it.”



Da Shi and the crowd were abruptly shocked.



What do you mean?



What do you mean, deal with it!

Was this because their answer wasn’t to his liking so they were all going to be kil-led?


“Wait, sir! Sacrifice Yue! No, no! Let go, let go-”



Tian Yang kicked Da Shi, who was attempting to lunge at Rong Yue, to the ground.



“You deserved to be punished for plundering passersby with your weapons, but you don’t deserve to have your lives taken.”



Before he could say a few more pleas for mercy, he heard the low voice of the warrior say with a smile, “But you’re lucky today.”


“We are about to go quarrying. You guys come with us and take charge of pulling the carts.”


Tian Yang arranged pleasantly.



Da Shi and the crowd: “……”



“Warrior …… transporting stones is too much for us …… I’m not going to lie to you, the few of us can’t transport too much …… ”



Carrying stones had always been left to the strongest group of warriors in the tribe.



Although it was hard, others couldn’t do it, in some tribes, it was also a symbol of glory.



But they really didn’t want such glory. They were afraid that they would be crushed to death.



Tian Yang pointed to an oddly shaped wooden board placed aside and said with certainty, “You can do it, I believe in you.”



“……” That, what is that strange thing?



Seeing that Tian Yang didn’t look like he was going to pounce on them, the group jittered and went to the cart, and also held the rope and pulled it.






So easy! So amazing!


While they were looking fresh, Rong Yue glanced at Tian Yang: “Softened up?”



Tian Yang shook his head: “It’s just that they still have use.”


“It’s good that you decided. There will be other things like this in the future. If you don’t want them to be k-illed, you can take care of them. You can also be the leader of the tribe.”


Rong Yue took two steps to the side, squatted down and pointed at the person hole that still kept issuing curses: “I will be responsible for such in the future, they can be ki-lled.”



The cursing in the hole stopped for a moment, and then became more intense.



Rong Yue threw a stone towards the bottom: “Shut up.”


The sound stopped.



Bai Tao’s face was pale as she leaned against the tree to rest, Rong Yue didn’t call her, but beckoned to the bald brothers.



“You guys are from the same tribe, why was Bai Tao so angry just now, do you know why?”



Xi Bian: “We don’t know ……”



He looked at his brother: “I only know that the Hu is Bai Tao’s husband, they have been together for many years.”



Before the earthquake hit, Bai Tao was sick and weak.



She was unlucky to have her leg broken by a heavy object, and was finally thrown off the “fairyland” by the tribe together.



There were many people left behind, as well as relatives and some elders in the tribe.

Guoguo, who was only slightly injured but preferred to follow Ah Jiu and leave, was in the minority.



Bai Tao was the one who represented the true situation of most people.



Rong Yue stared at the stream and asked seriously, “But Bai Tao was so sad, do you think this person in the cave will have no problem?”



The person in the cave could clearly hear Rong Yue and he spoke.



Hu gasped, his chest rose and fell dramatically, but he didn’t dare to curse again, for fear of getting hit with another stone, he couldn’t even dodge.



“It’s not-it’s not!” Hu hissed, “It’s her! It’s the woman herself who has the problem! She can’t have children! I didn’t hurt her, I didn’t-”



The voice was like a broken gong, which made Rong Yue uncomfortable and he threw down another stone.



He gained temporary clarity.



He clapped his hands and stood up: “All right, let Bai Tao handle it herself later.”



Tian Yang looked at Rong Yue’s clear eyes and asked calmly, “If Bai Tao wants to kill him, would you also allow it?”



Rong Yue looked at Tian Yang: “Why not?”



“Don’t I look nice to talk to?” Rong Yue suddenly smiled, “That’s because you haven’t seen me ki-ll anyone.”



“But I hope she k-ills someone after deep thought, not on impulse then regret it later.”



“If she insists, I will never stop her.”



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