When walking in front of Ye Qingcheng’s painting, the three judges’ faces all showed a stunned expression.


When they saw Shi Fei’s painting, compared to Ye Qingcheng’s stunned expression, they looked at Shi Fei’s painting with a gloomy expression.



“It’s over, one look at the judges’ expressions, Shi Fei’s drawing must be very ugly, the Idle Dream Literary Society is sure to lose.”



“Originally Shi Fei cannot make Chinese paintings, the one called Ye Qingcheng is likely to be the dark horse, this time Mr. J’s name will be planted.”


“Are you sick? It hasn’t been showed, yet everyone is talking nonsense.”



“Yes, it’s so awesome. How about handing over the chairmanship of the Third World W-ar to you?”



“Nowadays, netizens are becoming more and more awesome. Just typing on a keyboard can you act like a boss.”



“I told you how, just because Shi Fei can paint Western paintings doesn’t mean he can paint Chinese paintings, if he can make the Idle Dream Literary Society win, I’ll eat two pounds of s-hit live.”



“I’ll eat five pounds live ……”



“I’ve taken a screenshot, waiting for a face slap.”



The oldest member of the jury, John Bratton, said with a smile: “I thought I would only participate in the competition between the two clubs, but I never thought I would get such a big surprise. I was very surprised and impressed by the paintings of some of the participants.”



The other two judges also smiled and nodded their heads, obviously agreeing with John’s words.



The three then returned to their seats, and after some deliberation, began to score each of them one by one.



The first to be announced was Carol, the three judges gave him respectively: 9, 9.1, 9.2 points, a total of 27.3 points, this score was very good.



They were all international jury level, if they got 8 points, it meant it was good, if it reached 8.5 points that meant the painting was very good, 9 points or more was able to reach the global art exhibition, there were a bunch of the world’s top experts here.



As Carol’s score was announced, the staff turned his painting around and made it public in front of reporters and anchors.



At this point, everyone saw that the painting above was a yellow maple tree, with a layer of yellow maple leaves falling on the ground and fluttering in the air.



The cascading effect and direction of this painting were painted quite well, of course, many people’s paintings in the global beauty exhibition could compare to his, the reason why it could take such a high score, was because they took into account the time of painting.

To draw like this in such a short time showed that Carol was really better at Western painting.



The Drunken River Literary Society side got a good score of 27.3 at the beginning of the game, and the people over there were cheering a lot.



Carol’s face held an unstoppable smile, from time to time he looked at Shi Fei with a provocative and smug expression. If he had a tail, it’d probably wag to the sky at this point.



Shi Fei was too lazy to pay attention to him.



The second published score was Yu Jin, his score was 9.2, 9.5, 9.3, a total score of 28 points.



The score was slightly higher than Carol’s by 0.7 points, it seemed to be only 0.7, but to their level of painting, the strength wasn’t bad, the score was usually 0.1, 0.2 points between the winners and losers, not to mention that Yu Jin had a full 0.7 points higher, he used the strength to prove that he, Tang Xiangyang’s older disciple wasn’t a vegetarian.



The third one announced was the painting score of Ma Juntao, the door master of the Drunken River Literary and Painting Institute, 9, 9.2 and 9.1 points respectively, this score total was the same as Carol’s, and this score was already very high.


It was just that with Yu Jin’s score in front, Ma Juntao’s score was still the same as that of Carol, a trainee within his own painting institute, which inevitably made people who didn’t know how to paint feel that his level was slightly the same.



The fourth announced was Li Bowen’s painting score, 9, 8.9, 9, a total of 26.9 points.



When Li Bowen heard this score, he was confused, he thought he was at least not worse than Carol, but he turned out to be the only one who got less than 9 points so far.



How could this happen, Li Bowen seemed somewhat disheveled, his shoulders drooped, and he lost his previous confidence and vigor.



“Fu-ck, I thought the Drunken River Literary Society’s Ma Juntao is poor, I didn’t expect there is someone worse.”



“Isn’t Li Bowen a talented painter of the younger generation? How can he be such a rookie? He’s not as good as Carol, who was defeated by Shi Fei.”



“Don’t talk nonsense if you don’t understand, Li Bowen’s score is in the upper class of the international painting competition, but his opponent is too strong.”



“The opponent is too strong? This is the first time I’ve heard such a fresh reason, a loss is a loss, don’t find so many reasons.”



The fifth painting announced the result was Ye Qingcheng, and Shi Fei was interested in his painting, this person seemed mysterious from head to toe.


John and Bert, two foreign judges, gave 9.5 and 9.6 marks respectively, and the last one, Yang Weidong, who has the title of ‘Master of Modern Art Magic’, gave Ye Qingcheng a high score of 9.8.



Many people were shocked on the spot, and all the people of the Idle Dream Literary Society were surprised, especially the students of the Painting Academy, who knew exactly what it meant to get such a high score.



Paintings with all 9.5 points or more, not to mention in this small competition, even in international competitions, it was also rare, to be rated such a high score, basically they were all internationally famous painters, such as Tang Xiangyang.



This appeared on an unknown person, and the crowd couldn’t help but guess, was this another Mr. J coming out of nowhere?



When his painting was turned around to face the reporters and anchors, everyone saw.


He painted the same autumn maple leaves, but it wasn’t like Carol’s, he painted a row of maple leaves on the shady path, the concrete road was full of yellow maple leaves, the sun shone on the maple trees, emitting a bit of light.



Such a short time to complete such a high degree of completeness of the work, no wonder he could get such a high score.



This time Li Bowen was even more discouraged, although he knew he would lose, but losing so ugly wasn’t expected, it seemed even worse in front of this Ye Qingcheng.



Even he, who didn’t paint Western paintings, had to admit that Ye Qingcheng’s oil painting was really great, and the color combination was perfect.



Such a painter couldn’t be unknown by reason.



“This person’s score is so high, how can the Idle Dream Literary Society still play? It’s a sure thing.”



“The Idle Dreams Literary Society will lose for sure.”



“What’s your hurry? Brother Fei’s score hasn’t been announced yet, he’s Mr. J, how could he be bad at drawing?”



“Here we go again, the brain-dead fans upstairs can’t stand it, they said Mr. J is only good at Western painting.”



“So the painting that John said was amazing was Ye Qingcheng’s, right?”



“Of course it’s this one, this man’s painting level is definitely the best of the best, it’s so surprising to have such a high degree of completeness in just a short time.”



“Seeing that he has been wearing a mask and has not spoken, could it be any low-profile god?”



The people of Drunken River Literary Society were all happy, their faces were unstoppable joy, they got a total of 83.5 points, Ye Qingcheng alone got 28.9 points, their total score was 28.6 points higher than the Idle Dream Literary Society.



Although there was still one more painting that hadn’t yet been announced, this was a solid win. Unless he could also get such a high score as Ye Qingcheng, but how was this possible?


The president had already inquired, Shi Fei wasn’t good at Chinese painting, a few days ago, he went for the reality show and studied Chinese painting, although he learnt quickly, it couldn’t be compared with professionals, not to mention Ye Qingcheng’s painting got such a high score, making it more impossible.



It meant they won this game!



Originally when they found out that Shi Fei was Mr. J, some Drunken River Literary Society students worshipped him, but seeing that this idol was going to lose, the worship slowly faded.



Wu Ziqiang, who had been watching the live broadcast, saw this scene and was excited.


God finally opened his eyes to help him. With such a high score, he could only get a handful of points in the global art exhibition competition. Moreover, he had just learned from his assistant that Shi Fei went to a reality show and learnt how to paint traditional Chinese paintings at Idle Dream Literary Society.


This time all the negative emotions in this moment were swept away, he already couldn’t help it, he picked up the phone and began to contact the marketing agencies and water army, let them start to write.



The three judges were still silent, others’ scores were announced quite quickly, they were only slow when it came to Shi Fei, more people thought that the three judges were embarrassed to announce Shi Fei’s score.



After all, he couldn’t do Chinese painting, but the level of his western paintings were extremely high, these judges were people who loved talent and couldn’t bear to hit such a young genius.



The judges didn’t say anything, but the netizens and the people watching the competition first made up a bunch of things.


After a while of mystery, the three judges finally began to reveal the score, Burt showed the score of 10 points.



When this score lit up, the scene was suddenly in an uproar, the live broadcast room also went crazy.



“Sisters, you help me look again, is it really a perfect score of 10? I’m worried I’m seeing things.”


“If Bert didn’t write it wrong in his old foolishness, then it means that this painting by Shi Fei is perfect.”


Immediately after that, Yang Weidong, the second judge, also revealed his score, which was also 10 points.



This time the students of both the Drunken River Literary Society and the Idle Dream Literary Society couldn’t sit still, and a bunch of crazy groundhog screams rang out from the anchor’s live stream.


Many people online either screamed ah ah ah ah, or commented crazily “10 points 10 points ……’, so as to hope that the third judge there couldn’t also give 10 points full.



Li Bowen’s entire body froze in disbelief at what he saw, before he hadn’t been optimistic yet the dragger Shi Fei actually got a perfect score of 10 from two judges.



In other words, as long as Shi Fei could get more than 8.7 points from the third judge, they would win this game.



Now even he couldn’t help but squeeze his hands tightly, breathing rapidly.


He didn’t like Shi Fei, and he had some conflicts with him. However, he had been studying painting in the Idle Dream Literary Society since he was a child, and his feelings for the club were still very deep. He hoped that Shi Fei could win this game, after all, he was representing the Idle Dream Literary Society at this time.




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