The next day Shi Fei yawned as he got up in the morning, went to the kitchen and cooked some thin rice and white boiled eggs.



When he came out of the kitchen, he went to the bathroom, brushed his teeth and washed his face.



Then he pulled out the suitcase in the corner and started to organize his clothes.


His door was left open, and Gu Yueze came out wearing a pink sweater just in time to see this scene.



“You have a job today?” Gu Yuzhe asked.


“The people of the Drunken River Literary Society have placed a war invitation to the Idle Dream Literary Society, and Mr. Tang asked me to go there and have a look.” Anyway, it wasn’t a secret.


“I’ll go with you.”


“What are you going to do? Your painting level isn’t enough.” Shi Fei nonchalantly responded.


Gu Yueze was hit, growing up, he had been called a genius, this was the first time he was disliked like this.



“I can play chess, I can also play the piano, and I know some violin.”


Shi Fei pulled up the organized suitcase, got up and asked him: “Do you know folk music?”


Gu Yueze shook his head.


Shi Fei pushed the luggage to the side, “Then what are you going to do?”


A big president, no matter what it was, he could learn at a glance. Someone who had been envied by others since childhood was despised as useless.


The big president Gu was sad.



After a quick breakfast, Shi Fei carried a white suitcase ready to go out, before leaving, he turned to Gu Yueze: “I’m leaving, you know the door code. I told you, don’t mess up at home, I don’t want to see a mess when I come back. Even if you have a good face, I will not let you go.”



If he really messed up the house, even if he looked good, he would definitely drive him away.



President Gu stood in the living room and watched Shi Fei carry the suitcase out, like a wife sending her husband on a business trip, but with more indifference.



When Shi Fei disappeared in the doorway, Gu Yueze returned to the bedroom and picked up the phone to call Zhang Mo.


“Help me find a housekeeper, a five-star chef, and a music teacher.” Gu Yueze ordered a bunch of things in one breath, “Also send the documents I have to deal with in the next two days.”


Shi Fei put on his mask and took a car to the Idle Dream Literary Society.



Looking at the number that kept jumping upward, Shi Fei thought that the taxi money should be reimbursed by Mr. Tang.


Once again he went to the Idle Dream Literary Society, after getting out of the car and paying the fare, just as he entered the door with his suitcase, he saw Li Bowen, who was in the doorway drawing a flower in the frame drawing board.


He was wearing a Tang suit, he looked lively and passionate.


“Brother Li, you’re painting.” Shi Fei greeted the other warmly. It was obvious that Li Bowen’s hand shook with surprise.



The painting was destroyed.


Li Bowen gnashed his teeth at Shi Fei, “What are you shouting at? You’ve ruined my painting. Also, don’t call me brother Li. I don’t know you that well.”


Shi Fei nudged his mouth, “Oh, then I’ll go in first, Xiao Li.”



Li Bowen got even angrier, “Who are you calling Xiao Li?”



Unfortunately, Shi Fei didn’t answer him, he just walked into the door of the literature club yet Li Bowen was so angry that his face was red.



The most important thing for people who painted was to meditate, and as a result, he lost control every time he saw Shi Fei, “What is this kid doing here again?”


It was probably Tang Xiangyang who said hello in advance. Shi Fei went in unimpeded and stayed here for two days and one night. Shi Fei was familiar with the phase line here.



When he pushed his suitcase in, he met a lot of students on the way, and they were all very excited to see him, some because of his status as a star, others because of his status as Painter J.



There were also some people from the music school who thought he played the guitar very well.


When he arrived at the painting institute, he just saw Wang Pingyang playing chess with Tang Xiangyang.



“Old Tang, you’re too much of a rookie, I’ve given you a chance, and you still couldn’t beat me.” Wang Pingyang said with a smug look on his face, “Don’t forget what you promised me.”



“It doesn’t count, it’s normal for you to beat me in chess. You should have compared with me in painting.” Tang Xiangyang directly denied.


“Why are you still cheating? We agreed before that I would let you have one side of the pieces. Whoever wins will be the one.” Wang Pingyang said loudly.



“It was your way before, but now it’s still unfair. If I let you paint half the time, or only use half the colors, can you beat me? In short, it’s unfair.”



Seeing that the two old codgers were about to quarrel, Shi Fei pushed his suitcase in, “Mr. Wang, Mr. Tang what are you arguing about?”



As soon as the two people saw him, they immediately gathered around excitedly.


“Brat, you can be the judge. This old man doesn’t mean what he says. He said that I would let him take this side and he wouldn’t care who won or lost. As a result, old Tang won’t admit it. ”



“I can’t admit it. Your request is unfair. I want to compare painting with you.”


“You didn’t say that it was unfair, but you only said that after the comparison. Aren’t you cheating?”


“Who is cheating? If you have the guts, let’s paint.”


Shi Fei stopped the two people from fighting, “Stop arguing, you are still acting like children at such an old age. First of all, what is the bet between you two?”






Tang Xiangyang and Wang Pingyang pointed at Shi Fei in the same breath.


Shi Fei was dumbfounded.


Tang Xiangyang said, “We were thinking, should we let you represent the Painting Academy or the Chess Academy in the competition tomorrow?”



Wang Pingyang hurriedly interrupted, “Of course it’s my chess academy. I won the chess game just now.”


Shi Fei: “…… that, you didn’t ask me?”


Come on, no one asked his opinion, yet the two old men quarreled again.



At noon, Shi Fei stayed in Tang Xiangyang’s small yard for dinner, and Wang Pingyang stayed with them.


He didn’t know what they did during the time he spent wandering around, but the two of them discussed and made up when they ate lunch, as if the previous quarrel was an illusion.


Wang Pingyang gave an egg to Shi Fei and said in a rare and cordial manner, “Kid, eat more, this is the egg laid by Mr. Tang’s chicken, eat it to nourish your brain.”


Tang Xiangyang also clipped a chopstick of green vegetables, “Eat more green vegetables to supplement vitamins, it was organically planted by him.”


Shi Fei looked at their enthusiastic expression, a little startled, “if you have something to say, be blint, or are you thinking of tricking me again?”


Tang Xiangyang: ” We are both old enough to be your grandfather. Can we trick you?”


Wang Pingyang agreed: “That’s right, we’re just thinking about tomorrow’s competition, how to do our best to let our literature club win.”


Tang Xiangyang continued, “The Drunken River Literary Society wants to take advantage of thia opportunity to step on our Idle Dream Literary Society to get to the top, no way.”


Shi Fei had an ominous feeling, “So what?”


Wang Pingyang happily patted Shi Fei’s shoulder, “So we decided, tomorrow’s painting school and chess school competition will be led by you, you only need to win these two, then we’ll take care of the rest.”


Shi Fei: “… ” Didn’t they say that he should be the trump card at the bottom of the box? Observe at the other’s moves at that time.


How did he become a direct shot from the bottom of the trump card, but also participate on behalf of the two houses.



Tang Xiangyang continued, “There is nothing wrong with this, those who can should do more work.”



Wang Pingyang said, “I have participated in so many tournaments, the Drunken River Literary Society must be familiar with my chess path in advance, you are different. You have never played chess in public, they can’t even guess your moves if they want to.”


Tang Xiangyang said, “It’s been decided happily.”


With one sentence each, the two old men settled the matter.



Shi Fei picked at the bowl of rice, he didn’t dare to say he didn’t want to.



Looking at the table without a piece of meat and seeing that the situation was unchangeable, Shi Fei weakly spoke, “Mr. Tang, do you want to ki-ll a chicken at night? I think eating meat will help you grow your memory.”



Tang Xiangyang, who was giving Shi Fei eggs, immediately glared angrily, “You kid, it’s not enough to eat my eggs, but you want to eat my chicken? Don’t even think about it, no way.”


Shi Fei: “……” he didn’t say he wanted to eat Mr. Tang’s chicken ah, he could buy it outside.



After the meal, Shi Fei sat in the room and played chess on his laptop, dinner was another table of vegetables, he didn’t expect to see a stewed earth chicken.



The next day, Shi Fei got up early and took a walk in the morning. The air here was very good, which was incomparable in the city.

After breakfast, there were three buses to pick up people and take them to their destination.



Shi Fei followed Tang Xiangyang and the painting institute to sit together, after getting on the car, he found that it was quite good.


He curiously asked in a low voice: “Mr. Tang, didn’t you say the literary society is out of money? How come you still rented such a good bus?”



Tang Xiangyang slowly replied: “This isn’t from us, it’s from them. Not only this, the hotel costs, inviting the relevant professional experts, today’s food costs and labor costs is covered by them.”



Shi Fei: “They are so good?”



Tang Xiangyang continued, “I asked for it. They want to step on us to get to the top, why shouldn’t they pay the price? Their literary society has money, then us taking advantage is appropriate.”



Shi Fei: “……” Why did it sound so right?



The car drove to the purple five-star hotel door stop, a lot of people were standing at the entrance of the hotel.



Everyone was dressed in the Literature Club’s uniform, boys wearing suits, they looked very handsome, girls wore a black lace neckline shirt, tied with a bow, and a black pleated skirt with flesh-colored stockings and small heels, plus the long-term art cultivated temperament, their face value were pulled up several steps.


Look at the Idle Dream Literary Club. There was no dress code here, as long as it wasn’t too cross-border.



Each had a different style, there was no uniformity at all, in terms of clothing, they were overwhelmed by others.



The Drunken River Literary Society, each with their chins up, as proud as a rooster, each in high spirits. Standing in the forefront was a lean woman wearing a black suit and pants named Xue Wei.


Unlike the Idle Dreams Literary Society, which had only a master and no president, the Drunken River Literary Society had a president, it was founded by Xue Wei, the president.


Xue Wei was only 36 years old, ten years ago she single-handedly founded the Drunken River Literary Society, and it had now developed into a well-known domestic literary society, the four gatekeepers were also elite talent, but they were willing to listen to this woman’s words, it could be seen that her ability was certainly not bad.



Immediately behind her were the various door masters of the Drunken River Literary Society’s Qin, Chess, Calligraphy and Painting.



Before, Mr. Tang showed him the photos of the four masters, except the master of the Qin school was replaced by the genius pianist Carol Herman, the other three should be Chinese only.



As a result, Shi Fei saw that two of the four people were foreigners, one of them was also his old acquaintance.


Carol, who was defeated by Shi Fei at the global art exhibition.


At this time he was also standing in the crowd, looking at him with a glittering eyes that were filled with hidden excitement.



He even threw a provocative look at Shi Fei.



Xue Wei went forward with a businessman’s smile , “This time our two literary societies will compete together in a talent competition, in order to increase the fun, I also called the media reporters, your literary society will not mind, right?”



Shi Fei saw reporters carrying cameras on both sides.


Tang Xiangyang was the oldest of the four gatekeepers, they had decided that he would speak on behalf of the literary society for the time being, he showed a kind smile in response: “No, more people will make it more lively. Now we all pay attention to online and offline entertainment together. This old man also closely followed the fashion, and called two famous online celebrity anchors, who can interact with netizens.”



Shi Fei wasn’t surprised, Teacher Tang looked very amiable when he smiled, but in fact, this old man was very bad, he had always suspected that several door owners wanted him to be the president.



From the crowd, two girls squeezed out, holding a selfie stick in their hands, they pointed the camera at everyone and began to broadcast live.


“Hello everyone, today I bring you to watch the Idle Dream Literary Society and Drunken River Literary Society Competition, this is a collision of Chinese and Western culture ……”





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