When they went in, a group of people went up to the second floor. When they saw the decoration inside, they knew that Drunken River Literary Society was really spending money, they decorated the whole five-star banquet hall on the second floor.



The venue was also very good, it seemed that they were very confident in their victory.



They also built a stage above and invited the painting experts, who were sitting on the stage.


The students of the Idle Dream Literary Society and the Drunken River Literary Society were sitting on the left and right sides of the stage, each carrying their own stuff.



The reporters and anchors stood on both sides, while clicking photos, writing, or holding their phones, whispering the introduction.



Compared to the reporters that were writing a manuscript, apparently the live broadcast was more advantageous, viewers could be informed of the latest situation at all times.



This was just a contest between two literary societies, netizens preferred to watch variety shows and reality shows and so on, fortunately the popularity of these two anchors were still good, but it wasn’t their best performing broadcast, plus they weren’t interested in literary competitions, at first the popularity wasn’t high.



Until one of the female anchor’s camera moved to Shi Fei, in just a few seconds, netizens immediately recognized him.



“Did I see Shi Fei, how come my husband is mixed in the crowd?”



“Ah ah ah ah I saw Brother Fei, Brother Fei, don’t think we can’t see you because of your low profile.”



“Brother Fei, your Weibo isn’t working, so you’re here?”



The female anchor saw the comments and realized that he was actually a student of the Idle Dreams Literary Society.



He was dressed in a low profile, blended in the crowd, the anchorwoman wasn’t his fan, so she didn’t recognize him for a while. Seeing many people commenting his name, the anchorwoman focused the camera on him, and indeed that live room’s popularity soared.



The fans of Shi Fei ran around to tell each other.



“Brother Fei, you didn’t leave a post on Weibo, all of a sudden, I see you in other people’s live broadcast, what is this world ah?”



“Anchor, quickly put the camera to Brother Fei’s face, pull closer, don’t let him go.”



“Let Brother Fei say hello to us, I’ll give you a gift immediately.”



“Brother Fei and Mr. Tang Xiangyang are sitting together, what are they talking about? A lip reading master should come online.”


The other anchor soon found this situation, and secretly aligned the camera on time. His popularity also rose slowly. Until Xue Wei spoke on the stage with a microphone, then the two anchors focused their camera on the stage.



But from time to time, they’d move the camera to Shi Fei to meet the requirements of the fans in the live room.



Xue Wei stood on the side of the stage some, holding a microphone: “Welcome everyone, in order to make more progress in literature, today we, the drunken river literary society and idle dream literary society are holding this literary competition, to let our students see each other’s progress …… ”



Shi Fei sat down and listened to Xue Wei’s opening remarks, and then she introduced the rules of the competition.



The competition was divided into a total of painting, chess, Qin, the time was spread to the morning, afternoon and evening.



In the morning, each side would send three people to compete, and the judges on the spot would ask some questions, then they’d have two hours of painting time, and finally the judges would score and announce the results, and whichever side had a high total score would win.



The three judges on the stage were all very popular people in the painting industry, namely John Bratton, a painter from country M, he was 71 years old this year, he was good at a variety of paintings, and he worked in a variety of styles, he had been an artist almost all his life.


Bert B. Marlowe was a famous painter in F country, he was 68 years old, his paintings were spread in a wide range of genres, he was good at portraits, landscape painting, custom painting, etc., he was very respected by the F country painters.



The last one was Yang Weidong from China, he was a rare and talented painter from China, he started painting since childhood, he was 57 years old, he was also good at many styles of painting, he was called ‘modern art magic master’.



These three people all had one thing in common, that was, they looked at painting very seriously, and had focused on painting all their lives, so asking the three of them to be the judges could also reassure the crowd about the fairness of this.



“This Xue Wei is quite sinister.” Shi Fei couldn’t help but think in his heart. This seemingly fair competition wasn’t fair, including the judges.


Not to mention the two foreign judges, teacher Tang Xiangyang once worked as a judge with them.



Yang Weidong was called the ‘Master of Modern Art Magic’ by the Chinese people, and Tang Xiangyang, who participated in the Olympic Games, also had the name of ‘Father of Modern Painting’.



If they really compared in the Chinese painting world, Senior Tang Xiangyang’s fame was better than Yang Weidong.


If teacher Tang Xiangyang made a move when drawing in the competition, it was obvious that Yang Weidong was a little higher so they used Yang Weidong to limit his role.



It was like limiting Mr. Tang Xiangyang’s hand, so that the Idle Dream Literary Society could lose a famous general.


Drunken River Literary Society sent three students, Carol Herman, Ma Juntao, the head of their painting academy and an unknown person.



Carol Herman had compared with Shi Fei at the global art exhibition before. At that time, he painted traditional Chinese paintings. As far as Shi Fei knew, he was better at western painting. He hadn’t seen his work for two years. He didn’t know if his level had risen.

It was said that Carol had been depressed since he was defeated by Mr. J, but it seemed that it wasn’t possible. Since they met, he cast provocative eyes on him, which didn’t seem like depression.



Ma Juntao could be chosen as the door master of the Drunken River Literary Society Painting Academy, his painting level was naturally high, it was said that his painting style was also diverse.



The last one wore a hat and mask, he couldn’t see his face, from Xue Wei’s introduction, this student was called ‘Ye Qingcheng’, Teacher Tang Xiangyang gave him their information, but he hadn’t heard of this student, he seemed to be a new recruit, his level shouldn’t be bad, so he couldn’t be underestimated.



In contrast to their Idle Dream Literary Society, their door master was sent out, there was an unknown factor, Ye Qingcheng, but they couldn’t send Tang Xiangyang out.



The situation wasn’t very clear.



After Xue Wei finished choosing her own participants, she looked to Tang Xiangyang and politely asked, “Mr. Tang, I wonder who you plan to send out to compete?”



Tang Xiangyang asked Shi Fei next to him, “Shi Fei, what do you think?”



Shi Fei said, “Mr. Tang, it’s better for you to decide the contestants.” After all, he didn’t know much about the level of painting of the people in the institute, so he definitely didn’t know as much as Mr. Tang Xiangyang.



Tang Xiangyang nodded, “Then I’ll send you, Yu Jin and Li Bowen, you guys go for it.”



Li Bowen’s expression was a bit surprised, probably because he didn’t expect his master to send him out.



Tang Xiangyang patted Li Bowen’s shoulder, “Go ahead, put down your anxiety, I believe you can do it.”



Li Bowen immediately nodded his head, and his face suddenly held an expression of being given a sacred mission.



Yu Jin was Tang Xiangyang’s first disciple, his painting level was the most stable among the cadre of disciples, and had also won many competitions, his fame was quite big in the Chinese painting world, and he was even famous internationally.


The fact that Tang Xiangyang chose Shi Fei wasn’t surprising, him choosing Li Bowen was a little surprising, but Shi Fei believed Teacher Tang must have his reasons.


At this time Xue Wei spoke: “Since you’ve chosen, then I want to make a temporary suggestion, our two literary societies have different ideas, this competition should be for the literary societies to promote their concepts of painting, does Teacher Tang Xiangyang have any comments?”



What she meant was that the Drunken River Literary Society promoted Western painting, while the Idle Dream Literary Society promoted Chinese painting, and each would paint its own concept during the competition.


This sounded fine, but it was digging a hole for the Idle Dream Literary Society.



Everyone knew that Shi Fei was Mr. J, his painting level was very strong, but ‘Mr. J’ was famous for Western painting, this wouldn’t allow Shi Fei to paint Western painting, it was equivalent to the abolition of Idle Dream Literary Society’s arm.



After all, if they weren’t willing to use Chinese painting in their own competition, how could they guarantee that Chinese painting was better than Western painting?



Wang Pingyang sat on the side and spoke for the first time, “How come you didn’t mention this request before, and only after picking people did you make the suggestion?”



Xue Wei said, “What difference does it make? Unless your club doesn’t intend to use the Chinese paintings that you yourselves preach, for the competition?”



“Of course not.” Tang Xiangyang frowned and responded, “Okay.”



Xue Wei was very satisfied to see Tang Xiangyang’s expression.


A bunch of people were already frantically brushing the screen on the main broadcast comments.



“Oh my God, is Brother Fei going to go on stage to compete in painting?”



“Am I going to see Mr. J painting live? I’ll pay a deposit of $10 in advance, I’ll take this painting.”


“Upstairs is crazy, if you want to buy Mr. J’s painting for $10, you should add at least seven or eight zeros after it.”



“Have you guys got it straight? It’s true that Shi Fei is a great painter, but now he represents the Idle Dream Literary Society, which promotes Chinese literature, and Shi Fei can’t paint Western paintings, only Chinese paintings.”



“Chinese painting? Brother Fei can make Chinese paintings?”


“I’ve never heard of it, as a fan of Mr J., I’ve never seen his Chinese paintings.”



“It’s over, it’s obvious the Drunken River Literary Society’s side is digging a hole, waiting for the Idle Dream Literary Society to pick the good guys before coming to that proposal, they don’t have good intentions.”



“Rubbish drunken river literary society, shamelessly pandering to foreigners.”


“How is learning Western painting pandering to foreigners, obviously it’s a different art style, art without borders.”

“I also think there is nothing wrong, since it is a competition, of course, they have to compare, otherwise how is your literary society is more powerful.”



Before the competition even began, the Internet was already in a tizzy, with some feeling that the Drunken River Literary Society was digging a hole for the Idle Dream Literary Society by not saying the request in advance.



Some felt that the request from the Drunken River Literary Society was reasonable.



The two sides of the personnel had gone to the stage, Carol looked at Shi Fei with a provocative look, like victory was in his hands.



Shi Fei: Was something wrong with this guy’s eyes? The constant ‘looks’ at him were endless.



The three judges on the stage were quickly discussing the selection of the painting topic on the spot, the participants in the competition were beginning to set up the drawing board or drawing paper first.



As soon as Li Bowen heard about the request made by Xue Wei, he lost confidence in their side.



If this was a competition based on three paintings and two wins, he and his elder brother would still have a fighting chance, and they would both win.



But this was based on the total score, with Shi Fei, the dragger, how could they win?



Yu Jin looked at Li Bowen’s downcast look and went over to cheer him up: “Bowen, Master gave you such an important competition, you can’t lose face, you have to cheer up.”


Li Bowen looked in the direction of Tang Xiangyang on the stage and thought of his master patting him on the shoulder to encourage him, and suddenly swept away his previous melancholy, even if this was an impossible match, he must give it his best shot and lose with honor.



Li Bowen made up his mind, “Big Brother, don’t worry, I will definitely work hard and not let you and Master down.”



Li Bowen wanted to tell Shi Fei that he was dragging them back.



He frowned then spoke drily: “You, you cheer up.”



He didn’t hold much hope for Shi Fei, Shi Fei’s Western painting was great, but he knew his Chinese painting level, a few days ago he taught him, he was completely inadequate for an official competition.



Soon after a short conversation between the three commentators, the theme of the painting ‘Autumn’ was chosen.



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