Shi Fei opened the wardrobe and searched for his clothes. He regretted once again that he let the president in, but he could still be driven away now.

Forget it, for the sake of that face, he’d put up with him for another day, no more.


He took out a pink sweatshirt and handed it over: “This one, I’ve only worn it once.”



Gu Yueze looked at pink sweater, a little resistant: “Do you have other colors?”



Shi Fei: “What’s wrong with this color? The pink is so cute.”



Gu Yueze hesitated.



Shi Fei’s chin raised higher, he put the set of clothes on the side of the bed, “This is it, wear it or not.”



Gu Yueze hesitated for another three seconds, then he picked up the clothes, “An underwear is missing.”


Shi Fei: “Fu-ck.”


He shouldn’t have gone to the vegetable market just now. He should have gone to the shopping mall and arranged everything for this young master from beginning to end.



Shi Fei took out a pair of underwear that he hadn’t worn and threw it to him, “I don’t care why you want to live in my house, it’s best that you get all the things you need, do you want to use my toothbrush and towel until tomorrow morning?”


“Okay.” Gu Yueze picked up his clothes and left.



The guest room was smaller than Shi Fei’s room, the bed was only one and a half meters, next to it was a simple table and chair with no no extra decoration.



Gu Yueze first called his housekeeper, and then took the clothes into the bathroom to take a shower.


After Gu Yueze left the room, Shi Fei picked up his laptop again and watched a movie.



A message from Editor Chang Sheng poked over from the bottom right corner of the laptop, [Flightless bird, are you online?]


Flightless bird: [Don’t ask if I’m here, just say it.]


Editor Chang: [……]


This was usually sent automatically to the author who were very busy, so they usually had no time to chat with the editor, so he never thought he would get a fast response.



Editor Chang: [Recently several sets of people came to ask about the copyright of your new book “King of All Destruction”, I sent their information to you, check and see if you’re interested.]



Flightless Bird: [The book has just been released, there is no hurry.]


Editor Chang: [What about your book “Nameless World”, the film and television rights haven’t been released, what do you think?]


Five years ago, Shi Fei, under the pseudonym of “Flightless bird”, published his first small book “Deadly me”, it was a suspenseful brain-burning novel.


The plot was laid out layer by layer, and its interlock was very compact, at first because of the niche type, it wasn’t promoted much, and then it became popular after getting recommended by a popular blogger, and then the website lined it up after the recommendation, it began to shine.



The key was that the author used a slightly relaxed and funny style to write a high IQ brain burning crime novel, which made it many people’s favorite.



It was also the book that made flightless bird gain popularity, it won the best popular novel award and best new novel award of the year.


The book was later published in several countries and sold very well.


It took about a year to write this book during its serialization. They thought that after the end of one book, in order to consolidate its popularity, the second book would quickly come out.


The result was that he took a year and a half to write the second book, and the style was completely different from the previous one.


The second book was called “Nameless World” compared to the first brain-burning crime novel, the second was a science fiction brain-burning novel, which was mixed with many parallel space lines, quantum, time rewind and other elements.


Needless to say this book directly established his position in the literary world.


The book was serialized for more than a year, and finally the third book was “The King of All Destruction”, which was also posted only after nearly a year.



From the beginning of the serialization there were many people came to ask for the copyright of “Nameless world”, even when it hadn’t been released.



Flightless bird: [You also know that my novel is mixed with a bit more elements, science fiction means burning money, now those companies only want to use the book’s popularity, after buying the copyright, there are only a few people willing to follow the original shot, it’ll all be CGI. I’d rather leave it unsold than let them mess up my novel.]


Editor Chang: [Well, how about you change the style of your third novel, now many people on the Internet are using this to attack you, saying that you’re only writing cool novels with vague plots.]



Flightless Bird: [As they scold me, more people will be curious about it. I like the way they don’t like me but can’t get rid of me.]



He chatted with the editor for a while, until the outside doorbell rang, Shi Fei didn’t know who would ring the doorbell so late, and not many people knew that he lived here.



The doorbell continued to ring, Shi Fei put the notebook aside and got up to open the door.


At the door stood a man in his fifties wearing a tuxedo with the demeanor of a gentleman.


“You are?” Shi Fei didn’t recognize him.

“Hello, my name is Zhang Lun, I am the butler of the Gu family, may I ask if young master Gu Yueze lives here?”



Without waiting for Shi Fei to answer, a voice rang out behind him, “He’s here to see me.”



Shi Fei turned his head, he saw that Gu Yueze had just come out of the guest room, wearing the pink hoodie.


The hoodie itself was a loose version. It didn’t look tight on him.


It was just that the arm and trouser legs shrunk.


His wrists were exposed, and the originally long pants were worn as nine-quarter pants.


Shi Fei stroked his forehead, he felt that his IQ wasn’t enough for the first time. Wasn’t this an abuse of his height?



Gu Yueze was also embarrassed. He pulled his sleeves and tried to make himself look normal.


Butler Zhang Lun was shocked. He had never seen his young master wear such clothes. He glanced at Shi Fei again. It was obvious that the young master was wearing it for him. What was the origin of this boy?


Butler Zhang Lun revealed a respectful look when he turned to him: “Young master, you asked me to bring some things.”



Pushing the two 28-inch suitcases next to him, Gu Yueze took the two black suitcases.



Butler Zhang Lun glanced at Shi Fei’s house and asked worriedly, “Young master, are you sure you want to stay here?”


“Mm.” Gu Yueze responded, “Go back first, I will contact you if something happens.”



After getting a response, Butler Zhang Lun also didn’t ask any more questions, he said goodbye, bowed and left.



After closing the door, Shi Fei leaned against the wall, looked at the two big suitcases, “You really treat this place as your own home? You even brought your luggages. ”



“I would have to wear your clothes if I didn’t send for this.”



Shi Fei thought it made sense, then looking at Gu Yueze’s exposed arms, he quickly spoke: “Wait a minute.”



He dragged his slippers and ran to him. He put the pink hood on. Then he pulled the two ropes at the bottom and tied it, “I also have obsessive-compulsive disorder. I can’t see the ropes dangling.”


After saying this, he hurriedly ran back to his room.


Shi Fei pulled the ropes quite hard, Gu Yueze only had a small hole to see through, his whole face was basically covered.

Gu Yueze looked at the tightly closed bedroom door, heard the laughter coming from the inside, and resisted the impulse to drag out the naughty youth and beat him up.


Then the door to the bedroom opened a bit, Shi Fei peeked out and took a few pictures of Gu Yueze and quickly closed the door.


Gu Yueze looked at his sneaky and cute expression, hidden under the hood, the corners of his mouth slightly curved up.



He stretched out his hand and untied the rope.




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