C21—- It’s Hard To Fly Without Wings [IX]

Well, this was a large scene.


Kou Dong touched this egg righteously, one hand rubbing his stomach, eyes sad and empty.



“How can you do this,” he said, “you’re planning to deny me?”


The game system couldn’t even look at him: [This is too unconventional ……]


The story is that you could get pregnant by kissing through a glass?


Not even a fool would believe it.


” I don’t care,” Kou Dong grunted, “we socialist successors, never need intimate contact below the neck – anyway, as far it happened, I can get pregnant by pulling a light after kissing. Who made me pure like a blank paper?”


The game system was in a complicated mood.


White paper?


It had never seen such a flirtatious operation from a white paper.



Gradually there was a subtle sound of friction, like someone dragging steps slowly on the ground.



The sound of friction got closer and closer, the door wasn’t closed tightly, soon, full red bloodshot eyes appeared in the dark doorway, looking in.



Well, it came to the door.



The eyes turned around in their sockets, and then locked on Kou Dong. Soon, more eyes came closer, the door was densely packed with such prying eyes.


Like a bizarre mural, they hid behind the door and greedily surveyed the flesh and blood of the youth – so fresh and tender.



The door creaked and was pushed open a little.


They slowly poked their heads out from behind.



“Do you see ……” a voice said slowly, “do you see me?”


Kou Dong’s eyelids didn’t lift a little as he calmly responded: “Oh, I didn’t see.”



Half of its body moved into the doorway and moved a little closer to Kou Dong and persistently asked: “You see me?”



“I said I didn’t see,” Kou Dong said shyly, “the child’s father is right here, I can’t see anyone else.”


Eyes: “……”



What happened?


It inexplicably felt like it had been shown a face of love.



Kou Dong stroked his belly, turned his head again and addressed the still confused baby’s father: “You won’t make a move? It’s not good for the baby to see so many messy things.”



The mermaid stared at him unblinkingly from the petri dish, Kou Dong actually saw a bit of confusion from the fixed eyes. After a long time, he finally reacted, the dark blue fish tail in the water moved, the mermaid lifted his head up and looked at the entrance filled with experiments.


He didn’t even utter a sound, but the experimental bodies, as if they had seen a natural enemy, couldn’t help but shiver slightly. Those eyes in the eye sockets turned faster, almost ready to fall out of the eye sockets.


One first took a step backward, followed by all the experimental bodies backing up violently, lined up in a neat line, like a schoolboy hanging his head and dragging his steps back.



While walking back, the other fondly glanced at Kou Dong.


As if it wanted to lick him from head to toe with its eyes.



The tail of the experimental body heavily hit the glass, the thick protective glass had a circle of cracks, an act that clearly meant a warning.



The lower-ranking experiments shivered a little more violently, and turned their heads, not daring to look any further as they went out.



Kou Dong looked at the way they withdrew, thoughtful, “they left in a line ah ……”



This scene reminded him of the daytime, the way those A-class experimental bodies moved back. Now it seemed that it was also the handiwork of this one in front of him.



In a short while, the door was clear. Passers-by had withdrawn, leaving the family of three.



Father Kou Dong now spoke with more confidence’ “Touch it.”



The mermaid was confused for a while, then it really put a long, thin hand on the glass, slowly touching across the air.



Kou Dong suddenly felt a coolness in his abdomen, as if his hand penetrated the middle of the obstacle and really pressed against his skin. He even felt the slippery, sharp fingers feel along the gap between the egg and his stomach, it placed its hand on the eggshell, flexed its knuckles and gently knocked on it.



It was almost like it was listening to the movement inside.



Kou Dong, with full good sense and no panic, seriously complimented him: “What a good father.”



The mermaid’s gaze fell straight on his bulging abdomen, his face showed a little confusion.


— He actually felt a little bit of the same breath as him from it.


…… Why?


He fixedly surveyed Kou Dong, as if to examine something from his body. He saw the youth’s hair swirl, hidden between the black hair, his collar was a little loose, revealing a small white back of the neck.


Pale green veins spread on the flesh, mysterious and magnificent, and even the flow of bl-ood inside could be seen from these veins. Unlike the overly pale skin of mermaids, he was warm from the inside out.



Such a warm nest could nurture his child.


The mermaid’s long, dense eyelashes trembled slightly and slowly lowered. His mouth opened slightly and the corners of his lips curled upward, like a smile.



“Mine,” he said slowly, stroking Kou Dong’s stomach, “mine ……”


This was the first time Kou Dong had heard him speak. His voice wasn’t coarse and hoarse; on the contrary, it was deep and elegant, with a long, aristocratic air, unhurried, hardly like it was coming from the mouth of a beast


Kou Dong narrowed his eyes and replied, “Yours.”


Alas, this silly child.


How did that saying come about –


Love is a blinding light, green until you panic.


Kou Dong looked at the experimental body S seaweed-like fluttering scattered hair and saw a solid green light.



A soft sound came from the mermaid’s mouth, like the sound of breath squeezed out of his throat in great pleasure. He stroked the youth’s abdomen with near fascination, and then his tail tapped the glass, signaling Kou Dong to come closer.



Kou Dong complied and took a step closer and saw a small piece of glowing stuff under that petri dish, lying quietly in the shadows.


It was a scale that had fallen from the experiment.


“Give me this?”


Kou Dong, in a pregnant woman posture, slowly held under his stomach, picked up the scale and clutched it in his hand.


The mermaid’s deep, bottomless pupils gazed at him.


“Okay,” Kou Dong put it in his pocket, “I’ll take it.”


Although he wasn’t sure of the specific purpose, this kind of copy of the big boss was naturally particularly valuable – it may be a big help.



When it was almost dawn, Kou Dong slipped back silently, and no one noticed. The night rest was long, and when he left the house, there were only five hours left in the hatching period of the big egg, and it looked like it would soon break out of its shell.


Kou Dong was full of expectations, was it really a rocket launcher?



The system really didn’t understand why he was so obsessed with a rocket launcher.


“Alas,” Kou Dong said modestly, “it’s embarrassing, I have always dreamed of blowing up ……”


System: [……]



What kind of person was this – the school bo-mbing failed back then, so he wanted to bo-mb the copy?


The next day, they continued the previous day’s work.



The glasses man had a hand injury yesterday, so today he mainly acted as a command role and directed the crowd to disassemble the parts.



Song Hong looked around and counted the number of people and found that there was one man missing who acted alone.


“What’s going on?” He frowned, “He didn’t come?”



The players all shook their heads, they knew very little about this man, only remembering from memory that he was quite grumpy and had a few outbursts with the glasses man, and the two almost had a big fight on the spot.



The grumpy man lived across the room of the glasses man, Song Hong asked and then went to knock on the door himself, he knocked for a while and still didn’t get a response.



He tried twisting the doorknob and froze.


“Well?” Ah Xue asked.



“It’s locked.” Song Hong was brief and concise, gesturing for everyone to step back, “Kick the door open.”



The door of the dormitory was just an ordinary door, and didn’t require an access card like the lab. Several men teamed up to kick the door open, and immediately all frowned for a moment, blocking their noses.



The stench of decay, the smell was strong, as if the body had been there for several days. Dried brown bl-ood dripping all the way from the floor to the ceiling, few blurred meat laid on the floor, they couldn’t tell what part it was, like something chewed it and spit it out.



This scene was really blo-ody, the girl moving alone almost immediately took a step back and vomited up near the door.



No one blamed her, even Song Hong reddened and was silent for a while, “Everyone search first, see if there are any trigger conditions.”



This shouldn’t be, all games had rules, in the absence of prerequisites, no one should die.



The glasses man also looked a little uncomfortable, then he impatiently spoke: “What else is there to search? The house is full of these things, search if you want to, I have to hurriedly make the robot.”



Song Hong frowned, he didn’t lose his temper, “We have to understand why he died.”



“What else?” The man with glasses said, “He’s dead, what else is there to figure out?”



Several players fell into silence.


Only Ah Xue laughed faintly, “I thought you would be quite happy.”



After all, everyone knew that the two of them didn’t get along.



These words were like throwing a spark into a barrel of dynamite, instantly blowing up the man with glasses.


“How?” He pointed his finger at Ah Xue, “You – how can you talk like that?!”



His throat knot moved up and down, untraceably hiding a trace of panic, and he raised his voice, “If you say so, why don’t we all just die here!”



Ah Xue didn’t move, she coldly responded: “I just said a word, what are you excited about?”



“You ……”


The glasses man’s fingers trembled a little, then he angrily turned his head and left.



He slammed the door as he left, the remaining few people looked at each other. Song Hong patted Ah Xue: “I’ll go with him to see.”


It was only one among them who could understood machines, so it wasn’t good to force him too fast.

Kou Dong had been standing by the side without saying anything, he finally spoke, “I’ll go.”



Song Hong raised his eyes to look at him, seeing his calm expression, he was a little surprised at first, then a few seconds later he smiled, “Okay.”



Kou Dong pulled his legs out of the door.



When he found the man with glasses, the other was squatting in the corner looking at his own drawings, and didn’t look up when he heard him coming.



Kou Dong squatted down next to him and asked, “Is everything all right?”



“What can happen,” the man with glasses half turned around, impatient, “a group of waste ……”



Although he said so, his hands were spasming slightly, he stubbornly twisted his body over and refused to look at Kou Dong. It seemed like he was still angry, but for some reason, Kou Dong had a gut feeling that bordered on absurd.



The other seemed to be avoiding his right pocket.


And in that pocket, there was only one thing.


–That was the scale that his baby’s father gave him.




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