“He’s out! He’s coming out!” Several reporters rushed out from the interview cars with license plates ending in 0 and 1, “He looks young, who is it? Is that a member of Li Zheng’s lab?”



The reporters went through the basic information of all the members of Li Zheng’s lab in their minds.


Suddenly someone shouted out, “D*mn, it’s Li Zheng!”



Li Zheng, the owner of Li Zheng’s laboratory, he was also the main person in charge of the “in vitro regeneration of organs” project, he was a genius, if …… if they could interview him, the reporters’ took a sharp breath in.



In the eyes of the young journalist, it would even more brilliant. He didn’t even think about it, he tried to catch up with him. The stout reporter also rushed directly into the hall, depending on the geographical advantage. He grabbed the security guard and asked, “Li Zheng! Where is the young man just now?”



The security guard looked at the aggressive group of people in a daze, he glanced at the wireless work card hanging on the chest of the short fat reporter and seriously thought for a while, “He probably went in the direction of Hall 3.”



Wireless Hall 3, was holding this year’s Miss Hong Kong final.



Li Zheng followed a group of people and swaggered in, perhaps because he looked too natural, no one stopped him.



The finals had just started on the stage, and the wireless staffs turned the lights on, the camera was rolling, this was a live broadcast.



Most of the people on the stage were related to the entertainment industry, in addition to the stars of the entertainment industry, there were many famous tycoons.



For example, Li Zheng saw Shao Qihua in the first row of the audience.


Shao Qihua wore gold-rimmed glasses and the seats on either side of him were empty. A thin, middle-aged man was standing in front, nodding his head and saying something.



Li Zheng raised his eyebrows, seeing no empty seats around, he walked straight ahead.



He didn’t look away as he sat next to Shao Qihua.



The middle-aged man who was talking to Shao Qihua froze, “Who are you? This is not your place!” The man’s voice was a bit sharp, like a eunuch in an ancient costume drama.



Li Zheng ignored him, but turned his head and said to Shao Qihua with a smile, “Uncle Shao shouldn’t mind if I sit here, right?” He said the word “uncle” extraordinarily clearly.



Shao Qihua’s smile stiffened for a moment, “Mr. Li is very kind, it’s an honor for me, Shao Qihua, to have you sit next to me. But ……” he paused and continued, “You and Mr. Liang are on equal footing, yet you call me Uncle Shao, I really don’t dare to agree.”



Both eyes met and they saw the fake smile on each other’s faces.


The slim middle-aged man was shocked when he heard Shao Qihua’s words and looked at Li Zheng carefully, the more he looked, the more familiar he was. But after all, he wasn’t a figure in the academic circle, so he didn’t recognize that this was the recently popular laboratory leader Li Zheng.



After Li Zheng sat down, those reporters also followed.



Such a large event as Miss Hong Kong had a quota limit for reporters, according to reason the General Assembly shouldn’t let more reporters in.



The security guards at the entrance of hall 3 stopped them for a few minutes before someone from the director’s office hurried down and conveyed the director’s instructions to let them in.



The tournament was just starting, and the two gold medal hosts of Hong Kong were on stage with their wonderful words, making the atmosphere slowly become warm.



“Well, I know it’s not us that everyone wants to see. Now we have the first beauty. Miss Sun Junfang.”



Sun Junfang wore a dark green cheongsam, sharp short hair, and brilliant big red lips, giving people an extremely stunning feeling.



“Look at you, your eyes haven’t looked away since Miss Sun Junfang came in.”



“No, this Miss Sun seemed to have come out of a painting, if I wasn’t older, I’d really want to make an effort to pursue.” The host said and laughed to himself.



Sun Junfang covered her mouth and laughed lightly.



“Miss Sun is from a family of police officers, her father and brother are police officers, right?”



“Yes, my family has been police officers from my grandfather’s generation.”



After that, the beauty’s self-description and talent show, Sun Junfang performed well, which drew applause from the stage.



Next were Gao Jingying, Meng Liuting, Zhu Ning, Gao Jingying performed very securely, Meng Liuting was obviously a bit nervous, and her performance was slightly rough, while Zhu Ning, last year’s Miss Asia, was obviously a bit high-minded, and was really not as pleasing as Sun Junfang.



It wasn’t known if the TV station did It deliberately, they actually put Zhou Sitian as the last.



Zhou Sitian was dressed in a large red cheongsam, orange eye makeup and cherry blush, she wasn’t inferior to any beauty, and because of her face, she was very recognizable.



She looked around and saw Li Zheng, her eyes widened.


Li Zheng winked at her.


Zhou Sitian took a deep breath and tried to calm herself down, she had come this far, even if she wasn’t destined to get the championship, she still had to show her best self.



“Miss Zhou has been a regular visitor to the entertainment section recently, and I’ve read that article of yours. The article is very touching ah.”


Zhou Sitian was slightly stunned, she didn’t expect the host would actually mention this topic directly on stage, her face naturally showed her shock.



“Someone is making things difficult for your sister.” Shao Qihua frowned.



Li Zheng’s expression also became serious, “Who do you think it could be?”



“Zhuo Kang is the leading host of the wireless network and one of the gold medal hosts in Hong Kong, there are not many people who can get him to make things difficult for Zhou Sitian on stage.”



Shao Qihua glanced at Sun Junfang behind Zhou Sitian, the jade beads in his hand spinned fast.



In addition to being born into a family of police officers, Sun Junfang also had an identity as his son’s, Shao Yong’s girlfriend.



Zhou Sitian fixed a glance at Zhuo Kang, then laughed: “Just a little girl’s sense of inferiority and vanity, Mr. Zhuo you probably can’t understand.”



Zhuo Kang was stunned, a flash of appreciation passed through him, if she hadn’t offended a nobleman, with Zhou Sitian’s qualifications, she should be able to mix well in this industry.



“Yes, yes, I am a big man, how do I know the mentality of a little girl.” Saying that, he turned his words around and said with a smile to all the people present, “I wonder if you have any questions for our beautiful Miss Zhou?



Li Zheng flinched


Sure enough, as soon as Zhuo Kang’s words fell, someone stood up impatiently.



“Miss Zhou, do you know the meaning of Miss Hong Kong? She represents the most beautiful and elegant woman in Hong Kong, and this beauty can be more than just appearance, but also includes morality. Do you think you are qualified to stand on this stage?” It was a scholarly-looking man who stood out among the crowd of entertainment personalities and wealthy people.



There was a rustle of discussion from the stage, and this man seemed to have a point, making the gaze of the people present at Zhou Sitian become somewhat subtle.



Zhou Sitian’s face became white all of a sudden, even the blush couldn’t hide her paleness.


She was about to say something, but was cut off by Zhuo Kang.



“Sir’s words are a bit heavy. After all, Ms. Zhou is a lady. So Ms. Zhou, can you show us your talent now?” Zhuo Kang said with a smile.


Zhou Sitian fiercely pinched her palm with her nails, and then a smile appeared on her face.



“Naturally, it’s my pleasure.” She said with a smile.



“Curtain curtain, is the violin ready? Where is the pianist who accompanies the music!” Liu Zhidong had been observing in the background, how could he not see that Zhou Sitian was being suppressed.



But no one simple could manipulate the Miss Hong Kong finals openly, and the academic fiasco hadn’t yet passed. Liu Zhidong could only shake his head and sigh.



He greeted the staff to do the preparations, Zhou Sitian had worked hard practicing the violin for a long time, even if she wasn’t the champion, her hard work couldn’t be in vain.



“Brother Zhidong, the piano accompaniment guy …… he said he’s not going on stage!”



After the stage was set up, Liu Zhidong was directing the youngster to deliver the violin to Zhou Sitian, and before he could breathe a sigh of relief, he heard his assistant’s slightly crying voice.



“What?! Not coming? She’s about to go on stage now, what kind of joke is he making!” Liu Zhidong’s voice went up all of a sudden.



The assistant looked at Liu Zhidong’s gaze that was about to burst into flames and stammered, “That person …… that person said that he only now knows that Sister Sitian’s character is not good, so he refused to accompany Sister Sitian.”


Liu Zhidong was so angry that he was going crazy. Was this what a normal person would say? But he knew that this could never be a coincidence, this pile up was clearly intended to send Zhou Sitian’s career to death.



“No, you can’t open the curtains. What to do? What to do?” He muttered, should we let Zhou Sitian play a solo? But the piece she prepared was the ensemble piece ah!


Liu Zhidong grabbed his hair so hard that several more strands of his already thin hair were yanked off.



“I’ll go.” A clear male voice rang out in the background.



Li Zheng frowned and walked towards Liu Zhidong, “What track? I’ll go and accompany my sister.” General beauty talent show preparation was only five or six minutes, but Zhou Sitian hadn’t started after ten minutes. Li Zheng felt troubled, so he went straight to the backstage and saw the scene before him.



Li Zheng was born in a wealthy family in his last life. Piano, painting and drawing, he knew it all, although he wasn’t very proficient …… He should be able to cope with it. He thought uncertainly.



“Mr. Li …… Li. You can?” When Liu Zhidong saw Li Zheng, he was first happy and then apprehensive.



This Mr. Li Zheng engaged in academic, playing the piano …… would it really be okay?



Li Zheng raised his eyebrows, “The score.”



“Oh oh, okay.” Liu Zhidong hurriedly handed the sheet music to Li Zheng.



Canon in D Major.


Li Zheng frowned slightly, Zhou Sitian chose a difficult piece.



He casually flipped through the score without a trace of expression on his face, he glanced at Liu Zhidong, “Go find out who is making things difficult for my sister.”


With that, he took the score and walked towards the stage.



Zhou Sitian stood on the stage, and Zhuo Kang tried to mobilize the atmosphere. He had some regrets. It was too difficult for him on this occasion. Was his head filled with lard for a moment? In case of any accident at the scene of the finals, his job would be ruined.


Time passed, Zhou Sitian’s hands clenched tightly, sweat from her forehead flowed down her cheeks, she even had the impulse to turn around and leave the stage now.



At that moment, the music of Canon in D major started to play, Zhou Sitian looked up and saw Li Zheng sitting at the piano and looking at her, her eyes suddenly became sore.



Seeing this, Zhuo Kang smiled and spoke, “Let us now enjoy, by Miss Zhou and her friend, Canon.”



The stage lights became dim, and two beams of soft white light shone on Zhou Sitian and Li Zheng’s bodies.



The melodious music sounded in the venue.



Er …… this was the ideal situation.



In fact, Li Zheng’s hands were flying on the black and white keyboard, his eyebrows were furrowed, this D major Canon was much more difficult than he thought, his hands, which were very sharp in doing experiments, didn’t seem to be very flexible on the black and white keyboard.


So the crowd only heard, a spot wasn’t very smooth and there were even some errors and omissions of piano music ……


Against the backdrop of Li Zheng’s rudimentary piano technique, Zhou Sitian’s violin sound seemed extraordinarily pleasing to the ear.



“Is Zhou Sitian here to be funny? She couldn’t afford to hire an accompanist?”



“Can the accompanist play the piano?”



“It’s true that the ugly duckling can’t become a white swan even if it wears a dress.”



There was a burst of ridicule in the venue.



Zhou Sitian turned a deaf ear, her eyes were sore, but her heart was full, looking at her brother sitting in front of the piano struggling with the black and white keyboard, she suddenly felt that nothing mattered anymore.



The two siblings played the entire Canon in D major in this way.



There was a hush from the audience.



“Junfang, it looks like I have to congratulate you in advance.” A staff member said so backstage


Sun Junfang smiled modestly when she heard that, “Sister Chun, you are joking. Everyone is so outstanding, how can it be me?”



On stage.



Zhuo Kang returned to the stage with a smile on his face, “This song Canon is very beautiful, but I would like to ask a question, does the accompanist know how to play the piano?”


Li Zheng ……



Zhou Sitian looked at her brother’s expression that had darkened all of a sudden, and couldn’t help but cover her mouth and laugh lightly.



Zhuo Kang looked at Zhou Sitian strangely, she still had the heart to laugh in this situation. He didn’t wait to understand, the venue suddenly became noisy.



The doors of the venue were violently opened and dozens of blonde foreign journalists rushed in carrying long and short cameras.



Those reporters who followed Li Zheng finally reacted from the great shock.



The fat reporter ran forward while commanding the staff of the wireless TV station, “Stop it, stop it, stop all those foreigners!”


Saying so, he himself twisted his fat body and ran towards the stage.



“Mr. Li Zheng, how come you are at the venue of Miss Hong Kong final?”



“Do you have any consciousness, you are an entertainment reporter!” A reporter knocked the reporter who said this away, and then handed his microphone to Li Zheng, “Mr. Li Zheng, your in vitro regeneration organ technology has been called the change of life science in this century by domestic and foreign media, do you have any feelings?”



“Mr. Li Zheng, how long before the in vitro regenerative organ technology can be applied in the clinic? Does its widespread application mean that human life expectancy will be able to be significantly extended?”



“Mr. Li Zheng!”



“Mr. Li Zheng!”



One by one, reporters from authoritative media such as News World and Contemporary Weekly with their microphones written on them squeezed the small entertainers into one another and scrambled to ask their questions to Li Zheng.




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