The two of them went home carrying a bunch of stuff.


Shi Fei put the watermelon in his hand on the dining table, then raised his hands to the air, “Is something wrong with the watermelon? It feels like it’s more than eight pounds.”



Gu Yueze put a pile of dishes on the dining table.


Suddenly the fish in the black plastic bag jumped, Gu Yueze strongly blinked twice, his expression a little frightened.


Shi Fei couldn’t help laughing, “it’s just a fish. Don’t tell me you’re afraid of it?”



“No, it’s too active.” Gu Yueze seriously replied.



Shi Fei picked out the dishes and sighed, “Looking at you, you shouldn’t be able to cook. Why do I feel that I made a wrong decision?”


Take in the other party, and then give him food and drink, he was like his nanny.



“I will learn.”



Shi Fei looked at the other incredulously, “Come on, a young master will learn to cook? To paraphrase the words of rich people, you spend millions every minute. Don’t waste your time on such things. Help me take out half of my plums and wash it in cold water. Don’t forget to put some salt in it, and put the rest in the refrigerator.”


Gu Yueze obediently went to work washing the plums, he wasn’t familiar with Shi Fei’s home, so he looked for a while before he found the water.



On the other side, Shi Fei rapidly washed and chopped the vegetables, his movements were very fast, the fish would soon be cleaned.



Originally he wanted to raise the fish for a day and eat it tomorrow, then he remembered that he had to go to the Idle Dream Literary Society, he had no time to manage the fish.



In half an hour’s time, Shi Fei made a plate of steamed fish, fried shrimp and tomato and egg soup.



After putting the dishes on the table, he called out to the living room: “Gu Yueze, let’s eat.”



When he didn’t hear a response for a while, Shi Fei took off his apron and went out to take a look, just as he walked out, he met Gu Yueze who was coming towards him.



The suit jacket was off, he was wearing only a white shirt, compared to when he wore the suit, he looked more eye-catching now.



The hidden pectoral muscles pushing through the white shirt couldn’t be ignored, his body proportion tilted long, Shi Fei couldn’t help but whistle, then he muttered to himself: “It’s really a pity that he’s not a model with that body.”



Gu Yueze: “What did you say?”


Shi Fei picked up the dishes, “Nothing, let’s eat.”


Gu Yueze looked at the dishes on the table, simple but it looked very stylish, a little he was surprised that Shi Fei knew how to cook, then he remembered Zhang Mengmeng’s words, ‘don’t be stingy with praise when you should praise’.



Gu Yueze, who rarely praised others, barely found a sentence inside his thesaurus, “Your cooking is very nice and it smells good.”



Shi Fei poured himself a glass of water, “My cooking not only looks and smells good, it also tastes good.”


Shi Fei was very confident in his own craft.



Gu Yueze picked up his chopsticks and caught a piece of meat, put it in his mouth and tasted it, then he nodded: “Delicious.”


Shi Fei lifted his chin, his expression arrogant and confident.


After a meal, the atmosphere was very harmonious. Gu Yueze didn’t talk much, but he was very cheerful. Shi Fei didn’t like to talk much when he ate.


The two big men finished the two dishes and one soup, and the fish was basically eaten by Gu Yueze.


After eating, Shi Fei moved to the chair in the living room lazily; “I don’t like washing dishes, I cooked, you wash.”


“Okay.” Gu Yueze didn’t hesitate.


After he got an answer, Shi Fei immediately slipped to the living room, planning to watch movies and play some games later.



When he left, Gu Yueze quickly took out his phone from his pants pocket and sent a message to Zhang Mu: [How to wash dishes?]


When Zhang Mu received this text message, he simply wanted to collapse, an hour ago he asked him how to wash plums, and now he was asking how to wash dishes.


He was an assistant, shouldn’t he ask something about his schedule or the company?


These days, Mr. Gu wasn’t interested in the company’s affairs, the company was busy but Mr. Gu was in the mood to study dishwashing.


But he didn’t dare to question him, he hurriedly went to his wife who was cooking and listening to Shi Fei and asked her how to wash the dishes.


Shi Fei sat in the living room, looking at the plums that were a little ugly, he scratched his head, “Why does it feel like the juice was washed away?”



Forget about eating it, he had probably never washed plums.


His right hand picked up the remote control to turn on the TV, his left hand picked up a plum and sent it to his mouth, “What is this ah? So sour.”


Shi Fei quickly found a garbage can and spat it out. His mouth was sour. He felt that his teeth were about to fall off.



“So sour, how did Gu Yueze find it sweet?” Shi Fei touched his teeth in disbelief.


Then his eyes accidentally caught a corner of the bottom of the sofa.


Shi Fei bent down on the ground to check, pinched up the corner of the coat and pulled it out.


Shi Fei looked at the large water stains on the suit coat, there were many dark stains, which should be plum stains. He was speechless.




The sound of something breaking rang out, Shi Fei hurried over to check, he saw Gu Yueze standing there with a bemused expression, when he saw Shi Fei come in, embarrassment flashed across his face.


Shi Fei saw the plate on the ground broken into several pieces.



“I was careless, I’ll clean it up.” The white shirt sleeves were rolled up, revealing his firm muscles then he squatted down.


“Don’t, don’t move. I can’t afford your hand getting cut.” Shi Fei hurried over and quickly picked up the pieces on the ground and threw them into the trash, and then took the broom to sweep the rest of the small fragments up.


Shi Fei was now filled with regret, he didn’t know why he let this big president stay here.


He couldn’t cook, couldn’t wash dishes, he made washing plums look like a car accident, he was simply useless.



He ran to his home, but except eating and drinking, he had no other function.



When he looked up, he saw the angular face of Gu Yueze.


Well, he wasn’t useless, at least he was very eye catching, but beauty couldn’t be eaten.


Shi Fei was thinking about how to drive him out, but he couldn’t refuse good-looking people.


Otherwise, Shen Qingran and Jiang Yu couldn’t have been his disciples. It was a coincidence.


“I didn’t mean to, it’s my first time washing dishes.” The big president Gu was a little embarrassed, he also seemed a little powerless, this was probably his first failure in life.


Shi Fei sighed: “The rent is ten thousand a month, food costs three thousand, utilities count five hundred, just now the plate you broke counts as twenty yuan. Just now outside, the plum was washed by you was bad, half a catty 12 yuan.”


“No problem.”


“Card or cash?”



Gu Yueze: “I don’t have any money with me now, I’ll be in debt first.”


Shi Fei wasn’t afraid of being cheated. He calmly rolled up his sweater sleeve to wash the dishes. Then he realized that he wasn’t wearing an apron.


He stretched out his hands and glanced at the man next to him. “Tie it for me?”


Gu Yueze reacted quickly this time. He picked up the apron next to him and put it on him.



The tall body standing behind Shi Fei, slender arms were over his waist, from behind he could clearly see Shi Fei’s small round ears, he wanted to bite it.


“What’s wrong?” When he didn’t tie it for half a day, Shi Fei turned sideways.



Shi Fei’s lips touched his face as he moved. The two of them immediately separated, and the apron that hadn’t been tied fell to the ground.



Shi Fei touched the back of his head, “I didn’t mean to take advantage of you.”



Gu Yueze: “It’s okay.” The expression on his face was as high and cold as ever, but his ears were slightly red.



Shi Fei shook his hands and said casually, “We are both men. It’s nothing. Now, many people on variety shows will do this deliberately to get CP fans. Besides, I’m not bad looking, you didn’t suffer.”



Gu Yueze’s eyes flashed for a moment, “Okay.”



Then he turned around and left.



Shi Fei frowned. He looked a little unhappy when he left. He looked really good. What was wrong with kissing his face? It wasn’t a loss.



The problem with these rich people was that they were too sensitive.



When he returned to the living room, he saw Gu Yueze’s dirty suit jacket and regretted it, he wouldn’t have to wash his clothes for him, right?



Was it too late to kick him out?



Seeing that Gu Yueze was still playing with his phone, Shi Fei became angry and walked over to talk to him.



The result was that he saw the search results on his phone screen ‘how to wash clothes?.


“Put it in the washing machine.”


“Ask your girlfriend to wash it.”


“Wash it diligently.”


“Big man wash what clothes? A shirt can be worn for a month, front and back then it can be replaced after two months.”


Shi Fei suddenly froze: “How did you wash your clothes before?”



Gu Yueze thought about it, “I don’t know, it’s all handled by the butler.”


As for how the butler handled his clothes, Gu Yueze really wouldn’t ask such a question.



“Your kind of suit can’t be washed, you have to take it to the dry cleaner.” Shi Fei took his mobile phone and wanted to make an appointment to pick up his clothes on an app for him, but he found that there was no app on his mobile phone.



“These days there are actually people who don’t shop online.” Shi Fei was very speechless, he could only use his phone to place an order, and then he showed Gu Yueze: “Look carefully, I paid a total of forty yuan, thirty yuan dry cleaning fee, ten yuan running costs, don’t forget.”



Gu Yueze: “You can keep the account.”


Shi Fei finally couldn’t help himself: “In fact, you don’t need to stay with me, I think you can find a hotel, right?”


Gu Yueze seriously replied: “I’m homeless.”



Shi Fei turned around and suppressed his expression, he was set up by him, right?



Then he pointed to a guest room: “Sleep in that room at night, I’m going back to my room. Later someone will come to pick up the suit, don’t forget to give it to them.”



“Okay.” Gu Yueze naturally responded.



After watching Shi Fei enter the room, he picked up the plums on the coffee table and threw it in the garbage can.



Then he took out the watermelon bought earlier and cut it.



Shi Fei went back to the room, leaned back on the bed with his legs crossed, and tried to finish the novel on his laptop.



After the backstage of his novel was finished, he usually had time to go to check the messages from his readers.


The style of his novel had changed a lot this time. There were many readers and people who liked it.



At this time he heard a knock at the door: “Come in.”



Gu Yueze, holding a plate of watermelon, walked in, he placed it on the bedside, “Eat some fruit.”



“It’s not bad.” With the experience of washing plums and dishes, Shi Fei’s life skills requirements for Gu Yueze dropped very low, and the fact that he could cut watermelon actually got him a compliment.



Reaching for a piece of watermelon, he put it in his mouth and nibbled on it, he saw two red stains on Gu Yueze’s white shirt, which should be the juice that got on it when cutting the watermelon, “Your shirt is dirty.”


Gu Yueze looked down, “I saw it, so I came to ask you to borrow a set of clothes to wear.”


Hearing this, Shi Fei suddenly choked on the watermelon in his hand.



Gu Yueze hurriedly reached out to stroke his back, “Eat slowly, there’s more in the kitchen.”



“It’s not enough for me to take care of you and your food, now I have to take care of your clothes?” Shi Fei squeezed Gu Yueze’s arm and questioned him with a watermelon in his hand.



“You’re keeping account.” Gu Yueze said naturally, but his ears were red, he was obviously a little embarrassed.




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