C19—— It’s hard to fly without wings (VII)

The good thing was that Experiment S didn’t come out, the remaining ones were just like chickens and dogs.



The other players had never seen Experiment S, and naturally they didn’t have Kou Dong’s awareness, and now when they saw this collective fleeing scene, their legs and stomachs were shaking.



Someone in the middle trembled: “They …… they will kil-l at least one ……”



Jia Jia’s fingers suddenly clenched into a fist. She raised her head and her face tensed, “Is that science guy still at the back now?”





That was right.



The man with glasses was crawling to the side with his hands and feet, the experimental body beside him had the shape of a leopard, moving in an athletic and agile manner. He was a programmer who sat in front of the computer all day, his physique was simply not comparable to these monsters, he was the weakest.



“Do something!” Glasses man breathed heavily, his voice full of despair, “think of a way!”



No one answered him.



In fact, how exactly this scene happened, they hadn’t quite figured it out yet.



–This shouldn’t be.



Song Hong reluctantly thought, all games had established rules, and The Dead was no exception, no matter what, NPCs couldn’t slaughter players without triggering the prerequisites.


Unless ……



Unless they had broken the rules without even knowing it.



The experiments began to move.



They were like heavy hills, their wet, sticky tentacles spread out in all directions without a care in the world, revealing their sharp, snow-white fangs beneath the sequins. No one could see them clearly, everyone was in their shrouded shadow.



Those tentacles were more like living things with a mind, they were sensitive. The way they moved silently against the ground was like countless vipers spitting their letters.



Jia Jia shivered slightly. She swallowed saliva, “Brother–”



Kou Dong’s expression wasn’t good either, he brushed away the female player’s hand, still staring fixedly at the group of experimental bodies. They stared at him during the action, he could see the anger in their hearts.



Kou Dong looked at them for a few moments and tugged the female player’s sleeve again.



This one action stirred up a hornet’s nest. If it was still slightly agitated before, now this group of experimental bodies seemed to be collectively crazy, even their auras were unusual. They waved their tentacles furiously, smashing the lab equipment to pieces and dropping the light bulbs to the ground.



Glass splattered everywhere, and the little girl covered her hair and let out a scream.



Kou Dong: “……”



Hey, well, it really seemed to be a play to beat the junior.



The experimental bodies seemed to have determined that this junior was deliberately seducing him, and decided to k-ill her ……



It wasn’t so good.



Kou Dong wasn’t a virtuous person, and he didn’t appreciate the personality of this female player, but this didn’t prevent him from seeing the other as a living human being.



A living human being shouldn’t have to die for such a ridiculous reason.



With an outburst of player instinct, everyone began to dodge. It was a good thing they already knew the Institute’s terrain by heart and ran in unison toward the stairs to the west.


This was at the far side of the Institute, it had the least amount of labs, and there was a door that could temporarily stop the group of experimenters who suddenly broke out of prison and started going crazy.



The girl ran all the way staggering, she suddenly spoke: “Brother …… they seem to be chasing me!”



She didn’t think it was her illusion. The force of those tentacles was very sinister, several times, it slid over her neck, she could detect that the other wanted to choke her, the back of her neck felt cold. Her face hurt, it also had bl-oody marks, it was possible to be disfigured in the game.



But Kou Dong was right next to her, the tentacles attacked but significantly more moderate, they were more focused on attacking his legs and feet.



Not like to k-ill – that action was like it wanted to drag him away.



But when it came to her, it was crazily chasing and trying to k-ill her.



Female player: “……”



What the hel-l was this!



She thought bitterly, did this group of things hate women!?



Didn’t they have a mother!!!?



Kou Dong’s mood was also very complicated, he originally thought, it would be silently jealous, he didn’t expect it to actually make such a big movement ……



He really couldn’t afford to mess with crazy people.



Kou Dong as the object of this group of crazy people’s genuine love, felt his head ache.



But he felt as if he had missed something.



What did he miss?



Kou Dong ran on one side, and looked back at the experimental bodies that were following them. They didn’t have the quiet appearance from the first day, they were acting evil, as if they had suffered a lot of pain, and now they were striking back.



…… and so on.

Kou Dong suddenly realized something. He snapped his head down to look at his clothes, it was the clothes he wore when he first entered the copy, there was no alternative, and naturally no one thought to change.



Those six white coats were thrown in the lab, but they were in tatters.



Why were they in such disrepair?



The answer was so obvious that Kou Dong couldn’t believe he was just now realizing it. He had stopped the NPC from electrocuting the experiments on the first day, so in the eyes of those NPCs, he was in the same camp as them.



But now, he was wearing the clothes of a researcher and standing in front of the test bench again.



How could this not be a betrayal to the experimental subjects?



Having realized this, he violently pulled off the white coat he was wearing and held it high in his hands.



The young girl was at first confused, but when she saw this action, it was like she was suddenly awakened to something. Her hands and feet will be scrambled to pull the buttons of the lab coat. But the dress was too big for her, she failed to take it off, but the tentacle moved and wrapped around her neck.



It was cold and wet and sticky. She swung her legs and opened her mouth as wide as she could, but even so, her face was still red.



It was a sign of oxygen deprivation. She struggled in the tentacles, like a skinny chicken, then he body began to spasm.





Her eyes were sore, she was dying as she choked and kicked.





A little scarlet spark suddenly appeared in front of her eyes.



The female player desperately opened her eyes wide, and only then did she realize where the spark came from – Kou Dong raised one hand high, and in his hand was the white coat that represented the researcher, with the nameplate hanging on the chest of the shirt.



In his other hand was a lighter that came from nowhere.



The white coat was burning, at first just a corner, and then it turned into a whole sleeve. The burned fabric curled and crumpled into a ball, and little by little, it glowed burnt black.



When it finally turned black, Kou Dong threw it on the ground.






He said to the experiment, his voice calm, not rising or falling, “Put her down.”



The tentacle hesitated, not heeding the request, and quietly shrank tighter.



The female player’s tongue was out and her face began to flush with an abnormal color.


“Put her down,” Kou Dong looked a little more stern, “Don’t try to trick me – personal vendettas don’t work, it’s not in line with the rules.”


After this sentence, Kou Dong saw the greviances in their eyes, although they were unable to speak, they were clearly accusing him of being a bad hearted man.



This bad hearted man actually intended to protect the interloper.



Kou Dong thought about it, his hand reluctantly lifted up and touched the slippery tentacles of the nearest experimental body.



This action was equivalent to patting the paw on an ordinary pet.



The experiment being touched: “!”



It curled up at once, tentacles wrapped around its head, balled itself into a ball, and even the sequins disappeared violently. Half a long time later, it slowly emerged again and rushed to Kou Dong.



A-class were still low-level experimental body, it couldn’t speak, its thinking ability was also limited, it relied on instinctive action. Countless A-class experimental bodies who looked at this scene, were full of eagerness to surge forward, hoping that they would also be touched.



Kou Dong’s finger pointed to the young girl, the experimental body reluctantly removed its tentacles, spitting out the food close to its mouth.



Just as it let go, it handed the tentacle to Kou Dong, as if it was suffering a great aggravation.






Its belly was empty, it couldn’t swallow the youth standing in front of it. He smelled good and friendly, and his appearance looked more delicious than any of those people.



It even wanted to chew him and taste the man’s blo-od and bones.



But no.



The experiment restrained itself from breathing and closed its mouth tightly, not to show its sharp fangs to the person in front of it. Its tentacles crowded next to each other to reach over, and shyly placed them in a row, waiting for him to touch it.


Kou Dong: “……”



This was a bit of a stretch.



He also had to look at the actual situation. With so many experimental bodies and so many tentacles, was he going to touch til dawn?


“That’s it,” he said calmly as he pulled his hand back, “everyone back to your places.”



All the monsters in the room were agitated, as if they had the intention of moving. A two or three meters of experimental body pouted, it could barely be defined as cute; but when a large group began to tap the floor to express dissatisfaction, Kou Dong felt the ground shaking.



There was no other way, after all, its body was here, he just needed to move a bit.


If it couldn’t stand still, he wouldn’t be soft hearted.



Kou Dong was fierce: “Again, do it again, I’ll turn all of you into a charcoal grilled octopus!”



He had been craving meat for a long time, and now it looked like octopus balls to him.



The experimental subjects didn’t understand what carbon grilled octopus meant, but it didn’t stop them from being scared by Kou Dong’s hungry eyes.






A few moments later, as if they heard a call, they moved one by one in a line toward the place they came from. Kou Dong let out a slight sigh of relief and said with his heart beating fast, “I didn’t think this good feeling would still work.”



Speaking of which, this group of experimental body’s love was actually the most normal ……



The game system was silent for half a day before sending out a congratulation for getting out of trouble, sounding reluctant and unhappy.



Kou Dong lowered himself to check the female player’s injuries and made sure she was breathing. Immediately, he jerked his head up and scanned the surroundings with vigilance.


Just in that moment, he suddenly felt a gaze.


It was prying.



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