C18—– It’s Hard To Fly Without Wings [VII]



All the experimental bodies stirred slightly.


This movement wasn’t large, so not many people present felt it. Even Song Hong’s relatively strong intuition almost missed it, but he suspiciously raised his eyes, scanning the room, suspecting that he triggered a certain condition that shouldn’t be triggered –


For example, the idea of creating a mechanical hand was too subversive, the rules of the game couldn’t tolerate it.


After all, no sane person could possibly associate such agitation with an emotional dispute that happened to a player.


…… It wasn’t like this was some kind of vicious relationship game.


“Since it is feasible, let’s try this approach?” Song Hong asked.



Nothing much was said against it, such a gentle path was much more acceptable than possibly fighting the monsters by themselves.



The man with glasses was particularly excited, obviously not thinking that he would have a chance to shine in the game. His real characteristics were now out, he grabbed a pen and squatted in the corner to draw the design, the remaining people discussed, they were ready to go to search again, to see if they could dismantle useful parts.



The research institute was still complete, Song Hong found the toolbox, handing out equipment to people one by one.


When it was Kou Dong’s turn, he took out a rather small screwdriver.




Song Hong coughed gently, and looked a little embarrassed. “There’s not much that can be used to dismantle things here.”


Kou Dong wasn’t picky, he quickly placed the screwdriver smoothly into his pocket.



“It is best to have a few people in a group,” Song Hong said, “we …… also have a look out for each other.”


He didn’t say this completely, but they all understood. The middle-aged man died so quietly yesterday that no one even noticed at the time, it was enough to form a deterrent.



Now, without him saying it, several players automatically split up into teams.


Even if something really happened, there could be a hint if they dug the victim’s grave, at least they’d get some information.



The man wearing glasses was still nestled in the corner drawing pictures, as if he had entered the realm of no self.  There were only five people who could go out for activities, and Song Hong’s group accounted for three. Obviously, there was no intention of change.


So what was left for Kou Dong was ……



Kou Dong’s eyelids suddenly jumped. He lifted his eyes and saw the girl who had been acting alone shyly and timidly coming towards him.


“Brother,” she whispered, “sorry to bother.”


Kou Dong: “……”


He froze then he asked the system, “Will the NPC …… be jealous?”


The game system didn’t answer instead it asked, [What do you think?]




It definitely would!


Kou Dong still remembered the sour feeling of being pinned down by the Godfather and the little puppy in the last world ……


“But isn’t he still locked upstairs at this moment,” Kou Dong felt lucky, “he shouldn’t be able to see it.”



He couldn’t throw the girl away.



The game system pondered for a while and objectively gave him advice: [It is recommended that player throws her away. Two players together in one place, does not guarantee each other’s personal safety, it may work the opposite.]



Kou Dong: “……”


F*ck, the meaning was clearly that if this girl went with him, they’d die faster, right?


What was the opposite? Obviously, it meant watching the excitement.


After a few words with the system, the girl that stood next to him, spoke softly: “Brother, let’s go?”


With mixed feelings, Kou Dong asked heavily: “Really want to go with me?”



It’s not that I don’t want to take care of you, it’s just that we might meet a humanoid monster.



It wasn’t safe.



The girl smiled, “Of course – didn’t we just say all that?”



She smacked the youth on the arm in a faintly scornful manner, “Does brother think I’m too cumbersome?”



The experimental bodies in the petri dish gave a violent lurch, and then pulled themselves upright. Their soft tentacles fluttered in the nutrient solution, like the light gray skirt of a maiden.



–The experiments in the petri dish gave a sharp shudder and then straightened up.



Kou Dong couldn’t argue at this point, he put hands into his pockets: “Then let’s go.”



The best thing was to stay away from people.



In order to speed up the rate, Song Hong’s team took over the top few floors, Kou Dong and the girl in the team were responsible for the first two floors.


He learned that the girl’s name was Jia Jia, and she was a student before she came into the game.


She just turned 20 years old, it was a good age.



She was good-looking since childhood, with her face, men usually would take care of her more. Not only pestering people, she also stole from them skillfully.


As she called him “brother”, she used her lightly crooked mind to ask Kou Dong questions, seemingly unintentionally, she asked Kou Dong what he did, how old he was, how many times he entered the game ……


As Kou Dong listened, he felt like this girl was looking for a spare tire.


It was a pity that he was in the game of love experienced people, facing such an attack didn’t make his firm heart waver, he even wanted to laugh.

How to say it ……


Using this trickb on him was a waste.



After getting used to seeing the little puppy, such cuteness was artificial saccharin, it lacked soul.


He responded but his attitude wasn’t enthusiastic or distant, it was just polite, completely acceptable for a stranger. But mentally, he couldn’t help but chat with the system, “Her head is tilted slightly too much.”


Game system: [?]


“A little more to the left is just right,” Kou Dong enthusiastically picked faults from this act, “I looked before, the little puppy did that every time he tilted his head.”


It was quite standard, soft and sticky, a living milk sugar essence. Falling in love with him was really a soft, sweet and cute campus painting style. It wasn’t boring to play the part of a cute senior and a loyal dog sports department junior.


If he hadn’t mutated into a black hearted dumpling in the last copy.


The game system was actually proud, [of course. Our NPCs, each is outstanding.]




What kind of outstanding? Outstanding black hearts?


The two cooperated to dismantle some parts downward, the main attack was the operator’s console. Kou Dong unloaded a handle and held it in his hand to compare the size just right.


He cautiously maintained a distance of two meters with the girl.


The little girl didn’t feel much. She pried something down and showed it to him. She looked eager for his praise: “Brother, I got this!”


Kou Dong hummed nonchalantly and casually praised her: “Quite good.”




He didn’t know why, after this sentence, the temperature in the room seemed to have dropped a few degrees, making him shiver slightly.



The little girl was greatly encouraged, turned her head back to continue working, then she rolled her sleeves up. After a while, she touched him, “Brother, there is this, look at me -”



Kou Dong turned back in response to the sound and subconsciously glanced down.



Just this glance made the little girl blush.



Kou Dong’s face was quite good, otherwise he wouldn’t be a prosperous love game anchor. For the holographic games, he used his real appearance.



Although after the revision, his appearance changed a little in the game, but the overall face value didn’t decline, he was still able to get the attention of countless young boys and girls.



His agent once regrettably said, if his face was put in the game as an NPC, a large number of players would sign up just to search for him.


It was a pity that Kou Dong had nothing to pursue, and no career motivation, he used his appearance to create dreams for young boys and girls to make ends meet.



As long as it was a person, there were few who didn’t love beauty. Jia Jia subconsciously rubbed the ground with her feet and called out in a low voice: “Brother ……”



This time, the temperature dropped obviously. Even Song Hong upstairs couldn’t help but shiver, stroking a layer of goose bumps on his arms, muttering, “The air conditioning is on in this institute?”



Jia Jia was also stunned, not understanding how the temperature had suddenly changed. She wanted to talk to Kou Dong, but just as she opened her mouth, her expression suddenly froze…



Her pupils, gradually reflected a large heavy shadow. There, something like sequins flickered, like eyes full of malicious prying intent.


Jia Jia: “! Brother!!!”


Kou Dong’s eyes were still fixed on the parts: “Yes?


“The back!” The little girl stammered, she was on the verge of tears, “The back, something is coming out of the back ……”



The experimental bodies were performing a live escape right under their noses. It wasn’t until then that it became clear to them exactly how they were coming out –


It was through the glass.



All the protective glass, in this instant, they all vanished in thin air.



One by one, the experimental bodies slowly moved its huge tentacles, making a slippery, gurgling sound. The watery mist in the air seemed to increase abruptly, and the fishy smell thickened, and they were in the huge shadows cast by these monsters, the light dimmed for a few moments.



“Cra-p ……”



Song Hong let out a curse, faced with the same situation.



They watched as this group of monsters broke out of prison en masse.



Jia Jia was dumbfounded, she crouched in place and couldn’t even move. When she was really faced, she knew the feeling of oppression and suffocation – She seemed to be nailed to the ground, she clearly wanted to scream, but she couldn’t, those sounds weee all blocked in her throat.



Strangely enough, at this moment, the direction of those sequins eyes seemed focused on her hands.



Her hand ……



Jia Jia shuddered, unable to pressure her mind to think why. She just tugged Kou Dong’s coat corner almost spasmodically, all the cute and pampered acting before this was useless.



The line between the strong and the weak was clear.



Until the person beside her yanked her violently, “Run!”



These words seemed to be a spark that ignited the little girl. She finally came to her senses and staggered out the door, running on one side and silently screamed, “What the hell is this for??



He, they didn’t do anything wrong ……



Kou Dong pushed her, the two of them used the fastest speed to dash out of the laboratory. When they got to the door, they found that the outside was also full of experimental bodies, oddly shaped, ugly, tall, short ……



They were stuffed everywhere, like a hundred ghosts came, this place had become a living monster paradise.


The little girl almost collapsed on the spot.


What the hell was this?


She choked as she asked, “Aren’t you afraid, brother? There are so many…”


Kou Dong replied from the bottom of his heart, “It’s a lie to say I’m not scared.”



After all, a large group of NPCs came to the door, it definitely wasn’t for a good purpose.


And, how to say it.


Alas, the way these experimental bodies looked at him just made him feel like a scum caught in bed ……


The kind that was taking the hand of the mistress and preparing to run away.




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