After all, Shi Fei was young, Wang Pingyang and Tang Xiangyang catching up to him was unlikely.

But in the end, Shi Fei was caught, mainly because this was their territory, they had so many students around, Shi Fei couldn’t fight them all ah.

In a painting room, Shi Fei was sitting properly, like a good boy, with an innocent smile at the corner of his mouth, he tried to make himself look cute and well behaved.

Tang Xiangyang coughed lightly and said: “Okay, don’t play nice, others don’t know you, but don’t I? You’re a bad guy.”

Wang Pingyang nodded in agreement.

Shi Fei: “Teachers, I feel a little wronged, I can be a good boy.”

Wang Pingyang grunted: “Good, my ass, when I saw you on the talent show, I thought there was something wrong. Sure enough, it didn’t take long for the talent show to be stirred up by you.”

Tang Xiangyang said, “I heard that the show’s later ratings fell through the bottom, the TV station may have want to cancel it.”

The original ratings champion, after Shi Fei entered the program fell and became hated, he was too impressive.

Shi Fei tried to defend himself, “It’s not all my fault.” Although this matter sounded like it was his fault, if the show hadn’t acted out, would they have ended like this? He was just protecting himself.

Wang Pingyang: “Don’t argue, you are a troublemaker anyway, even if you are not to blame for this incident, what about the Global Art Exhibition two years ago?”

Shi Fei depressed: “You also blame me for thay? You have no conscience, who did I do it for?”

Wang Pingyang glared, “If not you, do you blame us two old men?”

Shi Fei laughed helplessly, “Blame me, blame me, it’s all my fault.”

Two years ago he made a big fuss at the Global Art Exhibition, when he was bored writing all day at home, so he took his laptop and traveled around.

When he was in M Country, he met Mr. Wang Pingyang in a teahouse and played chess with the others.

It was also through Mr. Wang Pingyang that he met Mr. Tang Xiangyang, with whom he had a discussion on Chinese painting, and finally became his friend, and was warmly invited by Mr. Tang to participate in the Global Art Exhibition.

At that time, he was still adapting to the change of weather in other countries, and he had a cold, so he wore a mask when he went to the exhibition.

Western paintings, watercolour paintings etc. were now popular in other countries . Even in China, people who were learning to paint now learnt mostly about Western paintings.

There were only a few people who used Chinese paintings to participate in global art exhibitions, and the number of places in global art exhibitions was limited, so to say, the number of places in each country was limited.

Some people looked down on Chinese national paintings, and they knew that there were more and better paintings of their countries that could be hung on the wall of the Global Art Exhibition.

Suffering from the limited number of spots, they wanted to take away the spots from China, and as long as they squeezed out the spots from China, those spots could fall into the hands of other countries, when the Chinese national paintings were hung in the far corner.

One person from Country M humiliated the Chinese national painting as garbage, with no sense of color or layers, and any person could learn it.

The person imitated a Chinese painting on the spot, his level couldn’t be compared with Tang Xiangyang and other old-timers, but it was much better than the average person.

The other was obviously prepared to find trouble, then Tang Xiangyang faced a difficult problem.

Tang Xiangyang was definitely able to win the battle, even without him, any of his disciples under him could win.

But the other claimed to be a newcomer to Chinese painting, and they all had a certain fame, a person who had been practicing Chinese painting for many years and a ‘newcomer’, winning would be a dishonor, and losing would cause shame and the loss of face of the entire country of China.

Even if they knew that the other couldn’t be a newcomer, they could only eat this loss, they had to find a person without fame to face the battle, and where could they find a person without fame and strong painting skills to win over the other in a short time.

At this time, Shi Fei came out, and he didn’t try to compare with a traditional Chinese painting, so he directly dealt with him in the same way he dealt with others. He expressed that the level of his watercolor painting wasn’t good, and anyone could draw it.

At that time when he went to the painting exhibition, because he was wearing a mask, many people were unaware of his true appearance, they only heard his voice and the exposed part of his face looked young.

The final result, of course, Shi Fei won, in a battle of fame, his price of his painting reached a billion.

Selling a painting for one billion wasn’t unheard of in the world, but there were very few, and only after the death of the painter did it have such a value, Shi Fei was the only living person whose painting reached that price.

That was why Mr. J’s name shocked the world at that time, even Yu Wenwen, who didn’t mix with the painting industry, heard about it.

Originally Shi Fei earned glory for the country, but the next day he ran away, leaving Tang Xiangyang blocked from a global media siege, he almost couldn’t to return to the country.

At that time, those reporters couldn’t catch Shi Fei, and no information could be found, they could only catch Tang Xiangyang who took Shi Fei into the Global Art Exhibition, hoping to gouge out some information from him.

During that time Tang Xiangyang was harassed by these media badly enough, Shi Fei knew that he was justified, he was afraid of being caught and beaten, so he hid for two years.

He originally hid quite well, he didn’t expect to run into them while participating in a reality show.

Shi Fei touched his nose with a look of resignation, “So you guys, what do you want me to do?”

Tang Xiangyang and Wang Pingyang nodded in satisfaction.

“Come and be the master of the painting academy.”

“Come and be the master of the chess academy.”

The two men spoke in unison and looked at each other after they finished.

At once, they began to quarrel.

“Shi Fei’s painting level is so good, and he is internationally famous, he should come to be the master of the painting academy.”

“Shi Fei’s chess is very good, although he isn’t famous, but he can beat me, it’s no problem at all for him to be the head of the chess academy.”

“I’m 65 years old, I want to raise chickens and vegetables in the yard, I’m at the age of rest.”

“Don’t give me that age talk, I’m not even a few years younger than you, and I have to take students to tournaments from time to time, I’m the one who’s really tired.”

“The doctor said I have recently developed Alzheimer’s, and I need to find someone to take over my painting school.”

“I also have high blood pressure and hyperlipidemia, I need to find someone to take over the job more than you.”

Shi Fei sat there watching two people arguing, he was tempting to say something to stop it, did no one consider his opinion?

When did he promise to become the master of the Painting Academy and Chess Academy?

While the two were arguing, Shi Fei wanted to vanish quietly, but as soon as he opened the door, Jiang Yu fell in.

Next to them stood Yu Wenwen, Li Hong and Gu Yueze, and even Li Bowen was standing there.

“Hey, I was just listening casually, I didn’t hear anything.” Jiang Yu hurriedly got up and said with an innocent expression.

Shi Fei took a look at the unbelievable expression on Li Bowen next to him, it wasn’t clear whether they had heard it or not.

Tang Xiangyang and Wang Pingyang found out that Shi Fei wanted to run, both of them looked at him angrily, “Shi Fei, you still want to run?”

Shi Fei said awkwardly, “Mr. Tang, Mr. Wang, look, the sky is dark, I have to rush back, right? I have to study for my final exam in two days. I have to study. Can we talk about this after the exams? He needed to leave here first.

Tang Xiangyang: “You still need to review for the exam?” Of course he knew the results of every exam of Shi Fei.

Despite these words, Tang Xiangyang and Wang Pingyang still decided to let Shi Fei go first.

Before he left, they also warned Shi Fei, he couldn’t think of running away, there was definitely a spot for him in the Idle Dream Literary Society.

After Shi Fei and the others left, Li Bowen came in with a lost expression, “Master, Shi Fei is really Mr. J?”

Tang Xiangyang looked at his little disciple and said with a sigh, “That’s right.”

Li Bowen broke down: “I don’t believe it, it’s impossible, how old he is, how can he have this ability.”

After saying this, Li Bowen quickly ran out.

The person he had always despised was the one who made the whole painting world admire him, and even once won glory for his country, saving the face of the whole Chinese painting world, which made it hard for Li Bowen to accept.

Sitting in the car on the return trip, Shi Fei was in a good mood, he didn’t expect that Mr. Tang and Mr. Wang would really let him go.

Then he felt the stares of the people around him.

Shi Fei touched his arms, “What are you guys doing, staring at me like this, it’s scary.”

Jiang Yu first came up to Shi Fei: “Shi Fei, are you really Mr. J, the painter?”

Shi Fei: “Yeah.” Anyway, they were all leaning against the door and heard it, so there was nothing to hide.

Yu Wenwen was excited: “You painted the billion-dollar “Sunset” hanging in the Idle Dream Literature Society?”


Li Hong jokingly said, “If I had your ability, I would never have entered the entertainment industry and suffered this hardship, one painting is enough to eat for a lifetime.”

Shi Fei said, “It was too exaggerated, at that time the media hype is very strong, those rich people bid too much, it’s actually not so valuable.”

Li Hong said, “I don’t care, if I’m poor and have no money in the future, I’ll ask you for the painting and sell it.”

Yu Wenwen raised her hand and said, “Me too, me too.”

Jiang Yu suddenly slapped his thigh, remorseful, “Shi Fei is Mr. J, doesn’t that mean that the paintings he sold at the museum today are worth a lot of money.”

Yu Wenwen and Li Hong also just remembered, and suddenly they were anxious, “Oh my God, what did we miss? What price did we sell them at?”

Jiang Yu: “198 yuan.”

Several people were in the mood to vomit blood as soon as they heard this price.

The camera brother who was holding up the camera was also remorseful, if he had spent 198 yuan to buy a piece, then he could have quit his job.

Shi Fei looked at the crowd’s “missed red packet” expression, and shrugged, he didn’t know what to say.

Only Gu Yueze blandly sat there, the corners of his mouth hooked up a vague smile, it was gone in a flash.

The fact that Shi Fei was Mr. J, the guests and the director’s team promised to keep it confidential.

As for the Idle Dream Literature Society, Shi Fei wasn’t worried about them revealing it.

After recording the two-day and one-night show, everyone went back, waiting for the next episode shoot.

Shi Fei thought that there wouldn’t be a problem, and that he could quietly take his final exam.

As a result, the third day after the recording of the first episode, his Mr. J vest couldn’t be protect, and was exposed on the internet.



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