Shi Fei didn’t know at all. Someone was driving to catch him. At this time, he was thinking about how to sell these paintings.

For the current Shi Fei, he was just a newcomer in the world of Chinese painting, and not Mr. J, who had sold paintings for a billion dollars.

In order not to be seen, Shi Fei hid his painting clumsily, which was mainly because if people knew that he was Mr. J, the media at home and abroad were sure to dig up information, he didn’t want to be harassed like that again.

At the beginning, it was also fortunate that he didn’t appear in public, and later deleted all his online information, otherwise he wouldn’t have a calm life.

This time, Shi Fei painted the plum blossoms, he could only say that it didn’t look bad, he painted a total of six different trees of plum blossoms on six paintings, it looked pretty good.


Many people who came to buy paintings simply didn’t know how good or bad the paintings were, they bought paintings only for the value of collection or to hang in the living room or study to increase their literati temperament.

There were also people who really liked Chinese paintings, but unfortunately, Shi Fei’s paintings weren’t up to par, and people who knew how to paint were even less likely to buy these paintings to collect.

Other people’s studios were full of people, but their studios were very cold.

The assistant director discussed with Wei Weidong: “Why don’t we find someone to buy one of them later? They’ve been painting seriously for so long, but they can’t even sell one, this is too demoralizing.”

Wei Weidong thought about it and said, “No, we are a reality show, we must be real.”

The assistant director also stopped saying anything.

Exhibition wasn’t like selling things live, so you couldn’t cut prices or bargain. It would look like a vegetable market. Customers usually saw it by themselves, and those who didn’t understand or had questions asked people.

They all sat on the second floor to watch the situation at the bottom.

Yu Wenwen nervously drinking water: “None of our paintings can be sold?”

Li Hong replied, “Other people buy paintings that looks good, I think my painting looks like a chicken claw, people with understanding won’t buy it.”

Jiang Yu said, “Why don’t we sell the paintings live?”

That way, with their fan appeal, not to mention a few, even a hundred more wouldn’t be a problem.

Shi Fei shook his head and said, “The program’s team rules say that you can’t sell paintings with your face, otherwise it won’t count as completing the task.”

Jiang Yu sighed and said, “There’s no one going in and looking at it, are we really not going to sell anything?”

Gu Yueze said, “We can definitely sell them.” But his eyes were looking at Shi Fei.

On the other side, Li Bowen was introducing a Chinese painting to his client. Today he was still wearing a black Tang suit with a golden dragon totem tattooed on the corner, looking very spiritual.

He introduced a 120cm long and 80cm wide landscape painting, named “Ten Thousand Mountains”, which he completed after more than a month, with clear layers and a realistic painting.

Even people who didn’t know how to paint, saw that it was a pleasing work, and soon someone spent more than six million for Li Bowen’s “Ten Thousand Mountains”.

He showed a total of eight works today, which were his most satisfying works in the past six months, and the one just now was the third one he sold, and it was only half an hour ago.

Next to him, one of his students complimented, “Mr. Li, I just inquired, so far in the whole museum, your paintings have sold the most.”

That was how it was with paintings, they weren’t a necessity, and sometimes it was normal for them to be unsold for a few hours.

The fact that Li Bowen was able to sell three paintings within a short period of time really showed that his fame in the industry was still there and his painting skills were also evident to all.

Li Bowen took a sip from the thermos beside him, lifted his neck and said, “How are the stars?”

The student had a disdainful expression on his face and said, “None of them have been sold. Shu Fei’s and Gu Yueze paintings look a little bit like paintings, the other few people seemed to have made ghost paintings, it’s simply a defilement of painting. They really thought that painting was just putting a pen on paper to paint two strokes?”

Li Bowen nodded, the performance of the paintings sold today had slightly calmed down his confidence that was hit by Gu Yueze yesterday.

Listening to what the student said made Li Bowen feel better.

He was sure that Shi Fei and Gu Yueze must have studied Chinese painting before, they deliberately acted like they had a ‘school bully persona’, he had been embarrassed by Gu Yueze, thinking about it, he felt angry and humiliated.

Li Bowen put the cup down and said, “Come on, let’s go take a look.”

The student was a little hesitant: “Teacher, it’s not good, there are cameras installed over there.”

The implication was that, after all, there was a recording of the program, and if it was broadcasted later, it wouldn’t be good for Li Bowen’s image.

Li Bowen looked at him and said, “I’m not looking for trouble, I’m just going to take a look, maybe even bring some customers to them.”

Some things had to be seen personally.

Li Bowen walked to the place where the paintings were displayed, and met other painters along the way, chatted casually and heard that he was going to see other people’s paintings.

They followed him to see.

Shi Fei and the others were sitting downstairs, they were shocked to see Li Bowen walking towards the location of their painting exhibition.

Jiang Yu said, “What’s he doing here?” After what happened yesterday, he didn’t believe that Li Bowen had peace of mind.

Li Hong sighed, “I don’t know.” In fact, after yesterday’s incident, Li Hong knew that Li Bowen wasn’t a good person, so hopefully he would look at the camera and be a little more restrained.

Yu Wenwen thought, “Look at him with some people behind him, could it be to bring us customers ah?”

Li Hong gave Yu Wenwen a look with a ‘girl you’re still too young’ expression.

Those few clients saw the work that Li Bowen came to see, and when they saw the work itself, they had a look of disbelief.

“Teacher Li, this is the painting you want to see?” One of the middle-aged men in a white suit said cryptically, “This painting seems to be rather recent.”

This was a very euphemistic thing to say.

Li Bowen said with a smile on his face: “These painters are all newcomers, and their paintings are a bit lacking. We can’t underestimate them just because they are newcomers oh, you know they are potential masters in the future, now these are their early works, the price is not expensive, later after they are on fire, these beginner paintings in your hands will become valuable.”

The words were quite euphemistic, but unfortunately, it was also clear to tell others that these paintings were painted by newcomers.

Originally, some of the participants didn’t know how to paint, so they learnt from the scratch.

Although Li Bowen words sounded good, but these days there were many people who painted, but there were a few who could become famous.

No one’s money came from the wind, even if the painting was cheap, if there was no room for appreciation, they had little interest.

Yu Wenwen heard from upstairs, “This Li Bowen is too bad, how can he be like this.”

Shi Fei said, “Actually, he’s right, a few of us are really novices in front of them, the masters of Chinese painting.”

Jiang Yu was so angry that he gritted his teeth, “Then what should we do?” “Our paintings are not seen by many people, so how can we sell them?”

Li Hong said unfortunately, “I feel that Shi Fei and Gu Yueze can still draw well, if they didn’t have our paintings next to them, they might be able to sell them.”

Shi Fei smiled and said, “No hurry, a work can sell, in addition to the painting itself, it also depends on the salesperson’s eloquence.”

Shi Fei got up and adjusted his clothes, then saw Gu Yueze wearing a black suit next to him and said, “I think your body is good, you’ll act as a customer.”

Gu Yueze nodded: “Hmm.”

Li Hong looked confused: “What do you two want to do?”

Shi Fei smiled and said, “To fool the clients.” Then he whispered a few words in Jiang Yu’s ear.

Jiang Yu hurriedly nodded his head, “No problem.”

As Shi Fei and Gu Yueze were going downstairs, Shi Fei discussed with him in a soft voice.

The two of them went downstairs, and while they did so, they talked in a low voice, so Jiang Yu couldn’t hear what they were saying, but he thought he was going to do something bad again.

Gu Yueze walked downstairs and went to the studio. Li Bowen was so angry when he saw him that he didn’t want to talk.

The other thing was that Gu Yueze’s aura was indeed a bit strong, yesterday there was no such feeling, how come his aura became this intense.

Gu Yueze placed his hand in his pocket with one hand, his deep eyes looked at the paintings on the wall, one by one.

Seeing Gu Yueze’s serious expression, and looking at his good temperament, he had to be a rich man, so a man took the initiative to go forward and reminded him: “This gentleman, these paintings are all novice paintings, if you like to collect, in fact, there are more good works outside.”

Gu Yueze didn’t pay attention to him, instead, his eyes lingered on the orchid painted by Li Hong and said, “This is a good painting.”

The man in the white suit: “……” looked at the painting again, it wasn’t bad?

At this time, Shi Fei made his appearance, he came up and enthusiastically introduced: “Guest, you are fond of this painting, right? Do you want me to introduce it for you?”

Gu Yueze: “Yes.”

Shi Fei revealed a kind smile and introduced: “Guest, your vision is really good, this orchid is Ms. Li Hong’s painting, she used the point color, although it looks like this orchid is ordinary, that is because she also used the abstract technique. Wu Hengzhong, a teacher in the 1990s, liked to use such a painting method in his early works ……”

These people were basically businessmen, and Shi Fei had just started not long ago, no one knew each other, and Gu Yueze, the big boss, was even less likely to know them.

When Shi Fei mentioned Li Hong, they weren’t too surprised, the name was ordinary.

What people are curious about was that this orchid, which didn’t look good, was so outstanding?

Li Hong, who was sitting upstairs, listened to a bunch of compliments from Shi Fei and froze, “Is my painting that good? How come I don’t know?” She was complimented by Shi Fei so much that she was about to believe it herself.

Gu Yueze asked, “I don’t know the painting method, it’s just look okay, I just want to know, after I buy it, is there room for value-added?”

Shi Fei clapped his hands, and eagerly continued: “Of course it will increase in value. Some time ago, there was a pig in South Africa, and its abstract paintings were sold at auction for as much as 27,000 yuan. You can see that a pig’s painting can be like this, can’t a human painting be better than a pig?”

Jiang Yu asked the person next to him, “Pigs can paint? Did Shi Fei this make up …… “Master, even if you are my master, this lie is a little difficult for me to agree ah.

Yu Wenwen took out her phone to search and was surprised, “Really, what Shi Fei said is true, there really is a pig that can draw in South Africa.”

Jiang Yu: “……” So I’m not even as good as a pig?

At the bottom, Shi Fei continued to sell, popping out some professional terms from time to time, looking extremely professional, attracting more and more people to their side.

At first, Li Bowen heard Shi Fei and Gu Yueze take turns talking, and didn’t pay attention, but as Shi Fei mentioned professional terms, abstract school, point color, he became dumbfounded.

Gu Yueze asked: “How much is this painting?”

Shi Fei: “Not much, not much, the uniform price is 198 yuan, you see this price is cheap. For noble people, drinking a bottle of red wine costs more than this. And the money we get from the sale of this painting will all be donated to charity, which is the same as you buying a painting to do a good deed, but also get a painting with room for appreciation, this is a good bargain.”

Gu Yueze coldly replied, “I’ll buy this painting.”

Shi Fei: “Guest, your name?”

Gu Yueze: “My surname is Gu.”

Shi Fei: “Mr. Gu, then you have to go to go first to pay, and then I’ll put this painting away for you.”

The man in the white suit next to him was stunned and couldn’t help but ask, “Is it really that good? What about this lotus flower next to it? Give me an introduction.”

Shi Fei: “This lotus is awesome, he used the abstraction and fauvism painting method, the East and West together, you see this lotus layers, the buds are clear and brilliant, the most important thing is that for this lotus leaf, he also added the impressionist painting method ……”

Upstairs, Yu Wenwen was about to faint from laugh, “Sister Hong, If this lotus painting wasn’t my own painting, I would believe it.”

Li Hong nodded in admiration and said, “Absolute sales talent, after this program airs, it is estimated that many sales companies will try to dig him up. Gu Yueze and Shi Fei also cooperated quite well, the two together is absolutely too much.”

When Li Bowen saw that someone was really fooled by Gu Yueze and Shi Fei into buying the painting, he wanted to stop them.

At this time, Jiang Yu came down, put his arm around Li Bowen and said, “Mr. Li, you are here, I just want to ask you some advice on painting.”

“No, that I ……” Li Bowen had not finished his sentence, but was forcibly pulled away by Jiang Yu, or dragged away, so to speak, without giving the other party a chance to speak.

Under the vigorous marketing of Shi Fei, Shi Fei’s eloquent and humorous explanations, even if some people knew that he was talking nonsense, anyway, a painting was less than two hundred yuan, for these people it was nothing, soon Li Hong and Yu Wenwen’s paintings were sold.

Shi Fei was about to recommend his paintings, when someone came in, wearing a suit and tie, an elite white collar.

The man, with one hand in his pocket, looked at the paintings on the wall and said, “I’ll take all these paintings.”

He ordered six paintings in a row, and the six paintings happened to be all of Shi Fei’s paintings.

Shi Fei looked at him: “Sir, are you sure?”

The man in the suit: “Pack them up for me.”

Shi Fei responded, “Yes, please go ahead and pay the money, I’ll arrange it for you right away.” He bought exactly six of his own paintings, and Shi Fei even wondered if he knew he was Mr. J.

Thinking about it, he thought it was impossible, he had erased the traces, except for the few people who already knew, who could find out.

Wei Weidong’s heart was dripping blood, others couldn’t recognize who the man in the suit was, but he knew.

The person who came to buy the painting was clearly Mr. Gu’s assistant, Special Assistant Zhang.

Mr. Gu, you’re cheating.

The previous sales pitch by Shi Fei sold nearly ten paintings, plus this man came over and bought six at once, according to the previous agreement, the program team would donate one million for each painting sold, a dozen paintings would be a donation of sixteen million.

Well, the sponsorship money was all Mr Gu’s money, since he was stealing money from himself, Director Wei also had nothing to say.

After that, Shi Fei continued to use his eloquence and sold all of Jiang Yu’s paintings.

The task that was thought to be very difficult was completed very smoothly after the cooperation of Shi Fei and Gu Yueze, and everyone was able to go back early.

When Wang Pingyang hurried to the Zijin Art Museum, Shi Fei had already gone back to the Idle Dream Literature Club.

At this time, Shi Fei was packing up his luggage, he was ready to end the two days and nights of the program’s phase theme shooting.

After the matter of selling paintings just now, Gu Yueze and everyone’s barrier was much less, although he didn’t talk much, everyone was also used to it.

Shi Fei was organizing his luggage, he saw Gu Yueze, who was also organizing his luggage, and after thinking about it, he said, “Gu Yueze, I didn’t want to say anything, but I think it’s better for you to wear your usual clothes for the reality show, because you’re dressed so formally, it will make people feel distant.”

Gu Yueze asked, “Do you also feel a sense of distance?”

Shi Fei nodded and said, “At first I thought you were quite cold, it was difficult to communicate at first, but after these two days, I think you just have a cold nature, you’re quite good.”

Gu Yueze asked again, “Do you think I’m better cold or easygoing?”

Shi Fei thought about it and said, “In fact, both are good, it’s just a different personality, but cold people have difficulty making friends.”

Gu Yueze didn’t say anything else.

Shi Fei sorted out the suitcase, the two pushed their suitcases together and went out.

After two days and nights of filming, Yu Wenwen said, “I’m really a bit sad to leave.”

Li Hong raised an eyebrow and jokingly said: “You are unable to let go of people or the environment ah?” When she said this, her eyes kept glancing at Jiang Yu, Shi Fei and Gu Yueze.

Yu Wenwen stomped her foot and said, “Sister Hong, what do you mean by that look?”

Li Hong laughed and said, “It means whatever you think it means.”

Jiang Yu went forward and hugged Shi Fei’s shoulder with one hand and said, “Shi Fei, I can’t let you go.”

Gu Yueze looked at Jiang Yu’s hand around Shi Fei’s shoulder and was about to reach out and take it off for him when he heard a lion’s roar: “Shi Fei.”

When Shi Fei heard this roar, he got scared and looked up to see Teacher Wang Pingyang’s angry face.

Wang Pingyang, who had been rushing back, bumped into Shi Fei, who was ready to leave.

Shi Fei’s feet reacted before his brain, he dropped the suitcase, turned around and ran.

“Brat, you still dare to run, see how I’ll clean you up.” Wang Pingyang picked up the broom on the floor next to him, rushed directly past Jiang Yu, Gu Yueze and others, and prepared to beat him up.

As he ran, Shi Fei shouted, “Teacher Wang, why are you back?”

Wang Pingyang held up the broom and chased after him: “What’s the matter? As soon as I finished the competition, I bought a plane ticket and came back.

Shi Fei hid behind a viewing stone, said, “Mr. Wang, don’t run after me, you’re old, in case you bump into something, I can’t afford it.”

Wang Pingyang said angrily: “I knew it, you don’t expect me to be good.”

When Li Bowen heard that Teacher Wang Pingyang came back to chase Shi Fei, although he didn’t know why, but this kind of lively show, how could he miss it.

Not only Li Bowen, other faculty teachers and students ran out.

Shu Fei wanted to cry, as he ran around the viewing stone, “Teacher Wang, don’t chase me, what do you have to say, sit down and talk slowly.”

Wang Pingyang swung the broom stick around, but he didn’t hit him, “What is there to say, first come over and let me beat you up, see if I don’t break your hand today.”

“Old Wang, if you dare to move Shi Fei’s hand, I will throw your jade chess into the chicken coop to feed my chickens.” As soon as Tang Xiangyang came out, he heard these words and immediately replied sharply.

Shi Fei saw Teacher Tang Xiangyang teacher also come out, he suddenly wanted to cry, wasn’t he out? How come he ran out.

Wang Pingyang also remembered that the hands of Shi Fei was still important, “Then I’ll pull his ears, this kid is too disobedient.”

Tang Xiangyang opposed: “No, this boy is good-looking, what if his ears break?”

Wang Pingyang said urgently, “Then where do I hit?”

Tang Xiangyang said, “Hit his ass, his ass is not useful.”

Shi Fei: “……” you two, aren’t you being too mean, ah?

Li Hong and the other people were looking confused, Yu Wenwen asked: “What is this situation ah?”

Yu Wenwen shook her head: “I don’t know.” Then she looked at Jiang Yu and asked, “You and Shi Fei knew each other a long time ago, do you know what’s going on?”

Jiang Yu also shook his head, the two were chasing his master, but the other could be his grandfather’s age, he couldn’t help.

More and more people from the Idle Dream Literary Society gathered around.




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