Who was Ji Chen?

And who was Meng Churong!

This news immediately set off a bloody storm on the Internet.

Behind every top star stood a group of a considerable number of brain-dead fans, Ji Chen was no exception, their combat power was higher than others.

Like Zhou Yuhe and Bai An, they more or less had some parent fans, or sister fans, but Ji Chen’s fans, most of them were looking at his looks and extraordinary family fortune.

The president’s girlfriend and wife fans, who fancied themselves as his wives, abounded.

The most famous quote in Ji Chen’s fan circle was “No matter if you are here because of his face, body or character, anyway we’re all here”.

Once the dream of the “domineering president falls in love with me” was pierced, its power spoke for itself.

In just ten minutes, the hot search about their engagement quickly reached the top, and boundless abuse flew like snowflakes to Meng Churong’s Weibo private messages, and the comments were mostly unpleasant vitriol, forcing Meng Churong to temporarily block her comments on her page.

She had always had a bad reputation, and knew that this matter would certainly provoke Ji Chen’s fans, but in the end, she was the daughter of the best agent in the Black Emperor, and any black spots in the past were covered by the Black Emperor, so she took a chance and thought it would be fine. The power of brain-damaged fans was so great that her Weibo was like a lawn trampled by thousands of iron horsemen, and as far as the eye could see, not a single inch of grass was left intact.

She was so upset and frightened that she thought about it and called him.

Although the two were clearly a political alliance, but after all, they were a family, they grew up together, because his handsome face and intelligence, Meng Churong fantasized about him a little.

As she called him, no one answered.

Meng Churong wasn’t willing and called three times before Ji Chen picked up.

Before she could open her mouth, she heard Ji Chen ask coldly and stiffly, “What is it?”

Meng Churong replied aggressively. “What are you doing?”

“I’m in a meeting, busy.” Ji Chen’s tone was stiff and cold, not at all like he was talking to his fiancee.

Meng Churong forced her heart to hold back her displeasure and said pitifully, “Do you know what your fans on the internet have cursed me with? Are you going to watch them insult me like this?”

Ji Chen gave a quick sneer, then pressed down the corner of his mouth, “They’re all little girls, it is normal for them to resent you, you shouldn’t bother with them, it will be fine after a while, I’m very busy, there is a meetup later, I’ll hang up first.”

Before Meng Churong could say anything, a beep came from the phone.

Meng Churong angrily slammed the phone to the ground, the phone casing smashed on the valuable cashmere carpet, except for a muffled “thud”, there was no damage.

Meng Churong, who had been spoiled since she was a child, had never suffered this kind of grievance before.

The last time she was so angry was with Zhou Yuhe at the I.S annual meeting last year!

“Good for you Ji Chen, we’re not yet married, yet you’re letting your fans scold me, when I really become part of your Ji family, won’t I be reduced to your reproductive tool, a Ji family ornament? Meng Churong’s willow eyebrows jumped angrily, her happiness about her mother finding a husband of her choice for her instantly disappeared cleanly.

But she was really wrong about Ji Chen. Marry her? Ji Chen didn’t have such intentions!

Ji Chen sneered and hung up the phone, his eyes were cold.

Meng Churong could fool Cao Qiyue and Zhou Yuhe, but she couldn’t trick Ji Chen who also came from a wealthy family and grew up with her.

She pretended to be coy but was hypocritical, he experienced it all over again when he was in the cast of “Obviously Sweet”.

This was the signboard of the friendship and cooperation between the Black Emperor and I.S. As a result, she made many little moves behind Black Emperor. Through Ji Chen’s reputation, Meng Churong was constantly hyped, which made fans on both sides choke. Only then did <<Rejuvenation>> take advantage of it and stand out in a clear-cut manner, using Ji Chen and Meng Churong as stepping stones.

It was really a steal.

He hated that Meng Churong clearly knew at that time, but stubbornly pretended not to know, she came to apologize to Ji Chen, Ji Chen saw her hypocrisy, but said nothing with a cold face, who knew that this photo had been photographed by a paparazzi who snuck into the crew, and put it on the Internet, which further filled the rumors of discord between Ji Chen and Meng Churong.

Black Emperor and I.S teamed up to create a superb TV series, their degree of professionalism was obvious, from the shooting to the end, except for the so-called picture that the crew specially posted on the Internet for publicity, only this photo of him and Meng Churong was published, it wasn’t possible that no one was behind it.

What was even more staggering was that when “Obviously Sweet” tore through the sky, and “Rejuvenation” had a reversal, Meng Churong saw that things weren’t going well, and dragged him out to clarify that they had a harmonious relationship.

If she really wanted to clarify, she would have already done it, why wait until others used her before she reached out to save her reputation?

It was clear that she wanted to use the scandal to gain more popularity!

This kind of two-faced woman wouldn’t want to hurt herself, If it wasn’t for the partnership with Black Emperor, how could he be willing to have anything to do with Meng Churong?

The home button of the phone was pressed and the smiling youth in the screen saver appeared, suddenly he subconsciously revealed a gentle smile.

The smile was immediately suppressed after thinking of the youth’s disdain and contempt for him, as Ji Chen stared at the picture, the desire for power in his heart grew like a sprout breaking ground.

Hold back a little longer, just hold back a little longer ……


Meng Churong sat in front of the computer, like self-abuse, she re-opened Weibo, searched for her name, and stared bitterly as netizens scolded her, suddenly she caught a glimpse of a post, and was stunned.

It was a netizen who forwarded Cao Qiyue’s post.

“If you don’t have personal contact with a person, don’t comment on it. Her mother? You must know her.”

The Weibo picture was a still of a costume drama that Meng Churong took a few years ago, at that time she just stole the leading role from a popular small beauty, she was then attacked by a large number of anti fans.

At that time, the scale wasn’t as turbulent as it was now, and Black Emperor bought a little water army to control the comments.

But she was still angry, Cao Qiyue put her arm around her shoulder, the corners of her mouth hooked as she posted this, she was happy.

Because the anti fans finally had nothing to say nothing, but she also hopelessly felt that she was really fierce later it even became a buzzword for a period of time, simply fierce ……

Lost in the memories of the sweet times of the past, Meng Churong felt a little choked.

Whether she truly adored but finally had to let go because of interests, or she finally got bored of the relationship, it seemed that …… only Cao Qiyue protected her without reservation like this.

Thinking about this, she couldn’t help thinking of how she got along with Cao Qiyue. When she came back to her senses, she had already dialled her number!

Meng Churong panicked for a while and then quickly calmed down.

After two beeps, it went through.

Meng Churong asked impatiently, “Qiyue, how have you been doing lately?”

The person on the other side of the phone stopped breathing for a moment, as if they were stunned.

Meng Churong continued: “We haven’t seen each other in a long time. Today, I went to Weibo and saw what you posted for me before … I felt a little….. In fact, I have nothing to tell you. I’m sorry. I am satisfied with your happiness now.”

Meng Churong said this with great skill.

After her fight with Ji Chen, she didn’t mention anything about her attack on Weibo.

She just mentioned scrolling through Weibo, making it sound like she had been reminiscing.

And she spoke with a three-point sigh, seven points of regret, and ten points of fondness.

It could be seen that these few words were either spoken too skillfully, or she had used up her acting skills.

The news of her engagement with Ji Chen had spread to the world.

And at this juncture, she called Cao Qiyue.

What was it if not a hint that she wasn’t doing well and was empty and lonely and needed to be comforted?

Meng Churong held her glass heart and waited for her reply, but she heard a quiet male voice.

“She’s asleep.”

Meng Churong felt like she had been struck by lightning.

She hurriedly asked, “Who are you?

Did Cao Qiyue had a boyfriend?

Didn’t she just break up with her last girlfriend? She had a new one?

Miss Meng’s glass heart was corroded by a kind of acid called jealousy. She had been a proud girl since she was a child, and her desire for exclusivity was so strong that only she dumped others, no one dumped her.

What she liked to see most was the way others fell in love with her, but Cao July said break up, then found a new love, her slick and indifferent attitude deeply stimulated Miss Meng’s self-esteem.

She still thought about her. How could a lesbian like Cao July forget her and live so comfortably and happily?

On the other end of the phone, Zhou Yuhe sat on the sofa, he watched as the bottle of wine Cao Qiyue was holding fell on the floor, she revealed a childish smile, and burped a little, causing Zhou Yuhe to laugh lightly, his laughter was misinterpreted as pampering, Meng Churong almost broke her phone screen.

Her hand suddenly tightened and she gritted her teeth and said, “Who the hell are you? What are you doing?”

The corners of Zhou Yuhe’s mouth hooked, with bad intentions, he deliberately used a male host’s voice, and said slowly: “What does it matter to you what we do? I advise you to guard your fiancé if you have spare time, let him help you clear the posts on Weibo, don’t think about playing with Qiyue.”

He hung up after saying that, which made Meng Churong angrier.

Every word he spoke, felt like he stabbed her her heart, she wanted to get into the phone and tear that person’s mouth.

Tomorrow Zhou Yuhe would depart for H City to attend the Golden Dragon Awards ceremony, Cao Qiyue came over to give him courage in advance, so he wouldn’t be scared.

They both knew it was a joke.

Several months into the awards season, in the end, in addition to the first few days, that he won a film festival’s best newcomer award, Zhou Yuhe had won nothing.

It was self-evident that the shock of expecting and being disappointed over and over again brought people a blow.

A few of his friends were already looking for him to get him drunk at night so he wouldn’t think about anything.

Zhou Yuhe didn’t really think much about it, but towards his friends’ good intentions, he felt touched and pretended to be unaware of their nonsense.

Xie Yifeng came out of the bathroom and rubbed his wet hair with a towel while watching Zhou Yuhe hang up with a smile.

When they were playing, Cao Qiyue vomited on Xie Yifeng.

Zhou Yuhe saw his miserable state, so he brought out a brand new set of home clothes, towel and underwear for him, and told him to take a shower.

As a person who liked being clean, it was obviously normal to always have some new daily necessities at home.

But when Xie Yifeng took these things from his hand and gave him a look with a slightly deeper meaning, he still couldn’t help but blush sheepishly.

Xie Yifeng had just turned off the faucet, his hand was on the handle of the door when he heard Zhou Yuhe start talking to Meng Churong, so he heard everything.

Xie Yifeng thought Zhou Yuhe looked really cute, he wanted to tease him.

“Meng Churong?” Xie Yifeng sat down beside Zhou Yuhe, with his current knowledge of He He and his friends, it wasn’t hard to guess who the person he playing with on the phone was.

“Hmm.” Zhou Yuhe put down the phone in his hand with a grimace.

He was also drunk and didn’t even look to check if it was his phone, so he picked it up and answered it.

Cao Qiyue has long deleted Meng Churong’s contact information, the phone caller ID were a series of numbers.

He thought it was a wrong call from an investor who skipped his agent and called him directly, so when he heard Meng Churong’s voice, Zhou Yuhe was stunned.

Then the wine woke him up.

“Meng Churong isn’t a blind person, right? Which occasion did Cao Qiyue see her and didn’t treat her as air? How come she still thinks it’s because she can’t forget her that she’s pretending?” Zhou Yuhe’s grimace caused Xie Yifeng to reach out and gently rub his thin, graceful lips.

“It is probably that she was angry at Ji Chen and her brain became confused.” Xie Yifeng brought Zhou Yuhe’s lean body into his arms, and gently stroked his back, to calm him down.

Since the day the two broke the window, these intimate actions between lovers gradually increased.

It wasn’t known who started to get close to whom, but today, Zhou Yuhe wasn’t surprised by the skin-to-skin contact, he could smell the fragrance of the shower gel on Xie Yifeng, and small drops of water from Xie Yifeng’s hair fell on his eyelids.

Zhou Yuhe blinked.

It was as if his anger had flown away, and his slightly heaving chest relaxed.

He buried his head in the nape of the man’s neck and stretched out his sharp teeth to bite it, “Where is the confusion, it is clearly maliciousness!”

She just happened to scroll through Weibo then call Qiyue?

Was it not hope that made her rush to call Cao Qiyue?

The place that was bitten by Zhou Yuhe felt hot, Xie Yifeng’s eyes darkened, he was now wearing the clothes of He He, after the shower, he was also covered with the fragrance belonging to He He, he was even in his arms, he had suppressed his desire for a long time – like an evil fire, it burned from his chest to his lower abdomen.

Zhou Yuhe turned from a small beast with teeth and claws into a puddle of spring water, his body’s rich scent radiated strongly around him, as if it was the world’s strongest aphrodisiac, his consciousness gradually blurred.

When he came back to his senses, the buttons on his shirt had been unbuttoned by Xie Yifeng, and his big hands were exploring his chest.

“No …… no!” Zhou Yuhe cried out and used all his strength to pull Xie Yifeng’s hand out.

“Really can’t? …… Yuhe ……” Xie Yifeng went to bite his earlobe instead, without saying any pleading words, but the patience and suppression between those words was enough to make any person’s heart soft.

His urgent and low voice in the night was filled endless temptation and sexy.

At this moment, in fact, Zhou Yuhe was already compelled inside, but the last bit of sanity remained: “Cao Qiyue …… Cao Qiyue is here.”

Xie Yifeng smiled, he turned back and glanced at Cao Qiyue on the ground.

The living room had long been a mess, their friends left one after another, leaving only Cao Qiyue who made a fuss about drinking, and ended up sleeping alone on the living room floor, refusing to get up no matter how hard they pulled her.

“Then let’s go back to the room.” Saying that, Xie Yifeng ignored Zhou Yuhe’s weak to almost ignorable resistance, held his thin waist and walked towards the bedroom.

His heart was beating wildly.

Zhou Yuhe held Xie Yifeng’s neck, more than nervous, he was excited.

This person, this moment, from the previous life to this life.

They really seemed to have waited for a long time.

Zhou Yuhe twisted his head and looked at Xie Yifeng’s handsome face through the light.

“Do you think, we will always be together? I mean, if one day, I have nothing …… left without this face and am no longer the shining star in front of the spotlight, will you still care about me?” Zhou Yuhe’s throat itched, he wanted to stop himself but he had already spoken.

It wasn’t that he didn’t know.

This answer, he knew when he was in the fire, Xie Yifeng ran in to save him regardless of his own safety.

Even earlier.

In his previous life, after his disfigurement, only Xie Yifeng silently stood by his side, he actually knew very well –

This world, only Xie Yifeng, at any time, would accept him unconditionally.

But just like every physically or mentally handicapped child, would ask their parents countless times.

Do you love me?

He just wanted to confirm it again.

He just wanted to get a very clear answer.

Xie Yifeng stopped in his tracks.

He looked at Zhou Yuhe, his handsome face was full of incredulity.

As if he heard Zhou Yuhe asking “are you a man or a woman”.

There was no doubt.

His expression greatly pleased Zhou Yuhe.

Zhou Yuhe laughed out loud while covering his mouth, he laughed till he was out of breath: “Don’t say it, don’t say it, I know ……”

Xie Yifeng grabbed his hand and pulled him closer, their bodies were closer than ever, as Zhou Yuhe’s body shook, Film Emperor Xie was unable to stand it.

The two of them were still close to each other, so close that they couldn’t help themselves.

After everything was over, the soft bedside lamp shone on Zhou Yuhe’s peaceful sleeping face.

Xie Yifeng touched Zhou Yuhe, to confirm that he didn’t react before sighing and came close to his ear, “We will always be together, no matter what you become, I will love you and and …… hey, what else can I do for you to remove the uneasiness from your heart? ?”

Xie Yi Feng looked at him quietly, and got no response except a white and soft sleeping face.

He sighed again, dropped a soft kiss on Zhou Yuhe’s lips, laid down and went to sleep.

No one saw it.

After the lights went out, the moonlight spilled down.

It shone on the corners of the youth’s faintly curved lips.

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