It also started with the show <<The Sims>>.

        Reality shows were usually filmed in a short period of time and were usually broadcasted while filming.

        The theme of the first episode was already out, while the main broadcast would be divided into two phases.

        The team of the program in order to promote the pilot episode, made the main content about the celebrities getting ready before the departure.

        Now netizens loved to see the stars’ accommodation, they wanted to see how the usually bright and shiny stars were like in private.

   The first scene from the pilot episode was Jiang Yu’s room. When the cameraman went to his house, he almost couldn’t stand.

His clothes, shoes, hats and sunglasses were piled everywhere in the living room.

The cameraman couldn’t help but spit out, “It’s just a two-day, one-night shoot, there’s no need to prepare so much, right?”


        Jiang Yu explained awkwardly, “It’s good to be prepared, I’m not usually like this, I’m usually very clean.”

        The cameraman mercilessly exposed him: “You don’t need to explain, I understand, I understand, you must be this messy.”

        Jiang Yu simply ignored him and said with a straight face: “I think all boys are similar to me, how many of them are good at cleaning up after themselves?”

        The camera brother: “Yes, yes, yes.” The post-production was accompanied by the words ‘You’re the boss, what you say makes sense’.

        Jiang Yu then began to pack his suitcase, said: “When I pack my suitcase, this scene must be cut, or I’ll lose my fans.”

        The comments were filled with laughter at this scene.

        “Hahahahahahaha too late, husband we have seen.”

       “I am a small flame, but I want to say that we all love cleanliness.”

        “Husband I am very good at cleaning up the house, in the future after the marriage, these will put on me, you are responsible for being beautiful.”

        The second scene was Yu Wenwen’s house, she waa now a popular first-tier flower, but also many people’s Goddess, when the cameraman entered the house to shoot, she was in the kitchen.

        Shi Fei was aware that Yu Wenwen loved to eat, in two two days and one night of shooting, as long as she was given, her mouth absolutely didn’t stop.

After preparing a bunch of snacks , Yu Wenwen said proudly to the camera, “These are the snacks I prepared, I will take them to the others later, I hope they’ll like them.”

   After a while, she kept touching her stomach at the halfway point, “I’m a bit hungry, I’ll eat one, just one.”

        Then after eating one after another, she finally found that the snacks she brought to the other guests had all been eaten by her.

        A slightly embarrassed Yu Wenwen said the same thing as Jiang Yu in the car, “Cut the part about me making snacks and eating snacks, I’ll lose fans.”

        “Wenwen, don’t hide, these snacks were made for yourself, right? You must have used the other guests as an excuse.”

      “I feel that this is like a weight loss program. You said that you would eat one, and as a result, your hand never stopped.”

        “Goddess, so you are such a goddess, you can’t hide your eating persona.”

        The audience was stunned and amused, they had never seen something like this.

        She prepared a bunch of food for the other guests, yet on the way over, she pretented that there was no such thing.

        The third one was Shi Fei, originally many people thought that with Jiang Yu’s sloppy room as an example, they thought Shi Fei’s apartment probably wouldn’t be much better.

    They didn’t expect that it was still quite clean.

        “I can’t see that Shi Fei is still a literary youth, there are still a lot of paintings hanging on the wall.”

        “Shi Fei’s apartment is cleaner than a girl, I’m too ashamed.”

        “Husband, in the future after marriage, I’ll depend on you for cleaning up the house.”

        The popularity of Shi Fei was still good, after all, he had just participated in a talent show with previous high ratings, even if halfway, it stopped making waves, but with the unveiling of his Gary identity, his popularity went a step forward.

        But compared to Jiang Yu and Yu Wenwen, the top star, the gap was still large.

        The fourth place was Gu Yueze’s house.

        If Shi Fei’s apartment was clean, then Gu Yueze’s house could be considered immaculate.

        All the things were placed in order, without a trace of dirt.

        Gu Yueze’s house had a western style of decoration, the house was dominated by black and white tones.

        Because the exterior of the house was not shown, the interior shot alone showed that the house wasn’t small.

   The cameraman opened the door with the help of the housekeeper and saw that Gu Yueze was also organizing his suitcase.

        With permission, the cameraman entered his room. At this time, Gu Yueze was wearing a white shirt and black pants, and he and happy body was reaching for a suit in his closet.

        After Gu Yueze put the two sets of clothes into the suitcase, he covered the pull up lever and turned to look at the camera.

        “I really love this closet, it’s so big, but it seems like his closet is full of suits, ah.”

        “Who is this man, so handsome ah, I love love his face.”

        “OCD sufferers say they are satisfied to see this house, satisfying the needs of their OCD.”

        “Husband Jiang Yu, I’ll climb the wall for a minute, will be back soon.”

        “Which company’s newcomer is it? This cool ascetic, it’s my type.”

        “Only children give multiple choice answers, as an adult, I want all the male guests in this program.”

        Other people’s works were written in their opening introductions, even Shi Fei’s introduction was written with the songs that made him shine in the talent show, and even his identity as Gary was also written.

        But on Gu Yueze’s side, in addition to a name, there was nothing else, well, his face was really very mesmerising.

        The final scene was Li Hong, who was also a first-tier flower, she got married last year to someone outside the industry and gave birth to a daughter this years, she was filming “The Sims” three months after giving birth.

        She was the oldest among these guests and the only one who was married.

        When the cameraman entered, children’s products and toys were everywhere.

        Li Hong was mixing milk powder for the child, her actions were smooth showing that she often took care of the child, in order to protect the privacy of the child, the child’s face was blurred with a sun flower.

        In contrast to her cold persona on camera, in reality, Li Hong was easy to approach, her body radiated the light of motherly love.

        “How does the goddess still look so young after giving birth to a child?”

        “Goddess, I’m begging for your maintenance secrets, begging for your skincare list.”

        “Goddess you aren’t lying about your age, right? How do you not look like a 31-year-old. You can’t be more than 18 years old.”

At that time, when the pilot episode came out, Shi Fei, as a guest, also specially looked on the Internet to support the click-through rate, but he didn’t find any problems, and even thought the post-editing was quite interesting.

As a result, he was hacked in the afternoon for being an artist but supporting the piracy of paintings.

        Before he became famous as Mr. J, he was traveling around and was in a foreign town where he saw a lot of wandering painters who liked to paint for people on the roadside.

        Influenced by the atmosphere, and wanting to try the feeling of a wandering painter, Shi Fei had set up a stall on the roadside for a small half month.

        At that time, he saw that most of the painters would put their own stamps on the corners of their paintings after they finished painting, but he didn’t have a stamp, so he created his own font and wrote the three words ‘Mr. J’ on the back of each painting.

        Later, Mr. J’s fame was so great that the billion dollar Sunset made him world famous, and the unique painting method he used in painting the Sunset made many painters compete to imitate it.

        The ones he painted for others before were also picked up, and one was worth a lot of money, although the price wouldn’t have been as expensive as the Sunset.

        After that, all kinds of paintings pretending to be Mr. J popped up all over the world, and pirated paintings were even more prevalent, so it was hard to distinguish the real from the fake.

        At first, people didn’t think much of the paintings on the wall when they saw Shi Fei, but later, a professional in the field of painting found that one of the paintings on the wall was exactly the same as the painting Mr. J had before he became famous.

        Being an artist was a sensitive profession, a person’s strengths and weaknesses would be infinitely magnified, the slightest carelessness would carry the danger of being boycotted.

        For example, the current Shi Fei, was branded for using ‘pirated paintings’, netizens disguised as ‘messengers of justice’, and verbally attacked him.

        “As an artist, as a public figure, he actually ran to support pirated paintings, is this not equivalent to leading fans to consume?”

        “It is with the existence of these buyers that those pirated paintings will pop up one after another.”

        “What kind of artist is an artist without virtue, why not leave the entertainment industry earlier?”

        “I liked him a bit, I thought he was talented, but I didn’t expect him to be like this.”

        “Do you know how hard we original painters work? As a result, our own hard-working inspirational drawings are turned over to those pirate dogs.”

        “Just the other day I bought a painting that said it was from the late Qing Dynasty, but it turned out to be a fake, I hate these piracy dogs the most.”

    When Shi Fei heard the news, he was checking the typos in his new novel and ended up receiving several comforting phone calls from people.

        He had been confused.

        How did he get into the hot search again?

        When he hurriedly opened Weibo to check, he had to admire the detective ability of the majority of netizens.

        Before he could respond in time, Wei Weidong called him first, mainly to ask him how this matter would be resolved.

        “We know you are Mr. J, but the netizens don’t know, I now mainly want to discuss a countermeasure.” Wei Weidong said analytically, “I have read the online messages, it is obvious that someone is buying water armies to guide the direction, I guess the most likely is the Tianxing Media.”

        It was a pilot episode, the camera barely captured it, someone must have checked frame by frame, which will pay attention to so much, the most important thing the comments were a bit weak.

        Shi Fei also understood his point: “I am even the program team, so the person they want to deal with is me.”

        Wei Weidong: “There is no such thing as a liability, I chose you while thinking of these consequences. I’m not a vegetarian either.”

        Of course the easiest way was for Shi Fei to publicly admit that he was Mr. J. But he hadn’t been open about it before, so he had to have his considerations.

        The main reason was the consequences of disclosure, which would certainly cause him a lot of trouble and distress in a short time.

        Wei Weidong respected his idea and told him that the matter could be solved from other entry points.

        After hanging up the phone, Shi Fei took out his notebook and planned to remove his name from the hot search first.

        He also found something to do to Tianxing Media.

        He soon found that someone had taken down the search one step ahead of him, and the content on the search changed.

        #Mao Jiahui beat up the staff on the shooting site

        #Yin Songquan and Huang Minmin spent a night together

        #Zhu Yadan bar nightclub madness

        One after another, the scandal of the stars broke out, Shi Fei found that these artists were all under the Tianxing Media.

        Was this Director Wei’s counter-attack? So fast?

        Inside the Tianxing Media company, Wu Ziqiang was receiving a phone call from the leader, and listened quietly as he scolded him.

        Their artists had been exposed on Weibo, while some others had been robbed of several notices and negotiated endorsement contracts.

In a short period of time, the company lost tens of millions of dollars, and several artists lost their reputations, and they didn’t know if their names could be cleared later.

        The company believed that it should be Wei Weidong’s side that started to retaliate, and it was Wu Ziqiang who didn’t handle the matter well enough for such a thing to happen.

        After hanging up the phone, Wu Ziqiang smashed his phone on the ground in anger and roared, “How could this happen.”

        The assistant next to him whispered, “It should be Wei Weidong’s side, otherwise it would be impossible for Shi Fei to have this ability to intervene.”

        Wu Ziqiang made himself calm down, then said: “Impossible, even if Wei Weidong has some contacts in the entertainment industry, it is impossible to do so in a short period of time. To create such a situation, there must be a capitalist meddling behind the scenes.”

        The assistant puzzled: “Can’t it be that Shi Fei found a backer?”


        Wu Ziqiang nodded: “It is possible.” This was the only explanation that made sense.

        Assistant: “Then should we explode this matter?”

        Wu Ziqiang stared at the other angrily, impatiently: “How do we explode it? Do you know who the other is? The other has the ability to cut off multiple endorsements from our artists, which means they have some financial strength.”

        The assistant asked again, “What then? How about we settle with Shi Fei privately, so that his side will stop?”

        Wu Ziqiang: “How can I do that? Shi Fei has stepped on my face many times, if I take the initiative to settle with him at this time, where can I put my face?”

        Assistant: “Then what should we do?”

        Wu Ziqiang thought about it and said, “Have someone forge a WeChat recording to show that Shi Fei admitted that Mr. J is him, and that the paintings on the wall are all his own paintings, they should imitate Shi Fei’s usual tone of voice. Then have someone write an article, I’ll buy water armies to blow it up.”

        Assistant: “Will this work?”

        Wu Ziqiang sneered and said, “Mr. J once defeated a painter fromm country for the glory of China, we’ll write the article and then pull on the national righteousness. By the time the press release is full of accusations of Mr. J, there will be a bunch of cynics and literary people who will spew him to the ground without us. This will not only knock Shi Fei to the bottom but also divert the attention of our company’s artist scandal.”

  “This kind of thing is difficult to clarify whether it was said or not, even if afterwards Shi Fei really finds a way to clarify that he didn’t say these words, but the fact that he used Mr. J’s pirated painting is also the fact, after such a big mess, his popularity will be gone.”

        The assistant’s eyes lit up, “Director Wu, aren’t you afraid of the backer behind him?”

Wu Ziqiang wasn’t worried: “It was just a  small problem for Shi Fei before. The other didn’t help till after two days, so the news was spread. The other spent so much effort to settle it for him. It may be that they wanted to leave a good image in front of Shi Fei, but once this news is released, the small problem will become a big problem. If they want to help him, it will cost a lot of money. I don’t believe anyone will be willing to help Shi Fei.”

        Capitalists were blood-suckers and realistic, as how many excellent artists had he helped the company sign, yet once something happened, he still got scolded.

        When a small problem became a big problem, he would like to see which fool would continue to help him at any cost.

        Thinking of his plans, Wu Ziqiang seemed slightly interested. This time, Shi Fei would never climb up again. By the way, he would let Wei Weidong have a look. This was the result of crossing him and having to choose Shi Fei as the main guest.

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