C2— Two Scums

Although she felt some pain, but thinking that she could definitely get the money back and also deal with He Yishu in the process, He Tingting generously transferred the credits to He Yishu.

He Yishu also got up from the bed as promised and quickly washed up under He Tingting’s urging, but while in the bathroom, he secretly did something.

He Yishu secretly changed the password of the original owner’s light computer account, just like this room that could be accessed without a password, the original owner’s account was set up with a password, but this password was also known to everyone in the family.

After changing the password, He Yishu breathed a long sigh of relief, from today onwards, this was the life that belongs to him.

“He Yishu, why are you so slow? If we don’t leave, we’ll really be late!” He Tingting’s urging voice came from outside again.

He Yishu raised his eyes to look at the handsome teenager in glasses, and a confident smile bloomed on his face, “Here we go.”

Capital Star First Academy wasn’t close to the He family, but with advanced transportation in place, the journey of hundreds of miles only took more than ten minutes, at this time He Yishu was already standing at the entrance of Capital Star First Academy.

This was a metal door with a heavy historical mark, in addition to the name of the college, a message was also engraved, but she didn’t wait for He Yishu to carefully appreciate it, He Tingting dragged him towards the Academy: “Hurry up and go in, we have to take the entrance examination!”

After getting the money, He Yishu was in a good mood and didn’t mind He Tingting’s hand-holding, he would soon be rid of this person and the rest of the He family anyway.

The First Academy covered a large area, so there was a special staff responsible for receiving students who came to take the entrance exam today. After showing their IDs and test certificates, the two were taken to the test site by the staff.

He Yishu and He Tingting signed up for the entrance exam for the rune card major, and together they were sent to the exam room, where many people were already lined up for the test.

The entrance exam for the rune card major was different from the ones He Yishu had taken before. Each student who took the entrance exam had to draw a rune card on the spot under the specified requirements of the professor, and then the professor would accurately test the effect of the rune card, and those who met the requirements would be allowed to enter the rune card major of the Capital Star First Academy.

He Yishu looked at the long queue in front of him, considering whether to find an excuse to withdraw now, but he thought that even if the original owner’s qualifications were really useless, he was a former god of learning, so maybe if the two were neutralized, he would really be accepted by chance?

Although this hope was very slim, he had already entered, if he really just left, maybe he would have some regrets, so after thinking, He Yishu finally chose to stay to participate in the examination.

As for other people’s ridicule, this kind of thing didn’t really hurt him, but He Yishu would also remember it, he was the most polite person, what others gave him, he had to return it eight or ten times, right?

He Yishu had just finished his psychological construction, when the people who laughed at him walked over.

“Hey, isn’t this Yishu? I thought you were signing up just for fun and wouldn’t really come.” A voice that was filled with smugness came from behind him.

When He Yishu turned around, he saw the original owner’s former best friend, Du Fangping, walking over with the original owner’s scum ex-boyfriend, Brooke, right behind him.

Two scums!

“Heh.” He Yishu directly replied.

“Huh? Looks like you’re in a good mood now, are you confident that you can pass the exam?” Du Fangping’s voice didn’t deliberately raise his voice, but it definitely wasn’t low either, and there were already bored candidates turning their heads around in front of and behind them.

“You misunderstood, in my case, ‘heh’ is used as a euphemism for scolding, so I ‘hehed’ at you, not to express my mood, but to scold you.” The scum took the initiative to come forward to find scolding, He Yishu certainly wouldn’t easily let go.
Upon hearing this, the smile on Du Fangping’s face disappeared without a trace, and Brooke, who was standing beside him, also stared at He Yishu with dark eyes and said, “He Yishu, we have already broken up, I hope you won’t hurt Fangping because of what happened before.”

“You still have the face to mention what happened before, huh? Is it a particularly honorable thing to cheat with your lover’s best friend?” He Yishu snorted nonchalantly and said sarcastically, “And even if I did deliberately make things difficult for him because you two scums hooked up behind my back, so what? Shouldn’t you be punished for making a mistake? Are you guys really going to laugh it off after hurting me?”

This was the first time Brooke had seen such a sharp-tongued side of He Yishu, and for a while he couldn’t help but be a bit stunned, but in the past, when this man was in front of himself, wasn’t he always obsequious?

He Yishu’s gaze swept around the pair of scum faces and said with disgust: “One is a scum who can’t control his lower body and keeps his love everywhere, and the other is a sl*t who deliberately calculates against his friends and steals their boyfriends, seriously, you two do look good together, may you hurt each other for 100 years!”

He Yishu was very glad that when the original owner was with Brooke, he was so pure that he had never done anything other than holding hands. Otherwise, even if it happened, He Yishu would be disgusted.

At this time Du Fangping’s face was blue and white, he never thought that with He Yishu’s cowardly nature, he would say such things in public, this was undoubtedly hitting his face.

Feeling the strange eyes coming from the candidates, Du Fangping almost went mad. If he had known that He Yishu had been stimulated, he wouldn’t have taken the initiative to talk to him at all!

Brooke’s face was also terribly gloomy: “He Yishu, don’t go too far!”

“I’m going too far? Then tell me, which of the words I just said isn’t true?” The original owner was afraid of this scum, but He Yishu wasn’t afraid of him, he slightly raised his chin, and nonchalantly repeated the two people’s crimes, “Were you not cheating on me everywhere behind my back, didn’t cheat with my former best friend? Or did Du Fangping not deliberately provoke my relationship behind my back and hook up with you behind my back? I still have all those disgusting and aggressive texts that Du Fangping sent me after he hooked up with you, do you want me to open my light computer now and let you guys read it again?”


Brooke and Du Fangping couldn’t answer those questions, Du Fangping would take the entrance exam later, even if his expression was horrible, he couldn’t leave directly at this time.

But Brooke was a mecha major, he only accompanied Du Fangping to the entrance examination hall of the rune card major, he was unable to stand such blunt words, as well as other people’s contemptuous and disgusted expressions, he didn’t even say goodbye to Du Fangping before he left.

Du Fangping looked at Brooke’s back with an embarrassed expression, and looked at He Yishu’s happy face in annoyance, but didn’t dare to say a word more.

And He Yishu scolded away a scum, regardless of the feelings of another left behind scum, he raised his eyebrows and lightly smiled: “For this man, you went to great lengths to snatch from my hands, yet he directly left you, do you feel surprised? Do you have any heartfelt words to say?”

Du Fangping resentfully gritted his teeth and stared at He Yishu, but finally lowered his head deeply.

He Yishu was relieved, he looked at He Tingting, who had a somewhat dumbfounded expression, and said cordially, “Sister, when the test comes later, if I happen to be lined up with that person behind me, you must change places with me.”

The entrance exam was a test where five candidates were tested together, and just now He Yishu had already determined the number of candidates in front of him through his precise calculation ability.

To him, it was just in addition to more than five, and He Tingting was ahead of him. When the time came, as long as he changed positions with He Tingting, the two scums could be in the same group smoothly, and he couldn’t get rid of the tragic fate of going through the test with the scums smoothly.

It was also He Tingting’s first time seeing such a sharp-tongued side of He Yishu, so she couldn’t help but freeze for a moment, and when she came back to her senses, she heard such a sentence. She was tempted to refuse, after all, she really wanted to see He Yishu’s joke when he took the test, but seeing that he was looking at her with an expectant face, and many people in front and behind were also looking at her, it was a bit difficult to open her mouth.

Helplessly, He Tingting could only nod against her will: “Okay, sis will help you.”

Maybe the three of them would be divided into a group, this possibility was still quite large.

“Thank you, sis!” He Yishu thanked her with extreme sincerity.

At this time, standing behind He Yishu with his head down, Du Fangping, after hearing these conversations, although he was more resentful, at the same time he couldn’t help but think, even if he was sharp-tongued, so what? Later, when the test result was still the same, he would die a miserable death! He would see if he could still say anything then!

About an hour and a half later, it was finally the turn of the person in front of He Yishu, and indeed the grouping happened to end with He Tingting, so he happily changed places with He Tingting and walked into the test site.

The place of examination was a room with a lot of space, there were five tables in the room, each table was in front of a professor who asked the questions, He Yishu was brought to the table on the far right.

After a brief greeting, He Yishu sat down at the table under the instructions of the invigilating professor, then the professor took out a card the size of a playing card from a small box and put it on the table, and said to He Yishu: “This is your test topic today, please complete the drawing of this rune card within five minutes.”



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