As soon as they heard Jiang Yu’s unusual voice, everyone felt that there was something different and immediately gathered around to watch, and they were all surprised.

On Gu Yueze’s table, there was a red wax plum painted on a piece of paper, with black branches dotted with red plums blooming on it.

“Your drawing is too good, right?” Yu Wenwen saw Gu Yueze’s painting and was surprised.

Li Bowen heard and went over to watch, found that although Gu Yueze’s brushwork was still lacking, and the layers of the plum painting were not clear enough, but it was indeed a good painting, at least among the newcomers, he was definitely the top, many students who had studied for several months were not necessarily able to paint like this.

“You’ve studied before?” Li Bowen asked.

“No.” Gu Yueze looked up at Li Bowen’s plum painting on the easel, then looked down and added a few more strokes.

From his behavioural movements, it was clear that Gu Yueze was completely imitating it.

Li Bowen was incredulous: “You’re imitating my painting? It’s your first time?”

Gu Yuzhe: “Yes.”

Li Bowen was a bit shocked, of course his level was much better than Gu Yueze, but the problem was that he had studied painting for more than ten years and Gu Yueze was painting for the first time.

The reason why he was accepted by Tang Xiangyang as a disciple, was naturally because he had a very high talent for painting, his master had praised his ability to learn, he had the fastest learning speed among all his brothers.

But even so, when he first learned plum painting, he shut himself in his room for half a month before he had Gu Yueze’s results.

He must have learnt it before, otherwise there was no one who could paint like this at the beginning, so that also explained Gu Yueze’s explanation of what he said to him in the morning.

Who could write down every word after listening to others’ oral instructions? He didn’t just talk for a minute, but he talked for more than an hour in the morning.

There were not so many geniuses in the world.

Li Bowen suddenly looked at Gu Yueze with a trace of disdain, he had l heard that people in the entertainment industry liked to add all kinds of personas to themselves.

This Gu Yueze was now trying to add ‘schoolmaster persona’ to himself?

“The first thing to learn before drawing is character.” Li Bowen said meaningfully, the people next to him frowned slightly, there seemed to be a hidden message.

Gu Yueze lightly looked at Li Bowen, he didn’t say anything, but his eyes were cold and indifferent, as if he was looking at someone unimportant.

At this time, Li Bowen turned his head towards Shi Fei to check, “Shi Fei, how are you ……”

His last word stuck in his throat, and Li Bowen’s face froze on the spot.

Li Bowen taught just the simplest plum blossom beginner’s drawing method, if Gu Yueze’s drawing was still more like imitation, then Shi Fei’s drawing was completely independent.

The painting of the plum blossoms was drawn in a certain way, five petals of the plum blossoms, it was seemingly round yet not round and the flower was white.

The brightness of the petals also varied in shade, reflecting more of a sense of volume and perspective.

Even Shi Fei’s plum petals were divided into front and side, and the gathering and dispersion were handled very well.

“Don’t tell me that it’s your first time painting too?” Li Bowen looked at the painting in surprise and asked.

It was a mature work.

“Learned a little bit before, I slightly understand.” If he wanted to sell his painting in the exhibition, the painting couldn’t be too bad, otherwise they would really be embarrassed.

He couldn’t be too arrogant, Shi Fei tried to make his drawing less prominent, his painting should be considered more ordinary, but not too ugly, right?

The fact that he had learned a little bit wasn’t a lie, when he made Western paintings in the past, he also incidentally learnt a little bit about Chinese paintings.

“A little?” Li Bowen laughed twice, he turned his back to hide his dark expression, this painting was no better than his.

How would Shi Fei know that the work he painted as much unprofessional as possible would have such a high rating on Li Bowen’s side.

Li Hong looked at the painting, she couldn’t his her surprise: ” Shi Fei, I think your painting is very good.” Although she couldn’t understand it, but just looking at it, she thought it was very pleasing to the eye.

Yu Wenwen nodded her head: “I feel like I’m seeing a real plum tree.”

Jiang Yu’s expression was ecstatic. If he had a card in his hand, it would say: Master is so awesome. He is really a genius. He deserves to be my master.

Gu Yueze looked at the painting of Shi Fei, and the corners of his mouth hooked up into a vague smile.

With everyone’s praise, Li Bowen finally couldn’t help it, he opened his mouth sarcastically: “If you don’t have a foundation for painting for more than two or three years. How can you draw it? It is not a shame to learn painting from an early age. Is it necessary to deliberately hide it?”

Shi Fei blurted out and asked, “This kind of painting takes two or three years?” Wasn’t it easy to learn?

As a result of his surprised expression, Li Bowen decided that he was being sarcastic and said angrily, “I’ve been in the literature club for so long, I’ve seen many talented students, but I’ve never seen one so crazy?”

Shi Fei didn’t understand: “How am I crazy?”

Li Bowen: “When I first drew plum blossoms, I practiced hard for nearly half a year before I got to the level you drew today.”

When Gu Yueze heard the first sentence of Li Bowen’s question, his eyes flashed with a trace of unhappiness. Before Shi Fei could talk, Gu Yueze, who stood on one side, sighed faintly: “It may be that you aren’t too good, you should reflect on yourself.”

Li Bowen: “Nonsense, my master said I am the most talented among my group of brothers and sisters.”

Gu Yueze: “Maybe he couldn’t bear to hit you so he comforted you with his words.”

They looked at Gu Yueze together. They really didn’t see it. He didn’t speak at ordinary times, yet when he spoke it was deadly.

Couldn’t he see that Li Bowen’s face had completely changed? Hadn’t he began to doubt life?

Li Bowen’s face changed back and forth for a while, and then he gritted his teeth and said, “Shi Fei, I want to compare painting with you.”

When Shi Fei was about to refuse, Gu Yueze added: “You have studied painting for more than ten years, just to compare with an artist? Really promising. ”

“I, I I ……” Li Bowen was exasperated by Gu Yueze’s words, his face turned blue and black, then black and white.

Gu Yueze spread a clean piece of paper again at this moment, and began to paint in contrast to Shi Fei’s painting. After a while, Shi Fei’s painting with an eighty percent success rate came out.

Gu Yueze still held the brush in his hand, his eyes lightly looked at Li Bowen.

Although he didn’t say anything, but Li Bowen heard: you see, you’re a waste of talent, my casual drawing is better than yours.

Successively struck by Gu Yueze, at this moment Li Bowen suddenly had great doubts about his talent.

In the end, Li Bowen didn’t say anything and ran straight out with an angry expression.

“Is he going to be okay?” Yu Wenwen asked worriedly.

“Of course, he’s such a big man.” Besides, just now Li Bowen did speak a bit too much, if they weren’t in the middle of recording the program, Li Hong would have scolded him.

Jiang Yu didn’t care so much and gave a thumbs up to Gu Yueze, “From now on, you’re my brother.” He who spoke for his master was one of his own.

Saying that, he took the initiative to place his arm around Gu Yueze’s shoulder.

Gu Yueze held out two fingers and removed Jiang Yu’s hand.

Shi Fei looked at Gu Yueze, and said in a small voice: “Thank you.”

Li Bowen was probably really angry because of Gu Yueze’s words, so he hadn’t appeared all afternoon.

Later on, the Idle Dream Literature Club sent another teacher, Mr. Liu Jin, to teach them how to draw, and when he arrived, Shi Fei was teaching everyone the theory.

He had said before that he had read the relevant books, so it made sense to teach theoretical knowledge.

It was impossible to make a very good painting in one afternoon, but after practice, their paintings were finally better.

After dinner, their rooms were provided by the Idle Dream Literature Club.

The Idle Dream Literature Club was such a big manor, and there were rooms inside.

Teacher Liu Jin took them to the guest rooms and said, “Since we don’t have many spare guest rooms here, there are only three left, so the three rooms will be left to your free arrangement.”

Normally, students who came here to learn painting came daily, and these guest rooms were for the teachers to rest when they were idle.

This was still the three guest rooms that were temporarily organized when they heard they were coming.

Li Hong, being the oldest one here, spoke first: “Three rooms, then Wenwen and I will have one room, two of you boys will have one room, and the other one will have one room, is this distribution okay?”

Everyone agreed.

Jiang Yu said excitedly, “Shi Fei, then I’ll share a room with you.”

“No way.” As soon as he finished speaking, Gu Yueze vetoed it.

Both Shi Fei and Jiang Yu looked at Gu Yueze in confusion, probably wondering what he was objecting to since it was none of his business.

The two of them looked at Gu Yueze, but he still look at ease, then he calmly said: “I, I am afraid to sleep alone.”

Shi Fei: “……”
Jiang Yu: “……”

Yu Wenwen and Li Hong also expressed their surprise.

From Gu Yueze’s appearance, they couldn’t see that he was the kind of person who would be afraid to sleep alone.

Was this the legendary contrast?

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