An ancient house, outside the courtyard on the left, purple bamboo and flowers were planted, the right had a variety of vegetables, cucumbers, tomatoes, beans, etc. it grew well next to a small area, which had three chickens.

An old man in a white Tang suit, with white hair and a sprinkler in his hands was watering the vegetables in the yard.

At this time a middle-aged man in his forties came in, also wearing a Tang suit, but the other’s colour was blue.

He stood outside the fence of vegetables with steady footsteps, “Master.”

While watering the vegetables, the old man asked, “How is it going over there?”

The middle-aged man said, “As you expected, Master, youngest brother and they really have a conflict. Master, I don’t understand why you let him entertain them when you know he has a problem with actors and stars?”

When the old man saw that the watering was almost done, he called someone over, “Yu Yan, go to the kitchen and get a basket for me.”

Yu Yan quickly went into the kitchen and took a woven bamboo basket out and handed it to the other man.

The old man said, “Bo Wen is talented in painting, but his temperament is too arrogant, he needs to be sharpened, otherwise he will suffer a big loss sooner or later. It’s good that Shi Fei can teach him a lesson for me.” Once he mentioned Shi Fei, the old man became angry: “Shi Fei that kid is too bad, he’s avoided me for two years, this time, he came to my territory, just let Bo Wen also give him a little bit of a lesson.”

Yu Yan laughed: “Master, I understand your idea, you are planning to kill two birds with one stone ah.”

The old man was still fierce.

Sure enough, if Shi Fei was here, he would recognise that this old man was no other than the old senior Tang Xiangyang who was very respected in the world of Chinese painting and was also the master of the painting school of the Idle Dream Literary Society.

Other people didn’t know the famous Mr. J painter was Shi Fei, but Tang Xiangyang knew, two years ago they had a painting competition.

Shi Fei was really something, he had lived until now, he had seen the people with the strongest talent for painting, at a young age, he had such an achievement, compared to him, he wasn’t far behind.

Unfortunately, this guy was very wild-hearted, others may not reach his achievements in several lifetimes, but for him, it was just one of his interests, it wasn’t his favourite.

Tang Xiangyang wanted to discuss with him about the academy, but this guy kept running.

At that time, the program team went to the Idle Dream Literature Club to discuss recording the program, their original intention was that one of the clubs would be fine.

When he heard that the guest list included Shi Fei, he took the initiative to request to be placed in the painting academy to record the program.

Yu Yan was considered to be the only one of all Tang Xiangyang’s disciples who knew that Mr. J was Shi Fei.

Tang Xiangyang carried a basket and picked up beans in the small courtyard, “That kid, Shi Fei, probably still thinks I don’t know he’s here, he thinks he can hide from me.”

“I had a sneak peek from a distance, looking at his expression, he didn’t know the program team arranged for them to come here. Master, you really should have seen his face, but you will be able to see it later after the show airs. I’m guessing that he’ll be thinking about how to run away at this point.” Yu Yan also laughed.

“There’s no way to run.” Tang Xiangyang straightened up and hit his slightly sore back said, “Is Old Wang coming back soon?”

Yu Yan nodded: “With no surprises, Mr. Wang should be back tomorrow.”

Tang Xiangyang: “Just in time to arrange for the two of them to meet, Old Wang should miss this kid more than I do.”

Every time Mr. Wang Pingyang mentioned Shi Fei, he always gnashed his teeth, especially some time ago,he saw Shi Fei on the talent show, he wanted to drag him out of the TV to beat him up.

“Master, you are causing trouble ah.” Yu Yan forced a laugh.

“Our literature club is too quiet, it’s time to liven it up a bit.” The four arts of qin, chess, calligraphy and painting, all were talents that liked to be quiet, sometimes stimulated a little, to gain more inspiration.

“Okay, I’ll go arrange it.” Yu Yan turned around and intended to leave.

“Wait a minute, bring this basket of vegetables to him, this year these vegetables grew well.” Tang Xiangyang looked at the vegetables in his vegetable yard with a face of satisfaction.

“Master, your vegetable garden is usually so precious that you don’t let me go in, let alone let me pick it. Giving him so much makes me jealous.”

“Shi Fei is still young and growing, of course, he should eat some organic vegetables. At your age, you are not growing anyone, you still want to grab these vegetables with me?” Tang Xiangyang carefully looked at the basket of vegetables and said, “I can tell you, this basket has a few vegetables, I clearly remember them, don’t try to steal some.”

“Got it.” Yu Yan helplessly smile in response, “Master, you can be rest assured, I certainly won’t steal.”

Master sometimes was really like an old urchin, every day he guarded this vegetable garden and these few chickens, he was always worried that someone would come to steal his vegetable garden.

“Wait a minute.” Tang Xiangyang turned around and walked towards the chicken cage, and took two eggs that the old hen just laid today and put them in the basket as well, “Take them.”


When the question was answered successfully, Shi Fei was sitting at the table with his peers and eating lunch together happily.

The lunch prepared by the Idle Dreams Literary Society was still quite sumptuous, with a combination of meat and vegetables, the taste was also very good.

After a morning of hunger, they all ate with relish.

Li Hong said, “Thanks to you two, we had this lunch.”

Jiang Yu: “The food here is quite delicious.”

Yu Wenwen had an admiring expression, “Gu Yueze, Shi Fei, you two were so wonderful just now. Were you two the very best kind of people when you were studying, the legendary school bullies?”

“Not bad.”

“Not bad.”

The two people spoke at the same time, Shi Fei and Gu Yueze looked at each other, and then continued to eat.

Yu Wenwen laughed and said, “You two are really schoolmasters, even answering questions with such tacit understanding.”

After eating, everyone was sitting and resting when the program team came to announce their next task.

Wei Weidong stood in front and started speaking: “Everyone has had the morning class and may still be a bit confused now, so let me explain while everyone is taking a break now. The main core idea of our program called “The Sims” is to pass on some of the very beautiful yet somewhat niche types of art industries in China and to promote positive energy.”

“Our first stop is the Idle Dream Literature Club, where there are four types of art, qin, chess, calligraphy and painting, but of course time is of the essence, our main purpose this time is to paint. Chinese painting is the art of our Chinese civilisation for thousands of years, but now more people in the society like Western painting compared to Chinese painting. We hope that through this program, we can let everyone know that our Chinese country also has very good painters and excellent painting history.”

Wei Weidong’s explanation immediately made everyone feel that this trip was different and significant.

Then he continued: “Now you have a task, this afternoon, you’ll follow the painting teacher to learn how to paint, tomorrow at 6:30 p.m. in the Zijin Museum of Art, there will be a painting exhibition, then the exhibition will be a special place for you to hang your paintings, as long as someone buys one of your paintings, then the program will donate one million to charity. ”

This was a common routine of the program team, combining the task and charity together to show the importance and significance of the task, and it would also make the audience nervous for the guests when they watched.

Yu Wenwen crumbled with her hands on her head and said, “Hanging our paintings in a painting exhibition? Isn’t that a public execution?”

Painting was something that could be learned over time, not just in an afternoon.

Li Hong said nervously, “I haven’t painted since I was in college, and I’m not very good at it, so I’m sure I can’t do it.”

Jiang Yu raised his hand and said excitedly, “Can I buy my own painting?”

Wei Weidong shook his head and said, “No, that’s against the rules.”

Jiang Yu raised his hand again and said, “Then I can buy Li Hong’s paintings, and then she can buy mine, so that’s the way to buy.”

Wei Weidong: “You’re cheating, it has to be bought by a customer.”

Jiang Yu’s body immediately shrank halfway down, “Then I think my painting will be exhibited for a hundred years and no one will buy them.”

Wei Weidong: “Come on, I believe you can do it.”

Shi Fei instead, looked at Gu Yueze.

Remembering Gu Yueze’s words in the car, Shi Fei didn’t feel at ease, it didn’t feel quite right, it felt like he knew the purpose of the program team and their destination in advance.

Gu Yueze probably felt his gaze, he suddenly turned, and met Shi Fei’s eyes.

Feeling like a peeping tom that was caught, he felt a little embarrassed but he smiled and then withdrew his gaze.

“Don’t worry, you can definitely sell your painting.” Gu Yueze whispered in Shi Fei’s ear.

Gu Yueze’s exhale blew in his ears, causing his neck to shrink back. He wasn’t worried about selling his painting, did he misunderstand something?

In order to ease his embarrassment, Shi Fei asked Wei Weidong: “Director Wei, if one of us sells one painting, you’ll donate one million, two paintings will be two million, and so on?”

Wei Weidong said, “Yes.”

After posting the task, they went to the painting room in the afternoon to study.

In the afternoon, it was still Li Bowen who taught them to paint. Probably because he was angry with Shi Fei in the morning, he had a forced smile in the morning, but in the afternoon, Li Bowen had a stern face throughout.

Li Bowen first taught how to paint a little plum blossom, but he couldn’t teach any complicated paintings in one day.

Even if it was a basic painting, it was very difficult for a novice to draw a sense of beauty, otherwise the saying ‘one minute on stage, ten years off stage wouldn’t exist’.

After all, Li Bowen was Tang Xiangyang’s disciple, his level was certainly there.

While explaining and drawing, a beautiful plum blossom tree was drawn by him in three or two minutes, without extra embellishments, simple and clear.

The crowd quickly began to imitate according to what Li Bowen said.

“This painting is too difficult, why do I feel like I’m drawing a tree stump?” Yu Wenwen said in a broken voice.

Jiang Yu poked his head over there and looked at it, and mercilessly laughed: “Where is the tree stump you’re drawing? It’s obviously a big cake, are you hungry again?”

Yu Wenwen angrily complained to Li Hong, “Sister Li Hong, look at Jiang Yu, he’s always laughing at me.”

Li Hong looked over and said, “Isn’t your drawing similar? I think it looks like a dog’s paw print.”

Yu Wenwen laughed but Jiang Yu wasn’t convinced, “Sister Li Hong, take a closer look, I must be better than her, right?”

Li Hong took a closer look and then said, “It still look like a dog’s paw print.”

Yu Wenwen was in place and had fun there, “A hundred causes will have consequences, your retribution is me.”

“Don’t laugh, if my bad painting won’t sell tomorrow, it’s the group that will be affected.” Jiang Yu spat ou. Looking at his painting again, it did look a bit like a dog’s paw print, was he sure that such a painting could be sold?

Just now, when he saw Li Bowen’s demonstration drawing, he seemed to be able to do it with ease, how come his brush didn’t work here.

Li Bowen saw their wailing look, he was very satisfied in his heart, they now knew that painting wasn’t so easy.

Did they really think that just anyone with a brush could draw?

At this time, Jiang Yu was leaning forward to look at Gu Yueze at the front table, “Gu Yueze, how’s your drawing? Come on, let’s have some fun together.”

This guy had never drawn before, everyone wasn’t drawing well, he couldn’t be good.

When he saw Gu Yueze’s painting, Jiang Yu’s face froze, “This this …… this is your painting?”

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