C71— Kill That Gentleman 34

He Qiuying let out a sound, then he took out a fan from somewhere, and began to fan the wind with pleasure, “Xiao Jue’s words are really scary.”

Before the words were out of his mouth, he used the fan to separate Shen Jue’s attacking hands and grabbed his arm with his opposite hand, forcing him to stand in front of him, “Don’t move, I don’t want to hurt you.”

Shen Jue was held in front of him by He Qiuying, and when his ungrasped hand slightly raised, it was immediately grabbed.

He Qiuying clasped Shen Jue’s wrist and raised his eyebrow, “Poison?”

Shen Jue was now holding both hands, he glanced at He Qiuying and opened his mouth to shout, He Qiuying saw it and said without haste, “I have something for you.”

“What is it?” Shen Jue said, and moved his hand, “Let go.”

He Qiuying obeyed and let go, and the next moment, he received a sudden side kick from Shen Jue.

He seemed to be laughing as he looked down at the footprints on his body, “You’re actually that mean by nature.”

Shen Jue stopped moving and looked at him, “What did you just say?”

He Quying was still staring at the footprints on his clothes, and only after a moment did he raise his head and say, “The second part of the Scourge Heart Method, you finished reading the first part on the Ten Extremities Islands, right?”

Shen Jue didn’t expect He Qiuying to even know this, he couldn’t help but wrinkle his eyebrows, the alarm in his eyes became heavier, “How do you know this?”

“Your brother Liu Xuan said it, you didn’t forget about him, did you?” He Qiuying laughed a little, “He’s still in the ten Extremities islands, but with a little trick, he can shake out all your things.”

It was actually Liu Xuan.

It was true to say that Shen Jue was on the verge of forgetting this man, but why would He Qiuying inquire about him from Liu Xuan, and how much did He Qiuying know about him?

He Qiuying admired Shen Jue’s expression for a moment before he said quietly, “Don’t be so defensive, I’m on the same boat as you, you want to kill Sang Xinghe, right?”

“Why would I want to kill Xinghe?” Shen Jue immediately asked rhetorically.

“Because too many clues indicated it, but I didn’t dare to confirm it until today, but I just saw your reaction and I dare to be sure. Shen Jue, your nature is completely different from what you appear to be, you are very strong, enough to be called ruthless. For example, Liu Xuan, he at least grew up with you, but after you left him, you didn’t even ask about him, this is not like the way you acted at the beginning.”

“We somehow met once, but because I caught a glimpse of your real expression, you wanted to kill me. Even Yu Ci, that fool, he wasn’t too bad to you before his death. He wanted to see you before his death, but you were really indifferent to his death.”

“Then that Sang Xinghe, will you really love him?” He Quying shook the fan in front of him, the corners of his eyes curved slightly, “In my opinion, what you’re doing now is just for revenge.”

After hearing these words, Shen Jue’s expression was calm, with no fluctuation at all in his eyes, “These are just your guesses, and even if you’re right, so what? Are you going to protect Sang Xinghe?”

“No.” He Qiuying put away his fan and said with a straight face, “I came to cooperate with you, after you kill Sang Xinghe, give me his corpse.”

“What do you need his corpse for?” Shen Jue froze for a moment.

He Qiuying was silent for a moment before he said in a mannish voice, “I want the soul of Yu Ci in his body.”

When Shen Jue heard this, his eyes suddenly changed, and he looked at He Qiuying as if he suddenly understood something, “You took back the corpse of Yu Ci before, because you wanted to revive him?”

“Not resurrection, I want to turn him into a living dead, have you heard of it? No ability to think, only obey.” He Qiuying showed a harmless smile, “I think he died too easily, only when he becomes like that, then I’ll feel that all I did was meaningful, otherwise who would come to see me as the new island master of the Ten Extremities Islands? Unfortunately, when I tried to turn him into a living dead, I found that his soul was missing, and no amount of invocation was possible, until I heard that Warrior Sang had been struck by evil.”


He Qiuying felt that no one in the world could understand his feelings for Yu Ci, they grew up together, from childhood he was taught to obey Yu Ci unconditionally, but he hated this life, but couldn’t resist, because Yu Ci had picked him and Yuan Hao out of dozens of children.

He was familiar with Yu Ci, it could be said that no one in the world knew more about Yu Ci than he did, this feeling was very strange, but as they grew up, Yu Ci fell in love with a man at first sight. At first He Qiuying didn’t feel anything, people had favorites after growing up, it was normal, although he didn’t, every day he said Sang Xinghe’s name, and even always sneaked out to see him.

He Qiuying suddenly felt that he had been robbed of something.

He found out that even though he loathed Yu Ci, he wanted to keep this life unchanged, for he, Yu Ci and Yuan Hao to live together all the time, but reality didn’t allow it.

So Yu Ci tried confess, He Quying interfered, making Yu Ci’s confession fail, but he didn’t think that Yu Ci would abolish Sang Xinghe’s martial arts and bring him back to the island.

At that time, He Qiuying thought a lot, he thought that if there was a feeling in this world far more complex than love and friendship, those were his feelings for Yu Ci.

He both hated Yu Ci, but also didn’t want to see Yu Ci being sad for another person, so he began to want to see Yu Ci happy, as long as he could get used to Yu Ci’s important person, it would be fine.

But he didn’t expect for Yu Ci to easily moved on, how interesting ah, it made He Qiuying angry, he felt that Yu Ci simply didn’t deserve to talk about feelings, Yu Ci wasn’t qualified to love people, so He Qiuying wanted to turn Yu Ci into the living dead.

After turning him into a living dead person, he would never fall in love with anyone again, he would stay on the island, just like Yuan Hao, and the three of them could live together forever.

He Qiuying felt that there might not be a second person in this world who could understand his thoughts, but he didn’t care.


Shen Jue was silent for a while, and finally nodded his head.

Seeing this, He Qiuying smiled and took out a book from his arms, “I don’t know why you were looking for this book in the first place, but seeing as you’re not interested in this whole living dead thing, I won’t ask you why, one always needs a little secret, right?”

He handed the book to Shen Jue.

Shen Jue took it and first flipped through it roughly twice before he heard He Qiuying continue.

“I’ve studied this book, only the Heavenly Luo body can use it, after you succeed in cultivating it, you can suck away Sang Xinghe’s internal energy as you wish, and what’s even better is that you can learn his martial arts moves, then you can kill someone and push the blame on Sang Xinghe, I guess your cheap father can’t protect him even if he wants to.”

He tsked, “Actually I don’t quite understand, you can obviously kill him directly, why go through all that trouble?”

Shen Jue closed the book, he was a little suspicious that He Qiuying wasn’t from the realm, because the other party’s behavior was too bizarre, but after hearing this, his heart dropped a little, “He is not the same as Yu Ci, when Yu Ci died, everyone clapped and shouted, but when Sang Xinghe dies, there will be someone to avenge him, and it is too cheap for him to just die, I want him to lose his reputation, leaving nothing left.”

He Qiuying nodded at his words, “That makes sense, good luck.” He took another flare out of his sleeve and handed it to Shen Jue, “After the job is done, send me a signal so I can take Sang Xinghe’s body.”

Shen Jue agreed since, only he didn’t tell He Qiuying that after he killed Sang Xinghe, He Qiuying wouldn’t get Sang Xinghe’s corpse.


Shen Jue went back and went through the “Scourge Heart Method” carefully, he spent the rest of his time delving into the book these days, except for cooking for Sang Xinghe and sending it to him. The “Scourge Heart Method” allowed the Celestial Luo body to control the internal energy in their own body from being sucked away, and also to choose whether to suck the internal energy of the other party, so it could be said that this book made the Celestial Luo body become an independent person, and no longer a furnace.

It was just that if he wanted to absorb Sang Xinghe’s internal energy and learn his martial arts moves, he still had to go to his bed.

After Shen Jue learned the “Scourge Heart Method”, he went to the back of the Thousand Buddha Temple. Since the last time Sang Xinghe had a sudden attack and knocked out two people, there were now more people guarding him, and Shen Jue was already familiar with them because he often brought food to Sang Xinghe.

“Shen Jue, you’re here early today, what did you make?” One of the disciples looked at the food box that Shen Jue was carrying with a bit of greed.

They were here every day, and they ate from the big pot of rice, which was just enough to make live, so there was no such thing as good food or bad food.

When Shen Jue heard the man say that, he smiled, then opened the food box and took out the top plate, “I made some extra snacks today, you guys share them, Xinghe can’t eat that much.”

Those people’s eyes lit up and they said thank you as they hurriedly took it.

Shen Jue smiled again, he carried the food box and walked inside, but when he was about to walk in, he suddenly turned back, with a hint of embarrassment on his face, “I want to talk to Xinghe today about some flowery words, you see ……”

They all knew that Sang Xinghe and Shen Jue were going to get married in the future, and as soon as Shen Jue came to deliver the food every day, they had long thought that they were a couple, and the two of them were talking in private, naturally wanting to make out, and it was not very convenient for them to be here.

The one holding the plate hesitated, “This …… then we’ll stand a little farther away, and if something happens, you can shout for us.”

Shen Jue nodded.

Those people were also tired after a day of guarding, at this time they also wanted to move, so they walked away, but they were afraid of accidents, they didn’t dare go too far.


Sang Xinghe had heard Shen Jue’s voice long ago, and when he saw the man enter, he smiled a little, “You came earlier than yesterday.”

Shen Jue didn’t answer Sang Xinghe, he walked over, he first put the food box aside, next without saying a word, he directly kissed Sang Xinghe.

This startled Sang Xinghe so much that he only dared to place his hand on Shen Jue’s shoulder. After a kiss, Shen Jue began to take off Sang Xinghe’s clothes, which really scared Sang Xinghe, his face instantly turned red, and he quickly held down Shen Jue’s hand that was unbuckling his belt, “Xiao Jue, what are you ……”

Shen Jue raised his eyes and looked at Sang Xinghe, there was a sadness in it, “You haven’t touched me for so long, don’t you want me? Or do you dislike me?”

Sang Xinghe was dumbfounded, he really didn’t know what to say, after a long time, he barely squeezed out a sentence, “No, I don’t mind, just ……”

Before he could finish those words, the man had already been pushed.

Shen Jue held the man down to the ground, the corners of his eyes were raised, seemingly with a smile, “There’s not much time, let’s make it quick.”

Sang Xinghe: “……”

Why so suddenly …..

Soon he didn’t have time to think about it.


After eating snacks, afraid of trouble, they snuck back to see the situation, the results was several people’s faces turned red, and they hurriedly walked farther away.

One of them coughed twice, cleared his throat, and said somewhat awkwardly, “I didn’t think that Eldest Brother and Shen Jue would be so sad to part with each other.”

“It’s understandable, the two of them can only see each other for a short while every day, with all of us watching.” Another man was also embarrassed, “We’ll go back later.”

A man in front of him looked up at the sky, “It should be over by sunset.”

Another person also raised his head and looked at the sky, “If it’s elder brother, not necessarily, right?”

Once these words came out, those few people all touched their noses in embarrassment.

What surprised them was that not long after, Shen Jue came out, and as he was going down the mountain, he ran into those few Celestial disciples and greeted them with a calm demeanor.

When they saw Shen Jue, they opened their mouths in surprise, “Shen Jue, how did you get out so quickly?”

Shen Jue’s face didn’t change, “After I finished talking, I came out naturally, you can go back, thank you for today’s matter.”

When he left, those few people were still standing dumbfounded, they didn’t know how long it took, one of them coldly spoke out, “I didn’t expect Senior Brother to be a silver bullet.”

Several people were silent for a while, silently nodded their heads, and expressed their agreement.

And in the cave Sang Xinghe wasn’t in a wonderful mood, he sat on the bed, the blush on his face hadn’t faded, and there was shame in his eyes, usually Shen Jue was very delicate, he was the one to take the lead, but today …… he thought back to his humiliating appearance just now, he couldn’t help but raise his hand to cover his face.

He was really on pins and needles. Finally, he simply put on his clothes and plunged into the pool in the mountains to cool down.


Shen Jue went back and took a bath for an hour before he began to meditate and rest, and this rest was into the night. He didn’t dare to absorb more of Sang Xinghe’s internal energy today because he was afraid the other would notice, but he fully copied Sang Xinghe’s martial arts skills.

He sent over the meal at noon, the drug would make them unconscious, and when they woke up, they wouldn’t suspect that they were drugged.

The drug would kick in after five hours.

Shen Jue changed into a black suit and left for the back of the mountain at three minutes past midnight. Because he often went to the back of the mountain, he had a good idea of which way to go, so he wouldn’t get lost even if he didn’t hold a lamp.

When he arrived, there were four men guarding the cave. The four of them had just finished their shifts and were still in good spirits, standing together and talking in low voices. Shen Jue looked at the distance for a while, then walked over.

Someone saw Shen Jue and was a little surprised, “Shen Jue, why are you here at this hour?”

Shen Jue shook the food box in his hand, “I had something to do during the night and didn’t have time to bring Xinghe a meal, I was afraid he’d be hungry, so I came over to bring him a snack.”

The man sniffed oh, and glanced towards the cave again, “But Eldest Brother seems to have fallen asleep.”

“Is that so? Then I’ll go in and take a look.”

Shen Jue said and went inside, and the four men didn’t become suspicious. After a moment’s thought, Shen Jue put the food box aside and gently pushed Sang Xinghe a few times and called his name, but after no response, Shen Jue turned to the men outside the cave and shouted, “Xinghe seems to have passed out.”

The men rushed in, but Shen Jue stepped back and gave way to the bed. The four men gathered around the bed, pushing Sang Xinghe while shouting for Eldest Brother, and Shen Jue stood behind them, then quietly raised his hand.


Sang Xinghe slept until dawn, and when he opened his eyes in a daze, he found something pressed against him, he first froze, and after taking a clear look, he immediately pushed the person pressed against him away.

The man was pushed away from him and fell limply to the ground. When Sang Xinghe sat up, he realized that there were three other people on the ground, and they were all the same as the person who was on top of him, with blue lips and round eyes, and they seemed to have been dead for a long time.

What was this?

Sang Xinghe hurriedly turned out of bed to check the situation of those people, and found that they were dead, they seemed to have been dead for several hours. He found that they had no obvious external injuries, so he undid the clothes of one of them, and finally found the injury at the back –

It was the Qian Yuan Palm that was used.

The Qian Yuan Palm was one of Tian Luo An’s greatest skills, and no disciple who had been initiated for less than five years could learn it.

This move was extremely dominant, and the first strike was a killing move.

Sang Xinghe’s hand shook slightly, and he hurriedly went to undo another person’s clothes, this time the wound was not on the back, but on the front chest, and it was also the Qian Yuan Palm. After he saw it, he fell directly to the ground, his lips were even slightly trembling, did he kill again?

No, he had no impression.

But he had no recollection of killing anyone last time either, it was that evil spirit! Did the evil spirit take control of his body again?

While Sang Xinghe was sitting on the ground, thinking nonsense, the guards who came to change shifts in the morning arrived, they went to the door, but found no one there, immediately got alert and drew their long swords and went inside, only to see four corpses lying on the ground and Sang Xinghe on the side once they entered.

Yue Hong heard that Sang Xinghe had killed someone and rushed over. He didn’t look at Sang Xinghe’s condition first, but checked the four corpses that had been moved outside the cave. He checked and naturally found out what martial arts these people died under, his face suddenly became iron blue, he didn’t expect that he was so guarded, yet Sang Xinghe still did wrong again.

He stood outside the cave, this time he didn’t even have the heart to go in and punish Sang Xinghe.

Sang Xinghe had killed someone again, how could he stop the mouth of others?

It was hard not to say that Sang Xinghe’s life was a life, but others’ lives were not?

Moreover, whether Sang Xinghe could still be cured was still a question, and now the abbot of the Thousand Buddha Temple couldn’t give a good solution.

Yue Hong raised his hand and wiped his face, looking unusually tired, he didn’t know what to do, after a while, he said in a deep voice: “Has Xiao Jue come today?”

A man next to him replied, “Not yet, but it looks like the time will come soon.”

“Stop him, don’t let him see these things.” Yue Hong called a few more disciples and told them to carry the body down.

The disciple in charge of stopping Shen Jue immediately set off, and he ran into Shen Jue at the back of the hill where he was walking up with a food box, and when he saw him, he was a little surprised, “Why did you come down?”

The disciple hurriedly said, “Sect Leader is up there, he wants to heal Senior Brother’s wounds, he asked you come back later.”

Shen Jue let out a sigh and looked at the food box in his hand with difficulty, and only after half a second did he say, “Okay, I’ll come back later then.”

The disciple first breathed a sigh of relief, then noticed that Shen Jue looked a bit strange today, his face seemed extra pale and his right hand seemed to be shaking a bit.

But he only thought about it for a moment and then put it behind him.


Sang Xinghe knelt on the ground and buried his head very low, he didn’t know how to face Yue Hong, nor did he know how to face the other students. Last night, only he and those four senior brothers were there, those four senior brothers died under the martial arts of the Celestial Luo sect, the murderer could only be him, he couldn’t escape the blame, and even if he didn’t know how to explain.

He just slept, as usual, if there was anything strange, it was that he was particularly sleepy last night.

“Xinghe, did you kill the man?” Yue Hong this time dismissed the crowd and spoke to Sang Xinghe alone in private.

Sang Xinghe was silent for a while, shook and nodded his head, he slowly raised his head, his eyes were struggling and painfilled, “Master, I don’t know, I have no impression.”

“You did the same thing last time, you killed the personal disciple of the abbot of the Thousand Buddha Temple, and you had no impression at all afterwards.” Yue Hong sighed deeply, “Xinghe, master has always loved you, otherwise I wouldn’t have brought you all the way to Thousand Buddha Temple for treatment, but you really broke master’s heart, how can master face those disciples? And the families of those disciples you killed.”

Sang Xinghe’s head hung down silently, he had no way to defend himself, and he heard what Yue Hong meant.

Master was going to give up on him.

Even the master was going to give up on him, so what was the point of living? Continue to live like this? To harm people again?

Yue Hong closed his eyes, flung his sleeves and left directly, he walked to the mouth of the cave, stopped, “Xinghe, master has always treated you as his own child, but the child did something wrong, which the father cannot correct, then there is no way, you, think about it.”

Yue Hong didn’t want to kill Sang Xinghe, he said this because he hoped Sang Xinghe could rely on his will to overcome the evil spirits in his body, but in Sang Xinghe’s mind, Yue Hong completely gave up on him.

He froze and looked at the place where Yue Hong left, and forgot to even get up, he kept kneeling until his legs were all numb, but he still didn’t get up.


Shen Jue came at noon, there were no guards outside the cave when he came, Yue Hong was afraid that something would happen to the disciples, so he simply sent them all back, anyway, the chain that locked Sang Xinghe was made of Xuan iron, it couldn’t be opened easily.

When he entered the cave, Sang Xinghe was still kneeling on the ground, staring blankly at the door, not knowing who he was looking at, and it was only when Shen Jue approached that he reacted.

“Xiao Jue, you’re here.” He wanted to squeeze out a smile, but found he couldn’t.

Shen Jue walked up to him and first helped the man to sit on the edge of the bed, then went and fetched water and wiped Sang Xinghe’s face and hands. While he did this, Sang Xinghe just looked at him quietly, his eyes hollow and numb.

After he poured the water, he started feeding Sang Xinghe again. Sang Xinghe was like a shell of a lost soul, what Shen Jue did, he simply accepted Shen Jue fed rice, he opened his mouth to eat, and swallowed without chewing.

Only after the meal had been fed did Shen Jue put down his bowl and gave Sang Xinghe a fixed look, “Xinghe, are you in pain?”

Sang Xinghe’s eyes faintly turned, his eyes gradually looked at Shen Jue’s face, he opened his mouth, his voice was hoarse, “Xiao Jue, I killed someone, I killed my own senior brothers, Master he …… he gave up on me.” When he said this, he closed his eyes.

And in the next instant, he was embraced by gentle hands.

“It’s okay, you still have me.” Shen Jue whispered against Sang Xinghe’s ear, “Xinghe, since you’re in so much pain, can we go to another world together?”

The words traveled softly and leisurely into Sang Xinghe’s ears and down his veins into his brain.

“Go to …… go where?” He said a beat slower.

Shen Jue slightly let go of Sang Xinghe and took out a dagger from his sleeve, he smiled gently at Sang Xinghe, “Let’s go together, there will be no more pain in that place.”

Sang Xinghe lowered his eyes and quietly looked at the dagger in Shen Jue’s hand.

He understood what Shen Jue meant.

Die together?

It didn’t sound too bad.

He slowly raised his hand, wanting to reach for the dagger in Shen Jue’s hand, but Shen Jue dodged it.

“I’ll do it, Xinghe, I’ve heard that people who kill themselves can’t be reincarnated, so it’s better if I do it.” Shen Jue pulled the sheath out and slowly stabbed into Sang Xinghe’s heart, Sang Xinghe watched the scene, he just watched, didn’t hide nor did he say anything.

Maybe he was relieved.

He died for the good of all.

But suddenly Sang Xinghe began to have a headache, he frowned and let out a low growl, and suddenly reached out and took hold of Shen Jue’s shoulder.

Shen Jue seemed startled, his movements stopped, and he gave Sang Xinghe a startled look, “What’s wrong?”

Sang Xinghe didn’t know what to say, but he was particularly sad now, his heart was sad, but not about the pain in his body.

“Xiao Jue, do …… you really love me?”

He didn’t know why he was asking, but he was.

The person in front of him heard him ask this question and first froze, then hooked his lips, revealing an extremely nice smile, just like the one he had when he first smiled in front of him, “Of course, Xinghe.” He paused, “Or Yu Ci?”

“Yu …… Ci?” Sang Xinghe froze, he looked at the teenager in front of him in confusion, he didn’t understand why the other called out the name of a person who had died, but a familiar voice rang in his head.

“So he knew, all of it.”


Sang Xinghe’s hand holding Shen Jue’s shoulder had been shaking, in that instant he seemed to understand something, after each of his transformations, the evil spirit took control of his body, but was extraordinarily obsessed with Shen Jue, yet never killed him, could that evil spirit be Yu Ci?

When he thought about it, he felt a terrible headache, more painful than the wound at his heart, and his body hurt, as if something had forcibly fused together.

Sang Xinghe couldn’t hold Shen Jue’s shoulder anymore, his hand could only hang down weakly, but his eyes kept looking at Shen Jue, somehow he felt that the person in front of him was both strange and familiar, did he really love him?

“Xiao Jue.” He used the last of his strength to say his last words, “There’s a box under the pillow in my room, can you go open it?”

He still had things he wanted to say to Shen Jue, he wanted to say he was sorry, he wanted to say that the other man looked good when he smiled, and he wanted to say that he had no regrets.

Even if you killed those four senior brothers and framed them on me, I don’t feel sorry.

Even if you kill me, I don’t feel sorry.

Sang Xinghe couldn’t finish his words after all, and as he fell to the ground, he seemed to see the other stand up.

He wiped the blood on his hand with a handkerchief, then threw it on his body in disgust.


When Sang Xinghe was a teenager, he heard that the Lantern Festival in Sand City was beautiful, and people often asked him to go with them, but he refused, because he once read a poem, the poem says “the golden wind and the jade dew meet, it is better than countless on earth”, he thought he would always meet that person, with that person, it would be better than the days with anyone, so he waited.

He waited, he wanted to ask him to see the lantern festival, want to see if the Tanabata Festival lantern festival was really as beautiful as the legend.

He came to the Thousand Buddha Temple before thinking that the future days were still long, he would be good to that person, to make up for the previous wrongs, but it turned out that time was running out. Would that person go to open the box under the pillow?

Inside was a booklet of his drawings of Shen Jue, any kind of Shen Jue, wearing a mask, with a swollen face, hiding behind him, bravely rushing out to save him, laughing and crying ……

In order to draw this, he had asked Chen Song for advice for a long time.

Shen Jue’s twentieth birthday was coming up, and he wanted to give him this gift.

He had wanted to give it to the other man himself on the night of their wedding, but there was no time.

The poem also said “If two lovers have long-lasting moments, how can they be long-lasting?”, but he really coveted these long-lasting moments.

The guy in his head was still talking, saying that Shen Jue didn’t love him and that he was avenging him.

Sang Xinghe wanted to retort back, but he didn’t have the energy.

He slowly closed his eyes, and what flashed through his mind was when he had first met Shen Jue.

At that time he was too stupid to cherish it.

Now he was too late to cherish it.


**sigh**, Xiao Jue is too much but I understand 😔😭

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  2. So happy to see this updated!
    Shen Jue is so indifferent towards everyone, it really makes me sad, even though I understand why 😭
    I just wonder if he’ll have time before the real is destroyed or even cares enough to look at the box Sang Xinghe asked him to…

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