“Sorry sorry sorry.” David insincerely waved at Pete. Smith waved his hand, and then he pulled Li Zheng to the side.

“Li, you’re crazy!” The profit of carbapenem antibiotics is much more than bactrim.” He stretched his arm in the air and drew a big circle.

Li Zheng looked at David who kept gesticulating with amusement and patted him on the shoulder, “Don’t worry, I’m not so bad with a patent.” His tone seemed to say, I don’t lack a dollar.

But! This wasn’t a dollar! It was a patent worth ten billion dollars!

David looked up and down at Li Zheng, as if he was looking at an alien. His eyes glanced over Smith and saw the surprise on his face, he couldn’t help but ask again: “Are you serious? If you want, Roche can fully represent you to fight for carbapenem antibiotics on the rights and interests.”

“David Andorio!” Smith and Kent, who were listening carefully to the conversation between the two Li Zheng, heard the words and their hearts lifted, Smith couldn’t be bothered to clean up the residue on his own clothes and strode towards the two.

He gave David a fierce glare and then turned to Li Zheng with a complicated expression, “Mr. Li Zheng, do you mean to completely give up all rights and interests regarding carbapenem antibiotics?”

Li Zheng smiled, the corners of his mouth slightly hooked up, “Mr. Smith, to correct you, I mean I give up all the possibility of getting commercial benefits from carbapenem antibiotics. But this does not mean that I give up the identity of one of the discoverers of carbapenem antibiotics.”

For a former top international scholar like Li Zheng, fame was much more important than both money and profit.

“Of course! This is an indisputable fact!” Smith said loudly, he wasn’t a scholar, he was just a businessman, patents and profits were the things he valued most.

Smith didn’t expect to achieve the purpose of his trip so smoothly, the tyrant of Mercer didn’t hesitate to praise Li Zheng from beginning to end with the most beautiful words, which made David dumbfounded, was this really the unbeatable Mr. Smith?

Smith didn’t pay attention to David’s small movements, he smiled and took out a thick agreement from the bag, “Mr. Li Zheng, according to your Hong Kong people, the mouth is always inferior to the pen.” Smith oddly said a sentence in Chinese.

At a glance, Li Zheng saw that it was his agreement to voluntarily give up the patent rights of carbapenem antibiotics, which was available in English and Traditional Chinese. It seemed that they came prepared.

Li Zheng chuckled and didn’t procrastinate. He took out a pen from his coat pocket and signed his name at the signature place cleanly.

Smith smiled even more, he made a gesture to take the agreement, but Li Zheng smiled and put the agreement on the coffee table, with a pen pressed on it.

“I suddenly thought of something that I want to discuss with Mr. Smith.” Li Zheng opened his mouth and said.

Perhaps it was the relationship of the contract template, the agreement had a clause marking the countries and regions where the first batch of the Project would be marketed, the United States, Canada, Britain, France, Italy, Hong Kong, etc.

There was no China.

Only then did Li Zheng remember that the drug was first marketed worldwide in 1985, but it wasn’t until 2007 that it was available in China.

The whole 22 years, Li Zheng didn’t know how many Chinese people despaired and waited for death in these 22 years because it wasn’t in the country.

“Here it is, plus the country of China.” Li Zheng used a fountain pen and added the word China after Italy.

Smith and Kent looked at each other, the country of China? The image of China in the world’s people in the eighties wasn’t so rosy, the country was closed and economically backward. In 1979 Premier, Deng waved a cowboy hat while watching a rodeo performance in Houston, which was interpreted by the Western media as a sign of China’s move towards openness and efforts to integrate into the world.

A cowboy hat made the foreign media so excited, which also reflected from the side, in the Western world at that time, how closed and backward the image of China was.

“Although the population of China is large, they don’t have a large demand for drugs, and the pricing is not cheap for them. I don’t really have a reason to convince the business unit to open up such a barren market.” Smith said with difficulty.

Li Zheng shook his head, he pushed hard and pushed the agreement in front of Smith and Kent, “Then I’ll give you a reason. I ……,” he pointed to himself, “am a Chinese. And this Chinese guy has a way to mitigate the drug’s nephrotoxicity.”

From the registration of the core patent in ’76 to the market only in ’85, a full nine years. If Li Zheng guessed correctly, the Mercer Sharp & Dohme drug research team should have been stuck on top of this bottleneck.

“You have a solution!” Kent slapped the table and stood up excitedly, “Yes, I promise! As long as the drug marketing approval is passed, China will definitely be the first country to market it!”

Kent was the head of Mercer’s research laboratory, but he was also the vice president in charge of research and development, although he generally didn’t care about things, his right to speak was the heaviest among several vice presidents.

Smith rounded his eyes, he was about to speak, but Kent glared back, as long as his laboratory had research results, he didn’t have to fear Smith!

Li Zheng guessed right, carbapenem antibiotic’s listing was stuck on the drug clinical trials. Like the carbapenem antibiotic extracted by Li Zheng, it had a violent nephrotoxicity. Even as a result, two drug trial volunteers closed their eyes forever.

Since these nine years, the Mercer Sharp & Dohme laboratory had been trying to alleviate the nephrotoxicity, and had gained some insights in recent years, but there was still a certain distance from the strict standards of the U.S. FDA.

After hearing that Li Zheng had successfully extracted carbapenem antibiotics, Kent’s mind even produced the idea of bribing FDA personnel to hide the results of biological tests to speed up the promotion of carbapenem antibiotics.

Of course, it would be best if carbapenem antibiotics could be successfully marketed through proper channels.

“Be a little careful. The specific technical cooperation matters will be approached by President Chen and you.” Li Zheng said with a smile, he didn’t dispute the patent right, but the drug improvement technology was always worth US dollars.


On Friday night, Li Zheng’s interview of the century was simulcast on BBC worldwide.

The indignant Hong Kong people saw the appearance of the young man talking with his eyes lowered on the TV program, and the excitement hooked up by the “Three Questions” of Hong Kong Daily slowly calmed down.

After the anger subsided, reason slowly returned.

In the case of the drug-resistant strain of infection, the success of Mary Hospital was praised even by the foreign media, but why did their own newspapers in Hong Kong lopsidedly make articles on the six patients who died of infection?

“The risk of unlisted drugs used in the clinic, the pressure behind this miracle!”

“Person of the century, a game of life and morality!”

“Trust, the best medicine for doctor-patient conflicts!”

The next day, almost the entire public opinion of Hong Kong reversed.

” Li Zheng’s influence is really big, Old Wang called last night, the originally done pages were all reprinted, the printing plant got 12 extra hours of night work, and the newspaper almost opened at skylight in the morning.” Shen Wannian said, while putting a piece of cut steak into his mouth.

A squeaky noise resounded in the empty restaurant. Yang Wanru’s eyebrows tightened up, and she looked at Zhao Qihua in an unkind manner.

Zhao Qihua raised her head slightly, her gaze passed through Yang Wanru and was fixed on the TV screen not far away. In the TV screen, that familiar face had a calmness and confidence that she was not familiar with.

“I’m full.” Zhao Qihua suddenly put down her knife and fork, the sound of metal clashing with cutlery was crisp and powerful.

Shen Hongji took a look at the steak left on Zhao Qihua’s plate and said gently, “Eat some more, or if you like Chinese food, just ask Mrs. Liu to make it.”

Zhao Qiuhua shook her head, she didn’t say much, she nodded to Shen Wannian and Yang Wanru, picked up the jacket on the chair and walked out.

Shen Hongji let out a bitter smile, also put down the tableware in his hands and stood up.

“Mom and Dad, I’m full too.” After saying that, he grabbed his jacket and quickly chased after her.

Yang Wanru was furious, “I’m furious! I’m sure she’s from a small place, marrying such an uneducated daughter-in-law is really giving me a hard time!”

Shen Wannian glanced at her coldly, “Don’t talk when you’re eating.”

Yang Wanru stalled, her gaze swept over her daughter who was eating with her head down, her dissatisfaction with Zhao Qihua reached its peak.

“Qiuhua, wasn’t she just fine? Why are you angry again? I know mom has a bad temper, but this time ……” Shen Hongji was full of helplessness.

Shen Hongji and Zhao Qihua were college classmates, the two met in the romantic France. At that time, Zhao Qihua had a bright atmosphere, she was full of confidence and vitality, she actively participated in community activities, participated in Chinese students gathering and in the feminist movement. While the rest of them were still stumbling with their French, Qiuhua Zhao had already mastered English, French, German and even a little Italian, which made her a goddess in the mind of the introverted Shen Hongji.

Shen Hongji had been secretly in love with Zhao Qihua for two years, and with the encouragement of his roommate, he mustered up the courage to confess his love to the goddess, and Zhao Qihua agreed in one breath. Later, Zhao Qihua told him that she had actually been following him for a long time. Campus love, it was two-way crush, their romance was warm and sincere.

But happy times always flew, four years passed in a hurry, one of them had to return to China, the other to Hong Kong. The two agreed to talk on the phone as soon as they got home to declare their love to both parents.

However, Shen Hongji waited for the call, and then the political turmoil in China, Hong Kong and China were completely cut off, the two broke off contact.

Until a year ago, the two reunited, Shen Hongji didn’t hesitate to end his long marriage, despite the strong opposition of Yang Wanru, he insisted on getting a marriage license with Zhao Qihua.

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