Jiang Yu thought about it, and said, “Then I’ll sleep with you.”

He couldn’t let him sleep with his master, who knew if this person would grind his teeth and snore at night.

Gu Yueze looked at Jiang Yu, his eyes were extremely cold, and Jiang Yu began to feel nervous.

He was afraid of sleeping alone, but he sacrificed his night with his master to sleep with him, yet he still didn’t know how to be grateful?

Gu Yueze glanced in the direction of the director’s team, Wei Weidong immediately received the signal from the eyes of Mr. Gu.

Jiang Yu looked at Wei Weidong and said, “Didn’t you just say that we should assign ourselves?”

Wei Weidong said without blushing, “There isn’t enough scenes today, so we need to add some.”

Then he saw Wei Weidong and the rest of the director’s team huddled together, muttering something, and it didn’t look like a good thing.

After a while they got a box, a few people wrote on the note folded up into the box, Wei Weidong held the box over and said: “This box has a total of five notes, one of which has the word ‘king’, whoever draws that paper means that the other party can choose at will, or can choose separate room. If you draw another note, you have to do what the note says.”

Jiang Yu spat out: “Why do I feel that this game is redundant, originally the girls could only share one room, and the rest would be divided between the three of us boys. Gu Yueze said he was afraid of being alone, but I said I was willing to be together, so why do we still need to divide?”

Wei Weidong gritted his teeth and said, “Increase the scenes, understand?”

Did he think he was willing to improvise on such a small game to make people suspicious, this was the signal received from Mr. Gu, he couldn’t do anything about it.

Jiang Yu looked at the cookie box, such a thoughtless design, he believed that the program team really came up with it temporarily in order to increase the scenes, if they thought of it in advance, they wouldn’t have to use such a shabby prop, right?

Everyone sat in a row together, and Shi Fei found a place to sit down. Jiang Yu naturally sat on his left, and Gu Yueze said nothing and sat down on Shi Fei’s right.

“Come on, draw lots from left to right.” Wei Weidong took the box and started drawing from Li Hong on the far left.

Li Hong reached out and fished out a slip of paper from the box, opened it and it said ‘Imitate Brain Parkin commercial, sing and dance at the same time’.

Li Hong was speechless: “Such a garbage idea, which one of you came up with it?”

Everyone around her showed amused expressions.

Li Hong sorted out her clothes, hesitantly stood up, she walked to the front of everyone, took two deep breaths, and finally covered her face: “This is really too much, my image has been ruined.”

“Sister Hong, believe that you can break through this level, you are the big sister.” Yu Wenwen applauded and said.

Other people also coaxed and said, “That’s right, big sister.”

Li Hong gritted her teeth and said, “Wait, when it’s your turn later, you’ll have a good time.”

Finally Li Hong still jumped, her limbs were a little stiff, but she finally completed the task, the program director joked: “This part can’t be broadcast ah, in case your children see it later, your perfect mother image will be lost.”

The second person to go on the stage was Yu Wenwen, who drew the lottery which said “shout ‘I am a pig’ three times”. She stood up and lifted her neck, and shouted three times with a loud voice.

The third was Jiang Yu, and the request was to pose in one of his sexiest and most flirtatious moves.

“Why didn’t I draw ‘king’.” With a depressed face, Jiang Yu adjusted the expression on his face and then showed a flirtatious expression.

Placing his hand on his chin, twisting his body to reveal a charming smile, and he even boldly sent flying kisses to the camera.

One could only say that good-looking people, no matter what they did, looked pleasing to the eye.

Soon it was Shi Fei’s turn, and Jiang Yu was beside him whispering a forced prayer, “Wang Wang Wang, Wang Wang Wang ……”

[TN: Wang means King and it also sounds like barking. Wang Wang 🐩]

Yu Wenwen, sitting next to him, laughed and said, “Stop saying Wang Wang Wang, it sounds like woof woof woof.”

The crowd laughed.

Jiang Yu also pretended to bite and said, “I’ll woof woof woof and bite you to death.”

Shi Fei pursed his lips, reached out and drew one out of the box, saying, “Anyway, there are only two last sticks left, I’ll either get king or a punishment.”

Spreading it out, it said ‘hug the person on your right’.

Shi Fei looked at his right side, who else could there be but Gu Yueze, he felt like covering his face and crying, he wished it said the person on his ‘left hand’ side, he would rather hug Jiang Yu.

Hug Gu Yueze, the mobile refrigerator, would he freeze to death?

“Hug, hug, hug …” Except Jiang Yu, everyone else was chanting.

A little embarrassed, Shi Fei went to Gu Yueze and said: “That, Gu Yueze, it’s just a game, why don’t we hug quickly, if you mind, you can refuse.”

As a result, Gu Yueze stood up and said, “I abide by the rules of the game.”

He said he didn’t mind, what else could he say.

He could only go and quickly hug the him a little, before Gu Yueze could react, Shu Fei’s hug was over.

When Shi Fei saw Gu Yueze’s dazed expression, he thought he hated physical contact, luckily it ended quickly, otherwise it would be more awkward.

The previous people all drew with punishment, as the last, whether Gu Yueze drew or not it didn’t matter, anyway he was certainly the ‘king’.

Wei Weidong said: “So now Gu Yueze can allocate the rooms, a friendly reminder, the allocation of rooms includes the girls.”

Li Hong smiled and asked, “What? Director, you mean, it can be mixed?”

Wei Weidong smiled back with an innocent face: “I don’t dare.”

Gu Yueze said, “Yu Wenwen and Li Hong will have a room, Shi Fei and I will have a room, and Jiang Yu will have a separate room.”


The room was just a one and a half meter wooden bed with sky blue quilt and sheets, even the pillows were sky blue.

When Shi Fei saw that there was only one bed, he was a little embarrassed, “Why don’t I go to the director’s team and ask for a bed quilt, and I’ll bunk on the floor.”

Strictly speaking, He and Gu Yueze only met today, and for people who weren’t familiar, sharing a bed would make anyone a little embarrassed.

At least he would feel a little uncomfortable.

“Tomorrow there are quite a lot of tasks, sleeping on the floor will make you sleep poorly.” Gu Yueze thought about it and said, “If you aren’t used to it, I can ask the director’s team for a quilt, this bed is big enough to put two quilts no problem.”

Shi Fei agreed and quickly went to the director’s team to get an extra quilt.

After finishing the quilts, Shi Fei opened his suitcase, took his pajamas and asked, “Do you want to take a shower?”

“Go first.” Gu Yueze picked up the laptop next to him and calmly said, “I’ll use the computer for a while.”

“Okay.” Shi Fei took his pajamas and entered the bathroom, closing the door, and in a moment the sound of water came out from inside.

Gu Yueze opened the computer mailbox, where there were multiple documents, all work matters, he clicked on one, a document in English, it was a foreign company passing over.

His eyes rested on the document, his expression was extremely serious, if you ignored the fact that after ten minutes, the laptop mouse didn’t move.

After another five minutes, Shi Fei came out of the shower, his hair was still wet, the tip of the water droplets slid down his neck.

Shi Fei’s face was slightly red, his ears and the tip of his nose were all pink and tender.

Gu Yueze casually glanced at his hand on top of the notebook and his five fingers clenched, he calmly withdrew his gaze and said with a calm expression, “I’m going to take a shower.”

He took out a set of pajamas from the suitcase and quickly entered the bathroom.

As soon as he entered the bathroom, he quickly turned on the cold water and used a handful of cold water to wash his face first, forcing his slightly agitated body to calm down.

When he came out, he saw that Shi Fei had fallen asleep on the bed with his head tilted, Gu Yueze went over and first arranged Shi Fei’s crooked shoes, which made it look much smoother.

Then the towel was taken off of Shi Fei’s head and he moved to lie down and sleep.


Early in the morning, Shi Fei woke up to a bird call.

Shi Fei got up and moved to breathe in the fresh air outside, Idle Dream Literary Society was indeed a bit of a paradise away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

When he felt movement behind him, he turned his head and saw Gu Yueze, who had also gotten up, and greeted him: “Good morning.”

Gu Yueze looked at Shi Fei’s bright smile, behind him was the faint morning light, covering him with a layer of golden light, it was as if he heard the sound of his heart beating faster.

“Good morning.”

After having breakfast, everyone continued learning the knowledge and practice of Chinese painting.

At the thought that their paintings would be displayed at the Zijin Art Museum, everyone put all their energy into trying to paint better, even if only for a short time.

The Zijin Art Museum was located in the center of the city.

It covered an area of several thousand square meters and was divided into one or two floors, where there were usually some exhibitions from time to time.

The exhibition started at 6:30 p.m., and people started arriving at 6:00 p.m.

The Idle Dream Literary Society was still very famous in the circle for people who loved qin, chess, calligraphy and painting.

The quality of the paintings produced by the Idle Dream Literature Club was also high, so every time this literature club wanted to hold any painting exhibition, it would attract a large number of people to come, and even some foreign lovers of art would come to visit.

Today was mainly the paintings of the students and teachers of the Idle Dream Literary Society, which of course also included Shi Fei and the others.

Idle Dream Literary Society specially made out a small room for the exhibition for Shi Fei and others.

Li Hong and other people were very nervous, if a painting couldn’t be sold, then it would be embarrassing.

He was worried that if the Idle Dream Literary Society held a painting exhibition, senior Tang Xiangyang would come too.

He has asked Teacher Liu Jin, he said not necessarily, in recent years Teacher Tang Xiangyang rarely attended such public occasions, but for the juniors, or to support, sometimes when the juniors held a painting exhibition, he as the head of the painting branch would also appear to support.

At the same time, Juan City Airport.

Wang Pingyang came back from a foreign competition with his students, and as soon as he got off the plane, he hurriedly called a car, “Go to the Zijin Art Museum.”

Even the students had no time to stop him, so he entered the car first with his luggage.

The students were all confused: “What happened?”

“I don’t know, look at his expression, it’s as if he’s going to collect a debt.”

Wang Pingyang sat in the car and narrowed his shrewd eyes, he gritted his teeth and said, “Little brat, I caught you this time, see how I’ll clean you up.”

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