The white caravan was driving in the street with endless traffic.

Shen Qingran sat across from Shi Fei, took out a black cell phone, and handed it to Shi Fei, “Master, I got your cell phone back for you.”

“How did you get it back?” His cell phone was installed with an anti-tracking function, of course, he could track it by himself.

“I originally wanted to find you, then I saw that you left the show, I couldn’t call you so I got worried, I checked the surveillance and found that your phone was stolen. I helped you get your phone back first. After that, I saw that you were filmed by passers-by at the subway, so I came here.” Shen Qingran asked heartily: “Master, didn’t you say you would contact me after the matter was over? You didn’t say anything about it, last night you even slept in the park.”

“It’s no big deal. It’s just fun.” Shi Fei really didn’t care much, his cell phone being stolen, and sleeping in the park, it was just a little fun.

“The strongest idol”, I don’t think they can keep the show going, Teng Haining was punished by the station, within a few years he won’t have the opportunity to become a director, Zhuang Xinran won’t have the opportunity to sing anytime soon.” Of course, Shen Qingran didn’t say, he also secretly did some tampering in the back, originally Teng Haining lost the opportunity to become a director for a few years, now it was for a lifetime.

As for Zhuang Xinran, he would release a song.

And Chu Yuefei, although he was a senior in the music industry, no one could bully the master.

“Master, Star Media put the word out to block you, I can ……” Shen Qingran didn’t finish speaking, when Shi Fei interrupted, “No, I can solve that. You’re getting more and more accomplished now, and that side is probably about to attack, you have to protect yourself, I don’t want to see you end up the way you were four years ago.”

“Mm.” Shen Qingran nodded, the well-known international singer, in front of Shi Fei, was obedient.

Then Shen Qingran pursed his lips, and said sentimentally, “Master, I miss you.”

Shi Fei laughed and said, “Why are you suddenly acting like Jiang Yu, you’re now an internationally renowned singer, you have to mature.”

“Whether I’m an international singer or a wandering singer, no matter how I change, I’m the teenager you picked up on that rainy night, and if it wasn’t for you back then, I would have been dead.” For Shen Qingran, Shi Fei was his most important family member.

“Time is really fast, four years passed in a flash.” Shi Fei also sighed.

“So what are your plans after this, Master?”

“Probably find a company to join and become an entertainer.” Shi Fei arched his eyebrows and spoke with a smile.

Just as he finished his words, his phone rang, and as soon as he saw the caller, Shi Fei showed a look of understanding.

On the other side of the phone came a gleeful voice: “Yo, Shi Fei, I heard that you haven’t officially debuted and was shut down by Star Media, have you been in trouble lately ?”

Look, was this a human? A detrimental friend.

Shi Fei calmly asked: “So you called to gloat?”

“No, I’m here to send charcoal in the snow, for the sake of the years we’ve been friends, I will reluctantly take you in, how about food and housing with wages?”

“Yes, as long as you dare to accept, I dare to come.”

“What don’t I dare, it is difficult for me to be afraid of the son of a b#tch named Wu. I’ll have to beat him up with a sack sooner or later.” The latter sentence was emphasized by the gnashing of his teeth.

“Okay, then I’ll come to your company this afternoon to find you.” Shi Fei finished speaking and quickly hung up the phone.

Inside the other car.

He Xiaobei, Yu Zixing, and Wu Yan sat huddled in a row, opposite Jiang Yu, who had his arms around his chest and an unhappy look.

Wu Yan asked in a whisper, “What’s going on now?”

Yu Zixing thought for a moment and said, “It should be a situation where the troops are divided into two.”

He Xiaobei whispered and reminded, “This is not how the idiom of “soldiers divided into two ways” is used.”

Yu Zixing wondered, “Isn’t it? Doesn’t it mean that the two roads are each moving toward the intended target?” They were now sitting in two cars, wasn’t that the soldiers divided into two paths?


He Xiaobei: “……”

At this point, Jiang Yu, who had been silent, suddenly slapped his thighs heavily and said, “Shen Qingran, that b!stard, is too much.”

What was it that he wasn’t old enough to hear? Yet he was rushed into this car?

He wanted to see what was going on in the car in front of him, but he noticed that there was a film attached to the car, so he couldn’t see a thing, and he became depressed again.

He refused to talk and played with his phone to distract himself.

As a result, not a moment later, Jiang Yu widened his eyes, “Hey, that’s …… Shi Fei.”

The three people sitting across from him were all surprised and asked, “Where?”

It turned out that the video of their performance in the subway was recorded by many passers-by and posted on the net, Shen Qingran relied on these videos to find the whereabouts of Shi Fei.

How many of them were there? Most Weibo users thought the videos were funny.

“Too funny, life is not easy for the cubs collectively selling art hahahahaha.”

“He Xiaobei is really too cute, others hadn’t finished asking, he himself nervously admitted it, laughing to death.”

“What forced these kids into this, they all ran to the subway to sell songs, I usually take the subway, but today I used a taxi, I’m going to cry in the toilet.”

“Shi Fei seems to be very skilled in running with a guitar box?”

“Pup, mom is just laughing a little ah ha ha ha ha ha ha.”

“Is anyone paying attention to the fact that Shi Fei plays the guitar? He didn’t act like he could play the guitar at all when he was on the show before, and he played it well ugh.”

“I looked at his hands, there’s a sense of inexplicable familiarity, I must have seen this image somewhere.”

“Does anyone else think that Shi Fei’s hands look a bit like Gary’s?”

At first, there were just people guessing, after that more and more people began to join in the discussion of this matter, a large investigation started.

The internet was really talented, someone actually screenshotted Shi Fei and Gary’s hands on various occasions, various screenshots of them doing the same movement.

There were even netizens who measured their finger length and width separately, though they didn’t know how to measure them, they finally came out with an amazing result.

When Shi Fei became popular, guitar god Gary disappeared.

Knowing this, Shi Fei’s fans were surprised, Gary’s fans were also stunned.

Netizens, on the other hand, were shocked!

Shi Fei himself didn’t expect that his identity would be exposed in such a way.

Were the netizens these days so good?

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