“Brother Xiao ……”
Zhu Qing’an picked up the light computer at a loss, slightly panicked, as he looked at the youth in front of him.

Xiao Ruiyu stroked the other party’s soft black hair and smiled lightly, “What? Are you willing to go out with me?”

He was very open-minded and had been in love quite a few times, basically, he was bold when confessing, yet remained peaceful during the break-ups.

Zhou Qing’an: “……”
He shrunk his neck, his cheeks and neck red like a ripe peach, he didn’t turn his head, he clutched the corner of his coat and said: “Sorry, Mr Xiao. I …… don’t like you like that.”
Although Xiao Ruiyu was his “male god”, but it wasn’t that kind of like, but respect and admiration for a senior.

Xiao Ruiyu unexpectedly didn’t get angry: “It’s okay, take your time. You’re still young, it’s normal you can’t accept it right now.”
Zhou Qing’an: “……”

Xiao Ruiyu put the invitation letter of the Starlight singing talent show into Zhu Qing’an’s hand: “But …… this talent show, you still have to participate. Dreamboat Entertainment Company has already signed an agreement with the program, so it’s just waiting for you to participate. For newcomers, participation in the program is beneficial.”


With the encouragement of Xiao Ruiyu, Zhu Qing’an dumbly agreed to participate in the singing talent show.
He returned to the base with the invitation in his pocket, wrinkled his brow, and thought for a moment before realizing that he was faced with a huge problem.

–His voice was certainly good.
But he had never been exposed to singing and had zero singing foundation.
Compared to a group of greats with years of singing experience, he had zero advantage.

Zhu Qing’an: “……”
He picked up his light computer and searched a singing interest forum.

In this singing forum, many stars were hanging out, and there were many big names in it who had participated in various singing variety shows.
Zhou Qing’an tried …… to find someone inside to teach him.

He had to make sure that he didn’t make a mistake in the talent show.

He made a post – [QAQ Looking for someone to teach me to sing, can pay tuition!! Anyone who’s interested can private message!]

His small post in the forum looked very inconspicuous, no one could even notice it.
Zhou Qing’an: “…… ugh.”

He exited the forum and unintentionally glanced at the lone “False Love” on his desktop.
…… he wanted to raise the interaction value.

 Zhu Qing’an was bored, the game could also relieve pressure.
He opened the game, and the next moment the game interface popped up with red text, giving him a shock.

[Big deal! Your lover is having a manic episode!]
[Please put on your holographic helmet immediately and go cure your lover!

Zhu Qing’an: “……?”

Zhu Qing’an was stunned, but he couldn’t leave Qin Hengyi behind.
He picked up the holographic helmet and put it on his head.

His consciousness sank, and when he woke up again, he was already in another dimension.

The pink ceiling with small hearts and stars hanging in the sky came into view.
Under his body was a soft pink mattress, and his body was covered with a pink quilt printed with hearts ……
He sat up in a daze, and another large pink color crashed into his eyes ……
Even the toilet in the corner of the bathroom was also pink.

The air also seemed to be haloed in pink –

Zhu Qing’an: “……”
He kind of understood how the paper man felt.

Zhu Qing’an rubbed his dizzy head and climbed off the bed, his white feet stepped on the pink carpet.
His dazed eyes subconsciously searched for the tall figure of the man ……

He had just taken a step when his waist and abdomen were encircled by a pair of large, strong hands.

The man appeared behind him at some point, his chin rested on Zhu Qing’an’s ear, allowing his breath to caress the other’s cheeks, earlobes, and neck ……

“You ……” Zhu Qing’an was stunned. He removed the man’s arm and said slowly, “Let go of me.”
He struggled to lift his head and looked at Qin Hengyi, who was a head taller than him.

Qin Hengyi’s eyes were a lurid scarlet color, and he sniffed the soapy fragrance on the teenager’s neck and said in a deep voice, “An. Someone said he likes you …… you said yes?”

Zhu Qing’an: “……”
When he was harassed by Xiao Ruiyu, it seemed that he forgot to turn off the game, and their conversation was overheard by the paper man.
He stood still and seemed to smell a little …… jealousy.

Zhu Qing’an installed a sheepishly aggrieved look: “Mr. Qin, I am your person, I won’t promise others. You cannot question my feelings for you ah ……”
He pretended to be an adorer who could die for Qin Hengyi.

Qin Hengyi was startled: “Who is that man?”

Zhu Qing’an was silent for a moment.
His persona in the eyes of the man was a livestock farmer …… someone that would like the livestock farmer was ……
“Mr. Qin, he’s a pig farmer who lives next door. The pigs he raises aren’t very tasty and no one buys them.”

Qin Hengyi: “Well ……”

Zhu Qing’an exhaled with relief.
But the next moment, Zhu Qing’an’s face changed slightly.

The clothes he was wearing now were different from the ones he wore in reality.

He was wearing a cat ear outfit that was more …… than the previous rabbit ear outfit.

Zhu Qing’an blushed.

Qin Hengyi had long seen the teenager’s outfit, but he didn’t mention it.
He came here for a trip, and deliberately wore this kind of clothes to please him.
Too simple, too ignorant ……
It was dangerous for him to dress this way.

  Zhu Qing’an didn’t know the scraps loaded in the man’s head, he tilted his head: “Mr. Qin, if there’s nothing, I will leave first ……”

Fearing that the other party would not agree, he muttered again, “I’ll make you something delicious next time. Mr. Qin.”

The cat ears on the top of his head twitched as he spoke.

He was a very good and well-behaved kitten ……
Qin Hengyi thought.


After Zhu Qing’an left.
Qin Hengyi’s heart was still unbalanced, nagging at the thought of someone confessing to Zhu Qing’an.

The screen embedded in the pink wall lit up.
[A new item has been stationed in the Love Mall.]

Have you ever been curious about your lover’s real life and worried about your lover’s human interaction in reality?
The mall has launched a product for this purpose – ‘silent guardianship’ priced at 500,000 interstellar coins an hour.
[Silent Guardian: enables you to log on to the Imperial Network and chat, play games, and Karaoke with your lover on the network in another identity ……]

Qin Hengyi’s expression didn’t change as he moved his finger.

【Ding – you spent one million interstellar coins, bought the duration of two hours of ‘silent guardianship!]

The text disappeared and was replaced by a singing forum page.
This was where Zhu Qing’an tried to find someone to teach him.

[QAQ Looking for someone to teach me to sing, can pay tuition!! Anyone who’s interested can private message!]

[You can try to teach your lover to sing. According to the system detection, you were very interested in singing before you lost your memory, and you have a deep singing background, so you can completely serve as a teacher.]
Under the text, there was also a picture.
Empire 5S level singer examination certificate, obtained by Qin Hengyi.

Qin Hengyi: “……”
He wasn’t sure what kind of person he was before he lost his memory, and he wasn’t really interested.

Right now, he just wanted to tease him.

He poked Zhu Qing’an’s forum avatar, jumped to the private message page, and sent a message.
[Anonymous: Kid, I can teach you to sing.]
  Zhu Qing’an got out of the holographic game.
He saw his clothes change back to the familiar white clothes and black pants and let out a sigh of relief.

Zhu Qing’an’s cheeks went red.
He washed his face with cold water, then turned back to the forum to see if anyone had replied to his post.

In fact, he didn’t hold much hope for this.
There were so many great singers in the forum, singing a song could earn them hundreds of thousands of coins in a second. Who would take the time to teach a newcomer who could only pay a little tuition?

But surprisingly –
He received a private message.
[Anonymous: Kid, I can teach you to sing.]

Someone agreed to teach him how to sing!

Zhou Qing’an didn’t hesitate, he immediately replied to this anonymous person. He was afraid that the other party would run away.

[Strawberry cupcake: Oh! Miss, you want to teach me to sing? Thank you!]

The other party quickly replied.
[Anonymous: Hmm. Why do you want to sing?]

Zhou Qing’an happily told the truth.
[Strawberry Shortcake: I have to participate in a singing talent show, but I currently …… can’t sing at all. So I would like to find someone to mention it. I can pay tuition.]

Qin Hengyi within the game, looking at the words sent by Zhu Qing’an.
He frowned.

He didn’t understand what Zhu Qing’an, who had the ID of “Strawberry Shortcake”, was talking about when he said “talent show”.
But he could tell that the other party was suffering from singing-related difficulties.
A livestock farmer, for no good reason, how could he go singing?

Qin Hengyi shook his head helplessly.
However, he also wanted to hear the song sung by the child with that soft voice.
It must be lovely ……

Qin Hengyi returned the message.
[Anonymous: No need to pay tuition, I’ll teach you for free. Also, I’m not a lady.]

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