C61— Kill That Gentleman 24

Sang Xinghe unfolded the iron fan in his hand, blocking the long whip thrown by Yu Ci, and the next moment, his iron fan was wrapped around Yu Ci’s long whip and couldn’t be pulled. He smiled contemptuously at the sight, and slapped his palm at Sang Xinghe’s chest.


Shen Jue’s pupils dilated as he watched this scene. No, he couldn’t let Sang Xinghe die. He wanted to run over, but He Qiuying had a death grip on his arm. He Quying seemed to be deliberately sitting back and watching the dragon and tiger fight.


“Stop!” Shen Jue, anxious in his heart, finally shouted out.


His voice, which hadn’t been heard in a long time, was hoarse and not at all pleasant.


When Yu Ci heard the voice, he paused, then turned back to look at Shen Jue.


And the next moment, he spat out a mouthful of blood.


The young man who stabbed him froze, he didn’t think he could actually hurt him, and he soon had excitement in his eyes and pulled his sword out, this time he was going to stab him directly in the heart, but before he could, he was knocked away with a slap.


The right protector came down from the sky, his palm knocked away the sneak attacker, when those people saw the right protector raging, they couldn’t help being scared, they moved back a step, and the right protector quickly grabbed the arm of Yu Ci, pulling him to escape.


He Qiuying didn’t expect the right protector to appear, a trace of gloom flashed across his face, he let go of Shen Jue and immediately led his men to chase after him. When those martial arts sects at the banquet saw that he had fled, they knew that today was the best day to kill him, and if they missed today, the day would come when he would seek revenge.


Sang Xinghe stopped, he looked at Shen Jue for a while, reached out, and took the iron fan on the ground into his hand, before slowly walking towards the other side.


He walked up to Shen Jue and examined the injury on his arm before reaching out and touching his face, “I remember this isn’t your face, is it a disguise?”


Shen Jue tilted his head slightly, avoiding Sang Xinghe’s hand. He didn’t answer Sang Xinghe, but inclined his head to look at the wound on his arm, the small knife still left in it. He thought for a moment and reached out to pull the knife out.


“Don’t.” Sang Xinghe hurriedly grabbed Shen Jue’s hand that was reaching for the knife, “There’s a doctor here, it’s better to let the doctor take care of it.”




The doctor carefully examined the injury on Shen Jue’s arm, and his initially gloomy expression loosened up a lot, “Fortunately, the knife avoided the tendons, it just looks rather scary, but it should be well taken care of.” After saying that, he was ready to take the knife out.


Sang Xinghe saw that Shen Jue’s lips were pale, so he couldn’t help but say, “Is there any medicine for pain?”


The doctor thought for a moment, “There is a medicine from the Heavenly Fairy, it can stop the pain, the nunnery also has it, but that medicine is rare, very ……”


Sang Xinghe sniffed and directly interrupted the doctor, “It’s okay, use it directly, his body is weak, taking out the knife will be painful.”


The doctor had to nod and he went to fetch the medicine, before he left, he urged Shen Jue not to move around.


The wound on Shen Jue’s arm was still bleeding, blood stained most of his sleeve, and it looked appalling. Witnessing all this, Sang Xinghe suddenly grabbed a handful of wedding candy from the table.


Sang Xinghe had brought him to this room, Shen Jue saw red everywhere in the room, with wine and dragon and phoenix candles on the table, so he guessed that this might be Sang Xinghe’s wedding room.


“Have some candy.” Sang Xinghe sat down next to Shen Jue as he peeled the candy paper off a candy, “I used to eat candy when I was injured, it felt like it didn’t hurt as much when I ate it.”


Shen Jue looked at the candy lying round in the colored paper and hesitated, but reached out with his uninjured hand to pick up the candy and stuff it into his mouth.


The sweetness spread instantly on his tongue, and even Shen Jue could not help but curl his lips.


When he was young, his master, the old master Chiyan, always coaxed him with candy, but after his teeth began to ache, the master stopped giving him candy and ordered his fellow brothers not to give him candy in private, at that time Shen Jue was angry, and later he learned that the master did so because his fine teeth had almost turned into bad, he only remembered the sweet taste of candy, forgetting the painful nights when he couldn’t sleep and cried out.


Master had forcibly given Shen Jue to give up candy, and by the time Shen Jue was old enough to buy his own candy, he had forgotten what it felt like to eat candy as a young child, so he never went out of his way to buy it.


Sang Xinghe had hardly ever seen Shen Jue smile, as he curled his lips slightly, his eyes couldn’t help but become more gentle, “Like it? There’s plenty more here.” Saying that, he was going to continue unwrapping the candies.


But Shen Jue gently shook his head.

Seeing this, Sang Xinghe had to stop, he put the candies aside and thought for a moment, but was ready to talk to Shen Jue to distract him, “Is your throat better?”


Shen Jue nodded his head.


Sang Xinghe smiled gently, “Then can you tell me your name?”


The question was asked but not answered, Sang Xinghe wasn’t angry and said gently, “It’s okay if you don’t want to tell me, write it down for me?”


Shen Jue was silent again.


Sang Xinghe let out a sound, “If you don’t tell me your name, then what should I call you?” As he said this, a nice smile spread out at the corners of his lips, “Or should I pick one for you?”


Shen Jue’s eyes dropped, the sweet taste of candy still lingering in his mouth, and the sound of Sang Xinghe’s chattering voice in his ears. He thought for a moment and then suddenly spoke, “Where is your bride?”


Sang Xinghe paused, and only after a moment did he say, “Are you talking about the junior brother who faked a marriage with me today?”


“Little sister.” Shen Jue lifted his head to look at Sang Xinghe.


Sang Xinghe heard Shen Jue say those words, “Little sister? She should be in her room, right?” He said no more after this sentence, which made Shen Jue frown, and by this time the doctor had already returned.


Shen Jue wanted to know what was going on between Sang Xinghe and his little sister, but Sang Xinghe didn’t seem ready to tell him clearly, which made Shen Jue a little annoyed, and even after the wound was treated, Shen Jue was still frowning, and anyone who looked could see that he had a sullen look on his face.


Sang Xinghe pretended he didn’t see it, and only said to the doctor, “Doctor, he has a disguise on his face, I wonder if you can remove it?”


The doctor nodded and took some time to remove the disguise from Shen Jue’s face. After removing the disguise, the doctor took a sharp breath, “This child is too handsome, isn’t he?


It was the first time that Sang Xinghe had seen Shen Jue’s face clearly, but he was obviously much calmer than the doctor’s amazement, “Naturally, I’m a roughneck who can’t compete with Xiao Jue.”


Xiao Jue?


Shen Jue couldn’t help but look at Sang Xinghe, he knew his name?


The doctor gave a tsk, “This is the first time I’ve seen you compare yourself with someone, you should keep a close eye on this child, he’ll be tied up on the road in broad daylight.” In the end, he couldn’t resist reaching out to pinch Shen Jue’s face, but before he could touch it, he was stopped by Sang Xinghe.


“Sorry, he’s afraid of being touched.” Sang Xinghe had an apologetic face.


The doctor sniffed and withdrew his hand awkwardly, and before he left he took a hard look at Shen Jue’s face.


Outsiders didn’t know Sang Xinghe, but he had grown up watching him. This child looked mild and polite on the outside, but was really bad, he was particularly protective of food, as a child, no one could stop him, looking at him eat was really scary.


During lunch, there was a big pot of rice, the people in front got more meat, the people at the back wouldn’t get much, Sang Xinghe got meat in every meal and also ate a lot. There was an older disciple teasing Sang Xinghe, he tried to take the meat in Sang Xinghe’s bowl, the result was that the still small Sang Xinghe head-butted him and his nose started bleeding, but before he had time to get angry, Sang Xinghe held the bowl and ran away.


Later, after Sang Xinghe grew to a teenager, he seemed to have changed and became a humble disciple, he was the last to eat every time. But the doctor understood that a person’s personality couldn’t be changed, it was just a disguise, but unfortunately, others couldn’t see through Sang Xinghe’s disguise.


The doctor regrettably rubbed his fingers and sighed deeply.




After the doctor left, Sang Xinghe looked at Shen Jue and said, “Your clothes are dirty, why don’t you bathe first and have your meal later.”


Shen Jue also wanted to bathe, so he nodded his head, then Sang Xinghe added, “Your hand is injured, you can’t touch the water, why don’t I help you?”


His words were righteous, and even his eyes were very proper.


Shen Jue was a little tired, so he agreed to Sang Xinghe’s help. Because he couldn’t get wet, Shen Jue stood outside the tub while Sang Xinghe poured water on him with a ladle and wiped him with a wet towel. As he bathed, Shen Jue hung his head slightly, his hair tied in a knot with a hairband, but some bits and pieces of his long hair drifted down, and he felt a little itchy, so he reached out to grab them.


Sang Xinghe caught a glimpse of his movement and quickly said, “I’ll help you.”


Shen Jue smiled and dropped his hand again.


Sang Xinghe put down the water scoop and reached out to help Shen Jue grab the hair, but the hair was wet with water and stuck to his neck, so Sang Xinghe’s fingertips touched Shen Jue’s skin, and when they did, he swallowed nervously. When Shen Jue saw that he hadn’t done it, he was a bit disgusted with Sang Xinghe, so he lowered his head and simply did it himself.


Sang Xinghe pursed his lips, smiled helplessly, and could only pick up the ladle again.


After the bath, it was getting late at night. Sang Xinghe brought Shen Jue back to the room where he had been, and by now there was some hot food on the table.


“Eat first, I’ll go out for a while.” When they came out of the bathing room, a man dressed as a disciple stood not far away and gestured to Sang Xinghe, Shen Jue thought it had something to do with Yu Ci.


He had escaped, but he didn’t know if he had been caught.


If he was caught, he would have to die, but if he wasn’t, his injuries would take a long time to heal, and he wouldn’t be able to return to the Ten Extremities Island, which was already under the control of He Qiuying.


Shen Jue only thought about it for a moment and then decided not to think about it, whether he was dead or alive didn’t mean much to him, as long as Sang Xinghe didn’t die in his hands. He looked down at the table of food and then silently glanced at his injured right hand.


Shen Jue struggled to eat with his left hand and hadn’t eaten much when there was a sudden knock on the door.


“Eldest Brother, are you there?” A female voice rang out from outside.


Shen Jue immediately turned his head at the sound of the voice, the door was pushed open and a head popped in.


The owner of the head caught a glimpse of Shen Jue sitting at the table, and the two of them looked at each other, but finally, it was the one outside the door who opened her mouth first, “I think I’ve seen you somewhere before.” Her eyes rolled around, obviously recalling something. After a while, she let out an ah, “Right, on the painting, eh, on the painting you were wearing a woman’s clothes ah.”

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