Before, his fans and the netizens didn’t suspect Shi Fei, mainly because he had never played the guitar in public, even in the “strongest idol”, such a competitive program, he didn’t reveal a hint, people also didn’t think in that direction.

Now when the video of Shi Fei playing guitar on the street came out, fans and netizens all transformed into Sherlock Holmes.

The fans had a saying, their own idols, no matter which part was screenshotted out, they could find it, that was the power of the star-struck girl ah.

There were people who believed that Shi Fei waa gary, and there were also people who believed that Shi Fei was faking it.

“There are a lot of people who can play guitar in this world, why is it that Shi Fei is gary for playing a guitar.”

“For popularity, he quit the show, so naturally has to find a way to keep his popularity.”

“Gary is a great power in the guitar world. Shi Fei just played a song and wants to pretend to be Gary. What a joke.”

“The song he played “Redemption” is not difficult, I can also play it, so am I also Gary?”

“Remove our Gary, please go away, don’t come and take advantage of his fame.”

At first, it was Shi Fei’s fans who speculated about the fact that Shi Fei was Gary, and some of the Gary fans were not convinced and disliked him, but the situation was good. After all, hisbfans didn’t go around promoting it, they just speculated amongst themselves.

Soon suddenly there were people insulting Shi Fei, thinking he was trying to take advantage of Gary’s fame, some people hired water armies to attack Shi Fei.

Many netizens who didn’t know the truth were manipulated into thinking that it was Shi Fei that was trying to shamelessly take advantage.

When Wu Ziqiang saw those topics on the internet, the anger he had been holding all day was finally released slightly, he immediately instructed his assistant, “Go contact some marketing agencies and water armies that they usually had business dealings again, this time we are bound to make Shi Fei pay the price.” Even if this kind of thing couldn’t hit him to the bottom at once, at least it would pick off a layer of his skin.

After it happens a few more times, Shi Fei’s popularity will be gone, when people talked about him, the only thing left would be only disgust.

Wu Ziqiang regarded Shi Fei as a thorn in his flesh.

The assistant was a bit worried: “Director Wu, what if Shi Fei is really Gary?”

Wu Ziqiang said angrily: “Those fans look at people with a filter, do you also have a filter? There are so many people who can play the guitar under the sky, everyone is gary.”

The assistant thought about it and thought it was true, how could there be such a coincidence, but also Gary’s fan base made him a first-tier star, if the two really were same person, him coming to the competition didn’t make sense.

The assistant smashed another amount of money down and hired more water armies.

The fans of Shi Fei hurriedly organised a support group, Jiang Yu also joined the battle, his combat power was comparable to a group.

The first group of the East China Region’s water army control group.

‘Shi Fei’s wife’: “No, the enemy’s firepower is too fierce, we can’t even defend a little?”

‘That year the flowers fell on the heart of Brother Fei’: “I quickly went to find information, Brother Fei has just retired from the competition, obviously someone is messing with Brother Fei, we must stabilise this wave ah.”

‘Fire in the corn’: “The number of enemy troops is too much, we do not have enough people to guard the city, if this continues Brother Fei will be affected, I’ll go find someone.”

Jiang Yu, who was typing, jumped up and turned to Ling Xia for help, “Sister Ling, we can’t hold on anymore, how can I contact the water army? You can give me their contact information.”

Wasn’t it just a matter of buying water armies? He, Jiang Yu, had money, he could also buy.

Ling Xia took a big red nail polish and started painted her nails. She glanced at the online war situation and said, “This is the action of Star Media. Shi Fei hit the program group this time, which is equivalent to hitting Star Media and Wu Ziqiang in the face. That arrogant man will not let him go. I am afraid that he will be eyeing him in the future. If he finally finds the opportunity, he will definitely push him to his death. ”

These kind of comments weren’t usually a big deal, in two days it would be over.

But now it was getting bigger and bigger, the unknowing netizens would only think that it was Shi Fei’s handwork.

“That’s why I asked you to give me the contact information of the water army ah? I’ll buy a water army to press back.” Jiang Yu said angrily, he cursed the company for the Nth time, garbage company, sooner or later he’d clean them up.

“The other side buys a water army, you also buying water army will stir up the internet. A company wouldn’t care about this, but Shi Fei is an artist, the netizens will only put this incident on his head. You’re not helping him, you’re hurting him.”

“Then what do I do ah? Sister Ling, don’t paint your nails, give me some ideas.”

“Dior’s latest collection of lipsticks is out.” Ling Xia said slowly.

“No problem, I’ll buy you every colour of the whole series.” Jiang Yu said boldly, “Quickly tell us what to do.” As long as the problem could be solved by money, it was a small problem.

The corners of Ling Xia’s mouth rose slightly as she continued to paint her naols, “Shi Fei may not even know about this yet, so tell him about it directly, I’m sure he’ll know what to do.”

Jiang Yu: “…… ah?” I paid for this sentence?

With a skeptical attitude, Jiang Yu dialed Shi Fei’s phone number.

At this time, after separating from Shen Qingran and the others, Shi Fei took He Xiaobei and the three of them to a company owned by a friend.

When he received Jiang Yu’s call, they were standing at the entrance of the company. Jiang Yu told him about the online incident, and Shi Fei replied, “Okay, I know now.”

He Xiaobei looked at the entrance of the company and asked, “Brother Fei, are we going in now?”

“Just wait.” After hanging up the phone, Shi Fei looked at He Xiaobei and said, “Xiaobei, borrow me your guitar for a while, I need to broadcast live.”

Although He Xiaobei didn’t understand why Shi Fei suddenly wanted to broadcast live, he still cooperated and handed him the guitar.

Yu Zixing and Wu Yan both stood at the side, Wu Yan asked, “Do you need us to do anything?”

“Just get my phone for me to broadcast live. I’ll log in to my account first.” Shi Fei clicked on the Gary douyin account, which had not been logged in for almost a year, it was too long since he logged in, the password was forgotten, and it took some time to retrieve it.

He was ready to go live in front of the company with Wu Yan holding it up.

Gary had only posted three videos since he opened an account on douyin, the last one was a year ago, and because of his superb guitar playing skills, his douyin fan count was up to ten million.

Many people who received the message alert on their phones, almost thought they had read it wrong.

One by one, they clicked on it with curiosity and actually really saw the revitalized account come back to life.

“Oh my god, I want to cry, I knew I couldn’t possibly mistake Shi Fei’s hand, he really is Gary.”

“Being alive for so long, I’ve seen a lot, my mother asked me why I kneeled in front of the computer, it’s because my legs are soft, I can’t stand up.”

“My husband is Gary, I want to cry, go call the fans, front row.jpg.”

“Whether Shi Fei is not Gary, I actually don’t care, as long as I can lick the face on the screen.”

“Although a little surprised by Gary’s identity, I’m still very happy to see him live, sending a rocket.”

The popularity of the live room went from a few thousand to tens of thousands and then to more than a hundred thousand, it soon passed a million, and was still going up.

The gifts in the live room accumulated like crazy.

Shi Fei casually found a piece of Stone to sit down. He tuned the acoustic guitar in front of the camera and said, “I’m Shi Fei and Gary, there are some things I didn’t feel the need to publicise too much. When I first uploaded the video in Douyin, like everyone else, it was just for fun, and I didn’t think that there would be so many netizens who would like me. The reason I didn’t upload any more videos later was that there were too many things going on, and I didn’t think that one day my fans would be attacked because of this.”

After the guitar was tuned, Shi Fei looked up at the camera, revealing a handsome smile and said: “I’ve let my fans suffer, this original “I want you” is for my fans, but also for friends who like me, I hope that everyone listening to the music, can stop the online strife. ”

Shi Fei’s slender white fingers strummed the strings and a smooth and pleasant guitar sound rang out.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh I finally saw Gary playing live in my lifetime, I’m ready to record the screen.”

“I feel like I’m learning a fake guitar compared to Brother Fei, is it because of the hands? Brother Fei, can I borrow a hand?”

“This is it, ahhhhhhhhhhh I’m satisfied, I can die in place.”

“Oh my god, I’m going to join Shi Fei’s fan group, Shi Fei spoils his fans, people were scolding him online, he went live to hit their faces.”

“Worship big brother, lick the hand, fan benefits.”

“Such a good start. My whole body is crispy.”

“Just asking those who scolded Shi Fei for using gary’s fame, does their faces hurt?”

“He is taking advantage of his own popularity, 6666.” [TN: 6666- awesome/cool]

#ShiFeiisgary quickly spread on the Internet, hearing the news, netizens and fans continued to rush over, the popularity of the live room continued to rise, from a few million into tens of millions.

The live session scampered to the first place of Douyin’s daily live popularity, surpassing many of the anchors.

Jiang Yu was lying on the sofa, looking at the live broadcast room as Shi Fei played, he listenef to the charming and pleasant sound of the guitar in his ears, he shook his head as he enjoyed it.

“Master is too strong, before I thought it was his fans having fun, I didn’t think he really was Gary, worthy of being my master.” Jiang Yu said with excitement, “No, I want to learn guitar with my master, my guitar teacher’s level seems to be not good.”

Ling Qing was taking the dryer to dry the nail polish on her fingers, it was a little surprising but not too surprising that Shi Fei was Gary.

After all, he was not only Shi Fei, he was also the master of the only person in China to take the Grammy Award, Shen Qing Ran, but also a gold medal lyricist.

Jiang Yu’s side was happy, but some people were not happy.

Wu Ziqiang stared at the live broadcast room in disbelief, and still didn’t understand it. At this time, Shi Fei really was gary. Wasn’t he being deluded by his fans? How could it really be true?

What was wrong with Shi Fei? Participating in the program didn’t promote his specialty at all.

He ran to the beauty track, yet he had experience writing songs for Frank but didn’t say anything, if not the song being plagiarized by Zhuang Xinran, they wouldn’t have found out.

Playing the guitar was awesome, after so many episodes, he had never seen him take the guitar once. Was this person’s brain normal?

He didn’t care about popularity? So many excellent skills, how many fans could he have gotten?

Well, even when he didn’t show these skills, his face made him the most popular, and he sang well.

At such a thought, Wu Ziqiang got angry after remembering he didn’t sign him, which made him feel even worse. Such a good cash cow had such a bad temper.

This kind of person no matter which company he was in, casually packaging him would be a big hit, if he became famous, he would be their company’s enemy, he had to destroy him.

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