So much news were put out in one night, and after one night, the discussion levels on Weibo was still very high.

Wu Ziqiang’s face hadn’t been good since last night.

Because of Shi Fei, the “Strongest Idol” program was ruined, things had become such a mess, their reputation was gone, and the contestants were quiting, how could they compete?

The remaining few that were signed by Star Media, Zhuang Xinran was completely ruined. Several other people who could have been popular now were affected.

Wu Ziqiang was also scolded by the top management. This time, their company also invested in this program, in order to add some newcomers, but it ended terribly.

Wu Ziqiang wasn’t demoted because of his past achievements, but was fined.

After arriving at the office in the morning, the first thing Wu Ziqiang did was to say that he wanted to block Shi Fei, He Xiaobei, Yu Zixing, and Wu Yan.

The four people who were blocked at this time were all standing in front of a breakfast restaurant with their suitcases in hand, as their mouths watered.

He Xiaobei touched his stomach, “So hungry ah.”

Yu Zixing: “I feel like I’m going to starve to the seventh heaven.”

Shi Fei’s eyes were dull: “How can we be so miserable, at least now we’re on the hot search list, yet we can’t even afford to eat breakfast.”

Wu Yan’s eyes stared at the delicious steamed stuffed bun and he didn’t talk, but the corners of his mouth showed his state of mind.

Shi Fei looked at several people next to him and asked, “Do you … have no money at all?” Are we so miserable? “

Last night, the four of them took advantage of the chaos and left with their luggage, Shi Fei dragging the entire show team down by himself, was something worth celebrating.

As a result, his cell phone was stolen, it was a miracle that they could steal it from Shi Fei.

Last night the four of them slept on a park bench, their way of celebrating was a bit too miserable.

Yu Zixing said: “My dad said that he wouldn’t give me money when I turned 18 years old. I participated in this talent show because I heard that I can earn a lot of money after a successful debut.” Now it seemed that there was no hope.

He Xiaobei asked, “How about I make a phone call back to my sister?”

He Xiaobei was the youngest in the family, he had three older sisters, one was more powerful than the other, and that was what made him so gentle.

“Forget it, if you call, you’ll have to go back.” Shi Fei shook his head, He Xiaobei’s family pressed him not to come out to sing, they thought it had no future.

Yu Zixing’s stomach grumbled, he slyly looked at Shi Fei and said: “Shi Fei, how about you go sell yourself?”

Shi Fei glared at him, “You go sell yourself, I’ll sell you to Star media first.”

It was really hard to believe that the four of them were so miserable together, they couldn’t even afford breakfast.

Wu Yan thought about it and finally looked like he had made a difficult decision and confessed, “Actually, I still have a little money in my pocket.”

The three people looked at Wu Yan in unison, wanting to poke holes into him.

Wu Yan struggled for a while, he checked his body, but he didn’t know where he hid the money. After a long time, he finally found the crumpled money from the innermost pocket of his clothes.

…… five.

The corners of Shi Fei’s mouth twitched, and he suspiciously asked: “The money isn’t this five yuan, right?”

Wu Yan nodded seriously and said, “Well, this is all I have.”

Shi Fei had a bit of a breakdown. He took away three rare babies from the program group yet they were broke.

“I won’t take care of your meals in future.” Was it too late to send them back to the show?

Finally, with that five yuan, they bought ten steamed buns, the four people quickly divided the ten steamed buns.

After eating breakfast the four decided to go sell their art to earn money.

“I’m not going, I’m the one with an idol’s burden.” They proposed to go to the subway to play guitar and sing, “I’m not like you guys, my phone was stolen, I’m going to get my phone back.”

Shi Fei said as he was about to open his suitcase to take out his laptop and track his phone’s location.

“You think you’re now very popular ah.” The crowd simply didn’t give Shi Fei the opportunity to touch the laptop and forcibly pulled him to perform.

People came and went on the subway, everyone was in a hurry to catch the morning peak to work.

“That, actually I think we have other options.” When they arrived at the subway station, Shi Fei’s feet wouldn’t move.

“You just ate my steamed bun, it was soft.” Wu Yan, who was usually quiet added.

Shi Fei was very speechless, in fact, it wasn’t really necessary to perform, there were many ways to make money.

Forget it, this group of people who hadn’t seen the world, probably could think of only this trick.

Shi Fei and the others were now considered a little famous, so they didn’t forget to wear hats and masks as disguises.

Originally their proposal was to let Shi Fei sing, He Xiaobei play guitar accompaniment, Wu Yan would dance on the side and Yu Zixing could sing the chorus.

Shi Fei decisively refused, the focus was always on the lead singer, and he also had to take off his mask, so he switched with He Xiaobei.

This was the first time that they, besides He Xiaobei, found out that Shi Fei could play the guitar.

The song they chose to sing was “Redemption”, a song previously sung by He Xiaobei during the competition, suitable for the morning work inspiration.

Shi Fei played the guitar very well, with a smooth approach. He Xiaobei took off his mask because he had to sing, his hat was pressed down low, and his singing voice was very steady.

Wu Yan’s dancing skills were very strong, so impromptu dancing wasn’t a problem for him.

After two songs, they were recognized.

“You are ……” suddenly one girl dropped her suspicious gaze on He Xiaobei’s body.

Scared, he hurriedly denied: “No, I’m not He Xiaobei.”

The girl was only suspicious, but all of a sudden it was confirmed, she screamed excitedly: “It’s really you He Xiaobei, ah ah ah ah I like you, I super like you, especially when you sang that “fairy tale town”, I heard that you quit the “strongest idol” program, really? Is it really true that you won’t compete in the future?”

The girl spoke excitedly, and then her eyes caught the one playing the guitar next to her, “You’re …… Shi Fei, right?”

With the girl’s shout, more and more people next to her began to gather over, Wu Yan and Yu Zixing were also recognized by people one after another.

When Shi Fei saw this, without saying a word, he carried the guitar case and shouted, “Run ah, you guys are still frozen doing what.”

Did they have to sing on the subway? If people watched the show, they would be recognized.

The subway was crowded, so if they stayed a while longer they wouldn’t be able to get out of the subway station.

After running for a while, the four people ran out of the subway station, ran into an alley, and finally got rid of the people.

Finally, the four looked at each other and laughed, they didn’t earn much, but they ran a lot.

When the four sneaked out of the alley, they saw a white RV parked in front of them.

A person wearing a white sweatshirt and black straight pants underneath got out of the car, and once he saw Shi Fei, he excitedly went forward and wanted to hug him, “Master ……”

Shi Fei reached out to block his face, and forcibly moved his body to the side, “We’re on the street, don’t hug me, I don’t want to be on the headlines again.”

The three people behind him, such as He Xiaobei, looked at Jiang Yu, who asked for a hug and was rejected, and wondered if Mr. Jiang Yu’s style was like this?

Wasn’t he still very serious when he was on the show before? And how did he find his way here?

At this time another person came down from the car, wearing a pink and white patchwork shirt on top and casual beige pants on the bottom, a clear and gentle face stood in the sunlight with a gentle smile at the corners of his mouth, and softly said, “Master.”

Back row Yu Zixing, He Xiaobei, Wu Yan, Yu Zixing asked in a whisper, “Am I blind, I think I see Shen Qingran.”

Wu Yan was puzzled: “I think my ears are still out of order, I heard him call Shi Fei ‘Master’?”

He Xiaobei thought about it and said, “It should be Shi Fei he said, we must have misheard, but he seems to be the real Shen Qingran.”

“You’re here.” Shi Fei put away the smile on his face, it seemed like it was time for the fun and games to end.

Jiang Yu pursed his lips, how come Master didn’t look at him more than twice, wasn’t he the prettiest person on this street?

“Get in the car first.” When he had finished speaking, he took the lead and got into the van. There were more of them now. They looked too eye catching together.

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