“What does this ‘entertainment gossip sauce’ mean? What’s wrong with them?  Do they have to be involved in everything? Hurry up and contact him, pay him to delete the Weibo post.” Teng Haining covered the back of his head, feeling a headache.

These days, it was one thing after another, the issue hadn’t been fully solved yet another one popped up.

Things had come to this, Teng Haining felt he knew how to run the show, he didn’t expect it to turn out this way.

Originally, when the four withdrew from the competition, it was enough to affect the entire show’s later competition, he wanted to force them back by mentioning that they were bound by contract, he didn’t expect this ‘entertainment gossip sauce’ to come out and intervene.

All of these things were led out by Shi Fei, if he saw Shi Fei, Teng Haining wanted to tear apart his skin and tendons.

“I’m afraid it’s not easy to solve, I heard this person is very stubborn, he doesn’t make deals.” The staff whispered.

“Then you have to try ah, contact him ah.” Teng Haining shouted in annoyance: “If he refuses to delete the post, send a lawyer Han to warn him.”

At this point, Teng Haining also knew that sending a lawyer to give a warning wasn’t really useful.

“Okay. I’ll hurry and have someone contact him.” The staff immediately left, just as he rushed to the door, he bumped into Liang Wei.

Liang Wei didn’t care about the pain, he hurriedly got up from the ground and said anxiously: “Director Teng, not good.”

“What’s wrong again?” Teng Haining’s brain was bursting, things had become so bad, what could be worse than this?

“Just now Jiang Yu sent out a post saying that he resigned from his position as the star promoter of “The Strongest Idol”. He Lulu also reposted that she had also resigned as a star promoter. This has already exploded on Weibo.”

Teng Haining’s body staggered for a moment, and he almost fell.

He frantically opened Weibo to check, and then found that his page couldn’t open.

Under the waves of attacks, Weibo collapsed.

The little brother of Weibo’s programming team was sitting in front of his computer maintaining the system, and inwardly cursed “The strongest idol” back and forth N times.

 Wasn’t it a good idea to run a talent show? Doing so many tricks caused him to work overtime all night, he touched his hairline and felt distressed.

He spent almost an hour to finally maintain Weibo, then ‘entertainment gossip sauce’ put out a fierce video: [you want the truth, here.]

Teng Haining’s lawyer Han hadn’t yet sent the warning to ‘entertainment gossip sauce’. Their previous post made people scold him for exposing the truth without evidence, this time after Weibo’s system was repaired, the evidence was posted.

The video content showed the corridor of the dormitory, as Shi Fei was forcibly moved to the last small room, and then it was fast-forwarded, they could see that Shi Fei stayed there until the seventh day. This kind of confirmed what ‘entertainment gossip sauce’ said before, that Shi Fei was confined to restrict his freedom.

“F*ck, I was skeptical about the confinement that ‘Entertainment Gossip Sauce’ said before, but I didn’t think it was true.”

“This show is really disgusting, there is such a bully?”

“What did he do wrong, why should he be confined, the program team should go to hell.”

“Shi Fei is a good man with a good and kind heart. Who are they? He shouldn’t have been treated like this.”

“The show’s posts really makes me scared and disgusted, they still have the nerve to issue a statement accusing Shi Fei, how can they be so shameless?”

“Brother Fei came clean, and he sprinkled dirty water on everyone after he left.”

“Everyone. Take a look at the picture below. This person is the chief director of “The Strongest Idol”, and he’s the one who did all this.”

Someone found the photo of Teng Haining and posted it on his Weibo. Many people rushed to the bottom of Teng Haining’s Weibo page and cursed all eighteenth generations of his ancestors.

The angry netizens couldn’t remember anything about politeness. As for the official page of “The Strongest Idol”, it had already fallen.

Teng Haining had no choice, he finally closed the comment function on his Weibo page .

It wasn’t over yet. The “Entertainment Gossip Sauce” really posted evidence one after another. Half an hour after the previous post, they released two more recordings.

In the first recording, Teng Haining and Wu Ziqiang talked to Shi Fei and asked him to sign the company contract.

[Sure enough, you are still young, do you really think there will be so much fairness when you come out? If it weren’t for Star Media seeing that you have potential, based on the things you did yesterday, your name would have definitely be included in the next elimination spot. ]

[Fans play on the rankings, the background is still in our hands, wanting to modify the data would take only a matter of minutes, do you think you can rely on the fans to the end? ]

The quality of the recording was very clear. The dialogue among them was very clear. The content of the dialogue directly angered all the star-chasing girls.

Maybe it was only Shi Fei’s fans who were complaining before, and most passersby couldn’t understand the approach of the program group.

The fans of other players who hadn’t quit didn’t join the fight. After all, their idol was still on the show.

As a result, when this recording came out, the fans of all the players unanimously joined hands, the recording touched the bottom line of the star-chasing girls.

   “It’s up to you who is the first and the second. Then you can just announce it yourself. They were letting fans vote and waste money?”

“I saved my money every day to buy milk to vote, and you’re telling me that the ranking is all up to you? Garbage program, refund my voting money.”

“Using one hand to cover the sky, yet cheating fans of their money.”

“Are all capitalists so shameless? Your circle is really chaotic.”

“Originally I really liked this show, now I’m  really disgusted at the thought, I pity those little brothers who are dreaming, so they were being used for profit

Compared to the first recording, the second recording was more explosive, the content was after the live broadcast, Shi Fei informed them that the song was his, Zhuang Xinran’s pleading voice, and Teng Haining actually wanted to protect Zhuang Xinran, and shamelessly proposed that the song could be Zhuang Xinran’s.

The netizens’ three views were really refreshed again and again.

“F*ck, Teng Haining really dared to mention this ah, this kind of opinion, why can’t he go to death?”

“Zhuang Xinran, this white lotus flower, plagiarizing other people’s work yet he still has the nerve to ask for Shi Fei’s forgiveness, this kind of person is really not worthy of being human.”

“Chu Yuefei is also not a good person, before the shady promotion, he ignored Zhuang Xinran’s bad singing, really disgusting.”

“At that time He Lulu also voted for Zhuang Xinran to advance, the woman isn’t good either.”

“Upstairs, you can curse people, but don’t bring the goddess Lulu, she’s just a newcomer, the program team engaged in shady deals, of course she couldn’t resist.”

“He Lulu wasn’t able to resist, Chu Yuefei, an old-timer, wasn’t forced to do so, it seems that only Jiang Yu was really there to honestly judge from the beginning to the end, others were there to cooperate with the program team to choose the internal champion.”

“No wonder Jiang Yu resigned from his position as a judge, what else is there to continue with this kind of program.”

“Shi Fei is really talented ah, he could make such high-quality song, but I feel the style of this song is a bit like ‘Not Leaving’ ah?”

“Not at all. The ‘Not Leaving’ senior is the lyrical world’s great power, our brother Fei is just a small transparent star forced by the program team.”


#The strongest idol shady

#Jiang Yu resigned from the position of Star Promoter

#Shi Fei withdrew from the competition


Eight of the top ten hot searches were about the show, and five of them were curses.

The thing had become such a mess, that “the strongest idol” reputation had collapsed.

Teng Haining also received a reprimand call from the station, a good large talent show was made like this by him, if not for his years of hard work, the station would have sacked him.

Even if he wasn’t dismissed, him wanting to direct any program in the future was impossible, as for his heart’s desire to direct “Challenge The Limitless”, he directly missed the qualifications of the competition.

As a senior in the music industry and a ghostwriter in the music industry, Chu Yuefei’s good reputation, which he had been maintaining all these years, collapsed today.

He probably didn’t think that the money he got for the shady deal, would put him in such a situation.

As for Zhuang Xinran, after such things as blackmail and plagiarism, he knew that he would never have the opportunity to sing on stage in his life. Because he signed a contract with Star Media, what awaited him was to be snowed out.

And several of them had a common question, those videos, and recordings, where the he*l did they come from?


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