C55– Kill That Gentleman 18

Sang Xinghe took Shen Jue into the house and locked the door before pulling him into the inner room.


“What’s wrong?” He whispered.


Shen Jue glanced at the table that had a brush, ink, paper, and inkstone, and his eyes lit up. It turned out that Sang Xinghe was writing a poem, which was convenient for Shen Jue. Shen Jue rushed over and pulled out a piece of snow-white paper from below, and wrote on it with a brush.


Seeing this, Sang Xinghe couldn’t help but come closer.


“I just heard the island master and the left protector say that they will send you off the island the next day, I don’t want to stay here, can you take me with you?” Shen Jue hastily wrote on it.


When Sang Xinghe saw the words on the paper, his eyes changed slightly, “He wants to let me go? Are you sure?”


Shen Jue wrote, “I think so, the island master has already instructed the left protector.”


Sang Xinghe’s long eyelashes lowered slightly, and the emotions under his eyes were suppressed.


In fact, Shen Jue wasn’t sure he could get Sang Xinghe to take him, or even if Sang Xinghe could take him, he just couldn’t let Sang Xinghe leave like that now.


If he didn’t come to Sang Xinghe tonight, after Sang Xinghe left the island tomorrow, not only would his chances of seeing Sang Xinghe again be slim, but whether he would remember him in the future would be another matter.


Shen Jue saw that Sang Xinghe was silent, his heart was a bit apprehensive, if Sang Xinghe left, all he had done would be undone. Thinking of this, Shen Jue gritted his teeth and knelt down, reaching out and grabbing the other man’s robe, he looked at Sang Xinghe pleadingly.


Sang Xinghe was startled by Shen Jue’s action, he quickly reached out to help Shen Jue, but Shen Jue did not want to get up, he sighed and understood in his heart that Shen Jue wanted an answer from him, “Get up first, I …… can take you away, I will take you away, OK? ” Sang Xinghe half tugged half hugged Shen Jue up from the ground, “First get up and talk.”


Shen Jue mournfully stared at Sang Xinghe, as if the other was his last straw.


Seeing such a gaze, Sang Xinghe pursed his lips, “I’ll help you mention it to the left Guardian tomorrow, and if he agrees, I’ll most likely be able to take you away.”


Shen Jue shook his head and took the pen to write on the paper again, “The island master won’t let me go.”


Sang Xinghe froze for a moment, “Why?”


Shen Jue hesitated before writing, “I don’t know, it’s just that the Island Master said this, I think he’ll kill me, a Celestial Luo body like mine has no value at all on the Ten Extremities Islands, I just want to follow you.”


Sang Xinghe saw that last sentence and his eyes became much more complicated. He had been imprisoned on the Ten Extremities Island for nearly a year, and during that year, he had been unable to contact the outside world and was completely unaware of news about his master, and now that he could go back, he was naturally happy. Shen Jue was actually a burden to him, not to mention, if he could take Shen Jue away, when he returned to the sect, how could he explain to the sect where Shen Jue came from?


Anyone with eyes could tell at a glance that Shen Jue was a Celestial Luo body, and it was almost impossible to let a Celestial Luo body walk around alone.


Although the internal energy of a Celestial Luo body could only be used by those who had broken their bodies, there were some people who purposely kidnapped these beautiful Celestial Luo bodies and sold them to the high-class tea houses. A Celestial Luo body surviving in the world, it was really difficult.


Sang Xinghe felt guilty.


If he let Shen Jue follow him all the time, would the sect be able to tolerate Shen Jue? And would he have to carry Shen Jue with him all the time? If he had a partner later ……


All of these were questions.


But if he left Jue Shen on this island ……


Sang Xinghe felt that Yu Ci wasn’t good to Shen Jue, as evidenced by the fact that he had poisoned Shen Jue’s voice. He felt that he had a sense of responsibility for Shen Jue, who could have found a good person, but was forced to come with him.


Thinking of this, Sang Xinghe’s gaze settled, as if he had made up his mind, “Don’t be afraid, I’ll find a way to help bring you out.”


No sooner had his words fallen, he was embraced.


Shen Jue held him quietly, like he was holding a driftwood in the sea. Sang Xinghe felt the other man’s face pressed against his chest, the mask on his face choked him a little. For some reason, he suddenly wanted to take off the other party’s mask, to see the dependence and gratitude on the other party’s face.


At this time, the door was suddenly kicked open with force, Sang Xinghe raised his eyes to see Yu Ci rushing into the inner room.


His clothes were a bit messy, and the clothes inside were even wet. Yu Ci saw the two embracing each other, his gaze suddenly changed, and the next moment, he glanced at the paper on the desk.


The next moment, he glanced at the paper on the table. When Sang Xinghe noticed his eyes, he hurriedly grabbed the paper first, but now he couldn’t beat Yu Ci and the paper ended up in Yu Ci’s hand. The paper finally fell into his hands, he hastily scanned the words on it, his face gradually sank, and even his eyes became very obscure.


He moved his eyes away from the paper and looked at the two people in front of him.


At this time, Sang Xinghe had already hidden Shen Jue behind him.


Sang Xinghe saw the ugly face of Yu Ci and said with a straight face, “He heard your conversation by accident, don’t blame him, I want to ask you, are you really going to let us go?”


Yu Ci fixedly looked at Sang Xinghe and snorted lightly, his eyes were very cold, “We? Are you talking about you and that sl*t behind you?” He laughed a little, “He told you that I would let you go, but did he tell you why I would let you go?”


Sang Xinghe frowned, “What do you mean?”


“I was going to let you go because I liked the b*tch behind you, but this b*tch heard me and He Qiuying, and ran to you, it’s really interesting ah, so everything was my own imagination, I thought this b*tch liked me, who knew that since he was f*cked by you, he fell in love. The two of you are in love, and I’m just causing trouble.”


Listening to his words, Sang Xinghe frowned.


“Yu Ci, if you want to talk, talk properly, don’t curse.”


“Curse? I don’t just want to scold him now, I really want to kill him like what’s written on this paper.” Yu Ci seemed to be furious, his chest rose and fell harshly, he stared at Sang Xinghe with hatred and suddenly said, “Sang Xinghe, you can leave here, as long as you kill that b*tch, I will let you go.”


Just as his words fell, another person walked in.


He Qiuying happened to hear the second half of Yu Ci’s sentence and couldn’t help but shout out to Yu Ci, “Island Master.”


He didn’t look at He Qiuying, his eyes only stared at Sang Xinghe, but it seemed that he wasn’t looking at Sang Xinghe, it was more like looking at the person behind him through Sang Xinghe, “Sang Xinghe, choose for yourself, either stay on the Ten Extremities Island and be my partner, or kill the person behind you and I will let you go and never search for you again.”


He had thought that Shen Jue had fallen for him, and had lost his heart in a confusing way. He had thought that he had finally found someone with whom he shared his heart, but he had no idea that it was all a misunderstanding, and that Shen Jue had even lied and said that he was going to kill him.


He had been talking to He Qiuying over drinks about how he was going to treat Shen Jue well in the future, how he was going to find a miracle doctor to cure Shen Jue’s voice, and how he could hold a big wedding if Shen Jue wanted to, and even send out wedding invitations to all the martial arts sect.


Why did Shen Jue hug him if he didn’t like him?


If he didn’t like him, why did he take the initiative to help him with his massage?


If he didn’t like him, why did he smile at him?


He felt like a pathetic worm right now, and thought that Sang Xinghe and Shen Jue had been seeing him as a joke for a long time.


When Shen Jue heard what Yu Ci said, his expression changed.


He had no chance to win now, Sang Xinghe didn’t love him, and he was destined to kill him for the sake of his sect.


Shen Jue thought of this and slowly loosened his grip on the other man’s clothes.


It seemed that, in this realm, he had lost.

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