C56— Kill That Gentleman 19

At this moment, the swords were drawn inside the house.

Sang Xinghe was silent and confronted Yu Ci in a standoff.

He Qiuying looked at Sang Xinghe, and then looked at Yu Ci, and advised in a low voice: “Island Master, it’s getting late tonight, let’s talk about it tomorrow.”

Yu Ci glanced at him coldly, “What? Do you feel sorry for that bitch? He didn’t say he wanted to go with you, he was thinking of Sang Xinghe, the warrior.”

He Qiuying wrinkled his eyebrows and said nothing more.

Yu Ci looked at Sang Xinghe again, “If you don’t do it, I’ll assume that you automatically choose the former. He Qiuying, go get me the most potent aphrodisiac. I haven’t tasted Warrior Sang, but I can try him today.”

His words were so bad that He Qiuying frowned upon hearing them, not to mention the person in question, Sang Xinghe.

The hand under the sleeve of Sang Xinghe clenched into a fist, and there was even more hatred in his eyes, but before he could make his next move, he saw Yu Ci’s face change dramatically.

Sang Xinghe froze for a moment, and only when he was pushed away did he react somewhat and look behind him.

Yu Ci moved forward and grabbed the fallen Shen Jue, his hand blocked the dagger wound. The blood was still gushing out from his fingers. He was so angry that he shouted, “He Qiuying, call someone! Call all the doctors on the island, call them over.”

Sang Xinghe’s gaze fell on Shen Jue’s abdomen, where the small dagger pierced, almost all of it had penetrated the flesh, so it was clear how much strength Shen Jue had used and how close he was to death. His long eyelashes trembled and he swallowed before he walked over to Shen Jue, but before he could squat down, Yu Ci had already picked him up.

He held the man and rushed outside. Sang Xinghe, who remained inside the house, looked at the blood leaking on the floor and had a different expression.


Yu Ci only wanted to scare the little dwarf, to let him know he was wrong, and to let him see how ruthless Sang Xinghe was, but he didn’t expect Shen Jue to go to such lengths for Sang Xinghe, to protect him even if he died.

What made it possible for Sang Xinghe to have his life protected like that?

“Shen Jue, you are not allowed to die, do you hear me?” He hated himself, he hated Sang Xinghe, and he hated Shen Jue most of all, he hated Shen Jue for being so unloving of his own life. He even hated He Qiuying, who had given him the knife, why would He Qiuying give something so dangerous to Shen Jue?

Since he had been practicing martial arts, he had never challenged his speed to such an extreme. The branches scraped his cheeks, but he didn’t care anymore, he just wanted to go faster, faster, and get to the physician’s residence right away.

He was carrying a person, but he was one step ahead of He Qiuying to the doctor’s residence. He kicked open the doctor’s room and rushed in with the person in his arms, not caring whether the doctor was awakened by him or not, he directly put the person on the couch in the room and then pulled the doctor off the bed, “Come here, look at him.”

The physician was tugged by Yu Ci and stumbled, but he could barely stand up straight, he looked down at the person on the couch and took a soft breath. Then he immediately went to fetch his medicine box, and said to Yu Ci, “Island Master, help me light the lamp.”

He nodded vigorously and hurriedly did as he was told.

The former him would never do such a thing, who could instruct him to do anything?

The doctor put the medicine box on the ground, first cut the clothes next to the wound with scissors, he saw the knife almost into his abdomen, he couldn’t help but shake his head. When Yu Ci saw him shaking his head, his face changed, “What do you mean by shaking your head?”

The physician took the gauze and put it next to the wound, he reached out and held the hilt of the knife, “Inserted. The depth is too deep, I’m afraid that it will hurt his internal organs, if it’s only external bleeding, it’s fine, if his internal organs are pierced, I am afraid ……” his words didn’t finish, but the meaning of his words were understandable.

“No, he can’t die, you must cure him, what medicine do you want? Any medicine will do!” Yu Ci said, “I haven’t punished him yet, how can he die so easily?”

And at this time, He Qiuying also arrived, and he brought the physician’s medicine boy over.

The physician was relieved to see He Qiuying, “Left Guardian, hurry up and take the island master out, with him here, I simply can’t concentrate on his treatment, this ear, ah, it’s going deaf.”

He Qiuying smiled and immediately went to tug on Yu Ci, “Island Master, let’s go out first, we don’t know how to make medicine, so we are just adding to the mess here, let the physician handle it here.”

Yu Ci refused to go, standing dead in place, “I want to watch here.”

He Qiuying was also a bit angry at this point, “Island Master, you don’t know who made Shen Jue like this? What’s the point of staying here? Do you think he won’t be scared when he wakes up and sees you?”

Yu Ci’s gaze trembled, his eyes were already completely crimson, and he pursed his lips without saying a word.

Seeing this, He Qiuying continued, “Island Master, can you act like a normal person who likes someone?”

Yu Ci gritted his teeth and reluctantly said, “I don’t need you to teach me how to like people, He Qiuying, get out, I don’t want to see you.”

He Qiuying was silent for a moment, then he turned around and walked away, before he left, he also slammed the door heavily.

Yu Ci rarely saw He Qiuying angry, let alone He Qiuying angry at him. He Qiuying and Yuan Hao, and he, they grew up together, Yuan Hao and he were hot-tempered, they fought often as children, He Qiuying always persuaded them to stop, and finally He Qiuying always ended up hurt.

On the surface, He Qiuying and Yuan Hao were his right and left guardians, in fact, he had long treated the two people as brothers.

But He Qiuying scolded him, was he wrong?

Why would it be wrong to like someone?

He didn’t understand.

What he wanted was for someone to love him too. As long as the dwarf bowed his head to him and admitted his mistake, would he have really punished him?

His mother once told him, “Xiao Ci, you just have to be yourself, and someone will naturally like you.”

He had been himself, but in fact no one liked him, everyone was afraid of him and secretly said he was a madman.

He looked steadily at the person on the couch, and after a moment, he dragged his feet and left. He sat in the courtyard and waited. He looked at the stars in the distant sky and stared.


Shen Jue’s consciousness had been blurred, he seemed to feel that someone was helping him with his wounds, he tried to open his eyes, but he couldn’t.

It was amazing that before he left the house, he took the knife that He Qiuying had given him, but he didn’t expect it to be of any use. Shen Jue was betting that if he survived, he would be able to leave an impression on Sang Xinghe’s heart, but if not, it would just be better to start all over again than to have Sang Xinghe kill him with his own hands again.

The fact was that Sang Xinghe had killed him so many times and had never remembered him, he thought it would be the same, so using his own hands, wouldn’t change anything.

It was just that he was in pain, it hurt like hell.

Even after suffering many more times, he still couldn’t get used to this pain.

He missed his master, if only the master was here now, the master would touch his head and coax him, although his master and brother’s singing wasn’t good at all, they were extremely good to him, but it wass a pity that he was punished with reincarnations, he didn’t have time to say goodbye to his brother.

The last time he saw his master, his master seemed haggard, he was unfilial, making his master worry about him.

He had made Master sad, if only he hadn’t joined the Master in the first place.

Maybe he, Shen Jue, shouldn’t exist at all.


The physician had He Qiuying remove Shen Jue’s mask in order to help him. He was busy treating the wound when the medicine boy handing things aside suddenly called out, “Master, he’s shedding tears.”

Without looking up, the physician calmly said, “Even if one is unconscious, pain can still bring tears to one’s eyes.”

The medicine boy thought for a moment, took out a handkerchief from his body and wiped the teardrops from the corner of his eyes, it was okay when he didn’t, but once he did, he found that the other person’s tears were flowing more and more, as if he couldn’t stop.

The medicine boy had never seen such a scene before, and looked at the physician somewhat helplessly, “Master, he is crying so fiercely.”

The physician sighed and glared at the medicine boy, “You shouldn’t have done that, people are creatures that become more fragile the more they are comforted, don’t you understand? Just like when you fell down as a child, if I picked you up, you cried your eyes out, but when I didn’t pick you up, you got up on your own without saying a word.”

The medicine boy said sarcastically, “I didn’t know that, so I won’t do it again.”

The physician looked at Shen Jue’s face and naturally noticed the tear marks on his face, he shook his head helplessly and could only continue to treat the wound.

It wasn’t until dawn that the physician got up and went to the water basin to wash his blood-covered hands. The medicine boy was holding a towel next to him and asked in a whisper, “Master, will he survive?” He thought the person on the couch looked really beautiful. He heard that all Celestial Luo bodies had blue eyes, and he thought if the other person opened his eyes, he would definitely look better.

The physician was called up in the middle of the night, and was busy for several hours, he had hardly rested, and looked very tired at this time. He wiped his hands with a towel and didn’t reply to the medicine boy’s words, but sent him out to call for Yu Ci to come in.

When Yu came in, his face was very grave, he had been sitting outside all night and his clothes had dried.

He didn’t dare to look at the other side of the couch, and only stared at the physician.

The physician rubbed his brow before saying in a slow voice: “The person is barely alive, but it is estimated that he will not wake up in the next two days, he has lost too much blood and needs more blood. I have to boil medicine, who will take care of him?”

“Me!” Yu Ci immediately said, “I can take care of him.”

The physician smiled and looked at Yu Ci with some suspicion, in his mind, Yu Ci was good at killing people, but taking care of people was really ……

“It’s better to ask the left Guardian to come.” The physician said.

“No, I’ll do it, I’ll take care of him.” Yu Ci immediately refuted the physician’s words.

The physician also no longer argued with Yu Ci, in his heart, who took care of him was almost the same, anyway, none were great, “Island master, I’ll have to say some ugly words, if you don’t take care of him well, his condition will be aggravated, you can’t blame me, I have tried, now it only depends on his fate.”

Yu Ci heard this and became nervous, “you mean he may still ……”

“Of course, the most important thing about this injury is the recuperation phase, who knows what will happen during the recuperation phase?” The physician said.

Yu Ci became silent, he suddenly turned and walked out, the physician was puzzled, later, he learned that Yu Ci went to find He Qiuying, that afternoon, Sang Xinghe was sent away from the Ten Extremities Island.

He Qiuying gave Sang Xinghe compensation according to the order, but Sang Xinghe didn’t ask for anything, he changed into the clothes he came to the island in, took his sword and left.

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