<<The Strongest idol >> was the most popular show in recent times, and every move of the popular members in it was watched by everyone, and it was in the hot search every day.

What was more, now there was a shady deal, and this kind of thing was the most shameful for netizens.

The team of the program went through rounds of scolding.

The official blog of the program soon sent out two statements: [After our program verification, we recently found some false rumors on the Internet, the “Strongest Idol” program image has had an impact, our program has always adhered to the principle of fairness and openness, only to provide a stage for those young people with musical dreams. Each contestant’s advancement is the result of the recommendation of the star promoters and the fans’ ranking.

Then a second statement was quickly issued: [After verification, the song “Don’t Want to” sung by Zhuang Xinran during the live broadcast on the afternoon of May 24 was plagiarized from someone else’s work, and its bad behavior created a very bad example for everyone, and after the unanimous decision of the program team, the program team dismissed Zhuang Xinran from the program ……].

The second statement was very sincere, the last also apologized, the netizens stopped scolding after reading the statement, they thought that the attitude of the program team wasn’t bad.

In addition, the water army and the marketing team on the other side of the program group went off the control field, which removed some hot searches that were unfavorable to the program group, and the wind direction on the Internet began to be controlled slowly.

“This Zhuang Xinran has a lot of guts, blatantly plagiarizing other people’s work on air.”

“Plagiarizing dogs are dead, Zhuang Xinran, get out of the “Strongest Idol”.”

“What’s the point of keeping this kind of person, hurry up and let him go, before there was a little good feeling about him, now it’s all gone.”

“The crew’s attitude is not bad, but the original author of the song wasn’t mentioned.”

The program team didn’t cover up for him, and gave an answer to the matter of Zhuang Xinran’s plagiarism that was mentioned by Shi Fei during the daytime live broadcast.

Since the program exposed Zhuang Xinran’s plagiarism, there was no reason to cover up his advancement, maybe the video content was something else hidden.

The netizens didn’t know that it wasn’t the program that wanted to make such a statement, but there was no way. After all, the evidence was on the side of Shi Fei, if the team didn’t take the initiative to explain things clearly, until Shi Fei stabbed them, they would be passive.

When everyone thought that this matter had almost ended, Shi Fei, He Xiaobei, Yu Zixing, Wu Yan and several people withdrew from the competition on Weibo.

Weibo exploded.

The show had been going on so far, each of them had a group of followers, especially since these people were all popular candidates for the championship, one person withdrawing from the competition could cause a lot of comments, let alone four together.

“What’s the situation? How come all of them are going to withdraw from the competition?”

“It won’t be Zhuang Xinran’s shady scene that caused them to be unconvinced and quit?”

“Upstairs, Zhuang Xinran, and the official statement of the program group are not shady. Why are you making rumors here?”

“I feel like something big is going to happen, I’ve decided not to sleep tonight, I’ll stay up all night and wait for the big news.”

“Is the official page dead? Four players withdrew from the competition, yet they won’t come out to explain anything?”

The official page soon issued another statement, [Since the recording of “The Strongest Idol”, the program team has been adhering to the principle of fairness and openness in the talent competition, hoping to provide a stage for young people with musical dreams. Unfortunately, during the recording of the show, Shi Fei repeatedly and blatantly violated the rules of the competition, and the staff of the show repeatedly advised him but he didn’t change. Even to the end he also took the initiative to provoke other contestants to withdraw from the competition. The contestants have signed a competition contract before the competition, the team will persuade them, if the other parties still insists on violating the contract and insists on withdrawing from the competition, the team will take legal action.]

To sum up, if you don’t stop, no one will have a better time.

The netizens were all watching the play.

Come on, let the storm come harder, they liked this kind of news.

This was when a big Verified Weibo page called ‘entertainment gossip sauce’ broke out: [According to inside information, Zhuang Xinran’s last performance was indeed a shady promotion. The original “Don’t wanT” he sang in this place was Shi Fei’s, the song is called “Nostalgia”. Because Zhuang Xinran is the person that Star Media Company signed, the program team originally wanted to hog that song to pave the way for Zhuang Xinran, but unfortunately, Shi Fei registered the copyright as early as before the program, the program team had no choice but to sacrifice Zhuang Xinran, reference to the statement of the dismissal of Zhuang Xinran.

As for the collective withdrawal of several of them, according to inside information. The two of them had suffered unfair treatment during the competition, and the previous video of He Xiaobei being blacklisted was one of them. Later on, they were suppressed because they were unwilling to sign with Star Media, in order to be able to reasonably eliminate them from the competition. During practice to prepare for the competition, Shi Fei’s phone was confiscated, he was confined in a room to restrict his freedom, and even not allowed to participate in rehearsals. The “Black Tomorrow” you saw Shi Fei sing during the live broadcast was actually the first time he performed it. And He Xiaobei’s song “Dream Back One Night” was a male-female duet, and the program team invited Miss. Jin Lin to be his helper at the beginning.

The training and rehearsal time had also been with Jin Lin, the results was that half an hour before the opening, the program team sent Jin Lin away, wanting to make He Xiaobei face the situation alone, He Xiaobei isn’t good at singing soprano, so the program team planned to eliminate him, the only thing the program team did not anticipate was that Shi Fei would come out to help him sing.

The last thing to say is about Yu Zixing and Wu Yan, they are purely unable to see past the various behaviors of the program team, they feel that the original purpose of their participation in the competition is done, so they withdrew from the competition together, there is no provocation, this is how things went.]

The ‘entertainment gossip sauce’ Weibo blogger in the industry was still quite famous, a few years ago there was a sensational event in the entertainment industry, the popular male star beat a female artist on the set, there were pictures and videos, the netizens all besieged the male star.

Although the actor tried to explain, but in front of the video, his explanation seemed pale and weak, and all his endorsements were stopped, and his career fell into a slump. The friends that he usually had all came forward to accuse him of his usual disgraceful behavior and asked him to apologize to the female artist.

It was the ‘entertainment gossip sauce’ that released the full version of the video as well as the live recording that cleared the male artist’s name.

It turned out that the so-called live beating, in fact, was the male artist wanted to talk to the female artist, the result was that, the female artist didn’t cooperate and verbally abused the male artist.

The male artist wanted to leave angrily, but the female artist was unrelentingly and hit him, which was blocked by the male artist’s hand.

The video previously released on the internet was the male artist reaching out to block the female artist’s hitting action, because of the angle, it looked like the male artist was hitting someone.

With this reversal video, ‘Entertainment Gossip Sauce’ became famous at once. After that they also exposed a lot of things, basically with pictures and truth, their credibility was very high, so his posts in the minds of netizens had very high credibility.

As soon as they posted this long Weibo post, the comments underneath exploded.

“Is this material true? Is the industry so chaotic nowadays?”

“Is that song Shi Fei’s? Why do I feel that this is so unreliable?”

“Sauce, you’re not reliable this time, not even a picture to back it up, so how can people believe you?”

“Zhuang Xinran, that green tea b*tch, shady promotion, plagiarism of other people’s work, how can such a person still be alive.”

“At that time, I was wondering why other people had helpers singing, but He Xiaobei’s helpe…. But fortunately so, it let me see such a wonderful performance.”

“Fei Fei, Xiaobei, don’t be afraid, this kind of garbage program, no need to participate in it, Mom will take you home.”

“This kind of garbage show, is just too much, Shi Fei, He Xiaobei and Yu Zixing, Wu Yan good job, I support you.”

As netizens speculated, Teng Haining saw that ‘entertainment gossip sauce’ sent a long post about the show, making his high blood pressure rise drastically.

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