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Looking at Shi Fei, who slammed the door and left, Zhuang Xinran’s heart was in a panic, his heart was beating like thunder, his lips were unconsciously trembling, and he asked Teng Haining with red eyes, “Director Teng, what do we do now?”

“You ask me, who should I ask ah?” Teng Haining roared with annoyance: “You plagiarized someone else’s work, and now you’re afraid. Go ask Wu Ziqiang yourself, don’t bother me, get lost.”

Just now he spoke for Zhuang Xinran in front of Shi Fei, but not because he really wanted to help him, but because they were all in the same boat, if Shi Fei made the matter public, the program would definitely be impacted, he, the chief director of the program was also to blame.

It would also affect the chief director campaign of “Challenge Unlimited”, which he wanted.

Zhuang Xinran was frightened by Teng Haining’s fierce shout. He didn’t dare talk back. He hurriedly apologized and left the room.

At this point in time, Liang Wei and Teng Haining were left in the room, and Liang Wei said, “Director Teng, we must find a way to stop Shi Fei from going public.”

“I also know we have to stop it, but Shi Fei’s copyright registration is a few months earlier than Zhuang Xinran’s, no matter what we say, when he releases it, the backstage screenshots will be able to prove it, Shi Fei is hard to control, nothing we do will work.”

Liang Wei once again came up with an idea: “Otherwise, give up Zhuang Xinran. He is the one who plagiarized. The program group was also kept in the dark. Send an announcement and push everything to him. Then let the marketing team direct opinions. The program group may still have a fair and fair reputation.”

Teng Haining scratched his hair irritably and said, “You think I don’t want to, but before we were shutting down Shi Fei and stopping him from practicing songs, the beam has long been formed. Shi Fei is the popular king, in the show’s hottest time, him withdrawing from the competition, the outside world is likely to speculate, in case he exposes us in front of the press and media, this show would be ruined.”

“The actual contract between the team and the contestants is that they cannot withdraw from the competition without any reason. When the show is finished, then let him go.” Liang Wei advised Teng Haining and said, “Then our official blog will post that Shi Fei withdrew from the competition for personal reasons, so as to prevent viewers from dropping the show because of him.”

Teng Haining thought about it and agreed to this solution, he thought that the solution was feasible. Things had come to this point, there was no way back anyway, since Shi Fei was so insensitive, so he couldn’t be blamed for doing something ruthless.

Fortunately, every time he talked to him, he was very careful, all the surveillance footage of the program team were in their own hands, they just needed to invite a water army and marketing team to suppress the news.

These days, netizens waited, but no pictures and no truth, it wasn’t so easy to believe.

Back on the bus, Zhuang Xinran had long been sitting there, at this time he sat in the corner, and watched Shi Fei on the bus, with a trace of resentment in his eyes.

Shi Fei sat on the side of He Xiaobei.

The chat in the lounge didn’t spread out, many people were still unaware of the situation, they didn’t know who was the victim in this.

On the contrary, Xu Ruhao and Wu Yan both asked with concern: “Shi Fei, are you all right?”

Shi Fei shook his head: “Yes, I’m fine.”

Yu Zixing wasn’t very good at comforting people, he thought for a while before saying: “Old iron 6666.”[tn:6666 means awesome/cool]

He Xiaobei sat on the side of Shi Fei, looked at his expression, then said, “Brother Fei, no matter what you plan to do, I’m with you.”

“Are you with me even if I plan to withdraw from the competition?” Shi Fei asked with a smile.

“Well, together.” He Xiaobei wasn’t surprised, before the program team did so many things, that Shi Fei could endure until now was a miracle.

Wu Yan listened and said, “I’ll withdraw from the competition too.”

Yu Zixing followed and said, “Me too.”

Shi Fei was a little surprised, He Xiaobei withdrawing from the competition was within his expectation, even if he didn’t withdraw, Shi Fei would have persuaded him, because this contest was no longer necessary to participate in.

However, he didn’t expect that Wu Yan and Yu Zixing would also want to follow suit and withdraw from the competition.

“Okay.” Shi Fei nodded his head, and didn’t say anything more petulant words.

The crowd was very surprised, Shi Fei actually really want to withdraw from the competition, although they guessed that the program would sooner or later force him out, but he wasn’t yet there, was he?

Even if he was now a pending contestant, with his popularity being pushed back, it wasn’t certain he would make it.

What was even crazier was that He Xiaobei, Yu Zixing, Wu Yan, these people were also withdrawing, these few were the experts, if they withdrew together, then could the show still be watched?

A change of mind is the same as they have four less competitors at once, they are the rest of the people, nothing to do to lock the top five labels.

For Yu Zixing and Wu Yan, the reason they joined this talent show in the first place was to prove their ability and have a place to sing. But this time, the team had done all sorts of things, it had long exceeded their bottom line, withdrawing from the competition had originally been in their hearts for a long time, and it just so happened to reach this point.

Xu Ruhao said with some hesitation, “I may not be able to withdraw, I signed up with Star Media, the company wouldn’t allow it.”

He didn’t expect that the show would end up like this. Although he wasn’t clear about Zhuang Xinran’s plagiarism, but the last game he relied on the director to advance, compared to him, Xu Ruhao certainly believed in Shi Fei.

He said that Zhuang Xinran’s song was plagiarized, so it must be plagiarized.

Xu Ruhao had some regrets, he shouldn’t have been so impulsive to sign under Star Media company.

At this time, three people suddenly entered the bus, one was the assistant director Liang Wei, the other two were bodyguards, they all had a serious look. After coming in, nothing was said, they directly blocked the doors.

Not a moment later the car directly departed.

As a result, halfway through the drive, Liang Wei stood up, smiling at the crowd and said: “Today’s live competition, everyone has worked hard. As the program gets hotter and hotter, in order to prevent unnecessary trouble, we need to confiscate everyone’s cell phones and other electronic chatting devices. Until after all the matches are over, then it’ll be returned.”

Liang Wei’s words immediately made everyone feel uneasy, why suddenly confiscate cell phones ah.

Although many talent shows nowadays asked for the handing over of cell phones and computers during the competition, but “The Strongest Idol” had not done so from the beginning, and now the competition was halfway through and they were asking for cell phones, which inevitably made people think more, especially because of today’s live broadcast.

A bodyguard fished out a small folded frame and opened it, walking to the first contestant ready to collect the phone.

Shi Fei tilted his head, smiled at Liang Wei and said, “Deputy director Liang, I am going to withdraw from the competition, I should not need to turn in the phone.”

“No. There are rules in the contract that you can’t withdraw without a reason during the competition.” Liang Wei refused, the main thing he wanted was his cell phone.

“You are shamelessly trying to hijack my work, you still call this an unexcused withdrawal? I must withdraw from the competition, it’s not possible to give you guys my phone, if you have the ability, come and take it.” Shi Fei took the phone in his hand and turned it, his posture was relaxed.

Liang Wei had guessed that Shi Fei would not cooperate meekly, his eyes signaled his bodyguard.

One of the bodyguards stepped forward and reached out without any nonsense and really intended to grab it.

Wu Yan shouted in alarm: “What do you want to do?”

As a result, before his hand touched Shi Fei, he was backhandedly tackled, his hand was pulled behind him and he kicked the bodyguard in the back, and the bodyguard’s smashed directly into Liang Wei’s body.

“Liang Wei, the bodyguard you hired is not very good ah, his hands are soft and powerless like a girl.” Shi Fei was still sitting on the chair, turning the phone, with a lazy appearance.

But his consistent movements made the players dumbfounded. Looking at how Shi Fei seemed to have easily restrained the person, was it possible that they were staff members pretending to be bodyguards?

“You two go together.” The bodyguard’s heavy body smashed on Liang Wei’s body, his old waist felt like it almost broke, his face filled with anger.

Shi Fei put the phone in his pocket, facing the two bodyguards who rushed over, he calmly got up to unbutton his shirt conveniently.

He punched fast, his body looked light, in such a narrow bus, his body moved very flexibly.

Leveraging his restricted movements, he knocked the two bodyguards to the ground.

Shi Fei went back to his seat and said: “Assistant Director Liang, I forgot to tell you, I know a little bit about fighting, learned a little.”

Liang Wei looked at the two bodyguards who were beaten to the ground and could not get up, this was the bodyguards they hired for this live competition.

Of course, more than these people were invited, but he thought it was just a few students, so he only brought two of them to the bus, but he took ones with the best skill among them.

You beat two big bodyguards to the ground in three or two moved. You know a little?

At this time Liang Wei’s cell phone rang, it was Teng Haining, he thought Director Teng was calling to ask how things were going.

As a result, he just picked up the phone and Director Teng’s angry roar came through: “Liang Wei, ask Shi Fei, in the end, what did he do?”

“……?” Liang Wei was still dumbfounded.

“A video has anonymously popped up on the internet, the last episode of Zhuang Xinran’s promotion was stirred up.”

Liang Wei’s eyes instantly widened, he hurriedly hung up the phone and went on Weibo.


The internet was abuzz with discussion of today’s episode of “Strongest Idol”.

#Shi Fei’s stunning counter-attack on a female soprano

#Shi Fei sang “Black Tomorrow” and was complimented by Yu Yizhou

#Zhuang Xinran’s original#

#Shi Fei accused Zhuang Xinran of plagiarism

Top 10 Weibo, four of which were about “The Strongest Idol”.

Netizens always liked to pay special attention to gossip, As the competition ended at the critical moment, no answer was given to the matter of Zhuang Xinran’s plagiarism.

The netizens who couldn’t get an answer rushed to the official blog of “The Strongest Idol” to ask for the truth.

The result was that the official blog hasn’t given a reply, but someone on Weibo with a small number of fans posted a video.

The video was of He Xiaobei singing “redemption” and Zhuang Xinran singing “my heaven”.This episode of the show also broadcasted early, Zhuang Xinran relied on this song “my heaven” and his ‘perfect’ voice gain a lot of fans.

It was just that the video that was released was the live version that hadn’t been edited, and when Zhuang Xinran sang, it was simply a car crash scene.

“Oh beauty, what is this singing ah? My ears feel insulted.”

“At that time, what the program team put out wasn’t like this ah, I was also pulled in by Zhuang Xinran’s “My heaven”, so it was all a false impression?”

“Is it true that this crash scene was sung by Zhuang Xinran at the beginning?”

“Is the microphone broken? How does this sound like it’s coming out of a doorway.”

“The front is fine, when it comes to the high notes, it’s just poisoning my ears. So the program edited the sound?”

“Comparing it, He Xiaobei sang better than Zhuang Xinran, especially later He Xiaobei sang “A Diao” on Weibo, the same high notes that simply hung Zhuang Xinran ah.”

“The time projection, it seemed that He Xiaobei posted “A Diao” on Weibo, almost at the end of the recording of the show. The phrase ‘no matter how dark the sky is, it will always usher in the dawn’ on his Weibo account at the time seemed to have a deep meaning, Zhuang Xinran’s advancement was definitely problematic.”

“This still needs to be said? He Xiaobei completely crushed Zhuang Xinran, okay?”

At this time the netizens still didn’t know that the bigger news was still behind it.

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