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Despite being a playboy who had been hovering outside the core power circle of the royal family, but as Duan Hengyi’s own brother, Duan Hengxing certainly knew more than the average person.

For example, he knew very well that the early marriage between Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai was only political. The same Duan Hengxing had seen Duan Hengyei and Meng Jinhuai several times in private occasions, so he had seen more than once that the two  clearly had the words “not familiar” on their faces.

Today the program team called Duan Hengxing to participate in the recording, he originally thought he could take this opportunity to make a big splash. But what he didn’t expect was that, as the recording of the show went on, the footage of him was getting smaller and smaller.

So in order to attract the attention of the crew and the audience, Duan Hengxing said the words directly without thinking.

After the words were said, seeing the astonished people, Duan Hengxing self-consciously mentioned a few of Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai’s public activities, to support his claims ……

And at this time after seeing the forum text description, Duan Hengye couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief – thanks to Duan Hengxing being uneducated, he didn’t enter the core of the royal family’s work, so he didn’t know that he was actually “undercover”.

Duan Hengye guessed that if other party really knew this matter, he wouldn’t be able to keep his identity a secret ……

The original lively atmosphere was completely chilled down by Duan Hengxing’s few words. And just as Duan Hengxing was about to say something more, he heard the one sitting next to him suddenly sneer.

After that, Shang Mengzhen, who had been pursing her lips since a while ago and had hardly spoken, showed an impatient expression. After the cold laugh ended, she shook her head with some dissatisfaction, she turned to Duan Hengxing and said, “As far as I remember, Lord Marshal and Professor Duan have always had a very good relationship.”

Shang Mengzhen was once photographed by the media, she was at the royal banquet chatting with Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai. This matter, made the entertainment industry proud. But what wasn’t expected was that, as a star who needed to keep exposure and conversation, in later interviews, whenever the media asked about this matter, Shang Mengzhen would choose to skip the topic.

And today, when Duan Hengxing publicly stated that Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai were not on good terms, Shang Mengzhen’s sudden statement immediately put him in a very awkward position.

After listening to Shang Mengzhen’s words, Duan Hengxing’s face obviously turned ugly.

Duan Hengxing was a person who obviously didn’t have any real talent, but he loved to save face. Now that he was disliked by a “starlet” in front of the whole star, Duan Hengxing turned around and started to mock Shang Mengzhen regardless of the fact that he was currently on air.

When the program team invited Duan Hengxing to come here today, they never thought that things would end up in such a way.

The ratings were high, but their reputation was also estimated to be smashed ……

The moment Duan Hengxing opened his mouth, the program team relented and cut off the live broadcast. And when the hovering camera of the program team landed, the director of the scene ignored Duan Hengxing. The director walked to Shang Mengzhen’s side, then whispered to her, “Mengzhen ah, today is really thanks to you ……”

Duan Hengxing was a brainless person, but the program team wasn’t stupid. They knew clearly how high the prestige of both Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai was on the interstellar now. At the same time, the relationship of the marshal husband and wife had always been a topic of interest for everyone.

Today Duan Hengxing suddenly questioned the relationship between the two on the show, if Shang Mengzhen really didn’t speak, then it would give the outside world the illusion that the show deliberately said Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai didn’t get along. At that time, the unlucky ones would still be them.

“It’s nothing” Shang Mengzhen stood up from the chair, she directly ignored Duan Hengxing on the side, then walked to the side of the makeup artist, who began to remove her make up.

And after Shang Mengzhen left, Duan Hengxing, who was still sitting there, couldn’t help biting his lip at the direction where she stood.


Duan Hengye’s break didn’t last long, and not long after he heard footsteps coming from outside the corridor. Duan Hengye finally glanced at the forum, after learning that the live broadcast suddenly cut off, he directly closed the light computer.

The door of the conference room slowly opened, at this same time Duan Hengye also stood up from the chair.

“Professor Duan, good day!” As soon as the door opened, Duan Hengye saw a man in a gray research suit walking quickly towards him, and then extended his hand.

This man’s height and Duan Hengye’s were slightly similar, he had slightly long hair, and didn’t look properly groomed, at this time slightly scattered …… if not for the fact that the interstellar era no longer had the existence of glasses, Duan Hengye believed that the man in front of him would definitely wear a pair of slightly thick black-framed glasses again —

Duan Hengye wasn’t a person who was good at getting along with strangers, but after seeing the other party’s familiar look and temperament, Duan Hengye’s mood, which was slightly tense just now, immediately calmed down, and his entire state became unexpectedly relaxed.

He shook hands with the man and then said, “Hello, Director Wen.”

“Ah ……” Hearing Duan Hengye address him that way, the man froze for a moment before saying, “Hello Professor Duan, uh …… quickly sit down. ”

Despite being the director of the Institute of Mental Energy at An Luo University, no one had ever addressed him like that, before Duan Hengye.

So right after all the staff took their seats in turn, the “director” smiled a little embarrassed and said to Duan Hengye: “Professor Duan, in fact, you can call me Wen Xunyin directly.”

Seeing Wen Xunyin’s expression, the staff couldn’t help but laugh. Taking advantage of this time, Wen Xunyin began to briefly introduce Duan Hengye to the colleagues who were attending the meeting today, as well as each person’s main field of research.

Duan Hengye had no knowledge of research related to “mental energy”, so when he listened to Wen Xunyin’s introduction, he unconsciously propped his chin on his hand and then gazed at the other party very seriously.

Only Duan Hengye didn’t know how much psychological pressure his actions had brought to Wen Xunyin ……

Duan Hengye’s eyes were often described as “seductive”, and now he was concentrating and staring at Wen Xunin with a curious expression. As an interstellar era “geek”, Wen Xunin didn’t take long to be embarrassed by Duan Hengye’s stare, the more he spoke the more red his ears ……

An Luo university’s institute of Mental Energy had few people, getting along for so many years, everyone was already very familiar with each other. And because mental energy had always been a marginal discipline, the institute was accustomed to a free working mode, and there was no distinction between predecessors and successors.

With the gradual relaxation of Duan Hengye’s demeanor, everyone no longer felt nervous. Wen Xunyin just finished introducing the staff member sitting on his left hand side, then the opposite party whispered a little: “Wen Xunyin …… pay attention to your image.” As soon as his words fell, several stifled laughter also came from the entire conference room.

Duan Hengye couldn’t help but move his attention from his words, to Wen Xunyin’s cheeks. After noticing that he was staring at the other party with some embarrassment, Duan Hengye finally turned his eyes elsewhere, then half-jokingly said, “Sorry, I was a little fascinated.”

“Hahahaha, it’s fine, it’s fine. It’s my poor expression control.” Wen Xunyin was also a person who was used to smiling. After his colleague teased with him, he followed suit and finally began to introduce himself: “…… I went to school for eleven years back and forth at An Luo University, starting out as a mecha major.” Speaking of this, Wen Xunyin looked at Duan Hengye with some apprehension. Seeing no particular reaction from the other party, Wen Xunyin continued, “But then when majored in mecha until my junior year, I found that my interest wasn’t here, so I switched to the mental energy major.”

Wen Xunyin’s words surprised Duan Hengye, to put it in a vulgar way, in the interstellar era, the mecha major undoubtedly stood at the top of the chain of all disciplines. And the mecha department of An Luo University wasn’t even the top. The fact that he could give up this major and go to “mental energy”, a discipline that was often ignored and even considered a “pseudo-science”, really required an extraordinary dedication.

Inevitably, Duan Hengye showed a look of surprise.

After seeing Duan Hengye’s expression, Wen Xunyin thought that he was displeased with him for giving up the mecha profession. After all, in the hearts of many experts in the industry, the industry they were engaged in is always the most noble. Wen Xunyin felt that if he said the words ‘give up mecha’ in front of Duan Hengye, he might really make the other party uncomfortable.

So Wen Xunyin hurriedly added: “Hope you don’t mind, I’m still concerned about mechas. Although mecha information is changing rapidly, some of the knowledge I learned back then is already outdated. But right, just like this new mecha you released now, I also paid attention at the first time.”

Duan Hengye heard the meaning of the explanation inside Wen Xunyin’s words, and gently shook his head and then said, “Being able to do what you like is a very happy thing, I certainly don’t mind.”

In daily life, although Duan Hengye’s expression was a little less, but whenever he spoke, his expression was extremely sincere.

So after hearing Duan Hengye’s words, Wen Xunyin also let go of the uneasiness that was born in his heart just now. He continued: “Now the main direction of my research, which is also the largest topic of the entire Institute, is the law of the generation of mental energy. At the same time I am also doing some research on the combination of mental energy and mecha.”

After speaking about his field of expertise, Wen Xunyin’s expression immediately became serious.

Then Duan Hengye saw Wen Xunyin open his light computer, and then directly pulled out the basic information of the newly developed mecha from the website.

After seeing this model, Wen Xunyin smiled at Duan Hengye with some embarrassment, then he said to Duan Hengye while typing text on the virtual keyboard, “Since Professor Duan is here now, I’ll just class it up a bit ……”

Duan Hengye appreciated Wen Xunyin’s character, he nodded towards the other party, and then saw Wen Xunyin bring up the mecha’s mental operation diagram, and then began to carefully analyze the mecha’s structure from the perspective of this discipline.


There was a common saying in the earth era – good things didn’t come out but bad things spread a thousand miles.

The whole interstellar was talking about the new mecha related topic today, and then a variety show took the initiative to invite Duan Hengxing to the scene, originally to grab the ratings. In the end, it was even dragged down by Duan Hengxing’s terrible speech, and the live broadcast was temporarily cut off directly.

Nevertheless, in just a few minutes, Duan Hengxing’s performance in the program and that amazing speech was then spread throughout the entire Star network.

During the intermission of the meeting, Duan Hengye couldn’t help but open his light computer to take a look, and what he saw was this scene–

Amidst the screen full of current affairs news and mecha consultation, Duan Hengxing froze and killed a path to the entire star network with his crazy speech.

This statement had already started to spread wildly, and although the Starnet was still mostly ridiculing it, there was still some uneasiness in Duan Hengye’s heart.

After all, as the protagonist of the incident, Duan Hengye knew beyond doubt that a large part of what Duan Hengxing had just said was true.

At least a few months ago, the relationship between him and Meng Jinhuai was still very delicate.

Anyone knew that the relationship between Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai wasn’t as simple as an ordinary husband and wife, the relationship between the two of them could even involve the people’s trust in the military, and in the Institute. If this matter was used by people who had the intention to spread it, then it would definitely cause a lot of trouble.

Duan Hengye’s thoughts were not unreasonable, because he soon found that several familiar media on the interstellar suddenly sent out videos matching Duan Hengxing’s comments …… Most of those videos were small clips taken from live events, which alone seemed like nothing, but after they were put together, they were everywhere. The word “unfamiliar” came out.

Most of the videos were cut from before Duan Hengye transmigrated into this novel, and occasionally there were some clips of him after he came.

In short, these videos were edited in a very professional way, and the text below was also very guiding. Duan Hongyi once again looked at the names of the media that sent these things, and it didn’t take him long to recognize that several of them were registered with the Li Sheng Alliance …… that had just ended the war with the Ye Tian Empire

Despite reading the other side’s meaning, Duan Hengye did not know how he should respond. In fact, he could now directly post a statement on his social account to disprove the rumor, but that was obviously a very stupid move and it would look like a  cover up.

While Duan Hengye was thinking, the meeting break ended and everyone returned to the room once again.

During the break just now, Wen Xunyin was not idle either. This time when the meeting had restarted, Wen Xunyin pulled out a table for Duan Hengye.

“Look, Professor Duan, this is the matching relationship between each mental energy and different models of mechas.” Wen Xunyin pointed to the table on the light screen.

After hearing Wen Xunyin’s words, Duan Hengye couldn’t help but reveal a surprised look. In fact, he had long thought about finding a copy of such data, but it was a great pity that neither the research institute nor the military ministry had it, these two institutions hadn’t done any relevant experiments.

The entire interstellar mecha community was actually like this – there were not many models of mechas in service, and whoever’s mental energy could open it, determined who drived. No one had ever thought about the need to test the difference in control of different mechas by different mental energy levels.

Although Duan Hengye also thought about doing the experiment himself, but because this experiment was destined to require a large number of samples and calculations, and extremely time-consuming. So the research task was heavy, for the time being, Duan Hengye had to give up this idea.

In short, Professor Duan didn’t expect that the original Institute of Mental Energy had already gently completed this experiment long ago.

They began to use the high-level authority of the An Luo Research Institute to enter several military schools in the Empire from more than ten years ago. The experiment was then carried out in the school.

Despite the generally low mental power of the samples, the Institute didn’t try to conduct experiments on the edge of the data, also for safety reasons. But the table they gave still clearly showed where the boundary of the different levels of mental power to open the different mechas was. There was also a value that a pilot needed to be able to bring the performance of a mecha to 100% after the mental energy reached.

Before looking at the data carefully, Duan Hengye couldn’t help but think in his heart that Wen Xunyin was really a very generous person. If placed on a slightly more guarded person, the other party would never show such important information on their first meeting – even if they were now in a cooperative relationship.

This data table had been made very clear, Duan Hengye didn’t need to look too long. After briefly looking this table over, Wen Xunyin then continued, “It can be seen that the new mecha that Professor Duan has researched is a basic mecha, but it is a big upgrade over its predecessor again, so there are some uncertainties in ……”

Wen Xunyin stopped to look at Duan Hengye, after making sure that the other party did not object, he continued: “Combined with the previous data, the advice I give here is that for the safety of the test pilot, as well as the strength of the mecha, you can choose the test pilot whose mental energy is in this position.”

After saying that, Wen Xunyin stretched out his hand to check a few boxes on this form.

The position he checked was the upper middle of the original basic mecha pilot column, and there was even a higher level of test pilots.

“When the attribute detection is stable, after training it will be possible for ordinary mecha pilots to test drive it.” Wen Xunyin concluded.

The mental power range Wen Xunyin had drawn out was a bit higher than what Duan Hengye had thought before.

In fact, Wen Xunyin himself was probably able to guess that the mental energy he listed was different from what Duan Hengye had imagined at the beginning. So when the confident explanation of the professional field ended, Wen Xunyin looked at Duan Hengye with a vaguely uneasy look.

He was a little afraid that Duan Hengye would dismiss his suggestion.

However, as a top researcher, Duan Hengye had always had a good habit of listening to other people’s suggestions.

After Wen Xunyin’s words fell, Duan Hengye looked at the form for a while in silence. After a while, he redirected his eyes to Wen Xunyin’s face, and then he saw the other party’s apprehensive look.

“Thank you for your advice and information” Duan Hengye said very solemnly, “I will look for a test pilot according to this mental energy level.”

As soon as Duan Hengye’s words fell, Wen Xunyin immediately showed a relieved expression. He switched back to his usual big-hearted mode, then backed up the chart and said to Duan Hengye, “Thank you Professor Duan, for your trust in us, if you have any more questions about mental power, just come and ask me!”

Wen Xunyin’s last words had long since become his mantra, as a practitioner of a cold research industry. Every time he met someone who wanted to seriously study the topic of mental energy with him, Wen Xunyin would become very excited, and at the end of the conversation he would always habitually say this phrase.

In fact, Wen Xunin didn’t even think that Duan Hengye would ask any more questions, but as soon as his words fell, he saw that Duan Hengye’s face become serious.

Even when talking about mechas just now, Duan Hengye had never been so serious. Wen Xunyin’s expression changed, he looked at Duan Hengye, then tentatively asked: “…… Professor Duan, what do you want to ask?”

At this time, there were a total of a dozen people sitting in this office, seeing that Duan Hengye had been hesitant to speak, led by the staff member sitting on Wen Xunyin’s left, the rest of the people in order said goodbye and went out of the conference room.

Now only Duan Hengye and Wen Xunyin were left in the office. It was only at this time that Duan Hengye, who was sitting at the main seat of the conference table, slowly asked: “May I ask …… if a person’s spiritual power suddenly changes, will there be a big change in personality, and also …… In terms of memory, will there be changes. Are there any relevant cases on the interstellar before?”

Duan Hengye’s words did sound a bit lacking in logic at first, but because of his very serious expression when he asked the question, Wen Xunyin also didn’t treat this question as a momentary curiosity.

Duan Hengye saw Wen Xunyin, who was sitting in front of him, suddenly straighten up and then said to him in a very serious manner, “Professor Duan, I can’t give you an accurate answer to this question for the time being. But if you are willing to wait, after some time, can we talk about it in detail?”

In fact, when asking this question, Duan Hengye had not reported much expectation. However, after seeing Wen Xunyin’s serious expression and hearing the other party’s words that he should wait, Duan Hengye had a feeling that he might be approaching a certain truth.

“Okay,” Duan Hengye stood up, he shook hands with Wen Xunyin again, and then said in an unusually solemn manner, “I look forward to meeting you next time.”

“Me too.” Wen Xunyin returned the handshake.

After coming out of An Luo Mental Energy Research Institute, Duan Hengye flew alone on the hovercraft towards his residence. His heart had been nagging at Duan Hengxing’s terrible speech, just as soon as he got on the hovercraft, he opened his light computer and searched his name ……

Although the An Luo campus was large, the Institute wasn’t far from Duan Hengye’s residence. Just when he opened the star network to search for his name, the hovercraft had steadily stopped at the door of his residence.

Duan Hengye walked into his home, and just at this time, he finally crossed the current affairs news and saw a content about Duan Hengxing that had just been posted.

“Posting this video, will delete it in a minute. Don’t believe Duan Hengxing’s words, and the media of Li Sheng Alliance. Everyone should know what the Li Sheng Alliance wants to do … As for Duan Hengxing, hehe ~ watching the video, it shows he just envied Duan Hengye, and because the other party did not meet his unreasonable demands, he took the opportunity to hack at them. [Video] “

The account that sent this paragraph was an anonymous small account, and just in the short ten seconds that Duan Hengye looked at the text, tens of thousands of comments conveniently appeared under this message.

Duan Hengye stopped in his tracks as he stood in the doorway and opened the video below.


“Brother, what are you looking at?”

“Brother, I’ve been a little tight lately, can’t you see? I’m your brother, if I’m poor, wouldn’t your face also look bad?”

Seeing this familiar scene, Duan Hengye was completely stunned. The Duan Hengxing in the video had an unstable look and was pestering him for money. If Duan Hengye remembered correctly, this incident should have happened at the marshal’s house banquet not long after he transmigrated. He didn’t expect …… that someone had secretly videoed it.

It turned out that there were such gossipy people among the guests who went to the banquet of the military department.

Duan Hengye refused Duan Hengxing’s request, and before he could get up and walk away, he was dragged back again by Duan Hengxing with one hand.

The atmosphere was suddenly tense, but before Duan Hengxing could say anything else, he saw a man wearing a black double-breasted military uniform and leather gloves of the same color appear. Immediately after that, Duan Hengxing fell to the side.

At that time, the angry Duan Hengye didn’t notice Meng Jinhuai’s action, but now watching the video, Duan Hengye felt that the Lord Marshal was really handsome ……

In the latter part of the video, Duan Hengye saw Meng Jinhuai approach him and he said something. Because the distance was far and his voice was relatively low, the video didn’t record those words. And immediately afterwards, Meng Jinhuai tapped his shoulder and then walked with him towards the hall.

He could see that the person shooting the video wasn’t close to where the incident took place, when shooting, they never appeared near the camera, someone moved in front, blocking the scene. And when the person moved, Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai were already holding hands.

Then the filming camera suddenly rotated another hundred and eighty degrees, Duan Hengye saw …… his brother Duan Hengxing standing up with his hand propped up on the floor, and he looked at him with eyes full of hatred. Although the camera was far away, it still captured his mouth moving, at this time Duan Hengxing was most likely cursing him and Meng Jinhuai.


Duan Hengye just finished watching the video, then found that the video and the account that had more than 100,000 comments suddenly disappeared. However, it was not known whether it was accidental or intentional, the video publisher didn’t add permission restrictions, and now there were already many netizens who had downloaded it for secondary distribution.

Unlike ordinary netizens who were only concerned about the content of the video, there was only one doubt in Duan Hengye’s mind at this time – this video that suddenly appeared and directly overturned Duan Hengxing’s comments, in the end, who could have taken it?

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