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“I’ve liked to sing since I was a child, music is my whole life, I know this program group is full of experts, I picked up this lyric at the time, I had hesitated for a long time, I really just had a momentary confusion, forgive me, okay?”

The more Zhuang Xinran spoke, the more agitated he got, his eyes were red, and he frantically grabbed Shi Fei’s arms, his words were sincere.

Shi Fei pulled out his hand and said faintly, “You don’t just want to stay on this stage, you were also prepared to take this song as your own private product, otherwise you wouldn’t even think about copyright registration. If I hadn’t registered the copyright overseas long ago, the person sitting here asking for mercy today would be me. “

“No, I wouldn’t do that, I just want to stay on stage.” Zhuang Xinran hurriedly explained.

Shi Fei said: “That’s fine, before you said you’d let me tweet an apology and explain things clearly. Now that the truth is in front of us, I only need you to tweet an apology, this request isn’t difficult, right?”

Zhuang Xinran’s eyes flashed: “Then won’t everyone know that I took your work, I will be boycotted by the whole singing industry.”

“Take? You’re really good with words. You plagiarized.” Jiang Yu sneered, “Did you ever think about the consequences when you plagiarized someone else’s work? You don’t dare to do it, do you?”

Zhuang Xinran’s eyes were red, as if he had suffered a great indignity, he shook his head and said, “I’m not, I just ……”

Then he turned his attention to Teng Haining and pleaded, “Mr Teng, I really didn’t mean to do it, I’m only 21 years old, I don’t want my life to be ruined like this, I really like singing. I won’t dare to do it again, forgive me once, okay? And it won’t be good for the program if this kind of thing comes out, it will affect the reputation and ratings of “The Strongest Idol” and the netizens will be disappointed with the program.”

Zhuang Xinran begged and knelt down directly, without any hesitation. His tears were falling.

That boldness also made Shi Fei sit up and take notice. Originally, he had a good face , and him crying for mercy so sincerely made people feel distressed.

Begging for Teng Haining’s favor, and using what he cared about as a persuasion point, it was no wonder that his singing was not the best, but he reached the end.

Chu Yuefei and He Lulu both didn’t speak, waiting for them to discuss the results themselves.

Zhuang Xinran’s words, to a certain extent, moved Teng Haining, especially since he was still fighting for the station’s next “Challenge Without Limits”, the word of mouth of this program would directly affect whether he could be the chief director of that program.

He made Liang Wei go out and call Wu Ziqiang. After all, Zhuang Xinran was an artist who had just signed a contract. What attitude his company had was also very important.

“What else is there to discuss? The facts are in front of us, and Shi Fei only asked him to apologize on Weibo, not to sue him, which is forgiving enough.” Jiang Yu felt that these people were annoying, such a little thing, yet there still wasn’t a result.

“Zhuang Xinran is an artist of Star Media, and now that something like this has happened, the other company should be notified.” Teng Haining treated Jiang Yu politely .

“Notification my a*s, they still want to cover up.” Jiang Yu’s expression was extremely angry, one could imagine how impatient he was with Director Teng.

“It’s okay, Mr. Jiang Yu, I don’t need this much time, it’s okay to wait.” Shi Fei smilingly said.

The man who was just full of hostility, Jiang Yu, suddenly became pleasant, “Okay.” The good behavior was like an obedient puppy.

They were stunned to see how this guy was so obedient to Shi Fei’s words.

After a while, Liang Wei came back, he entered and looked at Shi Fei, his expression was a little subtle, then he walked to Teng Haining’s side and quietly said a few words.

Teng Haining’s face changed a few times, looked at Shi Fei, and then moved his gaze to the three star judges and said, “That, there are some things I want to talk to Shi Fei alone, can you three teachers go to another lounge for tea and something to eat first?”

Jiang Yu asked, “What is there to say that you can’t say in front of us?”

Chu Yuefei, a veteran of the entertainment industry for many years, probably had guessed something and stood up very quickly and said, “I happen to be a little thirsty, so I’ll go out first.”

He Lulu looked a little worried when looking at Shi Fei and finally said: “I can stay with you.”

“It’s okay, thank you teacher He Lulu, I can do it. Mr. Jiang Yu, you should also leave first, I believe I will have a good communication with director Teng.” A bashful smile hung on the edge of Shi Fei’s mouth.

“Then call me if you need anything, I think some people won’t dare to do anything under our noses.” Jiang Yu took a special look at Teng Haining when he was leaving, before leaving.

After that, Teng Haining muttered a few words with Liang Wei and left to do his business.

Teng Haining, Zhuang Xinran and Shi Fei were soon left in the room.

The two of them were sitting in the same row, facing Shi Fei, which looked a bit like they were interrogating Shi Fei.

Shi Fei first opened his mouth and asked, “Tell me, what good idea did Director Wu come up with?”

Teng Haining said, “Shi Fei, I know that you are aggrieved by this matter. But you can’t push Zhuang Xinran to the edge just for a song, right? He is still young and has a good future, if he does what you say, then he will not be able to hold his head up for the rest of his life.”

Shi Fei tapped his fingers on the table and asked, “Then what do you mean, Director Teng?”

Teng Haining said, “Announce to the public that this song was composed by you and Zhuang Xinran together.”

Zhuang Xinran’s eyes lit up and his heart couldn’t stop beating wildly with excitement, his tears were still hanging on his face, but his mind flew away first.

This song was to be recorded into the album by the internationally renowned singer Frank, once his name was on it, then he would soon be famous in the singing world and become a well-known songwriter.

The company would also look at him differently and tilt its resources towards him, so he’d soon become a top star like Jiang Yu.

“Hahahahahahaha, cough cough ……” Shi Fei first laughed and touched the tears that came out of the corners of his eyes and said, “Sorry, I just heard a very funny joke, so I did not hold back. I really did not expect that you have such a humorous side.”

Teng Haining was serious: “Shi Fei, I’m not joking with you.”

Shi Fei also put away his smile and said seriously: “Then is it that Director Teng thinks that I am stupid or are you retarded? Or do you think that when you locked me up some time ago and didn’t allow me to practice and rehearse, I didn’t resist, so I was afraid of you?”

“Speaking of confinement, you have confiscated my phone for some time, it’s time to return it.” The corners of Shi Fei’s eyes carried a cold intent.

Teng Haining avoided the phone issue and said, “Shi Fei, we’re proposing a win-win situation. Director Wu has said that as long as you agree to his request, then the previous matter can be written off. You don’t have a company, or a good song, you also didn’t do a good job of publicity, if you and Star Media cooperate, the song will be crowned with Zhuang Xinran’s name, when the time comes to promote the song, the press release will be done by Star Media, you’ll share half of the income. You can enjoy 50% of the income without paying anything, isn’t it good?”

“Director Teng, are you bullying me for being young and not understanding your little ways? If this song really bears Zhuang Xinran’s name, the copyright of this song will probably be in the Star Media Company, and the transfer of income will not have much to do with me in the end.” Shi Fei’s attitude suddenly became tough, said: “Besides, the song is written by me alone, why should I add the plagiarist’s name, I don’t care if this is your intention or Wu Ziqiang’s side’s intention. Anyway, I’ll put it here, the song “Thinking” is mine, and I can’t possibly add anyone’s name to it.”

Teng Haining: “That’s not up to you.”

Shi Fei was exasperated: “What? You still want to argue?”

At this time, Liang Wei returned anxiously, holding a cell phone in his hand, and whispered two words to Teng Haining.

Teng Haining’s face, which had been quite calm, changed in surprise, he looked at Shi Fei and said, “Why can’t they unlock the password for your phone?”

They took Shi Fei’s phone and gave it to a person who knew how to unlock cell phones, and the result was that that person tossed back and forth for a long time without success.

“You guys were trying to unlock my phone password and login into Weibo to send a post for me, right?” Shi Fei looked at his mobile phone and touched his forehead and said, “You knew that I won’t agree to let Zhuang Xinran be named, so you wanted to post it directly on Weibo first? The idea is quite good. “

Once his tweet personally stated that the song was done by him and Zhuang Xinran together, even if he found out afterwards and deleted and denied it, the program team could completely say that he and Zhuang Xinran had a conflict, or that the uneven distribution of interests caused it.

Unfortunately, his phone, in addition to his other electronics couldn’t be forced open, forced unlocking at most lead would lead to the phone being scrapped.

“Shi Fei, are you unable to read the situation? These days there are many talented people, but how many of them can really go to the end. Zhuang Xinran is an artist signed by Star Media, you have to do things to the end, then it is the same as going against Star Media, you think you can fight with such a large company alone?”

“Whether I can fight or not, I have to try to know.” Shi Fei reached out, looked at Liang Wei and said, “Now give me back my phone first.”

Liang Wei didn’t move, Shi Fei got up and went directly to get it, Liang Wei wanted to block, but the result was that the phone was snatched by him.

“Shi Fei, you are going against the program team, and against star media openly? Don’t forget that you are still in the competition.” Teng Haining’s face was morose and threatening.

“Officially, I inform you that from this moment on, I am withdrawing from the competition.” Shi Fei looked at Zhuang Xinran next to him and said, “You yourself had better go on Weibo to make things clear, otherwise you will be responsible for the consequences. I have limited patience and can’t wait until tomorrow.”

“Shi Fei, you will regret it.” Teng Haining’s face was gloomy, and the hostility on his face was about to materialize.

“Director Teng, believe me, the one who will regret it will be you.” After saying this, Shi Fei took his cell phone and left the lounge in a dashing and natural way.

Behind him came the sound of Teng Haining’s angrily smashing things.


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