“Li …… Li Zheng, do you know ……” Zhang Yuejun panted and ran inside.

Li Zheng and Xu Mingsheng had already changed their lab coats, Li Zheng compared the indicators of a group of mice, when he saw Zhang Yuejun come in, he raised his eyelids slightly.

“Here you are, change your clothes.”

Zhang Yuejun opened his mouth, he hurriedly put on shoe covers, changed into a white coat, then put the mask on his face and jogged to Li Zheng’s side.

“The patent …… India ……” his breathing hadn’t recovered, Li Zheng frowned slightly, “You can’t breathe heavily in the laboratory, I thought this was common sense.”

Zhang Yuejun’s face became solemn, he subconsciously held his breath, seeing his face become more and more red, Li Zheng helplessly removed the mask, “It’s okay to breath through your nose.”

Zhang Yuejun patted his head, “Oh, my head is on fire, you still have time to care about this, do you know ……”

“I know.” Li Zheng stuffed a tube of reagent into Zhang Yuejun’s hand, “The ratio I just used, fifteen minutes, give these mice an injection.”

“When the data from these batches of mice come out, the data of the clinical vivo will only be short of the actual human part.” Li Zheng smilingly closed the record book.

Zhang Yuejun scratched his ears and wanted to say something, but Xu Mingsheng finally looked at him, “We already know about the Indian generic drug, Li Zheng has his own plans, finish the animal experiments well, the second work isn’t less.”

Zhang Yuejun’s mouth widened in astonishment.

Li Zheng rolled his eyes and put a mask on his face again. The laboratory sterilization work in the eighties wasn’t as fine as in later times, and the laboratories of the University of Hong Kong loved to study various viruses, the young man’s heart was also big.

A batch of mice was 100, with a total of 20 groups for experimental comparison group.

Fifteen days later

“A batch of mice, according to your design into two groups. One group was manually injected with coagulant, and one group was healthy and uninjected. Both groups of mice were injected with palmatine at the same time. The mice injected with coagulant died, one was over-injected with coagulant, one died before the palmatine took effect. The other one ……” Zhang Yuejun scratched his head, ”    According to the inspection results, the other one is dead …..”

Li Zheng filled in the data and crossed it out with a black line.

“In the future, the experimental mice’s meals, cut in half.”

“There is also the group of uninjected coagulant, fifty mice have not died, of which, in the first two days of the experiment, sixteen mice appear to have an accelerated heartbeat, shortness of breath, this phenomenon eased on the third day. There is also a mouse that became bald, as to whether it is a special case, more experiments are needed to compare.”

Li Zheng nodded, “Adjust the concentration of palmatine proportionally, test the optimal ratio, and record all special phenomena that occurs in the experiment. Then add additional mice to observe whether the drug is the cause.”

Li Zheng had already started working on his paper, and the paper he read at the Asian Conference last time was only a first draft. Around an original drug, it was completely possible to write a dozen papers, and each of them was useful, which was enough to see the preciousness of an original drug.

These fifteen days were enough for the public opinion of Indian generic drugs to ferment in Hong Kong and China. There were no original medicines in mainland China, but were there any in Hong Kong? No.

Yes, even as developed as Hong Kong, there wasn’t a real Hong Kong enterprises to develop the original drug. So when the news came that Li Zheng had publicly announced the development of an original drug at the Biopharmaceutical Conference, the people of Hong Kong had a sense of honor. After all, Li Zheng was a student of the University of Hong Kong. As to whether Li Zheng was a native of Hong Kong, all media coincidentally avoided the topic.

The front page headlines of the Hong Kong Daily News for several days condemned India for not respecting patent property rights. In China, there was a storm of public opinion.

In the eighties, inland China, information was not as developed as in later times. Newspapers were the main way for intellectuals to understand the current world. Because Li Zheng was a Chinese, Zhu Xin had been concerned about the progress of the research of palmatine, and he had been catching up on the various knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry in the past few days.

He knew that although Li Zheng had disclosed the molecular formula of the drug, he needed to provide a lot of information to pass the drug approval. Hong Kong was now part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and drugs listed in Hong Kong need to be approved by MHRA, the UK Medicines and Health Products Regulatory Agency.

This time was as short as three or two months or as long as one or two years. Zhu Xin had thought that he could plan a feature story when the drug was officially launched, even if he flew directly to Hong Kong to interview the little genius.


Generic drugs!

Or Indian generic drugs!

The Sino-Indian border friction in 1962 and the outbreak of the Sino-Indian War in June. Although more than ten years had passed, but the Chinese people’s perception of India was somewhat poor, this time India played this trick again, Zhu Xin wanted to directly fight them.

The newest of these was a report that once again pushed Li Zheng’s name into the eyes of the Chinese public, especially the Chinese intellectual class.

In the office of the secretary of the Chinese Iron Industry, Zhao Mu welcomed a special guest.

“Professor Meng? Why are you here? Xiao Wang ah, pour tea.” The latter sentence he said to the secretary at the door.

The secretary, Xiao Wang, answered and trotted out with a hot water bottle.

“Little Zhao, are you feeling well? You’ve aged a lot.” Meng Jiayin looked at Zhao Mu, whose hair was already white, and his heart couldn’t help but sigh a little, that change in 68 years, how many old fellows and old comrades didn’t survive. If he hadn’t hung out at the Chinese Academy of Sciences early and had a project on hand, he was afraid he wouldn’t have been able to escape.

“Professor Meng, you still look so young.” Meng Jiayin was seven or eight years older than Zhao Mu, but now that the two were standing together, it looked like Zhao Mu was a bit older.

“I’m an old man, so what’s young or not young. Days must be lived, and now the suffering is over. You have to cheer up, Li Hua doesn’t want to see you like this.”

Li Hua, Zhao Mu’s wife, had been a student at Peking University and was very familiar with Meng Jiayin because of student activities, and when Li Hua and Zhao Mu got married, it was Meng Jiayin who officiated with another professor from Yanjing University.

Speaking of his deceased wife, Zhao Mu’s mood immediately sank, and he forced a smile, “Old Meng, I know, I’m doing well now.”

Looking at Zhao Mu’s appearance, Meng Jiayin shook his head and said no more.

Zhao Mu was revived in April, and his daughter Zhao Qihua left the city at the end of March. This has to be said that the fate of people.

Meng Jiayin had been thinking, if Zhao Qihua persisted for a few more days, the little genius who was so good at the Biopharmaceutical Conference would have been his student.

Well, even if he wasn’t a student, at least a student of his university.

“I’m not going to beat around the bush with you, little Zhao ah, today the reason I came to see you, is to talk to you about your grandson.” Meng Jiayin said with a smile.

Zhao Mu was stunned, “Xiao Zheng?” He had just received a letter from his daughter two days ago.

Because it was a letter from overseas, it had gone through layers of scrutiny, and it was already eight months later when it reached him. He had called his old acquaintance in Shenzhen a few days ago, asking him to help send his grandson and granddaughter to Huajing.

In fact, when Zhao Qihua left, Zhao Mu was aware and supported her. He was worthy of heaven and earth, the party and the people in his life. The only person he owed was his daughter.

His own daughter obviously had a great future, but because he suffered so many trials and tribulations, but also because they had to take care of themselves, she was stuck in the small place in Qinghe Town.

When his daughter made up her mind to leave, Zhao Mu was happy, although he also knew that this was bad for Li Qiang and the two children, but every father had a selfish heart, he wanted his daughter to live a happy life.

“Are you talking about my grandson, Li Zheng?”

Hearing the word “Li Zheng” from Zhao Mu’s mouth, Meng Jiayin’s smile became more obvious.

“Little Zhao, you have a good grandson. We relied on him to help us out in Tokyo last time. And Mr. Li Zheng’s academic level is very high, higher than mine!” Meng Jiayin did not mince words of praise.

Zhao Mu was obviously stunned by Meng Jiayin’s words, “Elder Meng, you may be mistaken, my grandson is only 17 years old this year, he is still a child.”

Meng Jiayin looked at Zhao Mu strangely and took out several newspapers from his bag.

“The first few are from Xinghua News Agency and People’s Daily, and the back are from foreign media. All are reporting on your grandson, an original drug ah! We students of biology, want to develop an original drug that can save lives. The little guy is big, special disease original drug, but also a molecular formula, although this was copied by India, but it can live how many lives! India is a large country, some placed have the frozen blood disease ah!”

Meng Jiayin talked excitedly, Li Zheng’s doings resonated very well with the scholars of this era!

Zhao Mu picked up the newspaper from the table and hurriedly browsed through it, his heart set off a shocking wave.

This Xinghua News Agency and foreign media spent a large space to praise …… was really his grandson? How was this possible!

But the newspaper clearly printed Li Zheng’s face, Zhao Mu and his grandson separated just over half a year, naturally he recognized him at a glance, in the speech platform, the confident young man, was his grandson Li Zheng!

“How is this possible! How could Xiao Zheng be in Tokyo?”

Twenty days later, all the comparative experiments came out.

The experimental results showed that the cure rate of palmatine for infants and children with frozen blood was as high as 91.27%, with the best effect of once a week for three months. The side effects of palmatine on the respiratory tract and heart were concentrated on the phenomenon of rapid heartbeat and shortness of breath within forty-eight hours after injection, which would be relieved automatically after forty-eight hours without sequelae.

The trace elements in palmatine would produce rejection with the cells that promoted hair growth in the living body, and baldness would occur. The incidence of the phenomenon was three per thousand, which was in line with the relevant HMRA regulations.

Li Zheng closed his record book, and he already had a thick pile of clinical data at hand.

“Teacher, regarding the thirty-nine patents for palmatine , all of them have been applied for on Attorney Cheng’s side. Now I’ll have to trouble you to contact the Indian side, and I’m willing to provide palmatine injections as their in vivo clinical trial comparison samples free of charge.”

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