C005 —- All Black

 Seeing Shi Fei return, He Xiaobei nervously went forward and asked, “Brother Fei, are you alright.”

  ”Fine.” Shi Fei smiled at him.

  He Xiaobei looked at Jiang Yu beside him, wanting to speak but a little afraid to, and followed the two into the living room lounge.

Shi Fei naturally found a seat and He Xiaobei sat beside him.

  When Jiang Yu saw so many people sitting in the lounge, he put away his prudishness in front of Shi Fei, put his arms around his chest and asked: “So many people are all gathered here? Don’t you all have classes?”

  The others were a bit afraid to answer Jiang Yu’s words. Dai Liang endured for a while and first spoke up, “Teacher Jiang Yu, I want to know, how was Shi Fei dealt with?”

  Jiang Yu asked rhetorically, “What kind of treatment do you want?”

  Of course Dai Liang wanted the program team to fire him, he had a bit of sense not to say this out, and said tactfully, “I believe the program team and Teacher Jiang Yu you will deal with this matter fairly, no matter what the outcome I will accept.”

  He Xiaobei was anxious, really afraid of firing Shi Fei, “Teacher Jiang Yu, this matter is not Shi Fei’s business. The reason was me at first, you can punish me if you want.”

  ”Shut up.” He hadn’t even opened his mouth to say the conclusion yet, Jiang Yu took out the authority of a star promoting officer. This was the one surnamed He who wanted to steal his master.

  As a result, as soon as he finished yelling, he saw the look in Shi Fei’s eyes and immediately weakened a bit, adding, his tone significantly gentler, “Let me finish my sentence first.” Master still said he didn’t want to take him as a disciple, I’ll believe the hell out of him.

  Then looking at the expectant Dai Liang, with a hint of evil at the corners of his mouth, he said, “Then I’ll tell you what I’ve dealt with.”

  ”Dai Liang bullied the other contestants during the program, and now you are punished by running ten laps around the playground as punishment, are you convinced?”

    When Jiang Yu finished speaking, Dai Liang almost thought he had heard wrong and asked uncertainly, “Teacher Jiang Yu, did you just pronounce my name?”

  Jiang Yu asked, “Is there a second one here named Dai Liang?”

  Dai Liang was unconvinced, “Teacher Jiang Yu, it’s obviously Shi Fei who was bothering me, why should I be punished?”

 Jiang Yu responded, “You just said that Shi Fei was bothering you, why didn’t you say why he was bothering you? Why didn’t you say something about stepping on his blanket? There’s a cause before there’s an effect.”

  The crowd looked at Dai Liang in surprise, they had been sitting here for so long, but they hadn’t heard him mention this matter ah. Of course they wouldn’t doubt the truthfulness of what Teacher Jiang Yu had said, and he wouldn’t open his mouth without some evidence.

  Dai Liang was stunned at first, then hurriedly explained, “I didn’t, you can’t just believe whatever Shi Fei says?”

  Jiang Yu said, “There are a few very obvious footprints on Shi Fei’s blanket, why don’t we go and compare them.”

 With a red face, Dai Liang clenched his hands, finally embarrassed and unable to speak, wanting to admit yet feeling ashamed.

  Jiang Yu said again, “Not speaking is a tacit admission of what I said, right?”

  Dai Liang couldn’t speak, Jiang Yu asked again, “I’m asking you, are you wrong?”

  Dai Liang whispered: “It was a mistake.”

  Jiang Yu: “If it was a mistake then apologize to Shi Fei.”

  Dai Liang felt even more embarrassed, but still spoke, “I’m sorry.”

  Jiang Yu again: “Say it to Shi Fei, louder.”

  Dai Liang turned around with difficulty and raised his voice slightly, “I’m sorry.”

 Shi Fei said lightly, “It’s okay, I forgive you.” The easy tone of that voice made Dai Liang even more angry, almost wanting to spit blood.

  Jiang Yu said, “It’s fine if you know there’s a mistake, so do you have a problem with me punishing you?”

  Dai Liang: “No comment.” What else could he have an opinion about.

  Zhuang Xinran pleaded, “Teacher Jiang Yu, I believe that after this time Dai Liang will also know his mistake, won’t ten laps be too much, he still has training to attend every day, I’m afraid he won’t be able to sustain it.”

  Jiang Yu looked at Zhuang Xinran and said with a faint smile, “I almost forgot about you if you didn’t speak, why didn’t you tell the cause and effect when the other contestants were watching before, you only spoke about Shi Fei splashing water?”

  The other players didn’t understand the preceding events, and came here just to listen to Zhuang Xinran’s words before they misunderstood Shi Fei.

  With a handful of sweat in his hand, Zhuang Xinran quickly spoke up, “I, I didn’t know about the preceding events.”

  ”Misleading others by making rash assertions without knowing the preceding events, you are also responsible for this, now I am punishing you to also run ten laps.” Zhuang Xinran’s face was white, not expecting Jiang Yu to deal with it this way.

  Dai Liang was already upset and had been holding back, but now that he saw Jiang Yu about to punish Zhuang Xinran, the young man’s fire was also about to be suppressed, when he wanted to explode, “No need, Laozi [tn: means I, your father: an arrogant statement] understands.”

  Jiang Yu didn’t care at all and pointed at the door and said, “If you don’t want to compete, you can leave anytime.”

  Zhuang Xinran pulled the angry Dai Liang and said to Jiang Yu, “Teacher Jiang Yu, Dai Liang he was joking, we both know we were wrong, we’re going to run now.”

  Before leaving, he purposely apologized to Shi Fei again. After that, he dragged Dai Liang to go jogging.

  Jiang Yu looked at the crowd again and said, “I hope you guys can understand the purpose of your trip and not come with a childish attitude. Sometimes it’s better to spend your time practising than to fight, strength is what you guys are all about.”

  An event that ended with Dai Liang and Zhuang Xinran running ten laps, everyone went back to practice separately.

  On the playground outside the dormitory, the two of them, Dai Liang and Zhuang Xinran, were running as they sweated, and the more they ran, the more Dai Liang felt faint.

  Finally after ten laps, the two of them directly plopped down on the chairs under the trees.

  ”Did that little white face, Shi Fei, hook up with Jiang Yu, or else why was that person so protective of him.” Dai Liang didn’t feel that he was at fault, he was just forced to be helpless by the situation.

  Today, he had really suffered, being beaten again and being punished for running.

  ”Don’t talk nonsense, it won’t be good if it spreads to Teacher Jiang Yu.” Zhuang Xinran said with a loud gasp, probably tired of running and speaking slightly hoarse.

  The two of them returned to the dormitory needing a shower to wash off the stench of sweat from their bodies.

  Dai Liang returned to the dormitory to see his wet blanket, the floor has accumulated a puddle of water, an evil fire came up again, especially seeing that Shi Fei’s blanket had been replaced with a brand new cover, he suddenly had the desire to tear it.

  It was almost time for lunch after taking a shower, and the two headed to the cafeteria, where Zhuang Xinran greeted others warmly as usual, but found that some people were a bit cold towards him.

  ”I really didn’t see it, this Zhuang Xinran is quite good at provoking, I almost believed him.”

  ”If it wasn’t for the appearance of Teacher Jiang Yu later, I would have helped Dai Liang crusade against Shi Fei’s behavior.”

 ”He used us as a gun, he’s quite white and clean looking with a deep mind.”

“You guys also don’t say that, at that time Zhuang Xinran said he didn’t see what happened in front of him, maybe he really didn’t know, it’s not good if you guys wronged him like that.”

Zhuang Xinran listened to the surrounding discussion, bit his lips and lowered his head sadly as he picked at the rice in his bowl.
 Dai Liang saw this scene and felt very distressed, he wanted to get up on behalf of Zhuang Xinran and shout at the people who were gossiping, but he was quickly pulled back, Zhuang Xinran said: “I’m fine, don’t cause trouble, otherwise you will make the Star Promoter unhappy again.”
Dai Liang was a little indignant, “But you?It’s all because I got you into trouble.”
Zhuang Xinran said jokingly, “What’s the point of saying that I was implicated, we’re friends, aren’t we? Let’s eat quickly and go training this afternoon afterwards.” The smile on his face was as if the aggrieved person just now was just Dai Liang’s illusion.

 Looking at his adorable smile with a light pear shape dimples, it was as if something was about to pop out of Dai Liang’s chest.
  When a contestant was training, it was necessary to lock his phone and other items in his locker to prevent it from affecting his training.
Zhuang Xinran leaned against his locker as he sent messages, and when he saw Shi Fei and the others coming over, he also greeted them with a frank smile, as if there was no conflict between them in the morning at all.
When Shi Fei’s pretty eyes looked at his phone, he didn’t say anything and put his things away before leaving with He Xiaobei.
 Zhuang Xinran also didn’t care, and continued to chat and text with the person on his phone.

  Dai Liang came over and saw him and asked, “Xinran, aren’t you going to train yet? It’s about to start.”
Zhuang Xinran’s fingers pressed the keys quickly and finally pressed a send button and said, “Okay.”
 Putting the phone in the locker, he said, “Let’s go, let’s go train.”
  The next day the internet exploded in a big way with news about Shi Fei’s grandstanding in the program.
The cause was that a contestant who was eliminated during the preliminaries, Qin Zhi, sent out a diss tweet about Shi Fei.


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