C004—- Gold Medal Lyricist

  ”The Star Promoter is here, the Star Promoter is here…”

  The tension in the dormitory was so high that the next second was going to be a fight, but then someone shouted loudly.

  Someone asked, “Which Star Promoter is here?”

  ”It’s the Magic Sound Circuit’s Jiang Yu.”

  The crowd suddenly felt that there was a buzz, of the three Star Promoters, Jiang Yu was the toughest and most venomous speaker.

  He hated people who caused trouble or made false claims the most, and had once found someone faking a song at a party and directly exposing it, as well as eliminating the person the producers were trying to insert into the inner circle on other singing variety shows on the spot.

  He wasn’t afraid of offending people, just looking at things right or wrong.

  The first day, Shi Fei just moved into the dormitory and roommate conflicts occured, Dai Liang’s blanket became wet, no matter whether it was his fault, bumping into the hands of Jiang, was an end.

  At the end of the corridor, a young man wearing a white denim jacket, handsome, slender legs and broad shoulders, a pair of narrow peach eyes with a silky unrestrained look, was walking this way, raising his hands and feet with an aura of nobility.

  He was followed by a follow up VJ, who looked like he had come to the dormitory on the spot to record material.

  ”What’s going on with you guys?” Seeing the numerous people surrounding the 106 entrance, Jiang Yu stood with one hand in his trouser pocket and asked, bringing with him an aura that was hard to get close to.

  ”Teacher Jiang Yu, Shi Fei and Dai Liang had some conflicts, and now Dai Liang’s bed is wet, so he probably needs a new blanket.” There was no straightforward statement that it was Shi Fei who splashed, but with a little guessing, one could tell.

  He Xiaobei stood there with a shortness of face and hurriedly argued, “Teacher Jiang Yu, it’s not Shi Fei’s fault, it’s because of me.” If he hadn’t made Dai Liang angry first, there wouldn’t have been anything that followed.

  ”What’s it to you? Don’t take all the blame on yourself.” Shi Fei looked up at someone and said, “You can say whatever you want to say.”

  The crowd didn’t think that Shi Fei was so bold, Teacher Jiang Yu was standing here and he still dared to talk like this, should they say he was ignorant or fearless.

  They saw Teacher Jiang Yu’s face darken, and after a glance at Dai Liang, he said coldly to Shi Fei, “You come with me.”

  Shi Fei was quite cooperative and stepped forward.

He Xiaobei held him back and said, “I’ll go with you, this can’t get you involved.”

  ”Go back and wait for me to return.” Shi Fei said and followed Jiang Yu.

  Everyone didn’t notice that while Shi Fei and He Xiaobei were talking, Jiang Yu who was walking in front stopped, stood there and waited.

  Looking at the people who were far away, everyone couldn’t help but speculate.

  ”I heard that Teacher Jiang Yu hates people who cause trouble, he won’t just disqualify Shi Fei this time.”

  ”No way, the show hasn’t been announced yet, Shi Fei is still ranked 1st in popularity, can the show give up on someone who is so popular?”

  ”Teacher Jiang Yu isn’t the kind of person who would put up with the other party’s rudeness just because he’s popular, you’ve forgotten that he used to eliminate the producers’ internal staff when he participated in talent shows.”

  ”That’s true, Teacher Jiang Yu is the fairest of them all. It would be a bit of a pity if we couldn’t see Shi Fei just like that, I heard he’s quite strong in singing.”

  ”No matter how strong he is, his character can’t be trusted.”

    Now that the show hadn’t started airing yet, except for the people from the beauty track, the other two tracks hadn’t seen the singing strength of Shi Fei.

  In this kind of cruel competition, many people even wanted to see Shi Fei leave.

  Shi Fei followed Jiang Yu to a room, and Jiang Yu asked VJ to leave first.

  When the door was closed, Jiang Yu, who had just looked so cold and sluggish, changed his face in a second and asked with a smile on his face and a pair of peach blossom eyes, “Master, why did you come to the show without saying anything? If I hadn’t been watching the other track contestants, I wouldn’t have known you were on this show.”

  Shi Fei pulled down the arm that was tugging on his clothes.

  Jiang Yu continued to hold on again: “Master you want to mix the entertainment industry, just tell me or my senior brother no, you can debut in any posture you want, and you can pick any resource team you want. Where is the need for such trouble to attend the talent show ah.”

  Shi Fei: “There’s something important for me to participate in the competition.”

  ”What kind of important matter?” Jiang Yu looked like a curious baby, his eyes glittering with gossip.

  Shi Fei poked his head, took his finger away and said, “Don’t gossip, just be a star promoting officer.”

  ”Master, do you want to take that He Xiaobei as your disciple?” Jiang Yu flattened his mouth and said with a sour face.

  ”What are you thinking about?” It was enough to have Jiang Yu, the little abrasive spirit, and his senior brother, the belly-black spirit.

  ”Isn’t it? I’ve seen the footage from the match, and you’ve been interacting with He Xiaobei the entire time, and you’re obviously different to him than others.” The smell of jealousy in the room seemed to materialize along with Jiang Yu’s words.

  Jiang Yu’s heart was sour, it wasn’t enough to have a senior brother vying for favor, wouldn’t it be hard to add another junior brother to the mix?

  ”Don’t think nonsense, be a good star promoter and don’t cause trouble by disliking him during the show.” He defended He Xiaobei, and that was because he owed him that.

  ”As long as those people don’t do the underhanded thing, I naturally won’t cause any trouble.” Also, was Master nice enough to tell him to stay out of trouble? It was like he was more of the troublemaker. He had heard that he had changed the format of the show during the recording of the first episode.

  Now he was getting into trouble with other contestants, and of course it was the other contestants who were not interested in provoking his master.

  Then Jiang Yu started to talk about his senior brother again, “No wonder senior brother always asked me to be the star promoter of this program before he went abroad, I suspect he must have known you were coming. He calculated for me to come and be the Star Promoting Officer for you, Master, I’ll lose my life.” After saying that he started to wipe his tears again in aggravation.

  ”If your childish appearance is seen by your fans, beware of losing them.” Shi Fei said with a disgusted face, Jiang Yu was 22 years old, wasn’t it hard to spend all day pampering him as an 18 year old?

  ”No fear, I don’t care which side I’m on, all those wives of mine love me because I rely on my face to get fans.” Jiang Yu said confidently, then continued, “Master, then you have to be careful to hide your cover, the star promoter of the original track is Chu Yuefei, and as far as I know that guy has been secretly checking the identity of the gold medal lyricist ‘Not Leaving’.”

  Chu Yuefei had the reputation of being a musical ghost genius, four years ago when Shi Fei came out of nowhere to write songs as ‘Not Leaving’, his bizarre and changeable musical style soon overpowered Chu Yuefei in the limelight.

  Unfortunately, he never showed up at any public functions, gave any interviews, and people didn’t even know what he looked like.

  ”He doesn’t have that ability to find out about me.” No matter how hard Chu Yuefei tried, it was impossible for him to associate that the famous gold medal lyricist, ‘Not Leaving’, would be someone who was only eighteen years old.

  ”Master, do you want me help you fire Dai Liang ?” Daring to mess with his master, he was living in impatience.

  ”No, I can handle these small matters myself. If you interfere, you’ll cause criticism.”

  ”Alright.” Jiang Yu wasn’t worried, though.


  There were other contestants standing or sitting in the lounge, all of them waiting for the results.

  He Xiaobei stood by the door, his hands tightly squeezing the corners of his coat, looking at the door from time to time as he bit his lips tightly, his eyes were uneasy.

  ”It’s been almost half an hour since they were all called over, it seems that this time Teacher Jiang Yu was really angry and reprimanded him for a long time.”

  ”What Shi Fei did this time was a bit too much, you guys don’t think Shi Fei will be expelled, right?”

  ”He deserved to be fired, and he did it all by himself, he really thinks he can do whatever he wants just because he’s number one in popularity.”

  When He Xiaobei heard the constant discussion beside him, he squeezed the corners of his clothes a little more heavily, and with his hands squeezed tightly, he finally managed to stand up and said at the crowd, “Don’t talk nonsense, Brother Fei will be fine.” Only that voice sounded half imposing, the crowd didn’t take him seriously at all.

  Dai Liang snorted, “Teacher Jiang Yu is a person who hates people who are arrogant to no end just because of their skills, Shi Fei has repeatedly caused trouble in the program just because he’s number one in popularity, do you think Teacher Jiang Yu will let him go?”

  He Xiaobei held his red face and wanted to retort but couldn’t organize words, so he could only finally say weakly, “Anyway, I believe that Brother Fei will be fine.”

  Dai Liang disdainfully replied, “Fine, you can comfort yourself like that if you want.”

  Zhuang Xinran walked over to comfort He Xiaobei and said, “Xiaobei, you shouldn’t be too sad either. Later on, if Teacher Jiang Yu really wants to punish Shi Fei, I will definitely help intercede. In other words, even if Shi Fei really leaves today, with his strength, he’ll definitely be on fire if he participates in another talent show.”

  Dai Liang pulled over Zhuang Xinran, “What are you talking to him so much for, you’re just too kind-hearted, and you didn’t look at what attitude Shi Fei just had.”

  The corners of Zhuang Xinran’s mouth curved and with an offensive smile he said, “Don’t say that, we are all here to compete together for a musical dream, it’s only right to be a little tolerant of each other.”

    As soon as his words fell, the person standing at the door to scout out the people spotted the silhouette and quickly turned around and said, “Coming, coming back, Teacher Jiang Yu and Shi Fei are both coming back together.”

  He Xiaobei’s eyes lit up and he walked towards the door.

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  1. He Xiaobei is just too frustrating, his speaking up for MC might as well be nothing, he’s not even trying. No wonder he got screwed over in MC’s last life.

  2. …. ok…. I’m a little bit confused here so correct me if I’m wrong…
    Shi Fei and the others are contestants of some entertainment program or something. Currently, Shi Fei and Dai Liang are in conflict about blankets, one was stamped to dirt and the other was completely soak. This Star Promoter Jiang Yu are to discipline the troublemakers on which either to punish or fire them. What no one know is Jiang Yu and Shi Fei knew each other.
    What I don’t understand is how do they related to each other. Junior and Senior brother, right? That I know. Still, how are they related being in this junior/senior brothers bond? In what circumstance?
    I hope I can find out more about this in future chapters. 🙂

    1. You’re right and you will 😁

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