It was probably because the pessimistic idea of “dying sooner or later is dying” had already been established in the bottom of his heart, and after he really knew the date of Meng Jinhuai’s arrival, Duan Hengye relaxed quite a bit. He was standing in the middle of the living room, thinking quickly in his mind.

Duan Hengye knew clearly that it was useless to be anxious about Meng Jinhuai, and the only thing he could do was to find the pharmaceutical genius in the novel as soon as possible.

The pharmaceutical genius in the novel was named Lian Jingxing, although he was very talented, but because of his family’s poor background, he did not receive a systematic education in pharmacy before, so his results when he entered the school were not outstanding. In the interstellar era, pharmacy was a very expensive profession, also because of his family background, Lan Jingchi could not even buy the time to use the laboratory to complete the homework…….

The description of his condition when he entered the school was only a few lines, and he had already dropped out of the University of An Luo when he officially appeared in the novel, and started his own non-legal research activities…. In his official appearance in the novel, he had already dropped out of the University of An Luo and started his own non-legal research activities………. 

When he thought of this, Duan Hengye couldn’t help but be relieved once again, it was a good thing that he transmigrated early, and now that Lan Jingchi had just enrolled, everything was still in time. The last few days, introduced by the school teacher, Duan Hengye learned that An Luo University had a set of its own on-campus light brain system. In addition to chatting and communicating, in order to encourage students to develop in all aspects, he could also check the class schedule of each major on this system.

After thinking of this, Duan Hengye immediately exited the map system. Although he wasn’t an official teacher of An Luo, he synced the entrance and initial ID of the forum inside his school’s light brain as soon as he came to the school.

At this time, Duan Hengye was just standing in front of the sofa, and after opening the forum, a projected image of an expressionless young man suddenly appeared in front of his eyes – the actual guidance system would be hidden most of the time, it was just that Duan Hengye, who had just transmigrated and wasn’t very familiar with the system, didn’t know about it.

As soon as the young man appeared, he said to Duan Hengye in an emotionless electronic synthesized voice, “Respected Professor Duan Hengye of Mecha Institution, hello. I am An Luo’s on-campus guidance system. You can tell me what you need, or one: answer your questions; two: take an interim exam; three: assign an assignment…”

The moment the guidance system appeared, Professor Duan, who had always been tumultuous, suddenly didn’t steady himself, and he stepped backwards twice until his shins hit the couch before he cleared his throat and stood straight again.

Fortunately, there wasn’t anyone else here….

Duan Hengye cleared his throat and said according to the original owner’s memory, “Open the pharmaceutical First Year Seating System.”

The electronically synthesized male voice sounded again, “System prompt: advanced privileges, identity search function on.”

  As a visiting professor of An Luo, Duan Hengye had the authority to view specific information, and after hearing the system beep, Duan Hengye once again issued a voice command to it.

  ”Locate Lan Jingchi.”

  The instant the voice fell, a classroom seating chart appeared in front of Duan Hengye’s eyes, and at the very corner of the chart, a location emitted a faint red light.


  Four hours before the start of Duan Hengye’s first class this morning, a small hovercraft suddenly flew out from this villa. If anyone saw it, they would definitely ask, why the rumored Professor Duan, who was “not interested in anything but research”, would have the leisure to stroll around the campus early in the morning?

No one would have guessed that Professor Duan actually got up so early just to block a student.

Since it had been decided to find Lan Jingchi, of course the sooner he went, the better! Carrying the burden of life on his back, Duan Hengye decided that he couldn’t waste a moment.

But apparently, Professor Duan wasn’t yet well versed in the interstellar age. When he arrived at the pharmacy classroom, he discovered that, unlike the thousands of classrooms in the armor department, each student had a small silver egg-shaped laboratory. When they arrived at the testing area, the hovercraft they were riding would automatically lower their height and connect with the lab to facilitate the students’ entry.

In short, the student was simply invisible the entire time. Knowing the exact coordinates wouldn’t help….

Not long after arriving here, Duan Hengye’s light brain suddenly made a prompt, and as soon as he looked down he saw a school hovercar slowly landing on the lab that was marked out by the system. The person inside was Lan Jingchi! Duan Hengye’s nerves immediately tensed up. But what disappointed him was that when the hovercar flew away, the upper hatch of the experimental chamber closed tightly, not even a crack could be seen….

Despite this, Duan Hengye, who had found this place with great difficulty, did not leave like this and chose to continue waiting. In fact, Professor Duan hadn’t thought of going directly to find Lan Jingchi, he had originally come here today just to observe the other party up close.

Ten minutes later, the students had almost all arrived in their labs, and the course was about to begin. And just as Duan Hengye continued to think about what he should do next, a considerable commotion suddenly occurred in the testing area below.

In the meantime, Duan Hengye slowly lowered the height of the levitation device, only to see the shell of an egg-shaped lab capsule not far away suddenly open, and a student wearing a white lab coat came out from inside the lab. It looked like he wasn’t in a good mood, and he was cursing as he walked.

An Luo University’s internal navigation system was very humane, after Duan Hengye determined Lan Jingchi’s location, the system drove the hovercraft to send him to the his lab module right above. As soon as Duan Hengye lowered his altitude a little, he discovered that the student from the other side actually walked directly to the entrance of Lan Jingchi’s experimental cabin and then entered the password from outside to open the door.

“Lan Jingchi! Get out and go to the lab bay over there!” He shouted.

Duan Hengye saw that a short while after the lab bay door opened, a person who was also wearing white lab clothes walked out from it. That was Lan Jingchi! Although he was far away and couldn’t see their expressions or hear what they were saying, Duan Hengye was still able to tell from their body movements that the two seemed to have started quite an argument.

After a short while, several of the surrounding experimental hatches opened, and more than a dozen people came over to surround Lan Jingchi. The first one was the one who opened Lan Jingchi’s experimental cabin, he stood there pointing his index finger at Lan Jingchi and said something, looking domineering. And just a few seconds later, he shoved the person opposite him.

Although Duan Hengye wanted to keep a low profile, at the moment, after seeing the increasingly serious interstellar campus bullying outside the lab module, he still lowered the altitude of the hover without a moment’s hesitation. It was scary to be suspected by Meng Jinhuai for not living up to his character, but it was even more of a pity to use such a great opportunity to run away in vain. The most important thing was – this kind of campus bullying that was not depicted in the original was probably also an important trigger for Lan Jingchi’s late blackening.

Class time was about to arrive, but after seeing the considerable noise outside the cabin, there were still people coming out one after another around. Although these people didn’t join the bullying, they were all out to watch the good show, and none of them had any intention of helping Lan Jingchi.

The teenager in the center of the crowd slowly lowered his head… He shook his fist vigorously, as if he was humiliated or indignant. But this kind of emotion only lasted for a few seconds, then he took a step with some difficulty, as if he finally gave in and intended to walk towards the opposite lab.

However, at this moment, the students who were gathered in a group suddenly noticed a hovercraft above the sky getting closer and closer….

“Hey! You can’t land here!” Due to the fact that it was already very close, Duan Hengye saw the person below who kept waving at him, and read the person’s lips. For safety reasons, there were very strict rules on the use of hovercraft inside An Luo University, for example, in the lab area, students’ hovercrafts could only hover over the lab pods and could not land. But it was very obvious that the hovercar was already lower than the height of the surrounding cabin roof at this time.

Seeing that the hovercar was unresponsive, the onlookers immediately scattered to the opposite side in panic. The students in the distance who originally didn’t know what was happening also opened the hatch after seeing that strange hovercraft and cast curious glances at them. At the same time, the teacher in charge of this experimental class also noticed the movement, and he also boarded a hovercar and went towards.

Duan Hengye’s hovercar steadily stopped on the ground, and the lead student viciously pushed Lan Jingchi, before smashing a heavy punch on the hovercar’s bulkhead.

  ”Fuck, get out!”

The force of this punch was so great that Duan Hengye, who was standing inside the cabin, felt this small hovercraft shake a bit. After hearing the voices of the students outside, Duan Hengye’s face, which was already expressionless, became even colder. What did they mean by Tai Sui[ strongest in the area] moving the earth? That was it.

After that knock, Duan Hengye extended his finger and gently pressed the open door button. The students who had been onlookers then saw the hatch slowly open and a man dressed in black walked out of the cabin. The black clothes looked unexpectedly eye-catching against the surrounding white lab clothes and silver bulkheads, and although the man’s figure was a bit thin, his long legs and height, which was a head above the students on the other side of the room, immediately showed a compelling presence.

His skin was a little pale, his eyes were slightly squinted, and his thick eyelashes gave his eyes a layer of natural eyeliner that flew slightly upward. As a rule, this man’s looks should be described as beautiful. But at this time, everyone who saw his face was stunned, and no one had the courage to study the man’s appearance.

At this time, the teacher in charge of the experiment also arrived at the scene, and after leaving the cabin and seeing Duan Hengye’s face, the teacher froze in place, and then couldn’t help but open his eyes wide and whisper, “Professor Duan… Professor…”

In order to teach conveniently, the teacher was wearing an invisible voice transmission device, the voice of “Professor Duan” reached the ears of thousands of people present without any surprise.

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