After an interval of two days, Wen Run went to the studio to shoot a commercial.

  The marketing of Nav Chocolates had always been very good, and the commercials were even more perfect, hiring artists with flow and popularity. That Wen Run could squeeze in, in a manner of speaking, was still because of Xiao Xiao’s light. Xiao Xiao, as a second-tier actress, was not bad in terms of flow and popularity. It was expected that Nav invited her to come, while Wen Run was a buy one get one free addition.

  Zheng Xuan analyzed the pros and cons with Wen Run on the way here. He received the commercial because of Xiao Xiao’s reputation and also because he was good-looking and the price was low.

  This time, the commercial was set in a high school campus, and both the male and female had to look like young girls and boys, so the age couldn’t be too different, the current situation was that Wen Run was young and hiring other male stars would be more expensive, but his image quality was good enough. Anyway, the focus of the commercial was on the female lead, so the advertiser finally settled on Wen Run.

  Zheng Xuan said this, wanting him to grasp this opportunity to perform well, the market share of Nav Chocolate was quite large, and the advertising campaign was also strong, as long as Wen Run performed brightly, it was no problem at all to gain a wave of face fans.

  Wen Run naturally said yes, even if Zheng Xuan didn’t specifically emphasize that, his attitude towards every job was extremely serious.

  The two of them set off early, and when they arrived at the studio Xiao Xiao hadn’t arrived yet, so he went to the dressing room to do his styling first. Since the background of the story was a high school campus, the costume was a high school uniform. For this shoot, the advertising party specially prepared two sets of school uniforms, one set of Western-style uniforms and one set of the common blue and white school uniforms in China. In fact, the advertising side intended to use the blue and white school uniforms shot, not only to show the youthful sense, but also to resonate along the way to sell a wave of feelings. After all, people were more familiar with the classic blue and white school uniforms.

However, the school uniform in China had always been generous and bulky, it was very hard for it to be worn well. Because there was no one to see in advance, the advertising agency worried that he would not be able to pull it off, so they prepared another set of uniform on standby.

  But after Wen Run appeared in the dressing room, the girl who prepared the costume was relieved, and handed over the loose blue and white school uniform without hesitation. After Wen Run went to the dressing room to change and came out, the makeup artist couldn’t turn her eyes away and looked at him for a long time before exclaiming, “You’re just wearing this outfit, you don’t even need makeup, you’re completely a high school student.”

  The wide blue and white school uniform didn’t look bulky at all on him.

  Wen Run’s height was one meter seventy-eight, broad shoulders, narrow waist and long legs, the overly wide school uniform was completely held up by him, not only did he not feel rustic, but flattened an untainted simple youthfulness, many young girls had fantasized about a prince charming on campus, if they could figuratively, it would probably be what Wen Run looked like now.

  ”What are you all looking at?”

  Xiaoxiao came in with his assistant and saw several workers standing in the dressing room. She couldn’t see Wen Run from her angle, and thought something happened in the dressing room. When she walked in, she saw Wen Run wearing a school uniform. She was surprised and finally understood the thoughts of these people and smiled and said to Wen Run: “I haven’t seen you for a few days, you are growing backwards.”

Embarrassed, Wen Run smiled and greeted her, “Elder Sister Xiaoxiao”.

When the female lead came, it wasn’t good for everyone to delay, so the dressing room became busy. The makeup artist didn’t want to ruin it, so she only applied a light makeup for Wen Run. Xiaoxiao’s appearance was similar, she changed into a white short sleeve and blue pleated skirt, soft black hair draped behind her, and only had a pure nude makeup. Although she was three years older than Wen Run, her appearance belonged to the pure category. She looked several years younger when she wore makeup and looked like a model. Standing with Wen Run, they looked like a couple in high school.

After finishing the styling, they officially started shooting.

The commercials were divided into three acts. In the first act, the male and female lead met in a chocolate shop outside the high school campus. The two took a fancy to a piece of “Nav” chocolate. The male lead got it first, but when he saw the female lead, he smiled and handed the chocolate over; In the second act, the male and female lead met in the campus playground. The male lead saw the female lead walking on the playground, took the courage to take out a piece of “Nav” chocolate and gave it to the female ead, and then ran away red-faced; In the third act, in campus, after attending the dance competition, the female lead met the male lead holding a box of “Nav” chocolate in the background. Finally, the commercial ended with a sentence “Meeting you is my greatest happiness-Nav Chocolate”.

To be fair, the advertising script was very careful. Wen Run did his homework in advance, so the shooting went very smoothly. However, the advertiser kept improving, remaking several articles, and preparing to select the best one for later stage.

The two main characters cooperated with each other and did not delay each other. They finished shooting ahead of time at four o’clock in the afternoon. As soon as they finished filming, Xiaoxiao bent and clutched her stomach, Wen Run looked at her with concern. “Elder sister Xiaoxiao, are you ok? What’s wrong? ” When he was shooting just now, he could see that the other party was uncomfortable, and she just endured it for the shooting effect.

Xiaoxiao’s assistant came up and helped her aside to rest. She heard them talking about “physiological period” and “stomachache”.

He thought about it, went to get a bottle of mineral water, and asked the staff to borrow an electric kettle to burn hot water to warm it, and then sent it to Xiaoxiao. After all, it was a girl’s business, so he was not very straightforward. But thinking that he took advantage of Xiao Xiao’s popularity twice, he handed the hot water with red ears. “If you have a stomachache, drink more hot water.”

Xiaoxiao was in pain. When she saw his embarrassed face, she couldn’t help laughing, but her stomach pain didn’t stop. She took a sip of water and the warm water did relieve some pain.

  ”Thank you.” Xiao Xiao shook the water bottle in her hand and smiled, “I heard that you’re set to act as ‘Yan Wu’ ? Let’s talk on WeChat, and we can even duke it out if we have time.”

  When she said that, Wen Run definitely wouldn’t refuse, and the two added each other on WeChat before leaving the studio separately.

  Zheng Xuan saw the scene from afar and teased him on the way back, “I didn’t think you were quite good at making girls happy.”

  Wen Run blinked and said seriously, “I just wanted to express my gratitude, to have these two opportunities, I’m in Xiao Xiao’s good graces, I’m grateful to her.”

  Zheng Xuan saw his serious appearance, what else could he say, he could only focus on driving.


  After returning to the office, Zheng Xuan went to work on something else, while Wen Run went to the form classroom to practice his bodywork.

  The classroom was on the third floor, and since it was late, there weren’t many people on the third floor. It was a bit lonely. Wen Run crossed the corridor and just walked to the door, when he heard a voice saying, “Wen Run won’t really climb into CEO Ye’s bed, I heard that it’s Zheng Xuan who is taking him now.”

  Wen Run’s footsteps slowed and stood still at the door.

  Another voice sourly said, “With that temper of Mr Ye, even if he really climbed up there, so what, he might have fallen down after two days if he provoked Mr Ye’s displeasure.”

  ”Right.” Someone immediately answered, “And just like Mr. Ye, with his leg broken, who knows if he’ll still be able to do it ah…”

  ”I’ve heard that those men who can’t are psychologically perverted, so don’t look at his shiny appearance, he might be tortured in bed…”

  The people inside seemed to have seen Wen Run’s miserable end and laughed happily.

  And outside, Wen Run’s eyes shone with fire.

  After Zheng Xuan became his agent, he was prepared for these situations, after all, even he himself had wondered why Zheng Xuan would condescend to train him, a little newcomer with no reputation, and it was even less likely that others would think good of him if they didn’t know the inside story.

  He had expected to be told a few words behind someone’s back.

  But he didn’t expect that these people would dare to say that about Ye Hansheng. His chest was bulging with anger, and his fists clenched in a death grip. Ye Hansheng was such a good person, yet they said such a bad thing about him.

  That car accident had always been Ye Hansheng’s scar, when he saw the other party’s face in a wheelchair, he would always think of the warm springtime Ye Hansheng when he was young, it was that car accident that turned Ye Hansheng into what he was now, how could they, how could they hurt him with this?

 Wen Run was angry, his eyes were red, he was angry, he had never been so angry.

  ”What are you guys talking about?!”

  He walked in through the doorway and looked at the three startled people, his anger raging.

  These three people he knew, two were members of the newly debuted boy band, one called Guo Xiao and the other Zhao Songyu; and one was an artist under Song Li, called Li Jue, Li Jue signed a contract half a year later than him, Song Li was very optimistic about him and piled all his resources on him after he couldn’t count on Wen Run.

  Li Jue was the one who just said Ye Hansheng was a psychopath.

  The three of them felt a bit guilty when they see the sudden appearance of the angry Wen Run, but they soon become disdainful, even if he had a famous agent now, so what?

  ”Let’s say some. There are some low-lying . . people who forgot their last name after climbing into Mr Ye’s bed.” Li Jue glanced at Wen Run with a smile and said to the other two, “Isn’t that right?”

  The small flame in Wen Run’s heart leaped as high as it could go, he looked at him with a cold face, “If you have the guts, come with me to see Mr Ye and say what you just said again in front of Mr Ye.”

  Li Jue’s face went white, making a scene in front of Ye Hansheng he naturally didn’t dare, but still held strong, “Wen Run, don’t you dare pick a fight, what do you think you are?”

  ”What’s wrong with me fighting?” Wen Run eyes spewed fire, he walked forward and clasped his wrist, “I’m not only picking a fight, I also want to blow the wind, if you’re not afraid, go with me now to say it clearly in front of Mr. Ye ah!”

  ”You, psycho!” Li Jue took two steps backwards, looking at him in panic.

  Wen Run did not weaken his hold, his cold and captivating gaze looked at Guo Xiao and Zhao Songyu again and sneered, “He doesn’t dare to go, you two come with me.”

  Guo Xiao and Zhao Songyu shook their heads frantically, who dared to go to Ye Hansheng ah, did they want to die!

  They were truly afraid, smiling gingerly to round things off, “It’s our joke that’s overdone, Wen Run, don’t care about the villains, so don’t disturb Mr. Ye with such a small matter.”

Guo Xiao and Zhao Songyu apologized repeatedly, Li Jue was dark and silent, Guo Xiao tugged him hard at the situation and said anxiously, “Li Jue you speak. It was indeed our fault this time, apologize.”

  Li Jue’s face was black as he squeezed out three words from his teeth, “Right, it was.”

  Wen Run, however, wasn’t much happier as he swept the three of them with a stern gaze, “If I hear you gossip about Mr Ye behind his back again, don’t blame me for being rude!”

  ”No more no more.” Guo Xiao and Zhao Songyu laughed dryly and pulled the still unconvinced Li Jue away. They didn’t dare stay.

When the three of them left, Wen Run kicked the railing in anger, the metal railing trembled and made a noise, but Wen Run was not relieved. What he said just now about going to confront Ye Hansheng face to face and blowing his ears off…that was all to scare them, how could he bear to let Ye Hansheng hear these insults again. 

  He was heartbroken for Ye Hansheng . Since his legs were disabled, he must have heard many such words. Even if no one dared to say it to his face, there must be quite a few rumors behind the scenes, there was no impermeable wall in the world, there was always a time when these unpleasant words would reach his ears, how would he feel then?

  Wen Run sighed, remembering the deep wrinkles between Ye Hansheng’s brows, he must have been very sad at that time. That was why he had become the way he was now, always with a sunken face and not smiling anymore.

  Obviously he smiled so warmly.

  Wen Run sighed alone in the form class for a long time, and had no desire to practice his form, and finally wilted back to his dormitory.


  Zheng Xuan originally wanted to come find Wen Run and tell him that his assistant had been recruited, and that he should meet him tomorrow and see if he was satisfied. But he didn’t expect to find himself on the third floor and see such a farce.

  His impression was that Wen Run had always been good-natured and sensible, like a little milk dog who would wag his tail at someone with his dark round eyes open; also like a little lamb, gentle and harmless, not at all aggressive.

  But now his perception was completely reversed.

  A small milk dog also bit people with its claws and teeth; a lamb also had sharp horns.

  It was interesting to think of him furiously defending Ye Hansheng, and Zheng Xuan smiled.

  He decided to go and share it with Grand President Ye.

  The office door was pushed open and Ye Hansheng’s face darkened when he looked up and saw Zheng Xuan’s face filled with ill-will, “What are you doing here?”

  Zheng Xuan had great material today, and decided that he could hold Ye Hansheng, and he didn’t wince, he sat opposite Ye Hansheng and said proudly, “I just saw a funny thing, are you listening?”

  Ye Hansheng frowned fiercely, hostility running rampant, “If you don’t speak, you can get out.”

  Zheng Xuan, as if he hadn’t heard, said to himself, “I just saw Wen Run arguing with someone in the third floor form classroom.”

Ye Hansheng frowned deeply. He couldn’t imagine what it would look like when Wen Run quarrelled. How could such a good and obedient child fight with others?

He said impatiently, “Speak or get out.”

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