Although he had accepted An Luo’s invitation to come to the school as a visiting professor, Duan Hengye’s most important identity at the moment was still the director of the Imperial Armor Research Institute. In order not to disturb Duan Hengye’s daily work, the school had arranged his subsequent classes intensively on his days off.

Having received the task of tampering with the armor program some time ago, the original owner finally took his first short personal leave after joining the school for personal reasons, temporarily putting aside the research he had on hand. Now that the vacation was over, Duan Hengye was finally heading back to the research institute.

When he went to An Luo University, Duan Hengyue had been studying the class, and now that he had successfully passed through a great calamity, he finally relaxed a bit. Strangely enough, with the gradual fusion of the original owner’s memories, the knowledge he had mastered in the past was also smoothly integrated into Duan Hengye’s mind. Even compared to those memories that needed to be “salvaged” with a lot of hard work, the knowledge actually seemed to be familiar to him.


Despite being a scientist, Duan Hengye’s research direction in his last life had nothing to do with the brain or the human body, let alone this question that involved “rebirth”. After pondering for a long time, Duan Hengye simply put down this question, he turned off the light screen and stood up from the black leather sofa.

Although the original owner’s personal starship “Zhi Lian” was not as spectacular as a military starship, it still had the highest configuration in the interstellar world today. On Duan Hengye’s side was a huge floor-to-ceiling window, through which one could see a vast deep space. Duan Hengye slowly walked to the window and gently placed his palm on it, and instantly chills spread throughout his body along with his palm. However, Duan Hengye didn’t remove his hand, he looked at this magnificent galaxy in front of him and forgot about the chill on his palm.

Living on Earth in his last life, Duan Hengye had an innate yearning and curiosity for the stars, and in the era he lived in, people were still caught by technology. Like everyone else, Duan Hengye had looked up at the sky more than once in the middle of the night, trying to witness billions of stars with his eyes.

How amazing… Now he was already on a starship travelling through the universe.

Duan Hengye had been standing by the window staring, but what he didn’t know was that just a short distance away, his personal assistant had overstepped his authority and entered the corridor of this stateroom. He stood at the corner for a moment before retreating quietly once more.


Report to Lord Marshal, Duan Hengye was acting abnormally on his return journey.”

The Ye Tian Empire Armor Research Institute had a small planet all to itself, and apart from the research and experimental areas, many of the staff usually lived here. In fact, due to his busy work schedule, the original owner had been in a state of separation after his marriage to Meng Jinhuai, and he spent most of his time on the planet where the institute was located. The most frightening thing was… the original owner’s residence wasn’t even in the specially designated living area of the planet, but in the research institute.

After the starship landed, Duan Hengye walked alone into the first research building of the institute that was as spectacular as a mountain range. The Ye Tian Empire Armor Research Institute was huge, with tens of thousands of researchers. Now the hemisphere where the research building was located had not yet seen sunrise, and a small half of the entire silver building was lit up.

Duan Hengye didn’t take the indoor hovercraft but followed his memory and slowly moved around the building to get familiar with it.

Even though Duan Hengye had been living here, to most of the ordinary researchers like worker ants, the director was still just a legendary figure. This morning, Duan Hengye suddenly appeared here, making a bunch of people nervous.

“Institution…President.” After seeing Duan Hengye, the staff member who was sitting facing the corridor instantly bounced up from his seat, and he asked with a frightened face, “Excuse me… uh, what is it that you have to say?”

The original owner’s personality might have caused people who didn’t know him to have a sense of respect and be called the Flower of Gaoling. But anyone who knew him in reality, absolutely couldn’t stand Professor Duan’s temper that was cold and violent at every turn, as well as his unsympathetic personality.

Although the junior staff had never had close contact with Duan Hengye, but the Director’s “deeds” and personality had already spread throughout the entire institute. After seeing the sudden appearance of Duan Hengye, the staff inevitably became nervous.

Duan Hengye realized that he seemed to have scared someone……..

At this time not only the staff in front of him was nervous, Duan Hengye’s heart was also embarrassed. He moved his line of sight to one side, “Nothing” Duan Hongyi said coldly, imitating the original owner’s tone, and then quickly left the place. It wasn’t until he left this research room that the staff member from the side sat down trembling with eyes dazedly looking forward.

“Terrifying…” “Professor Duan really lived up to his name!

Duan Hengye finally gave up wandering around the building, and he entered the hovercraft and flew directly to the core of the research institute where the original owner stayed. But as soon as he changed into his white lab clothes and walked into the office, he then heard his name.

It wasn’t officially office hours yet, and there were three people sitting in front of him, chatting away.

He didn’t know who asked first, “Is Duan Hengye back today?” Then someone laughed disdainfully and said, “Who knows, Duan Hengye didn’t make up the teaching materials properly back then, making An Luo have a big pile of hangings every year. Who knows why he’s willing to be a teacher now.”

The original owner’s updated armor teaching materials did pit many people against each other, and the staff member who spoke earliest echoed, “Yeah, do you guys think that Duan Hengye didn’t want everyone to understand the book for fear of someone surpassing himself? Honestly, I’ve been studying his updated teaching materials for a long time to understand them, and it’s really too hard to get students to read them.”

“Who knows~” a tall woman with long curly hair stood up in the middle of the conversation, “When has he ever taken care of us vulgar people?”

Wait… After hearing this, Duan Hengye froze in place. Why did this person speak in such a low voice, sounding like a man?

At this instant, the memories about this person in Duan Hengye’s mind were finally activated. The person who spoke was called Su Mingge, the vice president of the Mecha Research Institute. In Earth terms, he might be considered a… female crossdresser? Although they had worked together for many years, the original owner and Su Mingge had been in a state of disagreement.

Right at this moment, the person who was ready to turn around and leave the place, Su Mingge finally noticed Duan Hengye. Discovering that the protagonist of the discussion was standing right behind him just now was obviously a very awkward thing to do, but Duan Hengye couldn’t see a single hint of different strong emotions from Su Mingge’s face. On the contrary, the other party even raised an eyebrow directly at Duan Hengye like a provocation.

Su Mingge had expressed his dissatisfaction to the original owner more than once in person, and each time ended with the other party ignoring him.

Duan Hengye followed the human example as he ignored Su Mingge like he always did and walked into his research room. The moment the door closed, the other two staff members nervously asked Su Mingge, “What should we do… is he unhappy?” Upon hearing that Su Mingge once again looked at Duan Hengye’s research room with disdain, then replied, “Afraid of him? It’s all true.”

Unlike the grassroots researchers who worshipped plus feared him, the staff around Duan Hengye were more dissatisfied with him, in particular Vice President Su Mingge. Almost from the moment Duan Hengye became the president, questions about convenience began to arise.

In Su Mingge’s opinion, although Duan Hengye had researched a new type of armor, the new armor didn’t really solve a few of the biggest legacy problems of the previous generation. The previous director of the research institute was the original owner’s father, and since his accident, the director’s position had been vacant. So Su Mingge also always thought that although Duan Hengye had some achievements, but becoming the director was just a matter of using his father’s glory.

The original owner’s research room was large, but there was only one table in the entire research space, and the resting area in the suite was even decorated like a hospital room. After walking into it, Duan Hongyu only wanted to say: it’s hard not to be perverted by living in such an environment all the time, right?

But now wasn’t a good time to spit. Duan Hengye had just sat down at his desk and turned on his optical brain, and the next thing he knew, he received a reminder – Vice President Su Mingge was requesting to enter his office.

According to the usual procedure of the research institute, if the director was away on a business trip or took a leave of absence from the research institute, when he returned, the vice director would check with him about the work in the institute during the recent period and do a handover by the way.

Duan Hengye opened the door of the research room, then Su Mingge walked in with an expressionless face. Although he was about the same height as the original owner and his appearance wasn’t a feminine shape, but after wearing this suit with light makeup, he had an aura of defiance.

Su Mingge probably didn’t want to communicate much with Duan Hengye, he came in and routinely opened the light screen, then quickly clicked on the files on the desktop while perfunctorily introducing the research progress of the rest of the staff during this period of time.

In fact, Duan Hengye also felt that the original owner was not a competent director, although he sat in this position but he usually still focused on his own research and never had any sense of teamwork. Under his management, the academy was like a scattered plate of sand, everyone doing their own thing.

Su Mingge knew that Duan Hengye wasn’t interested in the progress of others’ work, and after saying that, he prepared to leave without looking back.

“Wait a moment.” Duan Hengye suddenly stood up to call the other party to a halt, and it was only then that he realized that Su Mingge, who was wearing high heels, seemed to be that much taller than him.

“What’s wrong?” Su Mingge turned around with some dissatisfaction and asked, rolling his eyes along the way.

“There’s a problem here.” Duan Hengye said coldly as he pointed at the light screen.


Duan Hengye had always been concerned with his own research, but this was the first time he actually read the report seriously?

Su Mingge didn’t have a good relationship with the original owner, and after hearing Duan Hengye say this, he intuitively believed that the other party was trying to find fault with him. However, as a professional researcher, no matter how disdainful he felt, Su Mingge still slowly moved his gaze to the light screen.

“I hope you really can find the problem.” He lifted his eyebrows and said slightly contemptuously.



Let the face slapping commence.

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