Warning: Gore ahead

Ye Tianyi looked over at the extremely seductive scent, but it came from the head of the man he had trampled on.
He stretched out his hand and fiddled with the white and red, bringing out a beautiful little ball, as big as a small marble, red, like a ruby polished into a round, flame-like beauty .  

  But no matter how beautiful this little ball was, it was useless to Ye Tianyi, he could only smell the fragrance that made his mouth water, he almost couldn’t wait to shove the little ball into his mouth like that.

  As Ye Tianyi was about to stuff the red ball into his mouth, a clear stream of water rushed down from his head, rinsing the red and white slime covered his hands and the ball.

 The interrupted Ye Tianyi looked up at little leaf lying on top of his head with one paw outstretched, grinned, and gathered it into his arms as he shoved the small round ball into his mouth and chewed.

  After eating the unknown little round ball, Ye Tianyi felt strong all of a sudden, jumping up to the fifth floor in one breath wouldn’t be difficult, and his stomach didn’t feel hungry anymore.

 But although his stomach was not hungry, the delicious feeling of the little round ball still remained on his tongue, and Ye Tianyi’s eyes flashed red as he looked at the heads of the people in the car.

He placed little leaf on top of his head again, then tugged at the car door, yanking off the deformed door, and he reached for the man in the driver’s seat who had been shrinking backwards.

The fingernails on his right hand became long and black, and plunged right into the man’s head, and the man didn’t even have time to let out a scream before he died.As if unaware, Ye Tianyi continued to use his long, black fingernails to rummage through the man’s brain for delicious little balls.

Unfortunately he searched for a while without finding any, he disappointedly threw away the man’s unrecognizable corpse and extended his right hand, still dripping with red and white slime, to grab some people in the back seat of the car.

 There were two women in the backseat who were so frightened that they lost their control of their voices and screamed, and the shrill cries made it very difficult for Ye Tianyi, who was very sensitive to hearing, he directly released a lightning bolt, killing several people in the backseat.
It was much quieter when the people were dead, and Ye Tianyi went to drag the charred corpses out to smash their heads in satisfaction.

After tasting that delicious little blob in the human brain, fresh flesh and blood could no longer tempt his appetite, so he didn’t hesitate to perform the defeatist act of electrocuting the food and throwing it away.

That was how grippy the earth was!

But what Ye Tianyi didn’t expect was that not everyone had the little round ball in their brains, and he couldn’t find one in anyone else’s brains except for a red one in the first man’s brain.

What a jam!
  Ye Tianyi was full but in an even worse mood.

 Why didn’t every food brain have deliciousness in it?

  Ye Tianyi began to think seriously, but unfortunately, with his slow thinking speed, he couldn’t think of anything.

  And at this time, a wind blade came towards him, and he subconsciously used his mental barrier to block that wind blade.

  Two more wind blades flew over, but they were still blocked by the mental barrier.

  Ye Tianyi turned his head towards where the wind blades were flying and realised there were two more food.

  Those were two youths. These two youths were not bad looking, but they were dressed rather non-mainstream, with dyed hair and all sorts of strange clothes.
  ”Ye Tianyi?!”

 The two youths were shocked when Ye Tianyi looked back and also saw his abnormal looks and face.

  They were also the children of the rich people living in this villa area, but they and Ye Tianyi were two extremes, the former were the dudes who ate, drank and made trouble constantly, the latter was the excellent younger generation who carried the family forward with his own efforts, and Ye Tianyi was a good child in their parents’ heart.

  Now that they saw this good child they hated so much had turned into a zombie, there was an inexplicable pleasure in their hearts.

  The young man on the left with red dyed hair who was sweating profusely was the wind ability user who had just fired wind blades at Ye Tianyi, he had just awakened his supernatural powers and only sent three wind blades before he had to rest.

  The youth on the right with yellow dyed hair had a sturdy build and a steel pipe in his hand, he wasn’t as lucky as his companion in having abilities.

  The two of them were originally holding a banquet at their home, but then the end times broke out and their companions turned into zombies or were eaten, leaving only the two of them to escape in the end.They didn’t bring any supplies with them after they escaped, so when they saw the large amount of supplies underneath the deformed car and the food and water exposed from the door, they were suddenly moved, especially since Ye Tianyi was the only zombie nearby.

Ye Tianyi was stained with red and white mucus and thick blood because of what he had just done, his hands were black and long with frighteningly sharp nails, and his back was turned to those two, so he was seen by them as an ordinary zombie.

 The red-haired wind ability user felt that something was wrong when he sent out three wind blades in a row without hurting Ye Tianyi, and now that he saw Ye Tianyi’s face that was so complete that there was no sign of decay, he was even more sure of his suspicions.

  He pulled the yellow-haired youth next to him and shouted, “Let’s go! Ye Tianyi, he’s an evolved zombie!”

  His companion was reminded and reacted, and they ran frantically.

They didn’t learn anything in their daily lives, but they didn’t miss the movies and novels, and they still knew that the more complete the zombie, the higher the level and the more powerful it would be.

  The end times had only just begun and there were already evolved zombies .

They really had to say, wasn’t it worthy of being Ye Tianyi? He was more powerful than others when he was a human, and more powerful than other zombies when he mutated into a zombie.

My God! Ye Tianyi, that guy was born to annoy them, before mutating into a zombie, to them he was just annoying man, and after mutating into a zombie, he became a one in a million evolved zombie.

Dare you not be so outstandingly good in any race?

The two youths ran with tears streaming down their hearts as they ran for their lives.

Help, QAQ!

Ye Tianyi stood there looking at the two foods that were running so fast, then also caught up with them.

After running for a while, Ye Tianyi shifted his attention from the two foods to himself.

He felt… like his body wasn’t that stiff….

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  4. Well, it’s a small comfort but at least he’s not eating flesh, just crystal cores.

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