Although everyone knew about Professor Duan coming to teach in the An Luo’s armor Department, the question was why he would show up early in the morning in the pharmaceutical major’s testing area!

After seeing Duan Hengye, the surrounding circle of students all had a look on their faces like they had seen a ghost.

Duan Hengye ignored the teacher. Anyone who saw him could feel that he was obviously a scientific researcher, but Duan Hengye’s body had a strong sense of oppression that only those who had been in the upper echelons for a long time had. After Duan Hengye walked out of the hatch, he walked straight towards the opposite side, where the young man… or boy who was standing there didn’t even react when the hovercraft landed, clearly immersed in his emotions.

After seeing who Duan Hengye’s was walking towards, the legs of the lead student who was originally filled with anger instantly softened and he almost fell directly to his knees.

However, Duan Hengye was completely uninterested in paying attention to this frightened and trembling student, he walked over to Lan Jingchi’s side and gently reached out his hand to pat the other party’s shoulder after a slight hesitation. Only at this time did Duan Hengye feel that Lan Jingchi’s shoulders had been trembling slightly, and his body was very tense.

He had obviously been very angry and depressed.

Lan Jingchi, who had been lowering his head to immerse himself in his emotions, didn’t know who the person standing in front of him was, and only after Duan Hengye finished patting him on the shoulder did he suck in his nose and raise his head.



Lan Jingchi rubbed his eyes.

Because of that humiliation just now, Lan Jingchi’s eyes were already red as if he had just cried, and now he was even more rubbed like a rabbit by himself. The first thing he needed to do was to take a look at the person in front of him, his body suddenly fell backward and heavily, almost falling to the ground.

Just as the high and cold Professor Duan quickly pondered whether he should help the other party if Lan Jingchi fainted in front of him, the other party finally steadied himself. So worthy of being a popular character in Dumping Interstellar! Duan Hengye silently praised Lan Jingchi in his heart.

“Duan… Professor Duan?” Lan Jingchi stuttered a bit and called out the other party’s name. Unlike the pharmaceutical genius who had blacked out in Dumping Interstellar, the current him was an involved student both in looks and temperament, and Duan Hengye suddenly breathed a sigh of relief after seeing Lan Jingchi face.

“Mm.” Duan Hengye bent down slightly and asked, “What’s going on?” The original owner was about 1.83 meters tall, and was indeed quite tall compared to the child in front of him who had just enrolled in college and had skipped a grade as a child.

Whether it was the original owner or Duan Hengye himself, neither of them were the kind of personalities that were prone to showing their emotions. But if the person standing here now was Duan Hengye himself, he would definitely ignore Lan Jingchi.

Although the Fourth Empire didn’t have a very detailed description of the original owner’s personality, but Duan Hengye who had read his memories knows that the “Duan Hengye” of this world was not a person who cared about other people’s emotions, or he didn’t have the concept of doing this in his brain.

Duan Hengye had always believed that if you wanted to live in this world for a long time, then you should never wear a mask forever. But now was clearly not a good time to drop the mask.

Although Duan Hengye didn’t comfort Lan Jingchi, but after seeing the other party’s slightly lowered body and the trust in his eyes, Lan Jingchi who had just felt desperate suddenly felt warmth in his heart. But before he could speak, the person who had opened his hatch door immediately said in a loud voice, “It’s him-” without waiting for this person to finish, Duan Hengye stood up and turned towards him and said coldly, “Quiet. “

Duan Hengye’s voice wasn’t very loud, but after the words fell, the surroundings fell into a deathly silence.

After a few more seconds, Lan Jingchi finally took a deep breath and slowly spoke about the events that took place. The original school system automatically assigned a lab module to each student, and just now that student came and tossed an instrument inside his lab module. Immediately afterwards, he opened Lan Jingchi’s lab module, forcing him to change places with him.

Although it hadn’t been long since the start of the school year, Lan Jingchi had already become recognized as an easy target for bullying.

As the number one interstellar institution of higher learning, there were not only students from all over the world, but also the children of rich interstellar merchants who had obtained places through donations. The student just now was one, and after seeing him looking for Lan Jingchi, those students who knew his background and wanted to hug his thighs also gathered around.

After hearing what Lan Jingchi said, the teacher who had been staring blankly finally reacted. He stepped forward and said carefully, “Professor Duan, don’t worry, I will definitely handle this matter properly and report it to the school…”

Although Duan Hengye felt somewhat disdainful after hearing the teacher say that, he still gave a slight nod of his head as a gesture to leave. After hearing the teacher say that he would be the one to handle this matter, the surrounding people involved in this matter couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief. Although Professor Duan looked terrifying, this kind of accidental bumping into a small matter like this was something that a big man like him would never remember for too long. Once Duan Hengye left, wouldn’t the class continue to be in charge by itself?

But before the student could finish that thought, he saw Duan Hengye turn to look at Lan Jingchi once more, “Come here.” He said.

After hearing Duan Hengye’s words, Lan Jingchi, who had successfully switched from “pity bag” mode to “fan brother” mode, came to his side without a moment’s hesitation. Seeing this pharmaceutical genius who was the future of his health over there, Duan Hongyu was very pleased and took out his light brain, “Communication number.” He said to Lan Jingchi.

Damn, what kind of luck did Lan Jingchi have!


What happened near the pharmacy laboratory in just one morning spread throughout the entire school, and after everyone’s addition, now Duan Hengye’s image had been firmly bound together with the three words “sense of justice”. He saw that the eyes of the students during class were blazing hot…….

It was just that somehow, when the class was about to end, the students in the class suddenly became a little restless, and some even couldn’t help but whisper with the students around them. It had been only a week since Duan Hengye transmigrated into the novel, and after seeing the students’ behavior, he couldn’t help but feel a little drummed up in his heart – did he accidentally say something wrong just now?

Duan Hengye frowned for a moment, and the classroom instantly quieted down after seeing his expression.

“What’s the problem?” Seeing the strange looks of the people in the classroom, Duan Hengye finally couldn’t help but ask. As soon as he finished speaking, he saw a few students in the front row shaking their heads like a rattle and pretending to be serious…but there was still excitement in their eyes that they couldn’t hide.

What the hell was going on! As a person with a strong desire for knowledge, the less these students said the more curious Duan Hengye became. But in front of thousands of students, he almost asked, “What exactly are you guys gossiping about, can you tell me about it.” It was really too OOC, and Duan Hengye eventually endured it.

It was almost the end of class anyway.

 Probably a habit that carried over from his past life, after the light screen lit up with the end of class notice, Duan Hengye, who should have left, suddenly asked in passing, “Does everyone have any questions?” As soon as the words were uttered Duan Hengye realized – something big was wrong!

The silver wall of the classroom slowly opened, and the students who were going to leave the classroom suddenly turned back and stared at the center of the classroom with their eyes wide open. In the same instant, the light screen beside Duan Hengye received hundreds of question signals. Duan Hengye on the podium was full of despair, but on the surface he remained calm, then clicked on a question with a high repetition rate.

Duan Hengye turned around and slowly spoke while reading the question, unaware that a person slowly walked in through the open silver door while he was facing the light screen.

The black Blazer-style everyday military uniform outlined the man’s lean waist, while the silver epaulettes with a snake pattern was a constant reminder of the man’s identity. Underneath the long black hair, a pair of slightly upward-colored phoenix eyes were as exquisite as a new pencil drawing, and had a cold temperament unique to the military that couldn’t be ignored.

The tall man slowly walked towards the center of the classroom, and after seeing the heavily armed soldiers following him, those students in the classroom who originally wanted to scream were able to swallow their voices back.

On the podium Duan Hengye was still immersed in the question before him, and he didn’t notice that someone was slowly walking towards him not far away.

In the opinion of Duan Hengye, who had received the original memory, knowledge and understanding, this question was not complicated, but with the concept of “sending a Buddha to the West”, he still carefully analyzed it for the students. At the same time, the man who just entered the classroom also walked to the center of the classroom, he stood behind Duan Hongyu and began to listen to the other party’s explanation seriously, with a very focused look.


Taking another glance at the light screen, making sure he’d gone over all the questions, Duan Hengye couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief in his heart as he habitually said, “Does everyone understand?” He turned around and prepared to see the students’ reactions.

 But… two meters away stood a man dressed in black who blocked Duan Hengye’s line of sight, the man was half a head taller than Duan Hengye, and him just standing there was extremely oppressive.

Hey, why was there someone standing across from him?

No, why was Meng Jinhuai standing across him!

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