The dark wood-colored walls with black carpets, compared to the rather futuristic banquet hall, the corridor where the Duan Hengye and her male counterpart were now was a bit too depressing. After the female lead followed the attendant from the palace to change her clothes, Duan Hengye stood quietly by the window and began to slowly comb through the strange and complicated memories in his mind.

Duan Hengye was someone who would be very focused once he did something, and seeing him standing there for half a day without speaking, the neglected male lead finally couldn’t hold back and walked to Duan Hengye’s side to ask, “Professor Duan… why are you doing this today?” His tone was somewhat questioning.

The memories of over twenty years were inherited, but to Duan Hengye, they were like A4 papers that had been thrown all over the room, and it wasn’t easy to sort them out. Now that the action of organizing the memories was suddenly interrupted, Duan Hongyi was slightly upset, he frowned a bit and asked a faint question towards the male lead, “What’s your name?” Although as a reader he was familiar with the little brother in front of him, this was actually indeed their first meeting.

“My name is Xiao Weijian… The lady just now is called Shang Mengzhen, she’s my girlfriend.” Xiao Weijian somewhat unnaturally touched his nose after saying that.


You just made it up! Although there were still dozens of chapters left to read, Duan Hengye at least knew that – at the present time when the novel was serialized with nearly two hundred chapters, the female lead was still single, and there was nothing about Xiao Weijian at all. However, Duan Hengye didn’t poke the poor male lead, he no longer continued the topic of identity but said very directly, “Your girlfriend has upset the Queen.”

After hearing this explanation from Duan Hengye, Xiao Weijian, who had thought that the other party would have a good answer, looked ugly again and said in a deep voice, “You just listened to the Empress? As the President of the Imperial Armor Research Institute, I’ve always thought that your current status had been traded for the results of your research. Your actions today, Professor Duan, are a defilement to both your identity… and to all these years of hard research!”

Youngster, you are very reasonable, if only the original owner also had this realization… Duan Hengye silently spat in his heart. But in the face of Xiao Weijian’s ‘questioning’, he still turned his head and narrowed his eyes slightly and said with a cold and slightly disdainful voice: “Are you lecturing me?” The implication was – you’re not qualified.

After seeing Duan Hengye’s gaze, Xiao Weijian couldn’t help but shudder. It was only at this time that he, who was overwhelmed by anger, finally came to his senses. Although his father, who was an interstellar merchant, was present, the man in front of him was not someone he could question casually.

Seeing Xiao Weijian’s face suddenly turn white, Duan Hengye took another small step towards him and said, “Your father is Xiao Chi, the manufacturer of the Armor B-05 Light Screen.” Duan Hengye still didn’t finish his sentence, but just by pointing it out, the momentum on Xiao Weijian’s body had completely fallen off, and he understood what Duan Hengye meant.

After another moment, it seemed like he was waiting for Xiao Weijian to finish digesting the previous sentence before Duan Hengye answered the other party’s first question: “It’s either me or someone else.”

It’s either me or someone else?

Just as the words fell out, the woman finished changing just in time to follow the robot down the hall.

As the female lead of a Mary Sue novel, Shang Mengzhen’s appearance didn’t feel like there was any point that could be picked on. The ruined dress was replaced, and at this time Shang Mengzhen was wearing a burgundy silk dress with a long trailing tail, which was particularly gorgeous in the light. And a head of long chestnut colored hair was also coiled behind her head as much as possible, she looked exceptionally noble.

In Duan Hengye’s opinion, the lady’s looks were very gorgeous, and compared to the long white dress that she had, it was obviously the burgundy dress that set her off even more.

Xiao Weijian, who had been frightened by Duan Hengye’s words, immediately came out of his negative emotions after seeing Shang Mengzhen’s current appearance, and his eyes lit up, “Mengzhen, you look really good in this dress!”

Compared to Xiao Weijian who didn’t know much about fashion, the woman who had been in the fashion world recognized her dress – the high-fashion dress of the famous intergalactic luxury brand “Backtrack”, which mostly appeared only on the royal family and upper class members of the empire.

Seeing her out, Duan Hengye didn’t have much of a special reaction.

Compared to the somewhat silly Xiao Weijian, Shang Mengzhen really had a more delicate mind. Although she hadn’t fully recovered from the shame of being insulted in public, she was in a much better state on the surface. The female lead gently sniffed as she walked over to Duan Hengye and gave a slight nod and said, “Thank you, Professor Duan.”

What Duan Hengye said to Xiao Weijian just now might not have been understood by the other party, but Shang Mengzhen understood the meaning. What he said wasn’t wrong, she had indeed offended the Empress. If it wasn’t for the fact that Duan Hengye had made a fool of her at the scene to satisfy the Empress, then the Empress would definitely come back to trouble her again, and then it might not be as simple as a glass of red wine.

Besides, Duan Hengye even brought her all the way here to change clothes… Although she was a little famous in the circle, she was still completely incomparable to the other party, the director of the institute. To be honest, Shang Mengzhen herself couldn’t even think of what exactly was the need for her to be used and courted by the other party.

“It’s fine”, Duan Hengye looked at her and said faintly, “Go back.” And just as he reached the lady’s side, Duan Hengye suddenly stood still and took off the black gemstone brooch on his chest and placed it on her hand. As the Marshal’s spouse, Duan Hengye would have a considerable amount of costume making fees every year, and in addition to customizing the dresses, the Marshal’s staff would also order accessories that matched them, and this brooch was one of them.

The female lead was dumbfounded as she looked at Duan Hengye’s hand, and only after a while did she carefully ask, “Professor Duan… this is?” Duan Hongyi nodded and said, “Here you go.”

This time, Shang Mengzhen was completely stunned.

On the way back to the banquet hall, Shang Mengzhen was somewhat distracted, and from time to time, she would lower her head to take a look at the black brooch on her dress, then reveal a thoughtful appearance. It was only after a while that the female lead turned her head to ask Xiao Weijian in a low voice, “…What kind of person do you think Professor Duan is?” Before the other party could reply, she murmured once again, “I really can’t understand why he wanted to help me.” Apparently, she had already believed Duan Hengye’s explanation.

Shang Mengzhen thought that her voice was low, but little did she know that whether it was Duan Hengye himself, who had come from an ancient martial arts family in his last life, or the original owner, who had undergone professional undercover training, their ears were far better than normal people, and her words had fallen into Duan Hengye’s ears.

Duan Hengye, who was walking ahead, couldn’t help but feel a little guilty, he first secretly rejoiced that he had redeemed his image with the female lead, and then added in his heart, “That’s because you’re the female lead…”

After hearing the lady’s words, Xiao Weijian who thought for half a day before finally getting the point of Duan Hengye’s whitewash said, “Professor Duan never accepts interviews, in fact, we don’t know him at all. When you think about it, he’s the Marshal’s spouse, how can he be that kind of bad guy…”. It wasn’t hard to hear the intense admiration for the Marshal from his tone of voice.

Just after hearing Xiao Weijian’s words, Duan Hengye’s head suddenly ‘buzzed’…

He’s the marshal’s spouse, how can he be a bad guy…

Coincidentally, Duan Hengye was really a bad guy.

By careful reckoning, the marshal had probably gotten out of this Mecha Crisis by now, right? Duan Hengye was thinking as he walked. Compared to the young lady who was still a young woman in the 40th chapter, the marshal who had experienced a catastrophe and knew his ‘true colors’ wasn’t easy to fool at all! Duan Hengye, who possessed the original owner’s memories, knew – this time, the original owner tampered with the armor weapon system and disguised it as an accident, and actually ran to have Meng Jinhuai buried in the Star Ocean.

But who would have thought that Meng Jinhuai unexpectedly awakened the unprecedented SSS level spirit when fighting the mecha with abnormal weapon system … Even the book “Dumping the Stars” wrote that Meng Jinhuai was still a genius in system architecture under the aura of imperial marshal, and soon after the incident, he locked the behind-the-scenes method used by Duan Hengye through the program he had written earlier.

When the author wrote this chapter, he didn’t blame the readers for being surprised. After all, even in Duan Hengye’s eyes, this was the plot and opportunity that the male lead should have.

He remembered that in the comment area of “Dumping the Stars”, there were dozens of comments like “Woo-hoo, the author should make the Marshal the male lead ~” every day. However, to the readers’ disappointment, the author’s speech in Chapter 100, told everyone clearly that as a super-positive author, he had no intention of making Meng Jinhuai the male lead. For this reason, he even received bad reviews for several days … It showed that Meng Jinhuai, the male god, was very popular.

In this book, the one person who shouldn’t be provoked more than the female lead was Meng Jinhuai. But the original master not only provoked him, but also pitted him against death… Duan Hengye’s footsteps suddenly heaved.

The battlefield located on the edge planet of the empire and the imperial palace were like two completely different worlds. No matter how big a crisis Meng Jinhuai had just encountered, the banquet hall of the palace was still singing and dancing – for the sake of stabilizing the military, the military department didn’t inform the public that the marshal was in danger, so at this moment, apart from Meng Jinhuai’s close aides and the royal family who were waiting for news of his death, it was only Duan Hengye ‘the black man behind the curtain’ who exactly what was happening at the edge of the planet.

Fearing what was to come, the moment Duan Hengye stepped into the hall, a close attendant with a panicked face appeared from nowhere, and he quickly came and whispered to him, “Professor Duan, His Majesty the Emperor is looking for you in the study room.” Come to think of it, it seemed that the news of the Marshal’s great misfortune had already been sent back to the Imperial Capital Star.

Duan Hengye nodded, then left the female lead and bravely turned towards the other corridor.

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