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Compared to the empress who was eager to socialize at banquets, the emperor of Ye Tian Empire very rarely showed his face in front of people.

The previous chapters of “Dumping Interstellar” had briefly touched on the background of this novel—Ye Tian Empire was originally the deserved overlord of the interstellar space, but decades ago, the imperial royal family had made the wrong move of starting a war, and this led to the country’s split, causing its strength to plummet. Because of that, the military power of the royal family had been restricted, and even now, there could only mobilize a thousand guards.

Although the emperor had been keeping a low profile since he ascended the throne, the memory of the original owner always reminded Duan Hengye that he was absolutely dissatisfied with the current condition that the royal family had been reduced to and even hated Meng Jinhuai, who was now in power.

Despite being a high-ranking, undercover agent of the imperial family, the original owner had actually only met the emperor a few times, the last time being almost a decade ago.

Just as Duan Hengye was trying to recall the details of their last meeting, the two of them had already walked to the door of the study. “His Majesty said that you can just go straight in,” said the attendant who accompanied him before giving a slight bow and hastily leaving the place… Duan Hengye was somewhat speechless as he looked at his hurriedly departing back… So much for that? Then, he took a deep breath and slowly pushed open the closed door of the study.

A faint fragrance wafted into his nostrils once  the door was opened, and from within, he saw a young man standing by the flower pot with his back to him. At this time, he was bowing his head and tending to the delicate orchid in front of him, looking very leisurely. Still, Duan Hengye knew that the more talented, the more terrifying….

After hearing the door being pushed open, the emperor turned to look at him faintly and said, “You’re here.” He then gently put down the flower scissors in his hand. The average lifespan of humans in the interstellar era had reached to become more than 200 years. Although it had been nearly ten years since they last met, based on his memory of him, the emperor had not changed.

Except for his black hair being a bit longer, he still looked slightly feminine. In a word, he was nothing like the imperial ruler in people’s imagination. However, Duan Hengye knew that the man in front of him had the same ambition and… the cruelty as his ancestors.

“Yes, Your Majesty, the Emperor…” It was reasonable to say that the original owner still did not know that Meng Jinhuai had gotten out of danger, so Duan Hengye remained calm as he bowed to this ruler. The emperor smiled and sat on the sofa, his fingers resting on his knee as he proceeded to tap it gently  from time to time. Only after a long while did he slowly say, “It seems that Professor Duan still doesn’t know about the situation over on the edge planet.”

Upon hearing this, Duan Hengye frowned at the right moment then lifted his head.

Seeing him  finally raise his head, the emperor smiled, stood up, and gently patted his shoulder as whispered in his ear, “Congratulations, Professor Duan; our spouse has safely come out of danger.” After saying that, the back of the emperor’s hand ambiguously and gently rubbed Duan Hengye’s cheek twice.

Duan Hengye had not been fond of physical contact with others since he was a child, but this time, he ignored this discomfort.

Meng Jinhuai had turned a dangerous situation into a safe one, and it was indeed the exact same ending as in the original book!

Suddenly, Duan Hengye’s body trembled lightly. It was not about him being afraid of the man in front of him; rather, it was the instinctive reaction made by the original owner of this body. Although his memory of the time when he was being cultivated into an undercover agent as a child had gradually become blurred with age, this body still instinctively reacted with strong fear toward this man in front of him.

After the emperor’s words fell, he immediately pretended to be very surprised. He opened his eyes wide and mumbled, “No… t-that is impossible…” The original owner, although he did not care whether Meng Jinhuai was dead or alive, was very confident in his armor knowledge, so it was impossible for him not to react to it after hearing such news.

The emperor smiled upon seeing his reaction and said in a rather ambiguous tone, “I don’t need any explanation from Professor Duan; you just need to know that you may have to suffer recently.”

Suffer? Duan Hengye did not quite understand what the emperor meant by that but quickly gave an answer.

The emperor sat back down on the sofa, and he took out a piece of white jade carved into a handle from somewhere. While playing with it in his hand, the emperor said rather regretfully, “The medicine will not be given this time, but as for the future… that will depend on Professor Duan’s performance.”


This word activated parts of his memories.

The original owner’s parents, who were famous scientists in the empire, died in an accident many years ago. As a newly orphaned, Duan Hengye was supposed to be sent to a welfare center, but because of his exceptionally high IQ and vast knowledge of  mechas , which was taught by his parents, the royal family had become interested in using him. Thus, the empress, under the guise of  sympathizing with him, adopted him into the royal family. Following which, he began his  rigorous training  as an undercover agent, equipped with the knowledge of armor theory.

As… for why the original owner had worked so hard for the royal family, it was not only because he had been brainwashed by them as a child but also because he was under drug control. That was right. The world of “Dumping the Stars” had clearly entered the interstellar age, but the royal family’s method of feeding their spies drugs to keep them in check was still rather retro.

This was bad, right? At this time, Duan Hengye really wanted to go back to his world and  beg the author, ‘I’m working to the bone every day. Girl, can you not play with me like this…’

It seemed that the  emperor had tired of his presence, either, for before Duan Hengye could say anything, the former closed his eyes and waved his hand slightly as he said with a slight degree of impatience, “Alright. You may leave.”

The heavy wooden door of the study slowly closed following Duan Hengye’s exit, and he was once again in the incomparably dark corridor. Even though he had just been reminded of how dangerous his situation really was, his mood right now was the most peaceful in this hour.

After the talk with the emperor, he was incomparably clear that he had not gained much trust as a royal spy. If Meng Jinhuai really died one day, he could only end up with a dead rabbit. Thus, he had to break away from this hidden organization of the royalty… as well as  his marriage to Lord Marshal….

These depressing thoughts had plagued Duan Hengye all the way until he reached the end of the corridor and the light brain he had on him lit up.

In accordance with the original owner’s memories, Duan Hengye hesitated first before turning on his light brain. A light screen appeared in front of his eyes following his action. He took a nervous glance at the corridor, and only after making sure that no one else was there did he read what was  displayed on the light screen.

An Luo University:

  [Esteemed Professor Duan Hengye, our school cordially invites you to join the teaching team of Mecha Academy….]

An Luo University was the number-one school  across the whole interstellar, so its Mecha Academy had many distinguished masters. However, as a school of discipline which was always moving forward, after the original owner invented a new generation of mechas and was promoted to the academy head, a revised version  of the “Basic Theory” was released, and it eventually became a course that every mecha major must take.

Despite the name “basic”, the majority of students knew that it had nothing to do with the word at all.

Owing to its reputation as the first institution of higher learning in the interstellar world, though An Luo had reduced the difficulty of the course, its exams were not easy to pass. Over time, this course had become a hot potato, and a teacher was replaced every year. The memory of the original owner told Duan Hengye that many of his colleagues in the institute had been invited to teach classes in An Luo, but the results of this were not so good.

At last, An Luo University had sent a teaching invitation to Duan Hengye.

This was like… when someone was sleepy and a pillow was handed to them! 

Duan Hengye just remembered that in “Dumping the Stars”, there was a pharmaceutical  genius who walked the line between good and evil. If he remembered the plot correctly, that genius should be studying in An Luo at present. If he did not look for him at once, then what was he waiting for? Besides, the Duguang Star where An Luo was located was on both sides of the same star system as the marshal’s residence, so he could just run over there to take shelter… He guessed that the marshal, who had just gotten out of danger, would not have the time to go there to settle scores with him in the meantime.

Duan Hengye, who was determined to run away, did not hesitate much before accepting the invitation to teach, and then he walked quickly outside the palace.

As the president of the institute and the marshal’s spouse, he also had people handling his everyday needs. After seeing him, his personal assistant came up and asked per usual, “Excuse me, sir; are you going back to the Southern Star now?” Southern Star was where the marshal’s palace was.

Duan Hengye boarded his private floating ship before shaking his head gently and answering, “No, go to the Light Star.”

The black aircraft slowly rose from the dock to the clouds in an extremely beautiful manner, heading for the endless universe.

At the same time, seven hundred and twenty-four thousand star miles away, in another star field, a silver-white hatch slowly opened, and a young man in a navy-blue military uniform quickly walked into the cabin. Opposite him was a three-meter tall nutrient capsule filled with dark-blue fluid. If one looked carefully, they could also find a tall man standing quietly inside the nutrient capsule. He was bare. His upper body’s muscles, which were visible to the naked eye, were like a sculptor’s carefully calculated carving.

…It was just that the scar, which ran from the left shoulder to his right rib, was a bit too hideous, ruining the beauty of the sculpture.

“Lord Marshal, the light brain has just received news that Duan Hengye accepted an invitation to teach from An Luo University and departed for Duguang Star!”

After a few seconds, the man in the nutrition chamber slowly lifted his head.

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